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The Black Death – Middle Ages in Europe PDF

Nardo, Don
Greenhaven 1999 Dewey Dec. 936

“The worst pandemic in recorded history, it is estimated that the Black Death infected two in three Europeans, resulting in the deaths of around 25 million, or a third of the population of the continent. Author Don Nardo explores the complex moral, economic, and scientific implications of the Black Death. Chapters facilitate critical conversations from diverse perspectives to provide a broad understanding of the plague, including the origin of the disease, the hysteria and panic that consumed entire populations, the effects to the economy and culture of the areas affected, and recurrences of plague in later ages.” -Publisher. Books on medieval history pdf.

Source Book of Medieval History – Middle Ages in Europe PDF

Documents Illustrative of European Life and Institutions from the German Invasions to the Renaissance

Ogg, Frederic Austin, ed.
American Book 1908 Dewey Dec. 940.1

This contains 83 primary source narratives and documents – several per chapter – with introductions to each reading.

Contents: Early Germans – Visigothic invasion – Huns – Early Franks – Angles and Saxons in Britain – Development of the Christian church -Rise of Mohammedanism – Beginnings of the Carolingian dynasty of Frankish kings – Age of Charlemagne – Era of the later Carolingians – Alfred the Great in war and in peace – Ordeal – Feudal System – Norman Conquest – Monastic reformation of the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth centuries – Conflict over investiture – Crusades – Great Charter – Reign of Saint Louis – Municipal organization and activity – Universities and student life – Friars – Papacy and the temporal powers in the later Middle Ages – Empire in the twelfth, thirteenth, and fourteenth centuries – Hundred Year’s War – Beginnings of the Italian Renaissance – Foreshadowings of the Reformation. Books on medieval history pdf.

The Story of the Byzantine Empire – Middle Ages in Europe PDF

Oman, C.W.C.
Fisher Unwin 1892 Dewey Dec. 940.1

Contents: Byzantium – Foundation of Constantinople – Fight with the Goths – Departure of the Germans – Reorganization of the eastern empire – Justinian – Justinian’s foreign conquests – End of Justinian’s reign – Coming of the Slavs – Darkest hour – Social and religious life – Coming of the Saracens – First anarchy – Saracens turned back – Iconoclasts – End of the Iconoclasts – Literary emperors and their time – Military glory – End of the Macedonian dynasty – Manziker – Comneni and the Crusades – Latin conquest of Constantinople – Latin empire and the empire of Nicaea – Decline and decay – Turks in Europe – End of a long tale. Books on medieval history pdf.

Medieval Children – Middle Ages in Europe PDF

Orme, Nicholas
Yale Univ. 2001 Dewey Dec. 305.23

“This is a history of children in England from Anglo-Saxon times to the sixteenth century – the first of its kind.” “Starting at birth, it shows how they were named and baptized, and traces the significance of birthdays and ages. This leads to an account of family life, including upbringing, food, clothes, sleep and the plight of the poor. The misfortunes of childhood are chronicled, from disablement, abuse, and accidents to illness, death, and beliefs about children in the afterlife.”- Book jacket. Book on medieval history.

The Age of Reform 1250-1550: An Intellectual and Religious History of Late Medieval and Reformation Europe – Middle Ages in Europe PDF

Ozment, Steven
Yale University 1980 Dewey Dec. 940.1

“Ozment’s masterly synthesis of the intellectual and religious history of the period 1250-1550 clarifies the impact of late medieval ideas on early modern society. Its appeal derives from its breadth of scholarship and clarity of style. Ozment reviews the current state of research on late medieval intellectual history, explicates the basic ideas of the scholastic, spiritual, and ecclesio-political traditions, and analyzes the impact of these on Protestant reformers.” -Choice. Book on medieval history.

Medieval English Nunneries c. 1275 to 1535 – Middle Ages in Europe PDF

Power, Eileen
Cambridge University 1922 Dewey Dec. 940.1

Contents: The Novice – The head of the house – Worldly goods – Monastic housewives – Financial difficulties – Education – Routine and reaction – Private life and private property – Fish out of water – The world in the cloister – The olde daunce – The machinery of reform – The nun in medieval literature – . Book on medieval history.

Medieval People – Middle Ages in Europe PDF

Power, Eileen
Methuen 1924 Dewey Dec. 940.1

Six short biographical studies which depict the lives of a medieval peasant, a traveller (Marco Polo), a prioress, a Paris housewife, a merchant, and a clothier. Book on medieval history.

