Old Ohio Maps – Historical Maps of Ohio

Old Ohio maps - Historical maps of Ohio

Collections of free old historical maps of Ohio online. Free 19th century Ohio gazetteers. Historic birds-eye views of Ohio towns.

Old Ohio Maps – Collections

Columbus and Ohio Map Collection

Columbus Metropolitan Library

61 historic maps of Ohio; mainly of Columbus and Franklin County.

Historic Map Works

The Historic MapWorks Company

A very large collection of maps of the U.S. and the world. The Ohio portion of the collection has 440 atlases that contain 21,000 historical maps. There are a number of atlases here for almost every county.

Old Maps Online

This is a collaborative portal for accessing a number of online map collections worldwide. U.S. collections include;
The David Rumsey Collection
Harvard Library Collection
New York Public Library Collection
Leventhal Map Center at Boston Public Library
North Carolina Digital Heritage Center

46 Panoramic maps or Birds-eye views of various Ohio cities and towns

Library of Congress
Various publishers and years of publication

Many of these are highly detailed pictures showing all buildings. The viewer at this site enables high-resolution zooms. Panoramic Ohio maps.

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Historic Transportation Maps

Rails and Trails.com

This online collection consists of both county and transportation historic maps, including many railroad maps. The majority are for Ohio. You’ll need to download a free DjVu browser plug-in to view most of them. Railroad maps, transportation maps.

Railroad Maps of Ohio 1828-1900

LOC Geography and Map Division
Various Publishers

Eighteen 19th century railway maps of Ohio.

LOC Atlases and Maps of Ohio

LOC Geography and Map Division
Various Publishers

100 Library of Congress Atlases and Maps for Ohio. Most show landowners in Ohio counties.

Sanborn Maps at Library of Congress – Ohio

The Sanborn maps are extremely detailed maps of cities and villages produced by the Sanborn Company for use by fire insurance agents in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The maps are at a scale of 50-feet to one-inch. Some of the maps for the largest cities in the U.S. were over 100 pages. Maps show individual buildings, the construction materials used, and the purpose of the building. Sometimes the company name is included for business buildings.

This Library of Congress free online collection has over 35,000 online Sanborn maps for thousands of U.S. cities and villages. Many towns have more than one map produced over several decades. When searching for a town in Advanced Search, choose a state first to see the complete list of cities in that state. See “About this Collection” (at the Sanborn page) for a full explanation of the symbols and conventions used in the maps.

Maps and Atlases of Historic Ohio

Map of Ohio (1804)

David Rumsey Map Collection
Author Samuel Lewis

A very early Ohio historical map, published only a year after statehood.

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Ohio (1806)

Darlington Digital Library

Another old map of Ohio, published shortly after Ohio became a state.

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The State of Ohio, with part of Upper Canada (1814)

New York Public Library Digital Collections
Published by Carey Mathew

State of Ohio 1815

David Rumsey Map Collection
Chillicothe: A. Bourne etc. 1815

One of many old historical maps of Ohio on this webpage.

Atlas Map of Ohio 1833

David Rumsey Map Collection
London: Chapman and Hall. 1833

A somewhat interesting detail of this historical map of Ohio is that, despite Ohio preparing to go to war to insist that the area of Toledo, where the Miami River empties into Lake Erie north of Perrysburg, was Ohio territory, this 1833 map places that location in Michigan.

A New Map of Ohio with its Canals Roads & Distances

Philadelphia: Burroughs. 1846

Ohio historical maps.

County & Township Map of the States of Ohio and Indiana

Mitchell 1880

Map of Ohio Counties.

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Plan of Cincinnati and Vicinity

Mitchell 1880

Historic map of Cincinnati.

Map of The Western Reserve Including the Fire Lands In Ohio

David Rumsey Map Collection
Nelson, OH: Alan Taylor. 1833

Historic map of Western Reserve.

