Medieval History PDF Books – Middle Ages in Europe PDF

Charlemagne: The Hero of Two Nations – Middle Ages PDF

Davis, H.W. Carless
Putnam’s Sons 1903 Dewey Dec. 940.1

Contents: Europe before Charles – The Franks before Charles – Charles and Carloman – The fall of Pavia – The first Saxon war – Roncesvalle – Second Saxon war – Bavaria – Settlement of Germany – Legislation – Religious policy – The Renaissance – The Imperial coronation – The imperial idea and its effects – The emperor and his court – 800-814 A.D. – Fate of the Franks – The Legend of Charlemagne. Books on medieval history pdf.

Early Growth of the European Economy: Warriors and Peasants from the Seventh to the Twelfth Century – Middle Ages PDF

Duby, Georges
Cornell University 1978 Dewey Dec. 940.1

“This book offers a detailed description of the changing character of agrarian life leading up to the ‘take-off of the 12th and 13th centuries. Leading aspects of the technology, the landscape, the demography, the diet, the climate, etc., are placed against the backdrop of emerging mental attitudes pertaining to money, burial customs, marriage, etc. Duby possesses the talent to translate socioeconomic detail into the stuff of everyday life.” -Book cover. Books on medieval history pdf.

France in the Middle Ages 987-1460: From Hugh Capet to Joan of Arc – Middle Ages PDF

Duby, Georges
Blackwell 1991 Dewey Dec. 940.1

“Duby examines the history of France from the rise of the Capetians in the mid-tenth century to the execution of Joan of Arc in the mid-fifteenth. He takes the evolution of power and the emergence of the French state as his central themes, and guides the reader through complex – and, in many respects, still unfamiliar, yet fascinating terrain. He describes the growth of the castle and the village, the building blocks of the new Western European civilization of the second millennium AD.” -Publisher. Books on medieval history pdf.

The Knight, the Lady, and the Priest: the Making of Modern Marriage in Medieval France – Middle Ages PDF

Duby, Georges
Pantheon 1983 Dewey Dec. 940.1

“This ambitious study sets out to discover what marriage meant in the daily lives of the nobles of the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth centuries. Through entertaining anecdotes, family dramas, and striking quotations, Duby succeeds in bringing his subjects to life, making us feel as if we understand the motives and conflicts of those who inhabited the distant past.” -Publisher. Books on medieval history pdf.

History of Women in the West, Vol 2: Silences of the Middle Ages – Middle Ages PDF

Duby, Georges and Michelle Perrot, eds.
Belknap 1992 Dewey Dec. 940.1

Contents: Christiane Klapisch-Zuber, editor. Writing the history of women / G. Duby, M. Perrot ; Including women / C. Klapisch-Zuber ; The clerical gaze / J. Dalarun ; The nature of women / C. Thomasset ; The protected woman / C. Casagrande ; The good wife / S. Vecchio ; Regulating women’s fashion / D.O. Hughes ; Women from the fifth to the tenth century / S.F. Wemple ; The feudal order / P. L’Hermitage-Leclercq ; The courtly model / G. Duby ; Life in the Late Middle Ages / C. Opitz ; The world of women / F. Piponnier ; The imagined woman / C. Frugoni ; Literary and mystical voices / D. Regnier-Bohler — Affidavits and confessions / G. Duby. Books on medieval history pdf.

The Life of Charlemagne – Middle Ages PDF

University of Michigan 1960 Dewey Dec. 940.1

“For centuries after his death, the figure of Charlemagne dominated Europe. In legend, he was “the Emperor with the Flowery Beard,” gigantic, two hundred years old. Here, written by a member of his court, is Charlemagne’s life in vivid and personal detail. Einhard shows us the great Frankish king in his own times—in battle, at table, reading St. Augustine, educating his children, molding that rally of civilization we call the Carolingian Renaissance. First “published” about 830 A.D., this book gives life to the Charlemagne of bards and scholars, and a direct view of the most brilliant reign of the Dark Ages.” -Book cover

