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Abraham Lincoln Books PDF – Lincoln Biographies PDF

Abraham Lincoln Books PDF - Biographies - Writings

Big collection of free books about Abraham Lincoln pdf and Lincoln biographies. Includes Lincoln’s writings, fiction about him, journals.

Books, Journals about Lincoln – Lincoln’s Writings

Abraham Lincoln Collection

Free books from the Internet Archive free online on the subject of Abraham Lincoln.

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Abraham Lincoln: Fact and Fable – Collection

This collection with 145 entries was compiled at the site Hathi Trust. The compiler wrote, “Books on Lincoln, no matter how tangentially. Non-fiction and fiction.”

Abraham Lincoln Quarterly

1940-1952 (7 vols)
Springfield: Abraham Lincoln Association

According to the Quarterly, “The Abraham Lincoln Association is a not-for-profit corporation which has as its principal purpose the collection and dissemination of information regarding all phases of the life of Abraham Lincoln”. In addition to the Quarterly, the association published during these years an annual volume on some phase of Lincoln’s life.

Volumes 1-6 each have 8 numbers plus an index. Volume 7 has 4 numbers plus an index.

Bulletin of the Abraham Lincoln Association

1923-1939 (58 vols)
Springfield: Abraham Lincoln Association

These Bulletins are very brief, generally not over 10 pages each, consisting of one article or address. Each volume has one number. There is a 3-volume index at the end.

One of the later Bulletins describes the association’s purposes as, “To observe each anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln; to preserve and make more readily accessible the landmarks associated with his life; and actively to encourage, promote and aid the collection and dissemination of authentic information regarding all phases of his life and career.”

The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln 1809-1865 (8 vols)

Basler, Roy P., ed.
Springfield: The Abraham Lincoln Association 1953

According to the Abraham Lincoln Association website, “In 1953 the Abraham Lincoln Association published The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln, a multi-volume set of Lincoln’s correspondence, speeches and other writings. Roy P. Basler and his editorial staff, with the continued support of the association, spent five years transcribing and annotating Lincoln’s papers.”

Journal of the Abraham Lincoln Association

1979-2012 (33 vols)
Springfield: Abraham Lincoln Association

According to the Journal’s website, “The Journal of the Abraham Lincoln Association (JALA) is the only academic journal devoted exclusively to Lincoln scholarship.” Vols 1-13 (1979-1992) are annuals; Vols 14-33 are twice-yearly. The host website provides search tools.

Lincoln Centennial Association Papers, 1924-1939

Springfield: Abraham Lincoln Association

Although these issues are now offered by the Abraham Lincoln Association, they were originally published by an organization called the Lincoln Centennial Association. Each issue contains two papers that were delivered before the members of the association on February 12; Lincoln’s birthday.

Lincoln Monographs

These 24 monographs appeared from 1865 to 1985, and a number were published by the Abraham Lincoln Association. They range in length from speeches of several pages to books of several hundred pages.

Lincoln’s Vandalia: A Pioneer Portrait

Baringer, William E.
New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers Univ. 1949

A biography of Lincoln for the period 1834-39 when he was in the Illinois State Legislature, which met in the State capital of Vandalia. This is also a story of the decline of Vandalia, which lost its status as State capital to Springfield.

Abraham Lincoln, 1809-1858. 4 vols

Beveridge, Albert J.
Boston: Houghton Mifflin 1928

Albert Jeremiah Beveridge (1862-1927) was a Republican politician who served Indiana as a U.S. Senator from 1899 to 1911. At the close of his political career he turned to writing history. His 4-volume Life of John Marshall, completed in 1919, won a Pulitzer Prize. He then worked on this biography of Lincoln, having it substantially complete by the time of his death in 1927. Beveridge considered these two biographies, of Marshall and Lincoln, as a continuous “institutional history” of the United States.

The Heroic Life of Abraham Lincoln, the Great Emancipator

Brooks, Elbridge S.
Boston: DeWolfe, Fiske. 1902

An illustrated 50-page biography of Lincoln for a juvenile audience.

The True Story of a Great Life; The History and Personal Recollections of Abraham Lincoln, Vol 1

Volume 2

Herndon, William H.
Chicago: Belford, Clarke. 1889

Herndon drew upon a long personal association with Lincoln as well as an excellent collection of materials for this biography, which covers Lincoln’s entire life.

Jokes Told by Lincoln, selected from old books and papers in the Illinois State Historical Library

Holt, Hallie H.
Springfield, ILL: Sangamon Press. 1960

A little booklet of collected anecdotes about Lincoln that reveal his personality and sense of humor.

“Abraham Lincoln in the Black Hawk War”

Wisconsin Historical Collections Vol 14 (1898) p. 118.

Jackson, Alfred A.
Madison: Wisconsin Historical Society

In April 1832 Governor Reynolds of Illinois issued a call for volunteers to meet the threat of Black Hawk and his band of Native American warriors. Abraham Lincoln, 23 years old, promptly enlisted along with a number of his neighbors, and was elected captain of his militia company. The article describes Lincoln’s part in the war.