Outlines of Medieval History – Middle Ages in Europe PDF

Previte-Orton, C. W.
Cambridge University 1916 Dewey Dec. 940.1

Contents: Barbarian migrations – Eastern empire and the Saracens – Fusion of races in western Europe – Development of Feudalism – Papal monarchy – The East and the Crusades – Fall of the western empire and of the papal theocracy – France and England – The councils and the Italian Renaissance – The East and the Turks – The despotic monarchies. Book on medieval history.

The Last Apocalypse: Europe at the Year 1000 A.D. – Medieval History PDF Books

Reston, James Jr.
Anchor 1999 Dewey Dec. 940.1

“Through Reston’s brilliant narrative and engaging portraits of the unforgettable historical characters who embodied the struggle for the soul of Europe, students are introduced to a pivotal period in history during which an old order was crumbling, and terrifying, confusing new ideas were gaining hold in the populace. From the righteous fury of the Viking queen Sigrid the Strong-Minded, who burned unwanted suitors alive; to the brilliant but too-cunning Moor, al-Mansur the Illustrious Vict∨ to the aptly named English king Ethelred the Unready; to the abiding genius of the age, Pope Sylvester II–warrior kings and concubine empresses, maniacal warriors and religious zealots bring this stirring period to life.” -Publisher. Book on medieval history.

The Crusades: A Short History – Medieval History PDF Books

Riley-Smith, Jonathan
Yale University 1987 Dewey Dec. 940.1

A comprehensive history of the Crusades: an account of the theology of violence behind the Crusades, the major Crusades, the experience of crusading, and the crusaders themselves.

Contents: The birth of the Crusade movement: The preaching of the First Crusade — The course of the First Crusade — The holy places and the Catholic patriarchates of Jerusalem and Antioch — Settlement, government and defence of the Latin East, 1097-1187 — Crusading in adolescence, 1101-1187 — Crusading at its height, 1187-1229 — Crusading reaches maturity, 1229-1291 — The Latin East, 1192-1291 — The variety of Crusading, 1291-1523 — The old age and death of the Crusading movement, 1523-1798. Book on medieval history.

Medieval Women and the Sources of Medieval History – Medieval History PDF Books

Rosenthal, Joel T., ed.
University of Georgia 1990 Dewey Dec. 940.1

“Because the records of medieval society were written largely by men and about men, scholars have often assumed that the means for recovering a full picture of the women of that society are simply not available. As this book makes clear, however, the collections of medieval source material contain much more than initially meets the eye. The fifteen essays assembled in ‘Medieval Women and the Sources of Medieval History’ show that familiar sources can be read in new ways to uncover previously obscured information about the status and roles of women in the social, political, economic, and religious life of medieval Europe.” -Publisher. Book on medieval history.

People, Politics, and Community in the Later Middle Ages – Medieval History PDF Books

Rosenthal, Joel and Colin Richmond, eds.
St. Martin’s 1987 Dewey Dec. 940.1

This book contains a collection of papers focusing on fifteenth-century England, presented at the International Congress on Medieval Studies at Western Michigan University in May 1985, and at a symposium at University of Keele in July 1986.

Contents: The Rising of 1497: a revolt of the peasantry? – Careerism in late medieval England – William Waynflete and the educational revolution of the fifteenth century – Fluid prejudice: Scottish origin myths in the later middle ages – Cheshiremen at Blore Heath: A swan dive – The pre-episcopal career of William Alnwick, Bishop of Norwich and Lincoln – Religious gilds and regulation of behavior in late medieval towns – The household as a religious community – Law and arbitration in Nottinghamshire 1399-1461 – Kings, continuity and ecclesiastical benefaction in 15th century England – A conflict of interest? Chancery clerks in private service. Book on medieval history.

Kings And Vikings; Scandinavia and Europe, A.D. 700-1100 – Medieval History PDF Books

Sawyer, P.H.
Routledge 1982 Dewey Dec. 940.1

A general survey of the subject.

Contents: The age of the Vikings: an introductory outline — The twelfth century — Contemporary sources — Scandinavian society — Scandinavia and Europe before 900 — The raids in the west — Conquests and settlements in the west — The Baltic and beyond — Pagans and Christians — Conclusion: kings and pirates. Book on medieval history.

The Feudal Regime – Medieval History PDF Books

Seignobos, Charles
Holt 1902 Dewey Dec. 940.1

Explains the usages of feudalism; includes the life and status of the peasantry (manorial system) as well as that of the feudal nobility. (Guide to Historical Lit. 1st. ed.). Book on medieval history.