Contents: The Merovingians – Charlemagne’s Ancestors – Charlemagne’s Accession – Plan of This Work – Aquitanian War – Lombard War – Saxon War – Saxon War (continued) – Spanish Expedition – Submission of the Bretons and Beneventans – Tassilo and the Bavarian Campaign – Slavic War – War with the Huns – Danish War – Extent of Charlemagne’s Conquests – Foreign Relations – Public Works – Private Life – Conspiracies Against Charlemagne – Charlemagne’s Treatment of Foreigners – Personal Appearance – Dress – Habits – Studies – Piety – Generosity – Charlemagne Crowned Emperor – Reforms – Coronation of Louis – Charlemagne’s Death – Burial – Omens of Death – Will – Genealogical table – Map

Beginnings of Modern Europe 1250-1450 – Middle Ages PDF

Emerton, Ephraim
Ginn 1917 Dewey Dec. 940.1

Contents: The principle of the modern state – The new empire – The new papacy – The rise of a middle class – The Italian republics to 1300 – The Hundred Years’ War – The age of the councils – The age of the despots in Italy – The Renaissance in Italy – The northern Renaissance. The Middle Ages in Europe PDF.

Introduction to the Study of the Middle Ages (375-814) – Middle Ages PDF

Emerton, Ephraim
Ginn 1916 Dewey Dec. 940.1

Contents: The Romans to A.D. 375 – The two races – The breaking of the frontier by the Visigoths – The Vandals and Burgundians – The invasion of the Huns – The Germans in Italy – The fall of the western empire – The Ostrogothic kingdom – The Lombard kingdom – The Franks to 638 – Germanic ideas of law – Rise of the Christian church – Franks and Mohammedans (Dagobert to Charles Martel) – The monks of the west – The Franks from Charles Martel to Charlemagne – Charlemagne king of the Franks – Foundation of the medieval empire – Beginnings of the feudal system. The Middle Ages in Europe PDF.

Mediaeval Europe, 814-1300 – Medieval History PDF Books

Emerton, Ephraim
Ginn 1922 Dewey Dec. 940.1

Contents: The formation of the European states – The Roman papacy during the Carolingian period 814-888 – Revival of the Roman empire on a German basis 888-950 – Degradation and restoration of the papacy 900-963 – Europe at the year 1000 – The empire at its height – The parties in the great struggle – The conflict of the investiture 1073-1122 – The Hohenstaufen policy in Germany and Italy 1125-1190 – The papal triumph over Frederic II 1197-1268 – The Crusades – Growth of the French monarchy – The intellectual life – The feudal institutions – Organization of the middle and lower classes – The ecclesiastical system. The Middle Ages in Europe PDF.

Cambridge Illustrated History of the Middle Ages 950-1250 – Medieval History PDF Books

Fossier, Robert, ed.
Cambridge University 1986 Dewey Dec. 940.1

“This is the second volume of one of the finest general introductions to the medieval world of recent times, first published in French by Armand Colin. Volume II begins at the turn of the millennium and covers the extraordinary rebirth of Europe, in terms of demographic expansion, agrarian settlement and organisation, the establishment of towns and villages, the ascendancy of the feudal system, the appearance of formal states and kingdoms, and the dramatic controlling ascendancy of the western Church. In the east, despite the external appearance of grandeur, the Islamic countries were being torn apart by mutual rivalry, while the Byzantime empire lost massive border territories through political and economic incompetence. Full coverage is given to both east and west, and their artistic heritage is displayed lavishly in many of the colour plates. A comprehensive bibliography is also included.” -Publisher. The Middle Ages in Europe PDF.

