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Cultural Topics in Indiana

This webpage has links to free books and articles, with descriptions, on Cultural Topics in Indiana, including:

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  • Higher Education
  • Sports
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  • Writing
  • Architecture
  • Newspapers

The Story of Rural School Consolidation in Indiana

Indianapolis : Boorwalter-Ball 1915

This 30 page booklet appears to be a state publication, which describes and justifies the consolidation of small rural schools into bigger, more efficient and more effective schools. Photos included.

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“Concrete in the Steel City: Constructing Thomas Edison’s House for the Working Man”

Indiana Magazine of History Vol 108, Issue 3, September 2012, pp 245-273

Baas, Christopher
Bloomington: Indiana University

Also see:
– Cameron, William, The World’s Fair, Being a Pictorial History of the Columbian Exposition in Illinois Cultural History
O’Donnell, Thomas Edward, “An Outline of the History of Architecture in Illinois” in Illinois Cultural History;
Varney, Almon C., Our Homes and their Adornments, or, How to Build, Finish, Furnish, and Adorn a Home in Michigan Cultural History

“The Early Schools of Indiana: From the Papers of D. D. Banta” (4 installments)

Article 1: Volume 2, Issue 1, March 1906, pp 41-48

Article 2: Volume 2, Issue 2, June 1906, pp 81-88

Article 3: Volume 2, Issue 3, September 1906, pp 131-138

Article 4: Volume 2, Issue 4, December 1906, pp 191-194

Indiana Magazine of History

Banta, D. D.
Bloomington: Indiana University

Some mid-19th Century school textbooks are at: Great Lakes Region Cultural History: Education, the Arts

Indiana at the World’s Columbian Exposition 1893

Board of World’s Fair Managers of Indiana
Chicago: Rand, McNally 1893

This 30-page booklet is a series of lists of Indiana exhibitors at the World’s Fair. These included, for a few examples, carriage, bicycle, and farm equipment manufacturer’s exhibits at the Transportation Dept. of Machinery, and Agriculture Bldg.; various species of grains at the Agriculture Dept.; live stock exhibits of poultry, swine, horses, and sheep; samples of marble and limestone at the Mines and Mining Exhibit; Normal School and Free Kindergarten exhibits at the State Educational Exhibit; paintings in various locations; table cloths and curtains at the Women’s Exhibit, and much more.

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A History of Education in Indiana

Boone, Richard Gause
NY: Appleton 1892

The author was a professor of pedagogics in Indiana University. Parts and chapters headings are:

Part 1 – The Territorial Period, 1793-1816
-The Territorial Acts

Part 2 – Under the First Constitution, 1816-1851
– Constitutional and First Legislative Provisions – Attempts at School Systems – Seminaries and Academies – Private and Incorporated Seminaries – Caleb Mills and the Law of 1849

Part 3 – Under the New Constitution, 1851-1891
– The Second Convention and Article VIII of the Constitution – The School Law of 1852 – Origin and History of the Common School Fund – Permanent Funds – Twenty Years under the New Law – The Law of 1873 – The Present System – The Common School System – School Revenues – Libraries – The State’s Superior Institutions – Supplementary Educational Institutions – The Training of Teachers – Denominational Colleges – Private and Endowed Institutions – Educational Associations – Conclusion

Art and Artists of Indiana: With Illustrations of the Work of Indiana Artists and Sculptors

Burnet, Mary Q.
NY: Century 1921

Chapters: Pioneers and Itinerant Artists, New Harmony Art Interests, George Winter and Contemporaries, Early Artists in Indianapolis, Jacob Cox and His Friends, John Love and the First Indiana Art School, William M. Chase and Samuel Richards.
The Hoosier Group (of): J. Ottis Adams, William Forsyth, Richard B. Gruelle, Otto Stark & T. C. Steele
The Art Association of Indianapolis and the Society of Western Artists, The Art Schools and Former Students, Wilhelmina Seegmiller, The Richmond Movement, Artists Throughout Indiana, Sculpture: Rudolph Schwarz.
Contains about 100 B&W images of the artists’ works.

Varsity Sports at Indiana University: A Pictorial History

Byrd, Cecil K.
Indiana University 1999

A complete pictorial history of varsity athletics at Indiana University in Bloomington. Starting with baseball in 1883, then to football (which became a varsity sport in 1887), up through women’s track and women’s soccer, this volume is a treasure trove of information and illustrations for folks interested in athletics at Indiana University. Oh, yes, basketball is covered, too. Go IU!