The Making of the Middle Ages – Books about Medieval History PDF

Southern, R.W.
Yale University 1953 Dewey Dec. 940.1

“R. W. Southern presents an absorbing study of the main personalities and the influences that molded the history of Western from the late tenth to the early thirteenth century – the formative of modern Western civilization. He describes the chief forms of social, political, and religious organization, analyzing a wealth of concrete, highly significant episodes. As perhaps no other book, this volume recaptures the experience and the individual conscience of the men who guided “the making Of the Middle Ages.” -Publisher
Contents: Latin Christendom and its neighbours — The bonds of society — The ordering of the Christian life — The tradition of thought — From epic to romance. Book on medieval history.

Anglo-Saxon England – Books about Medieval History PDF

Stenton, F.M.
Clarendon 1943 Dewey Dec. 940.1

Contents: Age of the migration – Kingdoms of the southern English – Anglian Northumbria – Conversion of the English peoples – The English church from Theodore to Boniface – Learning and literature in early England – Ascendency of the Mercian kings – Age of Alfred – Structure of early English society – Conquest of Scandinavian England – Decline of the old English monarchy – England and the Scandinavian world – Tenth-century reformation – England before the Norman conquest – Last years of the old English state – Norman conquest – Norman settlement – Reorganization of the English church – Epilogue: The Anglo-Norman state. Book on medieval history.

Classical Heritage of the Middle Ages – Books about Medieval History PDF

Taylor, Henry Osborn
Columbia university 1903 Dewey Dec. 940.1

Contents: Passing of the antique man – Phases of pagan decadence – Antique culture – Pagan elements Christianized in transmission – Ideals of knowledge, beauty, love – Abandonment of pagan principles in a Christian system of life – Christian prose – Christian poetry – Christian art. Book on medieval history.

The Medieval Mind: A History of the Development of Thought and Emotion in the Middle Ages, Vol 1 – Books about Medieval History PDF

Volume 2 – Books about Medieval History PDF

Taylor, Henry Osborn
MacMillan 1914 Dewey Dec. 936

Contents: Book I: The Groundwork – Genesis of the Medieval genius – The Latinizing of the west – Greek philosophy as the antecedent of the patristic apprehension of fact – Intellectual interests of the Latin fathers – Latin transmitters of antique and patristic thought – The barbaric disruption of the empire – The celtic strain in Gaul and Ireland – Teuton qualities: Anglo-Saxon, German, Norse – The bringing of Christianity and antique knowledge to the northern peoples
Book 2: The Early Middle Ages – Carolingian period: The first state in the appropriation of the patristic and antique – Mental aspects of the eleventh century: Italy – Mental aspects of the eleventh century: France – Mental aspects of the eleventh century: Germany; England – Phases of Medieval growth – The growth of Medieval emotion
Book 3: The Ideal and the Actual: The Saints – The reforms of Monasticism – The hermit temper – The quality of love in St. Bernard – St. Francis of Assisi – Mystic visions of ascetic women – The spotted actuality – The world of Salimbene
Book 4: The Ideal and the Actual: Society – Feudalism and Knighthood – Romantic chivalry and courtly love. Book on medieval history.

A Source Book for Medieval History: Selected documents illustrating the history of Europe in the Middle Age – Books about Medieval History PDF

Thatcher, Oliver J. et al, eds.
Scribner’s Sons 1905 Dewey Dec. 940.1

Contains 325 brief selections dealing mainly with the empire and the papacy but also with feudalism, medieval law, monasticism, and the crusades.
“Our purpose in general has been to present material touching only what may be called the most important matters (persons, events, movements, institutions, and conditions) of the whole medieval period. We have not tried to make a complete source-book for the period, but only to offer in usable form illustrative material which may be of service to both teacher and student in general or information Each is meant to illustrate or illumine one particular thing.” -Editor’s Preface. Book on medieval history.

Romans and Barbarians: the Decline of the Western Empire – Books about Medieval History PDF

Thompson, E.A.
University of Wisconsin 1982 Dewey Dec. 940.1

Examines the fall of the Roman Empire in the West from the barbarian perspective and experience. Standard interpretations of the decline of the Roman Empire in the West view the barbarian invaders as destroyers. Thompson, however, argues that the relationship between the invaders and the invaded was far more complex than the common interpretation would suggest.

