Europe History Books PDF – 1700-1914

Barricades and Borders – Europe History Books PDF

Gildea, Robert

“A comprehensive survey of European history from the coup d’etat of Napoleon Bonaparte in France to the assassination of the Archduke Ferdinand at Sarajevo… It concentrates on the twin themes of revolution and nationalism, which often combined in the early part of the century but which increasingly became rival creeds. Going beyond traditional political and diplomatic history, the book incorporates the results of recent research on population movements, the expansion of markets, the accumulation of capital, social mobility, education, changing patterns of leisure, religious practices, and intellectual and artistic developments.” -Book cover. Europe history books pdf.

Age of Empire 1875-1914 – Best Books for European History

Hobsbawm, Eric

“Eric Hobsbawm discusses the evolution of European economics, politics, arts, sciences, and cultural life from the height of the industrial revolution to the First World War. Hobsbawm combines vast erudition with a graceful prose style to re-create the epoch that laid the basis for the twentieth century.” – Publisher
Overture — The centenarian revolution — An economy changes gear — The age of empire — The politics of democracy — Workers of the world — Waving flags: nations and nationalism — Who’s who or the uncertainties of the Bourgeoisie — The new woman — The arts transformed — Certainties undermined: the sciences — Reason and society — Towards revolution — From peace to war — Epilogue. Best books for European history.

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Age Of Revolution 1789-1848 – Europe History Books PDF

Hobsbawm, Eric

“This magisterial volume follows the death of ancient traditions, the triumph of new classes, and the emergence of new technologies, sciences, and ideologies, with vast intellectual daring and aphoristic elegance. Part of Eric Hobsbawm’s epic four-volume history of the modern world, along with The Age of Capitalism, The Age of Empire, and The Age of Extremes.” – Publisher
“Traces the transformation of the world between 1789 and 1848 insofar as it was due to what is here called the ‘dual revolution’ – the French Revolution of 1789 and the contemporaneous (British) Industrial Revolution.” Preface. Europe history books pdf.

Vienna, 1814: How the Conquerors of Napoleon made Love, War, and Peace at the Congress of Vienna – Best Books for European History

King, David

Vienna, 1814 is an evocative and brilliantly researched account of the most audacious and extravagant peace conference in modern European history. With the feared Napoleon Bonaparte presumably defeated and exiled to the small island of Elba, heads of some 216 states gathered in Vienna to begin piecing together the ruins of his toppled empire. Major questions loomed: What would be done with France? How were the newly liberated territories to be divided? What type of restitution would be offered to families of the deceased? But this unprecedented gathering of kings, dignitaries, and diplomatic leaders unfurled a seemingly endless stream of personal vendettas, long-simmering feuds, and romantic entanglements that threatened to undermine the crucial work at hand, even as their hard-fought policy decisions shaped the destiny of Europe and led to the longest sustained peace the continent would ever see.
Vienna, 1814 beautifully illuminates the intricate social and political intrigue of this history-defining congress–a glorified party that seemingly valued frivolity over substance but nonetheless managed to drastically reconfigure Europe’s balance of power and usher in the modern age. Best books for European history.

Kings and Philosophers 1689-1789 – Modern Europe History Books PDF

Krieger, Leonard

Volume in the “Norton History of Modern Europe”.
The kings, 1689-1748. The nature of kingship ; The kings at war, 1688-1721 ; The kings at home : the old powers, 1689-1748 ; The kings at home : the ascending powers, 1714-1748 — The philosophers, 1687-1789. The social context ; The worldly philosophers, 1687-1776 ; The unworldly philosophers, 1770-1789 — The philosopher kings. Enlightened absolutism ; The enlightened absolutists abroad ; The enlightened absolutists at home ; The end of an era : the social movement in the West, 1763-1789. Best books for European history.

Russia against Napoleon – Modern Europe History Books PDF

The True Story of the Campaigns of War and Peace

Lieven, Dominic

This book tells the story of one of the most astonishing dramas in Europe’s history. In the summer of 1812 after years of uneasy peace, Napoleon, the master of almost the whole continent, marched into Russia with the largest army ever assembled, confident that he would sweep everything before him. Less than two years later the Russian army was itself marching into Paris and Napoleon’s empire lay in ruins. Using an array of new, rare and surprising sources, Dominic Lieven writes with great panache and insight to describe from the Russians? viewpoint how they went from retreat, defeat and the burning of Moscow to becoming the new liberators of Europe. He conveys the savagery and valour of the fighting (including such huge set-pieces as the Battle of Leipzig), the often tense diplomacy that held together the Allied coalition against Napoleon and the astonishing feats of supply which allowed the Russian army to cut its way across Europe. Europe history books pdf.