More Amazing Tales from Indiana

Cavinder, Fred D.
Indiana University 2003

The stories in this book will provide entertainment for everyone and evoke wonder in the most jaded observer of the human condition. Some of the exploits that Fred D. Cavinder describes are half-hidden footnotes to national and international happenings. Others seem so typical of Indiana that they will appeal to anyone who understands the Hoosier spirit. But all of them are true—recorded in reliable accounts or by reliable witnesses from early times to the present.
With its sometimes quirky stories about the Hoosier state, More Amazing Tales from Indiana will be a ready companion for the bedside table and will provide a wellspring of anecdotes for speechmakers and pundits. Nearly 150 brief stories from Indiana.

Creating a Hoosier Self-Portrait: The Federal Writers’ Project in Indiana, 1935-1942

Blakey, George T.
Bloomington: Indiana University 2005

“From 1935 to 1942, the Indiana office of the Federal Writers’ Program hired unemployed writers as “field workers” to create a portrait in words of the land, the people, and the culture of the Hoosier state. This book tells the story of the project and its valuable legacy. Beginning work under the guidance of Ross Lockridge, whose son would later burst onto the American literary scene with his novel Raintree County, the group would eventually produce Indiana: A Guide to the Hoosier State, Hoosier Tall Stories, and other publications. Though many projects were never brought to completion, the Program’s work remains a useful and rarely tapped storehouse of information on the history and culture of the state.” – Publisher

Tales from the Indianapolis Colts Sideline

Chappell, Mike
Sports Pub. 2004

Professional football arrived in Indianapolis after a midnight escape from Baltimore in 1984, but the vision, brains, and talent to produce a consistent winner and a championship contender were not delivered until almost 14 years later. December 22, 1997, was a day to remember at the Colts’ West 56th Street complex. After years of experiencing pro football as only the son of the owner could–water boy, general gofer, ticket manager, accounting and public relations offices, youngest general manager in the NFL in 1984–Robert Irsay showed that, finally, he was in charge. Irsay slid into the driver’s seat and took the wheel. He backed up the truck. He fired director of football operations Bill Tobin and head coach Lindy Infante and hired Bill Polian as team president–all in a day. One of Polian’s first decisions was to select quarterback Peyton Manning with the first pick of the 1998 NFL draft.
Tales from the Indianapolis Colts Sideline takes readers inside the Colts’ Union Federal Football complex, onto the RCA Dome sidelines, and into the huddle, inside the decisions, the strategies, the players, and personalities that have made the Colts one of the NFL’s most exciting teams.

Indiana University: A Pictorial History

Collins, Dorothy C.
Indiana University 1992

See our Art Books PDF

“The Early Newspapers of Indiana”

Indiana Magazine of History Vol 2, Issue 3, September 1906, pp 107-121

Cottman, George S.
Bloomington: Indiana University

For online collections of historical Indiana newspapers, see: Indiana History Periodicals: Magazines, Historical Journals & Newspapers
For online collections of historical newspapers from throughout the U.S., see: Section 071.1 United States in Newspapers: Free Online Collections

Indiana Folklore: A Reader

Degh, Linda, ed.
Indiana University 1980

Discusses old crafts and folk skills, from covered bridge building to quiltmaking, as well as the legends and lore of Indiana.
Contents: Old crafts and skills – Place names and oral history – Folk belief, medicine, and magic – Horror stories – Ghosts in the house and on the road – Bibliography of Indiana folklore

“The Fine Arts in Indianapolis, 1875-1880”

Indiana Magazine of History Vol 50, Issue 2, June 1954, pp 105-118

Draegert, Eva
Bloomington: Indiana University

“The Fine Arts in Indianapolis, 1880-1890”

Indiana Magazine of History Vol 50, Issue 4, December 1954, pp 321-348

Draegert, Eva
Bloomington: Indiana University

The Libraries of Indiana

Dunn, Jacob Piatt
Indianapolis: Indiana World’s Fair Monographs 1893

The Golden Dream

Faust, Gerry
Sagamore 1997

Gerry Faust won more hearts than games. He came to Notre Dame as the mythical high school coach from Cincinnati’s Moeller High School, such as perfect fit for Notre Dame that is seemed almost too good to be true. It was. Faust admits his mistakes, which include the manner in which he put together his first coaching staff, changing Notre Dame’s offence without considering carefully the type of players former coach Dan Devine had left him, even feeling sorry for himself. He explains how he could beat Southern Cal, but not Air Force and Purdue. When he resigned in 1985, an outpouring of affection came from former presidents, Super Bowl coaches, players and their mums. An optimist to the end, Faust took on, if anything, an even greater challenge when he left Notre Dame, he became coach at the University of Akron, a program where, unlike Notre Dame, not everyone wanted him to succeed. Notre Dame University football.

