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Tip for Reading our Books Online

All books, articles and other resources listed on this site are actually hosted on the servers of various organizations around the U.S.; especially Internet Archive and its sister site Open Library. Older, public domain books hosted on Internet Archive or Open Library can be downloaded to your computer or eBook device, if you prefer. However, it is often more convenient just to read online, using the viewer application at their sites. This suggestion is for reading Internet Archive and Open Library books on that viewer application. Try the recommendation on this book below by opening it in a new tab:

Portrait and Biographical Record of Waukesha County, Wisconsin, containing Biographical Sketches of old Settlers and Representative Citizens of the County (1894)

When you click the link, the book opens showing the first two pages of a profile of George Washington. The text is small and unclear. You could enlarge it, but then you could not see the tops and bottoms of the pages without shifting them around.

Click on the single square at the bottom right to make only a single page visible

This makes it possible to scroll up and down with your mouse wheel, in addition to using the scroll at the bottom of the page and page-forward errors. Now you can enlarge the page as much as you like. For most of these books, there is one particular zoom setting that makes the page crystal clear. You can even read their books on a phone.

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