History of European Socialism – Best Books for European History

Lindemann, Albert S.

“This is a serious and accomplished synthesis. . . . Biographical vignettes enliven the presentation of ideas, and references to studies of regional diversities . . . give the narrative an uncommonly rich texture. . . . Lucid and illuminating. . . . It is the best book on the subject to put into the hands of our students.”―Helmut Gruber, International Labor and Working Class History
The roots of socialism — The first socialists, 1800-1848 — The maturation of socialism, 1850-1870 — Socialism as a major force, 1870-1914 — The birth of communism, 1914-1924 — The democratic socialists, 1914-1939 — The rise of Stalinist communism, 1919-1939 — The fascist threat, 1923-1939 — Socialism and communism since World War II. Best books for European history.

The Influence of Sea Power upon History, 1660-1783 – Europe History Books PDF

Mahan, A.T.

INTRODUCTORY – Discussion of the Elements of Sea Power – State of Europe in 1060 – Second Anglo-Dutch War, 1665-1667 — Sea Battles of Lowestoft and of the Four Days – War of England and France in Alliance against the United Provinces, 1672-1674.— Finally, of France against Combined Europe, 1674-1678.— Sea Battles of Solebay, the Texel, and Stromboli – English Revolution.—War of the League of Augsburg, 1688- 1697—Sea Battles of Beachy Head and La Hougue – War of the Spanish Succession, 1702-1713. — Sea Battle of Malaga – The Regency in France.— Alberoni in Spain. — Policies of Walpole and Fleuri — War of the Polish Succession— English Contraband Trade in Spanish America. — Great Britain declares War against Spain— 1715-1739 – War between Great Britain and Spain, 1739.—War of the Austrian Succession, 1740. — France joins Spain against Great Britain, 1744 —Sea Battles of Matthews, Anson, and Hawke.—Peace of Aix-la-Chapelle, 1748 – Seven Years’ War, 1756-1763. — England’s Overwhelming Power and Conquests on the Seas, in North America, Europe, and East and West Indies. — Sea Battles: Byng off Minorca; Hawke and Conflans; Pocock and D’Ache in East Indies – Course of Events from the Peace of Paris to 1778. — Maritime War Consequent upon the American Revolution. — Sea Battle off Ushant – Maritime War in North America and West Indies, 1778-1781. Its Influence upon the Course of the American Revolution. Fleet Actions off Grenada. Dominica, and Chesapeake Bay – Maritime War in Europe, 1779-1782 – Events in the East Indies, 1778-1781 – —Suffren sails from Brest for India, 1781. —His Brilliant Naval Campaign in the Indian Seas, 1782, 1783 – Events in the West Indies after the Surrender of Yorktown.— Encounters of De Grasse with Hood.—The Sea Battle of the Saints. —1781-1782 – Critical Discussion of the Maritime War of 1778. Europe history books pdf.

Schooling in Western Europe: A Social History – Best Books for European History

Maynes, Mary Jo

Looks at school reform in early modern Europe and its relevance for contemporary society.
Introduction : the social history of education in western Europe — Literacy and schooling in early modern Europe — The impetus for school reform — The new pedagogy — Family and school : strategies and constraints — Alternative pedagogy — Education and development — The impact of schooling.
Education — Social aspects — Europe — History — 19th century. European history books. Best books for European history.

Articles Collection – the History of Ideas

Development of the Economies of Continental Europe, 1850-1914

Milward, Alan S. and S.B. Saul

An economic history textbook that deals with the economic development of the whole continent in this period.
Economic development of Germany, 1870-1914 – Economic development of France 1870-1914 – Economic development of Belgium and the Netherlands, 1850-1914 – Economic development of Spain and Italy, 1850-1914 – Economic development of Austria-Hungary, 1850-1914 – Economic development of Russia to 1861 – Economic development of Russia, 1861-1914 – Economic development of South-eastern Europe, 1850-1914 – International trade and Investment – Nature of economic development in Europe. Best books for European history.

