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Free Holiday Traditions Books PDF – Social Customs

Holiday Traditions Books - Social Customs PDF - Free Books

Holiday traditions books. Social customs pdf. Funerals, weddings, dating, tatoos, tipping, etc. Free books on customs around the world.

Book Collections on Customs and Traditions

Free Festivals Books – Collection

Free Festivals books pdf at the Internet Archive. Some books: Festivals Around the World, A Year of Japanese Festivals, Merrymaking in Great Britain, Mexico’s Great Celebrations, Folk Festivals: a handbook for organization and management, Indiana Festivals, Ultimate Film Festival Survival Guide, Muhammadan Festivals, Essays on the Festival, International Directory of Theatre Dance and Folklore Festivals, Festivals Europe, many more.

Weddings Books Free PDF – Collection

Free Weddings books pdf at the Internet Archive. Some books: Wedding Details FAQ’s, The Bride Guide, The Wedding Album, 14 Day Wedding Planner, The Complete Wedding Organizer and Record, 1001 Wedding Ideas, Budget Weddings for Dummies, A Perfect Home Wedding, Ways to Have a Dazzling Second Wedding, The Wedding Book, many more.

Marriage Customs and Rites Books – Collection

Marriage customs and rites books free pdf from the Internet Archive. Some books: Marriage Customs in Many Lands, A Short History of Marriage, How the World Weds, The New Jewish Wedding, Love and Marriage Around the World, Strange Customs of Courtship and Marriage, Marriage Ceremonies of All Nations, The World of Weddings: an illustrated celebration, many more.

Funeral Rites and Ceremonies Books – Collection

Free funeral rites and ceremonies books at the Internet Archive. Some books: A Guide to the World’s Weirdest Funerals, Life’s End: ceremonies and celebrations, Island Funeral, The Funeral Book, Death: a user’s guide, Good Grief I have to Plan a Funeral, Making an Exit, A Guide to Funeral Planning, When Death Touches Your Life, The Complete Guide to Funeral Planning, many more.

Manners and Customs Books PDF: Search Results at Internet Archive

Free books on manners and customs. Some book titles: 50 Things You Should Know about Prehistoric Britain; How to be Normal: a Guide for the Perplexed; The Dutch Colony of New Netherland.

Manners and Customs Books PDF: Search Results at Open Library

About 14,000 free books. Some book titles: A to Z of Modern Manners; Kitchens of the Great Midwest; At Home in Nineteenth-Century America: A Documentary History.

Customs and Traditions Books – Collection

Customs & traditions books free pdf at the Internet Archive. Some books: Naval Ceremonies Customs and Traditions, Catholic Customs and Traditions, A Treasury of American Folklore: our legends customs and beliefs, North American Indian Life: customs and traditions of 23 tribes, Our Best Loved Customs and Traditions, Ancient and Annual Customs, Culture and Customs of Spain, 101 Things Everyone Should Know about Judaism, Irish Life and Traditions, Culture and Customs of Somalia, Folk Customs, many more.

More Collections on Customs and Traditions

Suggested Books on Customs and Traditions

The Dirt on Clean: An Unsanitized History

Ashenburg, Katherine
Northpoint 2007 Dewey Dec. 391

What could be more routine than taking up soap and water and washing yourself? And yet cleanliness, or the lack of it, is intimately connected to ideas as large as spirituality and sexuality, and historical events that include plagues, the Civil War, and the discovery of germs. An engrossing fusion of erudition and anecdote, Clean considers the bizarre prescriptions of history’s doctors, the hygienic peccadilloes of great authors, and the historic twists and turns that have brought us to a place Ashenburg considers hedonistic yet oversanitized.

It’s Our Day: America’s Love Affair with the Wedding, 1945-2005

Jellison, Katherine
Univ. of Kansas 2008 Dewey Dec. 392

Katherine Jellison gives us a comprehensive cultural history of American weddings since World War II, examining the development of our precise and expensive standards for celebrating weddings and the staying power of this phenomenon in the face of enormous social, political, and economic upheaval.