See the resources on this site for: The Black Hawk War of 1832

The Writings of Abraham Lincoln, Vol 1

Volume 2Volume 3Volume 4Volume 5

Volume 6Volume 7 Volume 8

with an Introduction by Theodore Roosevelt, together with “The Essay on Lincoln” by Carl Schurz, “The Address on Lincoln” by Joseph H. Choate, and “the Life of Lincoln” by Noah Brooks

Lapsley, Arthur Brooks, ed.
NY: Lamb

The links lead to volumes from four editions by three publishers, but there appears to be no substantive difference between editions.

-Volume 1: 1832-1843. Includes Introduction by Theodore Roosevelt, essay by Carl Schurz and address by Joseph H. Choate.
-Volume 2: 1843-1858
-Volume 3: The Lincoln-Douglas Debates 1
-Volume 4: The Lincoln-Douglas Debates 2
-Volume 5: 1858-1862
-Volume 6: 1862-1863
-Volume 7: 1863-1865
-Volume 8: The Life of Lincoln

The Autobiography of Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln, Abraham
NY: Tandy 1905

This short volume contains an autobiography of less than 30 pages that Lincoln wrote in 1860 for his Presidential campaign, and one of about 8 pages that he wrote for Jesse Fell in 1859. It also contains a speech given at Springfield, Ill.

The Gettysbury Address

Lincoln, Abraham

The most famous speech in American history, President Lincoln gave this very brief one-page address at the dedication of the battlefield cemetery at Gettysburg, PA on November 19, 1863, four months after the battle. This publication contains the final speech and a transcription of one of the several known early drafts.

The Life and Works of Abraham Lincoln, Vol 1, Part 1

Volume 1 Part 2Volume 2 Part 1Volume 2 Part 2

Volume 3 Part 1Volume 3 Part 2Volume 4 Part 1

Volume 4 Part 2Volume 5 Part 2Volume 6 Part 1

Volume 6 Part 2Volume 7 Part 1Volume 7 Part 2

Volume 8 Part 1Volume 8 Part 2 Volume 9 Part 1

Volume 9 Part 2Volume 10 Part 1Volume 10 Part 2

Volume 11 Part 1Volume 11 Part 2Volume 12 Part 1

Volume 12 Part 2

All Volumes

Nicolay, John G., Hay, John, eds.
NY: Anglo-American Authors Association 1905

This monograph copy is based on the Complete works of Abraham Lincoln, New York, F.D. Tandy Company, 1905. The work, edited by Nicolay and Hay, (who were Lincoln’s secretaries in the White House) was then “extra illustrated with letters, state documents and rare engravings” by the Anglo-American Authors’ Association. Printed on Japanese vellum with tipped in letters, documents and other illustrations, each volume has a manuscript title page, initials in red and decorations in gold, green leather cover with gilded pages and hand-painted insets inside the front and back cover. Volume 5 Part 1 is missing.

Lincoln in the Black Hawk war: An Epos of the Northwest

Snider, Denton J.
St. Louis: Sigma. 1910

A 350-page poem about Lincoln’s experience in the Black Hawk War in 1832.

The Boy Lincoln

Stoddard, W. O.
NY: Appleton 1905

An accurate presentation in the form of a story of Lincoln’s life from ten to about sixteen – his family, neighbours, house, work, doings and surroundings. The author knew Lincoln well in Illinois. He also knew the grown-up Lincoln, and was one of his secretaries at Washington.

Lincoln’s First Love, a True Story

Wright, Carrie D.
Chicago: McClurg 1901

A short book about Lincoln’s love affair with Ann Rutledge, the details of which the author says she obtained from a close friend and neighbor of the Rutledge family. First published in 1907.

Fiction about Abraham Lincoln

The Boyhood of Lincoln

Atkinson, Eleanor
NY: McClure 1908

A short fictional history of Lincoln’s childhood, written in regional dialect.

The Soul of Ann Rutledge: Abraham Lincoln’s Romance

Babcock, Bernie
NY: Grosset & Dunlap. 1919

Not all historians accept that Lincoln was in love with Ann Rutledge, but this author built upon that tradition to create this story of Lincoln’s character and religious faith.

A Man for the Ages: A Story of the Builders of Democracy

Bacheller, Irving
Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill 1919

Lincoln’s biographer Albert J. Beveridge (see his 4-volume biography on this web page) reviewed this book and said , “This brilliant volume answers the general demand for a true and engaging description of Lincoln as a fellow human. It is just this that we must know if we are to comprehend why he was able to do the mighty work he accomplished, and why we who live today are so attracted to him. For the source of Lincoln’s power, and the basic reason for the amazing vitality of his influence are to be found in the manner of man he was.”
– Review in NY Times 1919.

The Matrix

Daviess, Maria Thompson
NY: Century 1920

The author attempts to explain the source of Lincoln’s power in the story of the pioneering of his parents, Nancy Hanks and Thomas Lincoln.

A Knight of the Wilderness

Gale, Oliver M. and Wheeler, Harriet
Chicago: Reilly & Britton 1909

An example of popular fiction of the early 20th century, in which the authors built a story around young Lincoln.

The Heart of Lincoln; an Intimate Life-story of Abraham Lincoln

Whipple, Wayne
Chicago: Winston 1923

A short collection of stories from Lincoln’s life illustrating his warm-heartedness. This was one volume in the author’s “Great Heart Series” that also contained the titles, The Heart of Washington, The Heart of Lee, and The Heart of Roosevelt.

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