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Newspaper Archive Sites – Read Old Newspapers Free Online

Newspaper Archive Sites - Read Old Newspapers Free

Newspaper archive sites. Read old newspapers free online; current news too. The U.S. on this page; more webpages cover other regions of the world.

Links to our other newspaper collections around the world are just below.

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Directories for Current US Newspapers

Online Newspapers in U.S. – Read Old Newspapers Free


Links to thousands of current U.S. newspapers, with a page for each of the 50 U.S. states.

See the Menu at the top of every page for Directories of Free Online Fiction and NonFiction Books, Magazines, and more, on 400 pages like this at Century Past

Online Newspapers in U.S. – Newspaper Archive Sites

4 International Media & Newspapers

Each U.S. State has its own page, with a list of newspapers, with links, organized by web ranking. Last updated in 2019. Read old newspapers free.

Online Newspapers in U.S. – News Sites – Read Old Newspapers Free


A vast collection of links to U.S. local newspapers online, current & archived. There’s a page for each state, and a list of “Top United States Newspapers”. See in the right column the links to “Specialty Newspapers”, which include Spanish- and French-language newspapers & others. Read old newspapers free.

U.S. Newspapers Online – News Media – Newspaper Archives Free

ABYZ Web Links

ABYZ News Links has newspapers and other online news sources, organized by state and city. Contains “links to newspapers and other sites with news content such as broadcast stations, internet services, magazines, and press agencies”.

Free Newspaper Archives for Past Newspapers

The links below all have large free old newspaper archives within the United States.  To see links to newspaper archives of other countries, return to the top of this page.

Google Free Newspaper Archives – Read Old Newspapers Free


Google Free Newspaper Archives, one of the biggest archives of newspapers on this site, offers copies of numerous newspapers from around the world, especially the in U.S., organized alphabetically by title. There does not appear to be a way to present the newspapers by country or city, so it may be more convenient to use one of the other archives on this webpage to find a title that you can then search for in Google Free Newspaper Archives. Newspaper archive sites.

Historic African American Newspapers – Read Old Newspapers Free

U.S. Library of Congress

More than 400 titles of African American newspapers, with a total of 745 issues and almost 3,800 pages, published in 18 U.S. cities between 1800 and 1899. Read old newspapers free.

Historical U.S. Newspapers Online – View Old Newspapers Free

Bowling Green State University Libraries

This is a huge collection of historic U.S. newspapers. Most are organized by State, so click the first letter of a state to get there.
Also see the section entitled: “Pages That Link to Internet Sites with Newspapers from Many States” for links to special subject collections.

Historic Newspapers – The Ancestor Hunt – Newspaper Archives Free

Ancestor Hunt appears to be the most comprehensive website for historic newspapers in U.S. and Canadian newspaper archives, and it is constantly being updated and expanded. Ancestor Hunt has a page for each state and Canadian province. Also pages for many special collections, such as:

– African-American
– American Farming
– German American
– Pennsylvania Civil War Era

Ancestor Hunt contains many tutorials and other guidance for doing research in newspapers, and has links to other significant online news collections; mainly for North America. Read old newspapers free.

Historic Newspapers – Chronicling America – Library of Congress – Free Newspaper Archives

Washington: Library of Congress

Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers lists a huge number of past newspapers, showing when and where they were published, and where they can be found now. Some of the newspapers are digitized on this site. Newspaper archive sites.

Cyndi’s List : Newspapers – View Old Newspapers Free

Cyndi’s List

Cyndi’s List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet has an enormous collection of links for anyone interested in family or local history. The Newspapers section contains links to archives of hundreds of American newspapers, listed in alphabetical order. To find the names of newspapers that were published in a particular city, you may wish to first consult the Newspaper Directories (on the same page) which contains around 100 directories published in the 19th and early 20th centuries. These list newspapers in the U.S. and Canada that were active at the time a directory was published. Read old newspapers free.

19th Century German Language Newspapers in the U.S. – Read Old Newspapers Online Free

U.S. Library of Congress

More than 1,200 titles of German language newspapers, published 1800-1899 in 40 U.S. states.

U.S. News Map – Newspaper Archive Sites

Georgia Tech Research Institute

This is a map-based user interface for finding historical newspapers within the Library of Congress “Chronicling America” collection (see separate entry for that).

Old Newspapers – Penn Libraries – Newspaper Archives Free

University of Pennsylvania

Historical Newspapers Online is a collection of links to archived online U.S. newspapers, grouped by state. View Old Newspapers Free.

XooxleAnswers – Old Newspapers Free


United States Newspaper Archive contains links with descriptions for historical newspapers in the U.S. Divided into two sections: “National and Regional Collections”, with 8 links; and “State, County and City Papers”, followed by a list of U.S. states with several links for each.

Newspaper Archives for Five U.S. Great Lakes States at Century Past … – Newspaper Archive Sites

.. can be found at these pages on the Great Lakes States collection on our site (Century Past):

Ohio Periodicals
Illinois Periodicals
Indiana Periodicals
Michigan Periodicals
Wisconsin Periodicals

Historical Newspapers of the U.S. Southeast – Old Newspaper

DigiNole: Florida State University

This collection ranges in date from the 17th to the 20th Century, and mostly contains newspapers from the U.S. Southeast. It appears to contain many issues from the Civil War era (1861-65) and the Reconstruction period that followed. Read old newspapers free.

Digital State Archives – Newspaper Archive Sites


Digital State Archives has a page for each state, with links to a variety of digitized records and documents, including newspapers. Read old newspapers free.

Historical African American Newspapers – Newspaper Archive Sites

Marist College, NY: Cannavino Library

Large collection of links to African American newspapers, which you can browse by region or search by letter. Most are publicly available online.

Japanese-American Internment Camp Newspapers, 1942 to 1946 – Read Old Newspapers Free

U.S. Library of Congress

“Produced by the Japanese-Americans interned at assembly centers and relocation centers around the country during World War II, these newspapers provide a unique look into the daily lives of the people who were held in these camps. They include articles written in English and Japanese, typed, handwritten and drawn. They advertise community events, provide logistical information about the camps and relocation, report on news from the community, and include editorials.” – Website ‘About’ page. Internment camp local newspaper archives, historic newspapers online.

NYS Historic Newspapers – Newspaper Archives Free

Northern New York Library Network

This free newspaper archive online has historic newspapers from places throughout the state of New York, from as early as 1725. Browse by title, date, city, county, or search term. Read old newspapers free.

Historic Newspapers – Fulton History – Old Newspapers Free

Tryniski, Thomas M.

Fulton History is a collection of millions of pages of newspapers online. About half appear to be local archives online from upstate New York; the remainder from a variety of other towns and cities in the U.S. Searchable database. Read old newspapers free.

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