Indiana Pacers

Fowler, Josh
ABDO 2012

Indiana Pacers is a beginner’s history of the NBA’s Indiana Pacers. Beginning with the franchise’s early years, readers will experience the team’s highest and lowest moments, meet the team’s best players and managers, and gain the inside track on information that completes the team’s story. Mini-biographies, fun facts, anecdotes, fantastic quotes, and sidebars combine with full-color, action-packed photographs to round out the story of the Pacers.

Pioneers of the Hardwood: Indiana and the Birth of Professional Basketball

Gould, Todd
Indiana University 1998

As fire is to prairie or water to fish, so is basketball part of the natural environment in Indiana. Round ball, or Hoosier Hysteria is so much a part of the state’s heritage that many people believe basketball was invented in Indiana. Naismith’s game is a virtual religion in the state.
While everyone knows about the growth of basketball in high schools and in college, the story of Indiana’s role in the development of professional basketball has not been told before. It is a fascinating, passionate, lively story of men who loved the game and were willing to play for nickels, of raucous fans, local heroes, and love of the game.
As Gould puts it, “Before stars such as Larry Bird or Oscar Robertson, before the high-priced basketball shoe advertisements, and before the success of the NBA, before the Indiana Pacers, the forefathers of professional basketball forged a remarkable legacy as unlikely and as magical as a last-second shot spells a championship. Under primitive conditions, these fabled sportsmen laid a hardwood foundation for others to follow.” This is their story.

Wait for the Muncie Boys: Indiana’s Early Circuses

Graham, Frederick H.
Indianapolis: Guild Press 1995

“Indiana has one of the strongest circus traditions of any state, and the heart of circus mania in the nineteenth century was an area stretching west from Muncie to Peru — the heartland of the Hoosier state. The first circuses came to Indiana in the 1820s, almost as soon as the first villages of log cabins sprang up in pioneer clearings. Big shows like Hagenbeck – Wallace headquartered here, and their show lists and general histories are detailed in the book. But the story really focuses on the boys and girls of smalltown Hoosierdom, who became the stars of the Big Top. Trapeze artists, animal trainers, Wild West stars, musicians and clowns who became stars of the silent screen — all step into the ring and under the spotlight in ‘Wait for the Muncie Boys: Indiana’s Early Circuses”. – Publisher”

Indiana Writers of Poems and Prose

Hamilton, Edward Joseph
Chicago: Western Press Association 1902

Indiana University, 1820-1904: Historical Sketch, Development of the Course of Instruction, Bibliography

Harding, Samuel Bannister, ed.
Bloomington, IN: Indiana University 1904

This volume, produced by the University of Indiana, is heavily illustrated with photos of classrooms and university facilities at the turn of the 20th century. Nearly half the volume is a list of publications by alumni and students. Parts and chapter headings are:

Part 1 – Historical Sketch

Part 2 – Development of the Course of Instruction
– Introductory – Departments of Liberal Arts – Relation of the University to the School System of the State – Graduate School – School of Law – School of Medicine – Summer Session – Biological Station – Departments now Discontinued (Agricultural Dept., Normal Dept., Engineering Dept., Military Dept.)

Part 3 – Bibliography
-Publications by Present Members of the Faculty – Publications by Former Members of the Faculty – Publications by Alumni and Students

The Amish schools of Indiana: Faith in Education

Harroff, Stephen Bowers
Purdue University 2003

The Amish Schools of Indiana studies the fascinating history of the Old Order Amish parochial school movement in Indiana from its beginnings in 1948 through 2002. Included in the work are complete descriptions of buildings and grounds, as well as descriptive essays on the pupils and their teachers, the curriculum, the values that are taught, and the religious community that surrounds and supports the school. Readers are invited into the school at numerous points, to sit in on classes, school programs, and impromptu celebrations, as they read anecdotal accounts of real experiences. While preserving the anonymity and Amish proscription against posed pictures, the book makes generous use of photographs to document the current state of Old Order Amish education in Indiana.

