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Phoenicians: The Purple Empire of the Ancient World – Ancient World History PDF Free Download

Herm, Gerhard
Futura 1975

“2,000 years ago, the Phoenicians invented the alphabet and built the first ships; they sailed round Africa and may well have crossed the Atlantic. They set up an empire that stretched from Gibraltar to the Lebanese coast and engineered a shipping route from the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean. No one knows exactly where they came from or why they left no literature behind them, but Gerhard Herm has followed their trade routes, examined their ruined cities and few written records in an attempt to solve the enigma. The result is a brilliant picture of one of the most magnificent of Mediterranean cultures, a book which became the leading bestseller in its native Germany.” -Book cover.

Great Empires: An Illustrated Atlas

Hyslop, Stephen G. et al, eds.
National Geographic 2013

Organized in chronological order from 2600 B.C. to the 20th century, this comprehensive history weaves together a compelling portrait of more than 30 epic empires using dramatic images, intriguing sidebars, and easy-to-follow time lines. meticulously drawn National Geographic maps show the extent of territory held by each empire, major trade routes, paths of military campaigns, locations of principal traded commodities, significant roads, walls and buildings, and sites of pivotal battles.

In Search Of The Indo Europeans: Language, Archaeology and Myth – Ancient World History Book PDF

Mallory, J.P.
Thames and Hudson 1989 Dewey

“With the skill of a forensic scientist, Dr. Mallory traces the immediate origins of each of the Indo-European peoples of Europe and Asia. By comparing their languages he demonstrates their common cultural heritage, and through the technique of comparative mythology he examines their earliest beliefs.” -Publisher

The Phoenicians – Ancient Civilizations Textbook PDF

Marston, Elsa
Benchmark 2002

Juvenile. Contents: History: a civilization of city-states: Canaanite heritage — Sea peoples — Rise of the Phoenician cities — Tyre, the jewel of cities — Phoenicians abroad — Armies from the east — And then the Greeks — Carthage — Carthage versus Rome — Cultural history: traders, craftspeople, sailors, writers: Phoenician arts — Purple of Tyre and cedar of Lebanon — Builders — Seafarers — First alphabet — But where are the Phoenician writers? — Carthage — Another loss — Belief system: the family of gods: Gods and goddesses — Larger family of deities — Temples and high places — Sacrifice — Death and the afterlife — Carthaginians — Beliefs and society: old stories, and some new ideas: Baal and Adonis — Phoenician gods in Israel — Child sacrifice, true or not? — How the Greeks viewed the Phoenicians — Legacy of the Phoenicians: Phoenicians in the modern world: Echoes from ancient times — Today’s “Phoenicians” — “Phoenicia” today — The Phoenicians: a time line.

Chronicles of the Barbarians: Firsthand Accounts of Pillage and Conquest, from the Ancient World to the Fall of Constantinople – World History Ancient Civilizations Textbook PDF

McCullough, David W.
History Book Club 1998

“The very word “barbarians” conjures up images of savage warriors, cruel conquerors, and battles marked by ruthless carnage. This compilation of primary sources presents dozens of striking accounts of the exotic customs and fierce deeds of those considered barbarians by the writers of these eyewitness reports. The authors, mostly near-contemporaries of the events they describe, range from classical historians like Herodotus and Tacitus, to generals, ambassadors, and ordinary soldiers. In often colorful prose, they describe the exploits of legendary warriors such as Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan, and Tamerlane (reputed to erect pyramids of skulls before the gates of captured cities), along with Viking raids, Mongol invasions, epic battles, and general depravity.” -Publisher. The history of the ancient world, world history ancient civilizations textbook pdf.

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A Century of Archaeological Discoveries – Ancient World History Books PDF

Michaelis, A.
John Murray 1908

“Professor Michaelis gives an account of archaeological discovery during the last century. It is a work showing intimate knowledge; … a record of what the writer learned as the scroll of excavation and research was gradually unrolled.” – Preface

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Atlas of World History

O’Brien, Patrick, Patrick K., ed.
Oxford University 2010

Oxford’s Atlas of World History is the result of years of intensive work by a specialist team of scholars, editors, and cartographers. It presents the story of humanity in its physical setting, from the emergence of the earliest hominoids to the present day. The Atlas includes sections on the Ancient World, Medieval World, Early Modern World, Age of Revolutions, and the Twentieth Century and Beyond. The Atlas closes with a bibliography that provides a booklist for suggested further reading.