Studies in the History of Mediaeval Science – Medieval History PDF Book

Haskins, Charles Homer
Harvard University 1924 Dewey Dec. 940.1

Contents: 1: The Science of the Arabs: – Translators from the Arabic in Spain – Adelard of Bath – Hermann of Carinthia – The translations of Hugo Sanctallensis – Some twelfth-century writers on astronomy – The introduction of Arabic science into England – Translators in Syria during the Crusades
2: Translations from the Greek – The Greek element in the Renaissance of the twelfth century – The Sicilian translators of the twelfth century – North-Italian translators of the twelfth century – Versions of Aristotle’s posterior analytics
3: The Court of Frederick II – Science at the court of the Emperor Frederick II – Michael Scot – The De Arte Venandi cum Avibus of Frederick II
4: Other Studies – The abacus and the exchequer – Nimrod the astronomer – Some early treatises on falconry – A list of text-books from the close of the twelfth century. The Middle Ages in Europe PDF.

Europe in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries – Medieval History PDF Book

Hay, Denys
Holt, Rinehart and Winston 1966 Dewey Dec. 940.1

Contents: The sources — Europe at the beginning of the fourteenth century — Society and its structure : the peasants : population trends — Society and its structure : clergy, nobility, townsmen — The theory and practice of government — Political development in Western Europe — Italians and Italy — Germany and her northern neighbours — The central monarchies / R. R. Betts — Eastern Europe — The papal monarchy : the church as a state — The bonds of religion — The bonds of education, literature and art — The bonds of trade — The future : Europe and the world. The Middle Ages in Europe PDF.

The Social And Political Ideas Of Some Great Mediaeval Thinkers, ed. – Medieval History PDF Books

A Series of Lectures

Hearnshaw, F.J.C.
Holt 1923 Dewey Dec. 940.1

A lecture by Ernest Barker, surveying medieval political thought, is followed by admirable lectures by different individuals on St. Augustine, John of Salisbury, St. Thomas Aquinas, Dante, Pierre du Bois, Marsilio of Padua, and John Wycliffe. (Guide to Historical Lit. 1st. ed.)

Contents: Introductory: Medieval political thought – St. Augustine and the City of God – John of Salisbury and the “Policraticus” – St. Thomas Aquinas and the papal monarchy – Dante and world-empire – Pierre Du Bois and the domination of France – Marsilio of Padua and medieval secularism – John Wycliffe and divine dominion. The Middle Ages in Europe PDF.

Formation of Christendom – Medieval History PDF Books

Herrin, Judith
Princeton University 1987 Dewey Dec. 940.1

“In a lucid history of what used to be termed “the Dark Ages,” Judith Herrin outlines the origins of Europe from the end of late antiquity to the coronation of Charlemagne. She shows that the clash between nascent Islam and stubburn Byzantium was the central contest that allowed “Europe” to develop, and she thereby places the rise of the West in its true Mediterranean context. Her inquiry centers on the notion of “Christendom.” Instead of taking medieval beliefs for granted or separating theology from politics, she treats the faith as a material force. In a path-breaking account of the arguments over Christian doctrine, she shows how the northern sphere of the Roman world divided into two distinct and self-conscious imperial units, as the Arabs swept through the southern regions.” -Publisher. The Middle Ages in Europe PDF.

Daily Living in the Twelfth Century, Based on the Observations of Alexander Neckam in London and Paris – Books about Medieval History PDF

Holmes, Urban Tigner
University of Wisconsin 1952 Dewey Dec. 940.1

“This book presents mediaeval life through the experience of a mediaeval man. The reader goes on a journey with Alexander Neckam, rides the mounts he rode, lodges at hospices such as might have received him, walks the streets of London and Paris as Alexander found them, and visits the schools and baronial estates that he might have visited. Mr. Holmes draws steadily upon his wide, varied, and accurate knowledge of mediaeval literature — Latin, French and English – to say nothing of iconography, painting. and architecture. The reader has a sense of being guided by two men familiar with the ground — one a mediaeval man, the other a modern expert.” -Book cover. The Middle Ages in Europe PDF.