The Line Upon a Wind: The Great War at Sea, 1793-1815 – Best Books for European History

Mostert, Noel

The thrilling story of Britain’s death-struggle with Revolutionary France, wherein Napoleon is checkmated by Nelson’s brilliant naval exploits.
In February 1793 France declared war on Britain, and for the next twenty-two years the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars raged. This was to be the longest, cruelest war ever fought at sea, comparable in scale only to the Second World War. New naval tactics were brought to bear, along with such unheard-of weapons as rockets, torpedoes, and submarines. The war on land saw the rise of the greatest soldier the world had ever known—Napoleon Bonaparte—whose vast ambition was thwarted by a genius he never met in person or in battle: Admiral Horatio Nelson.
Noel Mostert’s narrative ranges from the Mediterranean to the West Indies, Egypt to Scandinavia, showing how land versus sea was the key to the outcome of these wars. He provides details of ship construction, tactics, and life on board. Above all he shows us the extraordinary characters that were the raw material of Patrick O’Brian’s and C. S. Forester’s magnificent novels. Europe history books pdf.

The Enlightenment

Outram, Dorinda

Debate over the meaning of ‘Enlightenment’ began in the eighteenth century and still continues to this day. This period saw the opening of arguments on the nature of man, truth, the place of God, and the international circulation of ideas, people and gold. But did the Enlightenment mean the same for men and women, for rich and poor, for Europeans and non-Europeans? Dorinda Outram addresses these, and other questions about the Enlightenment as controversy increases about its place at the foundation of modernity. She studies it as a global phenomenon, setting the period against broader social changes. Best books for European history.

Articles Collection – How Historians Work

Women Workers and the Industrial Revolution, 1750-1850

Pinchbeck, Ivy

Part 1: The Employment Of Women In Agriculture – I Women In Agriculture In The Eighteenth Century – II The Agrarian Revolution – III The Appearance Of Women Day Labourers – IV Agricultural Depression And The Poor Law – V Rural Conditions In The Mid-Nineteenth Century.
Part II: Women In Industry And Trade – VI Textile Industries—The Domestic System – VII Textile Industries—The Spinners – VIII Textile Industries—The Handloom Weavers – IX Textile Industries—Factory Workers – X The Smaller Domestic Industries – XI Women’s Work In Mines And Metal Trades – XII Craftswomen And Business Women – XIII Conclusion – Appendix: Occupations Of Women In 1841. Best books for European history.

The Terror before Trafalgar – European History Books PDF

Nelson, Napoleon, and the Secret War

Pocock, Tom

The author “retells the story of the four years in which the French confidently prepared to invade Britain, overrun its army, take out its armaments and replace the government with something easier to control.” -NY Times Book Rev
“A lucid exposition of this vibrantly exciting period that moves easily between the withdrawing rooms of Jane Austen and Fanny Burney, the military camps along the Channel coasts of France and England, Parliament, Paris and the quarterdecks of men-of-war at sea. . . . Essential reading for anyone requiring a better understanding of why a battle off an obscure Spanish promontory should be remembered still…. An excellent book.” -London Sunday Times. Europe history books pdf.

The Freemasons: A History of the World’s Most Powerful Secret Society – Europe History Books PDF

Ridley, Jasper
Arcade 2001

“The author traces the origins of freemasonry back to the craft guilds in medieval Europe, and then he chronicles their growth and evolution through the modem era. . . . This work of popular history sheds light on a frequently obscure subject.” -Booklist. Europe history books pdf.

The Battle of Waterloo – Europe History Books PDF

Roberts, Russell

Waterloo was the climax of The Hundred Days, that remarkable period when Napoléon returned from exile on Elba and once again seized control of France. Waterloo was like a giant chessboard for both Napoléon and his opponent Wellington; both made strategic maneuvers knowing that not just their futures, but the future of Europe and maybe even the world, were at stake. Why was Napoléon so confident of victory at Waterloo that he detached thousands of men on another mission? What strategy did Wellington use to disguise the strength of his forces? What strategy did Napoléon employ that wound up costing him instead? These and other questions are what make the Battle of Waterloo so fascinating to examine. Best books for European history.

Women, Work, and Family – Europe History Books PDF

Scott, Joan W. and Louse A. Tilly

“First published in 1978, ‘Women, Work and Family’ became a classic of women’s history and is still the only synthetic text on the history of women’s work in England and France. It provides an excellent introduction to the changing roles and status of women in England and France from 1750 to the present. A large and interesting body of material (census lists, biographical and autobiographical material) is masterfully integrated to tell the story of women’s working lives and family relationships in pre-industrial, industrializing, and industrialized economies.” – Book cover. Best books for European history.

