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Ethics Books PDF Free Download – PDF Books on Morality

Ethics Books PDF Free Download - PDF Books on Morality

Ethics books pdf free download, pdf books on morality. For business, law, medicine, the environment, sex, etc. Free books online.

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This I Believe: The Personal Philosophies of Remarkable Men and Women

Allison, Jay, ed.
Holt 2006

An inspiring collection of the personal philosophies of a group of remarkable men and women. Based on the National Public Radio series of the same name, This I Believe features eighty essayists–from the famous to the unknown–completing the thought that begins the book’s title. Each piece compels readers to rethink not only how they have arrived at their own personal beliefs but also the extent to which they share them with others.

Harvard Business Review on Corporate Ethics

Badaracco, Joseph L.
Harvard Business School 2003

The Harvard Business Review Paperback Series delivers the best business thinking–both classic and contemporary–in succinct and accessible form. Individually, the titles help managers master the key ideas on specific topics; as a whole, the series creates a rare opportunity to reflect on the seminal ideas of the past, understand and apply today’s most compelling business thinking, and envision the future of management.

The Cheating Culture: Why More Americans are Doing Wrong to Get Ahead

Callahan, David
Harcourt 2004

Cheating on every level–from highly publicized corporate scandals to Little League fraud–has risen dramatically in recent decades. Why all the cheating? Why now? Callahan pins the blame on the dog-eat-dog economic climate of the past two decades. An unfettered market and unprecedented economic inequality have corroded our values, he argues–and ultimately threaten the level playing field so central to American democracy itself. Through revealing interviews and extensive data, he takes us on a gripping tour of cheating in America and offers a powerful argument for why it matters.

Encyclopedia of Applied Ethics (4 Vols)

Chadwick, Ruth, ed.
Academic 1998

Applied ethics, a subdiscipline of philosophy, lends itself to an encyclopedia format because of the many industries and intellectual fields that it encompasses. The Encyclopedia of Applied Ethics is based on twelve major categories, such as Biomedical Ethics and Environmental Ethics. Religious traditions that embody normative beliefs, as well as classical theories of ethics, are explored in a non-judgmental manner. Each of the twelve categories is divided into discrete areas that are covered by 5,000-6,000 word articles. Each of the 281 articles begins with a definition of the subject and includes a table of contents, glossary of key terms, and bibliography.

Reason and Emotion: Essays on Ancient Moral Psychology and Ethical Theory

Cooper, John M.
Princeton University 1999

This book brings together twenty-three distinctive and influential essays on ancient moral philosophy. The volume gives a systematic account of many of the most important issues and texts in ancient moral psychology and ethical theory, providing a unified and illuminating way of reflecting on the fields as they developed from Socrates and Plato through Aristotle to Epicurus and the Stoic philosophers Chrysippus and Posidonius, and beyond.

Morality’s Muddy Waters: Ethical Quandaries in Modern America

Cotkin, George
University of Pennsylvania 2010

Historian George Cotkin offers a clarion call on behalf of moral complexity. Revisiting several defining moments in the twentieth century—the American bombing of civilians during World War II, the My Lai massacre, racism in the South, capital punishment, the invasion of Iraq—Cotkin chronicles how historical figures have grappled with the problem of evil and moral responsibility—sometimes successfully, oftentimes not. In the process, he offers a wide-ranging tour of modern American history.

Ecological Ethics: An Introduction – Environmental Ethics Textbook

Curry, Patrick
Wiley 2011

Patrick Curry shows that a new and truly ecological ethic is both possible and urgently needed. With this distinctive proposition in mind, Curry introduces and discusses all the major concepts needed to understand the full range of ecological ethics. He discusses light green or anthropocentric ethics with the examples of stewardship, lifeboat ethics, and social ecology; the mid-green or intermediate ethics of animal liberation/rights; and dark or deep green ecocentric ethics. Particular attention is given to the Land Ethic, the Gaia Hypothesis and Deep Ecology and its offshoots: Deep Green Theory, Left Biocentrism and the Earth Manifesto.

The Morality of Everyday Life; Rediscovering an Ancient Alternative to the Liberal Tradition

Fleming, Thomas
University of Missouri 2004

Fleming offers an alternative to enlightened liberalism. In his view, liberalism and postmodernism ignore the fact that human beings by their very nature refuse to live in a world of abstractions where the attachments of friends, neighbors, family, and country make no difference. Fleming believes that a modern type of “casuistry” should be applied to moral conflicts, using examples from history, literature, and religion to explain this moral ecology that refuses to divorce organisms from their interactions with each other and with their environment.