The Black Death – Books about Medieval History PDF

Horrox, Rosemary, ed.
Manchester University 1994 Dewey Dec. 936

“From 1348 to 1350 Europe was devastated by an epidemic that left between a third and one half of the population dead. This source book traces, through contemporary writings, the calamitous impact of the Black Death in Europe, with a particular emphasis on its spread across England from 1348 to1349. Rosemary Horrox surveys contemporary attempts to explain the plague. The almost universal belief that it was an expression of divine anger at the sins of humankind did not preclude attempts to explain in scientific and medical terms; or to look for human scapegoats. The final third of the book charts the social and psychological impact of the plague, and its effects in the late-medieval economy. The sources illustrate the fear that spread with the disease and the diverse ways that such terror influenced social behaviour.” -Publisher. The Middle Ages in Europe PDF.

Early Christian Ireland: Introduction to the Sources

Hughes, Kathleen
Cornell University 1972 Dewey Dec. 940.1

“Covering the sources of Irish history from prehistoric times to about 1100, this eminently useful survey describes and evaluates the various kinds of material available, the problems they present, and the kinds of questions they answer. The author devotes a chapter each to archaeology (with appendixes on aerial photography and coins), secular laws, ecclesiastical legislation, the annals (with an appendix on the genealogies), secular literature, ecclesiastical learning, hagiography, art and architecture, and eleventh- and twelfth-century history and compilations.” -Book jacket. The Middle Ages in Europe PDF.

Gothic Architecture in France, England, and Italy – Medieval History PDF Book

Volume 2

Jackson, Sir Thomas Graham
Cambridge University 1915 Dewey Dec. 940.1

Social Theories Of The Middles Ages 1200-1500 – Medieval History PDF Book

Jarrett, Bede
1926 Dewey Dec. 940.1

Interesting survey of medieval ideas concerning law, education, women, slavery, property, war, Christendom, and art. (Guide to Historical Lit. 1st. ed.) The Middle Ages in Europe PDF.

A History of the Vikings – Medieval History PDF Books

Jones, Gwyn
Oxford University 2001 Dewey Dec. 940.1

“An utterly splendid book, quite the most brilliantly written, balanced, and explanative general work on the Vikings ever to appear in English or in any language.” -Scandinavian Studies
“The subject of this book is the Viking realms, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, their civilization and culture, and their many-sided achievements at home and abroad. A highly readable narrative follows the development of these Northern peoples – the ‘Nordmenn’ – from their origins and the legendary pre-history to the military triumphs of Canute and the defeat of Harald Hardradi at Stamford Bridge in 1066, which symbolically ended the Viking age. The book recounts the Vikings’ exploits in war, trade, and colonization: the assault on Western Christendom; the trading and military ventures to the Slav and Muslim worlds and to Byzantium; and the western voyages of discovery and settlement to Greenland, Iceland, and America. Numerous photographs, maps, and drawings contribute to Gwyn Jones’s rounded portrait of Viking civilization and vividly evoke the importance in their culture of religion, art, and seafaring.” -Publisher. The Middle Ages in Europe PDF.

Chivalry – Medieval History PDF Books

Keen, Maurice
Yale University 1984 Dewey Dec. 940.1

“Chivalry–with its pageants, heraldry, and knights in shining armor–was a social ideal that had a profound influence on the history of early modern Europe. In this eloquent and richly detailed book, a leading medieval historian discusses the complex reality of chivalry: its secular foundations, the effects of the Crusades, the literature of knighthood, and its ethos of the social and moral obligations of nobility.” -Publisher
“Splendid. . . . Keen is exemplary in the use he makes of many kinds of medieval literature, epic and lyric poetry, family and military histories, didactic treatises, translations into the vernacular of books of the Bible and of works from ancient Rome.”–R.C. Smail, New York Review of Books. The Middle Ages in Europe PDF.