Articles Collection – Women’s History

Changing Lives: Women in European History since 1700 – Europe History Books PDF

Smith, Bonnie G.

“Unmatched in breadth and scope, Changing Lives is an exciting chronological narrative of women’s experience in Britain and continental Europe from the eighteenth century to the present. This comprehensive and authoritative book fills a great void by synthesizing the historical contributions of both ordinary and famous women—writers, artists, and social and political leaders. The author skillfully details women’s participation in major artistic, cultural, and scientific movements of the times as she integrates women’s experience into the broader currents of modern European social, economic, political, and intellectual history.” – Book cover. Best books for European history.

1848: The Revolutionary Tide in Europe – Europe History Books PDF

Stearns, Peter N.

“Only in that year did revolution assume virtually continental proportions: France, Italy, Germany, and the countries of the Habsburg monarchy experienced serious revolutions, and significant outbreaks occurred in Switzerland, Denmark, Romania, Poland, and Ireland. Britain, though untouched by formal revolution, saw the last wave of Chartist agitation. Of the larger countries, then, only Russia and Spain were exempt.
Peter N. Stearns uses a comparative approach in his analysis of these largely interconnected risings. Concentrating on the key areas of revolutionary action―France, Germany, Italy, and the Habsburg monarchy―he shows how the revolutions were linked by economic causation, by ideology, and by the fascination of revolution itself. In exploring the origins, successes, and failures of these movements, Professor Stearns goes beyond the specific political and intellectual factors involved in the events themselves to discuss the kind of society that could produce such an astonishing revolutionary contagion. He assesses the tragic consequences of the revolutions’ failure, particularly in central Europe, and analyzes their positive impact on the nature of political protest, the rise of the labor movement, and the attitude of conservatives in power toward change.” – Publisher. Europe history books pdf.

Women of the French Revolution – Europe History Books PDF

Streissguth, Thomas

A world overthrown : women of the aristocracy — The radical urban vanguard : laborers and market women of Paris — Women of the societies — Women writers — Peasants and villagers — Women and religion — Women soldiers. Best books for European history.

Struggle for Mastery in Europe, 1848-1918 – History PDF Download

Taylor, A.J.P.

“The author “has written a diplomatic history of Europe in the seventy years which he regards as having constituted the last age of the European balance of power. He looks on the Great Powers as organizations for war: ‘the basic tests for them as Great Powers was their ability to wage war’.” – Libr J. Best books for European history.

The Proud Tower – Europe History Books PDF

A Portrait of the World before the War, 1890-1914

Tuchman, Barbara W.

“A rare combination of impeccable scholarship and literary polish . . . It would be impossible to read The Proud Tower without pleasure and admiration.”—The New York Times
“An exquisitely written and thoroughly engrossing work . . . The author’s knowledge and skill are so impressive that they whet the appetite for more.”—Chicago Tribune
“During the fateful quarter century leading up to World War I, the climax of a century of rapid, unprecedented change, a privileged few enjoyed Olympian luxury as the underclass was “heaving in its pain, its power, and its hate.” In The Proud Tower, Barbara W. Tuchman brings the era to vivid life: the decline of the Edwardian aristocracy; the Anarchists of Europe and America; Germany and its self-depicted hero, Richard Strauss; Diaghilev’s Russian ballet and Stravinsky’s music; the Dreyfus Affair; the Peace Conferences in The Hague; and the enthusiasm and tragedy of Socialism, epitomized by the assassination of Jean Jaurès on the night the Great War began and an epoch came to a close.” – Publisher. Europe history books pdf.

Eighteenth-century Europe, Tradition and Progress 1715-1789 – History PDF Download

Woloch, Isser
1982 Dewey Dec. 940.2

Textbook for the period, in the “The Norton History of Modern Europe” series.
Ch. 1. The state : state building in the age of absolutism ; the non-absolutist states — Ch. 2. International rivalry : relations between states ; absolutism and armies — Ch. 3. The social order : rural society ; an age of aristocracy ; urban society — Ch. 4. The dynamic eighteenth century : population growth ; economic growth ; the beginnings of structural change in England — Ch. 5. Poverty and public order : the struggle against poverty ; crime and punishment — Ch. 6. The varieties of culture : high and middling culture ; cultural institutions ; popular culture — Ch. 7. An age of enlightenment : the philosophes ; diffusion and resistance — Ch. 8. Church and religion : the church as an institution ; religiosity — Ch. 9. The road to revolution : cracks in the old order ; the crisis of the old regime in France. Best books for European history.

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