Food and beverage books pdf

Indiana University Basketball Encyclopedia

Hiner, Jason
Sports Pub 2005

The tradition of college basketball excellence that reigns at Indiana University can only be matched by a handful of other elite programs, while the fierce devotion of IU basketball fans has been selling out arenas and inspiring generation after generation of Hoosier fans for over a century. The Indiana University Basketball Encyclopedia captures the glory, the tradition, and the championships, from the team’s inaugural games in the winter of 1901 all the way through the 2003-04 season. The most comprehensive book ever written about IU basketball, this encyclopedia covers every season and every game the Hoosiers have played throughout their illustrious history, including all of the program’s Big Ten Conference championships and NCAA championships.

The History of the Indy 500

Holder, William G.
Bison 1992

“A Rural Indiana Weekly as Promoter: Editorials from the Peru Gazette of 1839”

Indiana Magazine of History Volume 65, Issue 1, March 1969, pp 45-56

Houf, Walter R.
Bloomington: Indiana University

For online collections of historical Indiana newspapers, see: Indiana History Periodicals: Magazines, Historical Journals & Newspapers
For online collections of historical newspapers from throughout the U.S., see: Section 071.1 United States in Newspapers: Free Online Collections

Quilts of Indiana: Crossroads of Memories

Indiana Quilt Registry Project
Indiana University 1991


Indiana Rural Education Survey Committee
Indianapolis: State of Indiana 1926

Indiana State Library and Historical Building

Indiana State Library
Indianapolis: 1934

We have thousands of Mills and Boon free online reads

State Manual and Uniform Course of Study for the Elementary and High Schools of Indiana

Jones, Frank L.
Indianapolis: Indiana Dept. of Public Instruction 1901

Literary Clubs of Indiana

McKay, Martha Nicholson
Indianapolis: Bowen-Merrill 1894

The Indiana University Experience

McKinney, Sally
Indianapolis: College Days 2001

“Stories about Indiana University history are mingled with tales of great leaders, honored traditions, and a creative spirit that is the hallmark of IU students, both past and present. Original watercolor paintings of more than a dozen familiar campus scenes show why Indiana University was named one of the five most beautiful campuses in the United States. The Taste of IU is presented in a selection of dishes served at favorite student hangouts— from Nick’s Chili to Lennie’s Original Sin. Let The Indiana University Experience take you back to Bloomington to recapture those unforgettable college days. At the turn of each page, you will be reminded of your Indiana University experience.” – Book cover.

Indiana’s Best: An Illustrated Celebration of the Indiana State Fairgrounds, 1852-1992

Miner, Paul
Prompt 1992

“For Indianians everywhere, a first-time-ever history and celebration of the Indiana State Fairgrounds in words and pictures. Fond memories for all fun-lovers and fairgoers, compiled from the surviving documents and photos of bygone eras. A reflection of Hoosier customs and times, featuring the Fairgrounds people, places, and events that have helped shape Indiana. Chock fll of photos of then and now.”

History of Indiana University 1902-1937

Myers, Burton Dorr
Indiana University 1952

This is one of four volumes in a series of the official history of the University.

Sailing the Inland Sea: On Writing, Literature, and Land

Neville, Susan
Bloomington: Quarry/Indiana University 2007

“Calling on the image of the Midwest’s vanished inland sea, Susan Neville has written a compelling collection of essays that ponder writing and the “landlocked imagination.” The essays range from interviews with Indiana writers Kurt Vonnegut, Scott Sanders, Marguerite Young, and others, to discussions on techniques grounded in a Midwestern sensibility. As director of Butler University’s Visiting Writers Series, Neville has had the rare opportunity to converse with such literary giants as Salman Rushdie, Ray Bradbury, and Toni Morrison, and some of those exchanges have been incorporated into this exciting new collection.” – Publisher

The Hoosiers

Nicholson, Meredith
NY: Macmillan 1916

Poets and Poetry of Indiana

A representative collection of the poetry of Indiana during the first hundred years of its history as territory and state, 1800 to 1900

Parker, Benjamin S. and Heiney, Enos B., comp. and ed.
NY: Silver, Burdett 1900

400 pages of poems by well over 100 Hoosier poets.

See also: Books about 19th Century American Women Authors

writers, poets, poems, Indiana history, books online

Indiana Houses of the Nineteenth Century

Peat, Wilbur David
Indianapolis: Indiana Historical Society 1962

Indianapolis Colts

Peloza, Brian
ABDO 2011

Inside the NFL uses chronological narratives to tell the beginnings of the Indianapolis Colts, relate the greatest and lowest moments of the team, introduce the best players and coaches, and share other fun facts that help round out Colts’ history. Mini-biographies, sidebars, fun facts, fantastic quotes, and full-color, action-packed photographs.