The Happiness Hypothesis; Finding Modern Truth in Ancient Wisdom

Haidt, Jonathan
Basic Books 2005

A book about ten Great Ideas. Each chapter is an attempt to savor one idea that has been discovered by several of the world’s civilizations — to question it in light of what we now know from scientific research, and to extract from it the lessons that still apply to our modern lives and illuminate the causes of human flourishing. Award-winning psychologist Jonathan Haidt shows how a deeper understanding of the world’s philosophical wisdom and its enduring maxims — like “do unto others as you would have others do unto you,” or “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” — can enrich and even transform our lives.

Global Values 101: A Short Course

Holbrook, Kate, ed.
Beacon 2005

Global Values 101 grew out of one of the most popular courses ever offered at Harvard University, in which some of the most original thinkers of our day sat down with students and explored how ideas have made them-and can make us-more engaged, involved, and compassionate citizens. These engrossing, essay-length interviews, address the topics of war, religion, the global economy, and social change. This collection offers a range of stories on how progressive ethics can inform, inspire, and ultimately transform lives.

The Republic

380 BC

The Republic is a Socratic dialogue, written by Plato around 380 BC, concerning justice, the order and character of the just, city-state, and the just man. It is Plato’s best-known work, and has proven to be one of the world’s most influential works of philosophy and political theory, both intellectually and historically.

Everyday Greatness: Inspiration for a Meaningful Life

Readers Digest Association
Rutledge Hill 2006

This collection of inspiring stories, the best from the Reader’s Digest archives, are brought together with pertinent commentary from Dr. Stephen Covey to become an inspiring and life-changing resource for anyone who wants more from life. Topics include: Searching for Meaning, Taking Charge, Starting Within, Creating the Dream, Teaming with Others, Overcoming Adversity and Blending the Pieces. Includes some of the world’s best known and loved writers, leaders and celebrities.

Ethics (3 Vols)

Roth, John K., ed.
Salem 2005

This set addresses the many ethics issues that have come to prominence over the past decade. These include such religious topics as church-state separation, faith healers, Islamic ethics, the jihad concept, religion and violence, the Roman Catholic priests sexual abuse scandal, Scientology, and televangelists. The set also gives particular attention to business and labor ethics, with articles on such topics as advertising, computer misuse, corporate compensation, downsizing and outsourcing, and the tobacco industry. New topics on political and economic issues include Congress, distributive justice, famine as an instrument of oppression, care of the homeless, lobbying, lotteries, minimum wage laws, and the fairness of taxes.

Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do?

Sandel, Michael J.
Farrar, Straus and Giroux 2010

A Harvard law professor explores the meaning of justice and invites readers on a journey of moral and political reflection, ‘to figure out what they think, and why.’ Does a veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder ‘deserve’ the Purple Heart? Should the U.S. government formally apologize and make reparations for slavery? Is it wrong to lie to a murderer? Using three approaches to justice-maximizing welfare, respecting freedom and promoting virtue-the author asks readers to ponder the meaning of the good life, the purpose of politics, how laws should be constructed and how society should be organized.

Practical Ethics

Singer, Peter
Cambridge University 2011

A classic introduction to applied ethics. Some of the questions discussed in this book concern our daily lives. Is it ethical to buy luxuries when others do not have enough to eat? Should we buy meat from intensively reared animals? Am I doing something wrong if my carbon footprint is above the global average? Other questions confront us as concerned citizens: equality and discrimination on the grounds of race or sex; abortion, the use of embryos for research and euthanasia. This book’s lucid style and provocative arguments make it an ideal text for university courses and for anyone willing to think about how she or he ought to live.

Made for Goodness; And Why This Makes All the Difference

Tutu, Desmond M. and Tutu, Mpho A.
HarperOne 2010

In his most personal and inspirational book to date, the beloved Nobel Prize-winner and humanitarian shares the secret of joy and hope in the face of life’s difficulties. Tutu argues that God has made us for goodness, and when we simply start walking in the direction of this calling, God is there to meet us, encourage us, embrace us. God has made the world as a grand theater for us to work out this call to goodness; it is up to us to live up to this calling, but God is there to help us every step of the way.


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