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Genealogy & Local History Research

We have links on the Great Lakes States portion of this site for numerous online resources that can be useful to anyone doing genealogical research or looking into their local history. Every title on this website is fully available online, free. While the Great Lakes States portion is dedicated to the five Great Lakes states

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Early Western Travel Accounts in 32 Volumes

This 32-volume collection of journals and accounts by explorers and travelers in the American west was published over a 3-year period beginning in 1904 by Reuben Thwaites, as Secretary of the Wisconsin Historical Society. Accounts of travel to the Great Lakes region are included in:: Volumes 1-5Volume 6 (Brackenridge)Volume 8 (Evans)Volumes 9 -12Volume 19 (Ogden

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Major Online Document Collections

While most entries on History of the Great Lakes States are for individual books, articles or maps, we also have many large website collections of digitized documents. You may be interested in exploring a few of those collections listed below, which have resources related to the whole Great Lakes region or even larger parts of

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