The Times Complete History of the World

Overy, R. J. et al., eds.
Barnes & Noble 2007

From cavemen to the Cold War, from Alexander the Great to global warming, from warfare through the ages to the great voyages of exploration, The Times Complete History of the World is the book that has all the answers, the detail and the authoritative text in one breathtaking single historical source.

Ancient Europe from the Beginnings of Agriculture to Classical Antiquity: A Survey – Ancient Civilizations Textbook PDF

Piggott, Stuart
Aldine 1966 Dewey Dec. 930

“This book interprets the main lines of European prehistory from the first agricultural communities in the sixth or even seventh millennium B.C. until the incorporation of much of barbarian Europe within the Roman Empire… The later Celtic world of Europe and the British Isles is examined, and an attempt made to estimate the contribution of the older barbarian world to the Europe, which emerged from the ruins of the Roman Empire, geographically, the book ranges over the whole European field, from the Atlantic shores to the Urals and the Caucasus. While it does not pretend to be a prehistory of Europe within the period chosen, the book does bring together and discuss for the first time much scattered and often little-known archaeological evidence.” -Publisher. World history ancient civilizations textbook pdf.

Classical Myth – Early Civilizations Textbook

Powell, Barry B.
Prentice Hall 2001 Dewey Dec. 930

“For courses in Classical Mythology in Classics, English, or other departments. Comprehensive and scholarly, this well-designed and class-tested text presents Greek and Roman myths in a lively and easy-to-read manner. It features fresh translations, numerous illustrations (ancient and modern) of classical myths and legends, and commentary that emphasizes the anthropological, historical, religious, sociological, and economic contexts in which the myths were told.” -Publisher

The Birth of Classical Europe: A History from Troy to Augustine – Ancient World History Books PDF

Price, Simon and Peter Thonemann
Viking 2011

“In The Birth of Classical Europe, the latest entry in the Penguin History of Europe, historians Simon Price and Peter Thonemann present a fresh perspective on classical culture in a book full of revelations about civilizations we thought we knew. In this impeccably researched and immensely readable history we see the ancient world unfold before us, with its grand cast of characters stretching from the great Greeks of myth to the world-shaping Caesars. A landmark achievement, The Birth of Classical Europe provides insight into an epoch that is both incredibly foreign and surprisingly familiar.” -Publisher

The Muses at Work: Arts, Crafts, and Professions in Ancient Greece and Rome – Ancient World History PDF Download

Roebuck, Carl
MIT 1969

“Assembling a wealth of detail that will fascinate without overwhelming the reader, the ten contributors impart a feeling for the ways in which the people went about their daily business of earning their livelihood, entertaining themselves, creating their art and artifacts, fine and folk. All of this is illuminated by over 100 illustrations. The sources of this material are evenly divided between recent discoveries of modern archaeology and the literary and artistic record that has been a proud part of the West’s heritage for many centuries. Numerous passages from the classics are quoted (most freshly translated) and numerous art objects pictured. As archaeology’s contribution, the editor notes that the writers of the various chapters “.. wished to show how classical archaeology can help to explain ancient technology, how it can be used to work out an historical process and to illuminate some characteristic activity…” -Book jacket

The Cambridge History of Greek and Roman Warfare, Vol 1 – Ancient World History Books PDF

Greece, the Hellenistic World and the Rise of Rome

Sabin, Phillip et al.
Cambridge University 2007

Encyclopedia of Women in the Ancient World – Ancient Civilizations Textbook PDF

Salisbury, Joyce E.

Salisbury tells the stories of 150 women from the ancient world, ranging from the very famous, such as Cleopatra VII, immortalized by Hollywood, to the barely remembered, such as the Roman poet Nossis. Writing for a general audience, Salisbury begins by painting each woman into her historical context, then recounts each woman’s story, describing the choices she made as she looked for happiness, wealth, power, or well-being for herself and her family–stories much like our own. World history ancient civilizations textbook pdf.

A History of the Ancient World – Ancient Civilizations Textbook PDF

Starr, Chester G.

In a long and distinguished career, Chester Starr has written on topics ranging from early man, to the early Athenian democracy, to the role of sea power in the classical world. This volume offers an account of early world history from the rise of the first cities to the fall of the Roman Empire. Though Greece and Rome occupy center stage, the author also surveys the cities and empires of Mesopotamia, India from the early Indus civilization to the Gupta state, and China from the Hsia dynasty to the Han empire. World history ancient civilizations textbook pdf.

