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Preserving the Legacy: Historic Documents of Indiana History

Documents Online for Indiana History

Want to learn about Indiana’s past? Browse through these free historical documents that provide an insight into Indiana’s history.

Indiana Documents and Collections on this Page include:

Documents about 18th Century French settlements on the Wabash River
18th Century Treaties with Indian Tribes
First State Constitution, 1816
Indiana Government documents
Indiana Memory digital archives
Library of Congress Primary Source Set for Indiana
Inventories of County Government Archives
Road to Indiana Statehood
Records from Indiana Territorial Government 1800-1816

Indiana Document Collections

Indiana Government Documents

Indiana University and Indiana State Library collection

Indiana Memory

Links to Digital Archives Collections around Indiana

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Indiana Primary Source Set

Library of Congress TPS-Barat

Digitized primary sources that includes images, maps, sheet music, books and articles, newspapers, more. TPS-Barat: The Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources (TPS) program works with an educational consortium of schools, universities, libraries, and foundations. The mission of the Primary Source Nexus is to serve as an online community support resource for the TPS-Barat program.

Inventory of the County Archives of Indiana

Indiana Historical Records Survey, Works Projects Administration
Indianapolis: Indiana Historical Records Survey (ca. 1936-1942)

While many counties began this project to inventory their county records, most did not complete the project. Completed inventories for about 22 counties are here.

Road to Indiana Statehood

Project by the Indiana Supreme Court and the Indiana Historical Bureau to collect documents related to Indiana’s constitutional history.

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The Territorial Papers of the United States

Carter, Clarence Edwin and Bloom, John Porter, eds.
Washington: National Archives 1934 – 1975

Volumes for the Great Lakes region are:

Vol 1. General
Vol 2. The Territory Northwest of the River Ohio, 1787-1803
Vol 3. The Territory Northwest of the River Ohio, 1787-1803 continued
Vol 7. The Territory of Indiana 1800-1810
Vol 8. The Territory of Indiana 1810-1816
Vol 10. The Territory of Michigan 1805-1820
Vol 11. The Territory of Michigan 1820-1829
Vol 12. The Territory of Michigan 1829-1837
Vol 16. The Territory of Illinois 1809-1814
Vol 17. The Territory of Illinois 1814-1818
Vol 27. The Territory of Wisconsin, Executive Journal, 1836-1848; Papers, 1836-1839
Vol 28. The Territory of Wisconsin 1839-1848

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Chronology and Documentary Handbook of the State of Indiana

Vexler, Robert I., ed.
Oceana 1978

A chronology of historical events from 1672 to 1977 with a directory of prominent citizens and copies of pertinent documents.

Historic Documents of Indiana

Documents relating to the French settlements on the Wabash

Dunn, Jacob Piatt, comp.
Indianapolis: Bowen-Merrill 1891

Documents include:
-Farewell proclamation of Louis St. Ange. [Post Vincennes 18th May, 1764]
-Report of Lt. Fraser [of a journey from New York to the Illinois, through the Indian nations, 1766]
-[Letter from] Thomas Hutchins to Gen. Haldimand [enclosing his] Journal from Fort Pitt to the mouth of the Ohio in 1768
-General Haldimand to General Gage, 5th Jan. 1774
-The road from Detroit to the Illinois, by way of Forts Miamie, Ouiattanon, and St. Vincent [itinerary, 1774?]
-The first census of Indiana: list of the inhabitants at Fort St. Vincents as they were in 1769

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View of the Title to Indiana; a tract of country on the River Ohio

Containing Indian conferences at Johnson-Hall in May, 1765; the deed of the Six Nations to the proprietors of Indiana; the minutes of the congress at Fort Stanwix, in October and November, 1768; the deed of the Indians, settling the boundary line between the English and Indian lands; and the opinion of counsel on the title of the proprietors of Indiana.


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Resolution for admitting the State of Indiana into the Union 1816

On December 11, 1816, James Madison, President of the United States, approved the Congressional resolution formally admitting Indiana to the Union.

Constitution of the State of Indiana 1816

This served Indiana for 35 years, until it was replaced by the Constitution of 1851.

Journal of the House of Representatives of the State of Indiana

From 1818 through the 1860s, with omissions.

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