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The War of 1812

War of 1812 Books

This History of the Great Lakes States website contains many titles related to the War of 1812. The list below contains works found on the various War and Military pages that are almost exclusively about that war. There are also works on other pages of the site, such as the Biographies and Memoirs, Fiction, and General History pages, that deal with the War of 1812, at least in part.

This list below is in two parts; (1) first-person accounts by participants or observers, and (2) other accounts more historical or journalistic.

Accounts by Participants

Great Lakes War & Military page

Atherton, William, Narrative of the Suffering and Defeat of the North-Western Army, under General Winchester: Massacre of the Prisoners: Sixteen months Imprisonment of the Writer and others with the Indians and British(1842)

Brown, Samuel R., Views of the Campaigns of the North-Western Army, &c: Comprising Sketches of the Campaigns of Generals Hull and Harrison (1814)

Bourne, Alexander, “The Siege of Fort Meigs Year 1813: An Eye-Witness Account by Colonel Alexander Bourne” (Unknown)

Christian, Thomas, Campaign of 1813 on the Ohio Frontier: Sortie at Fort Meigs, May 1813, Address of Thomas Christian, a Volunteer in Col. Dudley’s Regiment (1870)

Indiana War & Military page

Walker, Adam, A Journal of Two Campaigns of the Fourth Regiment of the U.S. Infantry in the Michigan and Indiana Territories (etc.) (1816)

Illinois War & Military page

Kinzie, Juliette A. Narrative of the Massacre at Chicago [Saturday] August 15, 1812, and of Some Preceding Events (1836)

Michigan War & Military page

Darnell, Elias, A Journal, containing an accurate and interesting account of the hardships, sufferings, battles, defeat, and captivity of those heroic Kentucky volunteers and regulars (etc.) (1854)

Dudley, Thomas P., Battle and Massacre at Frenchtown, Michigan, January, 1813 by Thomas P. Dudley, one of the Survivors (1870)

Hatch, William Stanley, A Chapter of the History of the War of 1812 in the Northwest. Embracing the surrender of the northwestern army and fort, at Detroit, August 16, 1812; with a description and biographical sketch of the celebrated Indian chief Tecumseh (1872)

Parish, John C., ed., The Robert Lucas Journal of the War of 1812 during the Campaign under General William Hull (1906)

Quaife, Milo Milton, ed., War on the Detroit: The Chronicles of Thomas Vercheres de Boucherville and The Capitulation by an Ohio Volunteer (1812)

Historical or Journalistic Accounts

Great Lakes War & Military page

Brown, Samuel , An Authentic History of the Second War for Independence (1815)

Cady, John F., “Western Opinion and the War of 1812″ (1924)

Hannay, James, History of the War of 1812 between Great Britain and the United States of America (1905)

McAfee, Robert B., History of the Late War in the Western Country (1816)

Williams, Samuel, Sketches of the War between the United States and the British Isles (etc.) (1815)

Ohio War & Military page

“Ohio in the War of 1812: Articles from a Contemporary Newspaper” (1812-1814)

Mack, Mrs. John T., “The Battle of Lake Erie. September 10, 1813” (1901)

Ohio Adjutant General’s Office, Roster of Ohio Soldiers in the War of 1812 (1916)

Illinois War & Military page

Simmons, Noah, Heroes and Heroines of the Fort Dearborn Massacre (1896)

Stevens, Frank E. “Illinois in the War of 1812-1814″ (1904)

Michigan War & Military page

Lossing, Benson J. Hull’s Surrender of Detroit (1875)

PDF Books on America in the Early 19th Century – 1809-1861

Mahan, Alfred T., Captain, Sea Power in its Relations to the War of 1812 (1905)

Century Past Collective Biography A – F

Alden, Carroll Storrs and Earle, Ralph, Makers of Naval Tradition (1925)

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