Ancient Ideals, Vol 1 – Ancient Civilizations Textbook PDF

Volume 2 – World History Ancient Civilizations Textbook PDF

A Study of Intellectual and Spiritual Growth from Early Times to the Establishment of Christianity

Taylor, Henry O.
MacMillan 1896

“The present work is an attempt to treat human development from the standpoint of the ideals of the different races, as these ideals disclose themselves in the art and literature, in the philosophy and religion, and in the conduct and political fortunes of each race. I have sought to make clear the nature of the contribution made by each to the stages of human growth reached before the Christian era … The work is based, as far as possible, upon the ancient sources.” -Author’s Preface.

Uncovering the Ancient World – Ancient World History PDF Free Download

Winstone, H. V. F.
Constable 1985

Traces the discovery of archaeological sites in Greece, Egypt, Mycenae, Troy, Babylon, and Ur and discusses the individuals who expanded our knowledge of ancient civilizations.

In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great: A Journey from Greece to Asia – Ancient World History Books PDF

Wood, Michael
University of California 1997

Legacy: The Search for Ancient Cultures – Ancient Civilizations Textbook PDF

Wood, Michael
Sterling 1994 Dewey

“Step into this lavishly illustrated time machine to unlock the secrets and hidden treasures of the first city-dwellers and their descendants. Visit ancient Mesopotamia (now Iraq), Egypt, India, China, and the Americas, where 5,000 years ago city civilizations developed for the first time in human history. Filled with a wealth of color and B & W photos, this extraordinary book provides a unique tool for studying the birth of civilization. By looking at art, architecture, technology, social organization, writings, and other points common to the areas surveyed, you’ll see the amazing parallels that developed in these independent societies, as well as their points of divergence.” -Publisher

BOOK COLLECTIONS – Ancient World History PDF Free Download

History of Antiquity – Collection – Ancient Civilizations Books PDF

About 850 free online books at the Internet Archive, resulting from a search for books on “Ancient World History”. Be patient as the page loads. Some books: World History: Ancient Civilizations, The History of the Ancient and Medieval World, Atlas of Ancient History, World Religions from Ancient History to the Present, Clothes of the Ancient World, Mysteries of the Ancient World, Atlas of World History, Uncovering the Ancient World, Warfare in the Ancient World, Ancient and Medieval Art. Ancient history books pdf, ancient world history pdf, world history ancient civilizations textbook pdf. Many more books about Ancient World History.

Early Civilizations Books PDF – Collection – Ancient World History PDF Free Download

About 750 free books on Ancient Civilization. Some books: Lost Civilization, Ancient Astronauts, Man & Ancient Civilizations, Atlas of Ancient Civilizations, The Face of the Ancient Orient, People of the First Cities, Encyclopedia of Ancient Civilizations, 500 Things to Know about the Ancient World, Lost Worlds, Everyday Life in Ancient Times, Origins of the Humanistic Tradition, Ancient China, Antiquity, The Emergence of Europe. Many more books about Ancient Civilization.

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Prehistoric Peoples Books PDF – Collection – Ancient World History Books PDF

About 1,100 free online books at the Internet Archive, resulting from a search for books on “Prehistoric Peoples”. Some books: World Prehistory, Prehistoric Societies, Prehistoric Men, The Archaeology of Ancient China, An Introduction to Prehistory, Oceanic Prehistory, Man before History, Patterns in Prehistory, Illustrated Prehistory of Europe, The Story of Man, The Stages of Human Evolution, A Biography of Primitive Man, Atlas of Early Man, Mankind in the Making, many more books on Prehistoric Peoples.

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Archaeology Free Books Collection – Ancient World History PDF Free Download

About 3,200 free online books at the Internet Archive, resulting from a search for books on “Archaeology”. Some books: The Archaeologist’s Handbook, Finding out About the Past, Archaeology: science and romance, Digging Up the Past, Archaeology: the definitive guide, Your Future in Archaeology, Wonderful World of Archaeology, Frontiers in Archaeology, Archaeology in Society, The Meaning of Archaeology, Secrets from the Past, Adventures in Underwater Archaeology, Archaeological Techniques for Amateurs, many more books on Archaeology. Ancient civilizations textbook pdf.

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