Indy: Race and Ritual

Reed, Terry
Presidio Press 1980

In a nation that worships the automobile for the freedom, style, and status that it confers, the Indianapolis 500, run on or near Memorial Day, is an annual rite of passage celebrating Americans’ love affair with speed. Indy recounts the drivers who have gone to Indianapolis in the past to live their dreams, staking their lives on the outcome. It highlights the faces in the crowd: hardworking Americans, tinhorn celebrities, hookers, movie stars, gate-crashers, and American presidents.

Hoosier Schools: Past and Present

Reese, William J., ed.
Bloomington: Indiana University 1998

“School reform activists sometimes forget that schools are a product of history, that many proposed reforms were tried before — with mixed results. That understanding of the past is critical to our understanding of current efforts to improve schools. These original studies of school reform in Indiana, from before the Civil War to the most recent efforts, offer a much-needed perspective on the reoccurring struggle to remake the public schools in a new image.” – Publisher

Some Indiana Writers and Poets

Rice, Alonzo, ed.
Marion, IN: Teachers Journal. 1908

A small book with one-page biographies and portraits of popular Hoosier writers.

The Hoosier House: Bobbs-Merrill and its Predecessors, 1850-1985: A Documentary Volume

Schrader, Richard J.
Farmington Hills, MI: Thomson/Gale 2004

Vol 291 of the series, “Dictionary of Literary Biography”.
“This book provides a documentary history of the Bobbs-Merrill Company and its predecessors. Together they developed into a major American publishing firm, the greatest ever to come out of the Midwest. The company was famous for its promotional methods, for the ways it marketed books after acquiring them. The innovative business practices began around the turn of the twentieth century, with the result that Bobbs-Merrill authors, in the trade, legal, and educational departments around which the company organized itself for most of its existence, sold millions of books. One aim of this book and its wide range of authors and writings is to provide, as Matthey J. Bruccoli remarked to the editor, “the secret history of what Americans really read.”” – Introduction

Hoosier Hysteria: A History of Indiana High School Basketball

Schwomeyer, Herbert F.
Mitchell-Fleming 1970

“Julia L. Dumont of Vevay”

Indiana Magazine of History Vol. 34 no. 3 (September 1938): 298-306

Skelcher, Lucille Detraz and Jane Lucille Skelcher
Indianapolis: Indiana Historical Society

Julia Louisa Cory Dumont (1794-1857) was raised in New York by a widowed mother. She arrived in Vevay, IN in 1814 with her husband, where she began a long dual career; as an inspiring and revered teacher, and as a popular and respected author.

See also: Books about 19th Century American Women Authors

Julia Dumont, Vevay Indiana, author, writer, books online free

The Indiana Schools and the Men who have Worked in Them

Smart, James H., ed.
Cincinnati: Wilson, Hinkle. 1876

This book was produced by a committee appointed by the Indiana State Board of Education in 1875, and the chapters were written by different authors. Chapter headings are:

– Early School Days – School Legislation – Our Eminent Educators – Teachers’ Associations, Normal Schools, Libraries, etc. – Colleges and College Work – Reformatory and Benevolent Institutions – Women in the Schools – The Idea of a Normal School – The Present System (with Statistical Tables)

history of education, free ebooks, public education, teachers, Indiana public schools, women in education, education law

Sixteenth Report (for 1867 & 1868)

Superintendent of Public Instruction for the State of Indiana
Indianapolis: State of Indiana 1869

“Eleutherian Institute: A Sketch of A Unique Step in the Educational History of Indiana”

