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Thousands of books, plus magazines, newspapers, articles, maps, & more.
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Fiction Books to Read for Free

Gigantic selection of novels by popular authors in Romance, Mystery, Suspense, Sci-fi, Historical, Inspirational, Action, Fantasy, & more. Plus World Literature, Short Stories & Vintage Novels. Reading guides too.

Fiction for Adults, Young Adults & Children. Most links open books at Internet Archive.

For information about this site, see About Century Past Online Library

Non-Fiction Books to Read for Free

Big collection of free books in History, Biography, Cooking, Self-Help, Gardening, Art, Cars, Spirituality, Music, Business, Health, Fashion, Aviation, & many more subjects.

Most links open books at Internet Archive and HathiTrust.

Magazines Free to Read

Huge collection of current magazines & back issues from the U.S. and other countries, current & past. Entertainment, Fashion, Home, Science, Cooking, Music, Business, Crafts, Cars, Travel, Sports, & much more. 500+ magazine titles.

Newspapers Free to Read Online

Links to hundreds of current newspapers & other news sources, and archives of past newspapers. Newspaper webpages for the U.S., Canada, and regions around the world.

Free Articles & Collections

Collected articles from magazines and newspapers. History pages include U.S., Ancient Rome, Britain & Ireland, Archaeology, Environmental, Urban, & more. Non-History includes Biography, Higher Education, & collected articles from the early 20th century. And podcasts & videos.

Plus links to free digital collections of historical maps & vintage photos.

The Great Lakes States Past & Present

Books and articles for Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio & Wisconsin, from earliest times to the present, all free.

Pages for Biography, Travel Guides, Fiction, Maps, Native Americans, War, Social Topics, Culture, Economy, Religion, & more.

Many pages on this site have subject “collections” with hundreds of books at Internet Archive, but you can only see a full collection while on a PC, not on a phone.   If you log into Internet Archive while on a PC, you can “favorite” any books of interest, then read them on your phone or tablet.

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