Contents: Introduction: Economic Warfare – Part 1: Gaul – The Settlement Of the Barbarians in Southern Gaul – The Visigoths from Fritigern to Euric – Part Il: Italy – A.D. 476 and After – The Byzantine Conquest Of Italy; Military Problems – The Byzantine Conquest of Italy: Public Opinion – Part Ill: Noricum – The End of Noricum – Part IV: Spain – Hydatius and the Invasion Of Spain – The Suevic Kingdom of Galicia – The Gothic Kingdom and the Dark Age Of Spain – Spain and Britain – Barbarian Collaborators and Christians. Book on medieval history.

Medieval Europe: Its Development & Civilization – Books about Medieval History PDF

Thorndike, Lynn
Harrap 1920 Dewey Dec. 940.1

Types of Society in Medieval Literature – Books about Medieval History PDF

Tupper, Frederick
Holt 1926 Dewey Dec. 940.1

This volume is from the series ‘The Colver Lectures from Brown University’, and contains three lectures.

Contents: Conditions of men – Sins and sinners – The eternal womanly. Book on medieval history.

Medieval Technology and Social Change – Middle Ages in Europe PDF

White, Lynn Jr.
Oxford University 1978 Dewey Dec. 940.1

“‘Medieval Technology and Social Change’ examines the role of technological innovation in the rise of social groups during the Middle Ages. The feudal nobles achieved their status, institutions, and even distinctive emotions through a sudden mutation in methods of warfare during the early eighth century. Between the sixth and tenth centuries a cluster of inventions profoundly altered peasant life in Northern Europe, and by increasing food supplies provided the basis for urbanization. In the new cities, craftsmen and engineers applied natural power and labor-saving devices to industrial production from the year 1000 onward and laid the foundations of capitalism.” -Publisher

Contents: Stirrup, mounted shock combat, feudalism, and chivalry — The classic theory of the origins of feudalism and its critics — The origin and diffusion of the stirrup — Mounted shock combat and the temper of feudal life — The agricultural revolution of the early Middle Ages — The plough and the manorial system — The discovery of horse-power — The three-field rotation and improved nutrition — The northward shift of Europe’s focus — The medieval exploration of mechanical power and devices — The sources of power — The development of machine design — The concept of a power technology. Book on medieval history.

The Inheritance of Rome: A History of Europe from 400 to 1000 – Middle Ages in Europe PDF

Wickham, Chris
Viking 2009 Dewey Dec. 936

“The Inheritance of Rome is a work of remarkable scope and ambition. Drawing on a wealth of new material, it is a book that will transform readers’ ideas about the crucible in which Europe would in the end be created. From the collapse of the Roman imperial system to the establishment of the new European dynastic states, this book’s most striking achievement is to make sense of a time where many generations of Europeans experience invasion and turbulence, but also long periods of continuity, creativity and achievement. From Ireland to Constantinople, from the Baltic to the Mediterranean, this is a genuinely Europe-wide history of a new kind.” -Publisher. Book on medieval history.

In Search of the Dark Ages – Middle Ages in Europe PDF

Wood, Michael
Facts on File 1987 Dewey Dec. 936

“Once paid little interest by scholars, the Dark Ages are now viewed as a formative period in the history of Britain, one that not only determined the fate of the country, but also influenced world events for the centuries that followed this era. Written by Michael Wood, an expert in early Anglo-Saxon history and host of the classic BBC TV In Search Of… series, this volume is a readable reference on the period spanning the Roman invasion of Britain to the Norman conquest of the eleventh century. Photographs of artifacts and ruins and helpful maps complement a highly engaging narrative to describe the astonishing discoveries about the key events of the era and the people who lived through them.” -Publisher

Contents: Boadicea — King Arthur — The Sutton Hoo man — Offa — Alfred the Great — Athelstan — Eric Bloodaxe — Ethelred the Unready — William the Conqueror. Book on medieval history.

History of Mediaeval Philosophy – Middle Ages in Europe PDF

Wulf, Maurice de
Longman’s, Green 1909 Dewey Dec. 940.1

Contents:Historical Introduction: Grecian and Patristic philosophies – First period: Medieval philosophy to the end of the twelfth century – Second Period: Medieval philosophy in the thirteenth century – Third period: Medieval philosophy during the fourteenth and first half of the fifteenth centuries – Fourth period: Medieval philosophy from the middle of the fifteenth to the seventeenth century. Book on medieval history.

Many of the books on this page were recommended by the American Historical Association, in the: Guide to Historical Literature (1st edition), edited by George M. Dutcher et al. (1936),
or in the:
Guide to Historical Literature (3rd edition) 2 vols. edited by Mary Beth Norton and Pamela Gerardi (1995) Volume 1 Volume 2

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