A History of Medieval Europe – Medieval History PDF Book

Keen, Maurice
Praeger 1968 Dewey Dec. 940.1

“From the coronation of Charlemagne, in 800, to the close of the Council of Basle, in 1449, Europe, as never before or after, formed a single society. Latin Christendom in the Middle Ages can be thought of as having been a republic, with a common authority … [and] with unique spiritual outlook. Maurice Keen has written a valuable introduction to this period. Designed for the non-specialist, his history ranges over the political, social, and cultural make-up of medieval Europe.” -Publisher. The Middle Ages in Europe PDF.

Ruling the Later Roman Empire – Middle Ages History PDF

Kelly, Christopher
Belknap Press 2004 Dewey Dec. 936

“In this highly original work, Christopher Kelly paints a remarkable picture of running a superstate. He portrays a complex system of government openly regulated by networks of personal influence and the payment of money. Focusing on the Roman Empire after Constantine’s conversion to Christianity, Kelly illuminates a period of increasingly centralized rule through an ever more extensive and intrusive bureaucracy. The book opens with a view of its times through the eyes of a high-ranking official in sixth-century Constantinople, John Lydus. His On the Magistracies of the Roman State, the only memoir of its kind to come down to us, gives an impassioned and revealing account of his career and the system in which he worked. Kelly draws a wealth of insight from this singular memoir and goes on to trace the operation of power and influence, exposing how these might be successfully deployed or skillfully diverted by those wishing either to avoid government regulation or to subvert it for their own ends.” -Publisher. The Middle Ages in Europe PDF.

Small Sound of the Trumpet: Women in Medieval Life – Middle Ages History PDF

Labarge, Margaret Wade
Beacon 1986 Dewey Dec. 940.1

Describes the daily life of noblewomen, nuns, and peasants in feudal England and Europe. Looks at the treatment of lepers, beggars, prostitutes, and criminals, and offers brief profiles of prominent medieval women.

Contents: Ch. 1. The Precursors — Ch. 2. The Mould for Medieval Women — Ch. 3. Women who Ruled: Queens — Ch. 4. Women who Ruled: Noble Ladies — Ch. 5. Women who Prayed: Nuns and Beguines — Ch. 6. Women who Prayed: Recluses and Mystics — Ch. 7. Women who Toiled: Townswomen and Peasants — Ch. 8. Women as Healers and Nurses — Ch. 9. Women on the Fringe — Ch. 10. Women’s Contributions to Medieval Culture. The Middle Ages in Europe PDF.

The Latin Church in the Middle Ages – Middle Ages History PDF

Lagarde, Andre
Scribner’s Sons 1915 Dewey Dec. 940.1

Contents: The expansion of the Latin church – The Christian life: sacraments and devotions – History of the monastic life – The pontifical state – The papacy and the empire – The political advance of the papacy – The religious advance of the papacy – The pontifical exchequer – The Episcopal elections – Ecclesiastical celibacy – Speculative heresies – Antisacerdotal heresies – The conflict with infidelity and heresy: Crusades, inquisition, councils – Ecclesiastical studies – Ecclesiastical writers. The Middle Ages in Europe PDF.

The Birth of Europe – Middle Ages History PDF

Le Goff, Jacques
Blackwell 2005 Dewey Dec. 940.1

“In this book, French historian Jacques Le Goff places the genesis of Europe firmly in the Middle Ages. He contends that it was in the Middle Ages that many of the institutions and beliefs we consider to be “European” were defined and developed for the first time: ideas about a common Christian society, public spaces, courtship, and marriage. The Birth of Europe presents the historical facts and events that shaped the period, but also the formation of attitudes and concepts of a European “dream.”” -Book jacket. The Middle Ages in Europe PDF.

Medieval Art: From the Peace of the Church to the Eve of the Renaissance, 312-1350 – Middle Ages History PDF

Lethaby, W. R.
Scribner’s Sons 1904 Dewey Dec. 940.1

Contents: The age of Constantine: Rome and the East – Constantinople, Ravenna, and the age of Justinian – Later Byzantine, and Romanesque origins – Romanesque art in Italy – Romanesque art in Germany, France and England – Of Romance art – Gothic characteristics – French cathedrals – French sculpture and painting – French masons – Gothic art in England, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, and Germany – Gothic art in Italy. The Middle Ages in Europe PDF.