An Explanation of the Map which Delineates that Part of the Federal Lands, Comprehended between Pennsylvania West Line, the Rivers Ohio and Sioto, and Lake Erie: confirmed to the United States by sundry tribes of Indians, in the treaties of 1784 and 1786, and now ready for settlement

Cutler, Manasseh
Salem: Dabney and Coshing 1787

Vintage map of Ohio.

Ohio State Railroads and Townships 1854

Historic Map Works
NY: J. H. Colton. 1854

Ohio Railroad Map, Ohio Township Map

Ohio Interactive Map of Historical Boundaries of Counties from Creation of the First County through the Year 2000

The Newberry
The Newberry Library. Dr. William M. Scholl Center for American History and Culture

Historical county map of Ohio.

Atlas of the state of Ohio: to which is added an atlas of the United States

Darlington Digital Library
Henry Francis Walling. Pittsburg, H.H. Lloyd & Co. 1869

Maps of Ohio counties.

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Indian Land Cessions in Ohio Land. Ohio Land Map 1

Indian Land Cessions in Ohio. Ohio Map 2

18th Annual report of the Bureau of American Ethnology: Schedule of Treaties and Acts of Congress

Smithsonian Institution: Bureau of American Ethnology
GPO 1896-97

The 18th Annual report of the Bureau of American Ethnology contains, in the latter portion of Volume 2, a “Schedule of Treaties and Acts of Congress Authorizing Allotments of Land in Severalty”. Included in this is a “Schedule of Indian Land Sessions” that provides summary descriptions of each case throughout the U.S. in which a tribe ceded land (whether by sale or not) to the U.S. Federal government. The Schedule is followed by maps of every U.S. state that contained such land cessions. These maps show the locations of land ceded. A number on each land cession corresponds to an entry in the “Schedule of Indian Land Sessions”, which begins on page 648 of the Annual Report.

How to use this: Click the link for Ohio Map 1, which is at images 680-681 of the Report, or Map 2, at 684-685. Note the number of the land cession you wish to read about, and search for that number in the Schedule (3rd link above) that begins on page 648 of the Annual Report. This Schedule is organized as a table that spans 2 pages, so look on odd-numbered pages for the land cession number that corresponds with the map location. The preceding page contains a description for that cession, plus a reference to the legal statute.

Archeological Atlas of Ohio: Showing the Distribution of the Various Classes of Prehistoric Remains in the State, with a Map of the Principal Indian Trails and Towns


Mills, William C.
Columbus, Ohio 1914

This atlas contains a map for each Ohio county showing the distribution of earthworks. The link for “Paper” leads to a 1984 paper about Mills’ Archaeological Atlas, describing the research and methodology behind it and evaluating its importance.

Ohio Historic Gazetteers

The Ohio Gazetteer, and Traveller’s Guide

containing a description of the several towns, townships, and counties, with their water-courses, roads, improvements, mineral productions &c, &c.

Jenkins, Warren
Columbus: Whiting 1841

(title page continued) “Together with an appendix, or general register; embracing tables of roads and distances; of post offices, their location and distance from the capital of the state and of the U.S.; of works of internal improvement; of the several officers of state, their residence, &c; of the colleges and their officers; of banks, their officers and capital, &c. Appendix containing the census of the state for 1840.”. Ohio historic gazetteer.

The Ohio Gazetteer; or Topographical Dictionary

describing the several counties, towns, villages, canals, roads, rivers, lakes, springs, Mines, &c in the State of Ohio

Kilbourne, John
Columbus: Kilbourne 1829

The 9th edition of this gazetteer, which served as an emigrant guide for many settlers.

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Conclin’s New River Guide, or, A Gazetteer of all the Towns on the Western Waters

containing sketches of the cities, towns, and countries bordering on the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers, and their principal tributaries; together with their population, products, commerce, &c., &c., in 1848; and many interesting events of history connected with them. Ohio historic gazetteers.

Conclin, George
Cincinnati: Conclin 1849

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