Indiana Magazine of History Volume 19, Issue 2, 1923, pp 109-131

Thompson, William C.
Bloomington, IN: Indiana University

Home Again: Essays and Memoirs from Indiana

Watson, Tom, and McGarrah, Jim, eds.
Indiana Historical Society 2006

Famed Indiana writer and wit George Ade once observed that a Hoosier seemed often to be a puzzling combination of shy provincial, unfettered democrat and Fourth of July orator, as well as being a storyteller by reason of being born in the state. What it means today to make a home in the nineteenth state is examined in the IHS Press collection ‘Home Again: Essays and Memoirs from Indiana’. Editors Tom Watson and Jim McGarrah have brought together some of the state’s finest writers to reflect on such themes as family, security, and, as the editors noted, quests for a better life, a life rooted in Indiana. The book includes essays from such well-known Hoosier literary figures as Kurt Vonnegut, Scott Russell Sanders, Susan Neville, Michael Martone, and David Hoppe.
The tone of the essays collected in ‘Home Again’ range from the pastoral to humorous and explore such subjects as the Amish, hardware stores, lakes, unlocked doors, urban sprawl, and more. Essays by: Pat Aakhus, Leisa Belleau, Ed Breen, Melanie Culbertson, Les Edgerton, Rick Farrant, Michele Gondi, Bill Hemminger, David Hoppe, Terry Kirts, Michael Martone, Jim McGarrah, Margaret McMullan, Susan Troy Meyer, Alyce Miller, Deborah Zarka Miller, Susan Neville, Scott Saalman, Scott Russell Sanders, Phil Schlemmer, Kurt Vonnegut, and Tom Watson.

The Indianapolis 500

Weber, Bruce
Creative Education 1989

New Territory: Contemporary Indiana Fiction

Wilkerson, Michael, and Galyan, Deborah
Indiana University 1990

Features stories that range across a spectrum of time and space, touching on the complexity of subcultures that make up Indiana life. In this work contributors include Michael Martone, Jesse Lee Kercheval, Scott Russell Sanders, James Alexander Thom, Lee Zacharias, Ron Hansen, Elizabeth Stuckey-French, William H Gass, and Susan Neville.

The Play-party in Indiana: a collection of folk-songs and games, with descriptive introduction and correlating notes

Wolford, Leah Jackson
City, Indianapolis: Indiana Historical Commission. 1916

The play party was common in Indiana rural areas in pioneer days, especially where people belonged to churches that forbid dancing. It was an evening social event for young, single people that involved a variety of intricate dance-like steps accompanied by singing of folk songs, but without musical instruments. According to the author, the custom still survived in some parts of Indiana at the beginning of the 20th century, but was gradually disappearing. Parts and chapter headings are:

Part 1 – the Play-Party and its Environment
– The Play-Party in Indiana a Generation Ago – The Play-Party in Indiana at Present

Part 2 – Play-Party Songs and Games
– Introductory Note – Glossary to Part 2 – List of Games (over 55 games are described, with lyrics, music notation, description of the ‘dance’, and some background information) – Traces of British Influence in Play-Party Melodies

Part 3 – Classification of Play-Party Games
– On the Basis of Age of Players – On the Basis of Dramatic Features – On the Basis of Dance Formation – On the Basis of Geographical Location – Bibliography

Higher Education in Indiana

Woodburn, James Albert
Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office. 1891

The author provided this book to the U.S. Department of the Interior in 1889, with an accompanying ‘Letter of Transmittal’. In it he wrote that the book “contains an outline of the free common school system of the State, a brief account … of the development of its common schools; and a historical account of the origin, growth, and development, and the present condition, of Indiana’s various institutions for Higher Education.” Chapter headings are:

– Introduction – Territorial Legislation of the Continental Congress – The Common School System of Indiana – The Indiana Seminary – The College and the University – Purdue University – The Indiana State Normal School – Rose Polytechnic Institute – The Denominational Institutions: De Pauw, Wabash, Butler, Franklin, Hanover, Earlham, Notre Dame, Fort Wayne, Moore’s Hill, Hartsville, Minor Institutions. – The Independent Normal Schools: Valparaiso, Central (Danville), Southern Indiana (Mitchell). – Conclusion

Indiana University: Its History from 1820, When Founded, to 1890

With Biographical Sketches of its Presidents, Professors, and Graduates, and a list of its students from 1820 to 1887

Wylie, Theophilus A.
Indianapolis: W.B. Burford, 1890

Chapter headings are:

– The University as Fostered and Developed by Legislation – The Indiana Seminary – The History of the University from 1828 to 1890 – Sketches of the Presidents of the University – Sketches of the Professors – Sketches of the Graduates of the Collegiate Department – Sketches of the Graduates of the Law Department – List of Non- Graduate Students of the Law Department – Supplement to Collegiate Department – The First College Catalogue – List of Students of the Collegiate and Preparatory Departments, Non- Graduates of Indiana University – Members of the Board of Trustees and Officers of the Board

higher education, Indiana history, Indiana Seminary, Indiana University history, Indiana university legislation, free book

Catalogue of a Collection of Books Relating to the History and Geography of Indiana

and Books by Indiana Authors. For sale by Yohn Brothers, Indianapolis

Yohn Brothers
Indianapolis: 1878

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