Young Medieval Women – Middle Ages History PDF

Lewis, Katherine J. et al., eds.
St. Martin’s 1999 Dewey Dec. 940.1

Eight essays. Primarily looking at the 14th and 15th centuries in England, the studies cover prostitution, Joan of Arc, the representation of young women in the Malterer Embroidery, rape in medieval literature, queen-making during the Wars of the Roses, female wardship, virgin martyrs, and maidenhood as the “perfect age of a woman’s life.”

Contents: Maidenhood as the perfect age of woman’s life / Kim M. Phillips — Model Girls? Virgin-martyrs and the training of young women in late Medieval England / Katherine J. Lewis — Crowns and virgins: queenmaking during the Wars of the Roses / Joanna L. Chamnberlayne — A positive representation of the power of young women: the malterer embroidery re-examined / Kristina E. Gouralay — Rape in John Gower’s Confessio amantis and other related works / Isabelle Mast — Joan of Arc: gender an authority in the text of the Trial of condemnation / Lilas G. Edwards — Female wards and marriage in romance and law: a question of consent / Noël James Menuge — Pigs and prostitutes: streetwalking in comparative perspective / P.J.P. Goldberg. The Middle Ages in Europe PDF.

The Atlas of World History: The Dark Ages – Middle Ages History PDF

McEvedy, Colin and Sarah
MacMillan 1972 Dewey Dec. 936

“In 400 A.D. most of the world’s 200 million people lived in the broad agricultural belt extending from Europe through Persia and India to China. Pressing on the edges of the civilized world were some three million nomads. In this historical atlas 41 maps in color, many illustrations and concise text follow the fortunes of the Byzantine, Persian, Indian and Chinese empires during the next six centuries. The book also covers the Viking voyages of plunder and transatlantic exploration, the creation of Charlemagne’s Frankish kingdom and the evolution of England from Roman Britain. Europe seemed to have slipped back into barbarism following the fall of Rome, but by 1000 A.D. the nations of present-day Europe had emerged—and with them the foundations of modern society.” -Publisher. The Middle Ages in Europe PDF.

Europe in the High Middle Ages, 1150-1309 – Middle Ages History PDF

Mundy, John H.
Basic 1973 Dewey Dec. 940.1

A broad survey of European history between 1150-1309 in which discussion (on a regional or continent-wide basis) of social, economic, administrative and intellectual themes is woven into a framework of political events.

Contents: Part 1 Europe – Social frontiers: clerks and laymen – Cultural frontiers: France, Italy and Europe – Crusades and missions – The Jews – Part 2 Economy – Foundation and growth – Organization – Usury and corporatism – Part 3 Society – Women and men – Workers and farmers – Nobles and the military – Ecclesiastics – Part 4 Government – The Church – The greater monarchies – Princes, senates and assemblies – Princes, villages and towns – Republics – Government and law – Part 5 Thought – Intellectuals – Reason and religion – Enthusiasm and heresy – Repression – Part 6 1300 – Church, state and society – Unam sanctam. The Middle Ages in Europe PDF.

Medieval Civilization: Selected Studies from European Authors – Middle Ages History PDF

Munro, Dana C. and George Clarke Sellery, eds.
Century 1907 Dewey Dec. 940.1

This collection of 40 essays on important topics in Medieval studies was intended for students to use as a supplement to their textbooks. Books on medieval history pdf.

Syllabus of Medieval History 395-1500 – Middle Ages History PDF

Munro, Dana C.
History Dept., University of Pennsylvania 1919 Dewey Dec. 940.1

This is a detailed topical outline (130 pages), meant to be used as a guide by instructors in medieval history. It includes book recommendations for most topics. Books on medieval history pdf.

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