Curtains: Adventures of an Undertaker-In-Training

Jokinen, Tom
Da Capo 2010 Dewey Dec. 393

The author became an apprentice undertaker. Among the things he learned: in cremation, the heart and head are the last parts to burn; purple lipstick looks best on a dead man; funeral directors have been known to dance during the service – out of sight of funeral goers, of course, and with the utmost respect for the dead. For anyone who’s secretly wondered why they paid $2000 for a 5-lb bag of dust – or questioned whether that dust was really the person they loved. Curtains lifts the veil on the funeral industry in the 21st century.

Digging up the Dead: A History of Notable American Reburials

Kammen, Michael G.
Univ. of Chicago 2010

With Digging Up the Dead, Pulitzer Prize–winning historian Michael Kammen reveals a treasure trove of fascinating, surprising, and occasionally gruesome stories of exhumation and reburial throughout American history. Taking us to the contested grave sites of such figures as Sitting Bull, John Paul Jones, Frank Lloyd Wright, Daniel Boone, Jefferson Davis, and even Abraham Lincoln, Kammen explores how complicated interactions of regional pride, shifting reputations, and evolving burial practices led to public and often emotional battles over the final resting places of famous figures. Grave-robbing, skull-fondling, cases of mistaken identity, and the financial lures of cemetery tourism all come into play.

Rest in Peace: A Cultural History of Death and the Funeral Home in Twentieth-Century America

Laderman, Gary
Oxford Univ. 2006 Dewey Dec. 393

Gary Laderman traces the origins of American funeral rituals, from the evolution of embalming techniques during and after the Civil War and the shift from home funerals to funeral homes at the turn of the century, to the increasing subordination of priests, ministers, and other religious figures to the funeral director throughout the twentieth century.

Religious Celebrations: An Encyclopedia of Holidays, Festivals, Solemn Observances, and Spiritual Commemorations (Volume 1)

Volume 2 – Holiday Traditions Books

Melton, J. Gordon, ed.

Religious Celebrations is an alphabetically organized encyclopedia that covers more than 800 celebratory occasions from all of the world’s major religious communities as well as many of the minor faith traditions. The encyclopedia provides a complete reference tool for examining the myriad ways people worldwide celebrate their religious lives across religious boundaries, providing information on numerous celebratory activities never before covered in a reference work. Books on culture pdf free, different cultures pdf.

Marriage Customs of the World: From Henna to Honeymoons

Monger, George P.

An encyclopedia of marriage rites, traditions, and beliefs from around the world, ranging from ancient practices to contemporary ceremonies.
Marriage Customs of the World: From Henna to Honeymoons cordially invites you to explore the rites, rituals, and iconography of weddings from around the globe. In more than 200 alphabetically organized entries, an accomplished folklorist describes the key components and beliefs related to marriage across a representative selection of the world’s cultures.

Visit the Home page of our Century Past Free Online Library

The Mummy Congress: Science, Obsession, and the Everlasting Dead

Pringle, Heather Anne
Hyperion 2001

The author recounts the intriguing findings from her travels, bringing to life the hitherto unknown worlds of the long-dead, and revealing what mummies have to tell us about ourselves. Pringle’s journeys lead her to the lifelike remains of medieval saints entombed in Italy’s grand cathedrals, eerily preserved bog bodies in the Netherlands bearing signs of violent and untimely slaughter, and frozen Inca princess glimpsed for the first time atop icy mountains. Death traditions and customs books free.

Book Collections on Holiday Traditions

Holidays & Celebrations Books Free PDF – Collection

Free holiday & celebrations books free pdf from the Internet Archive. Some book titles: Halloween Jack O’ Lanterns, St. Patrick’s Day Shamrocks, Let’s Celebrate Martin Luther King Day, Celebrate Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur, Independence Day.

Christmas Books Free PDF – Collection

Free Christmas books pdf. Titles include: Christmas Recipes and Crafts, Christmas in Cowboy Country, Christmas 1914: the First World War at Home and Abroad, Everything I Need to Know about Christmas, Handcrafted Christmas, The 12 Days of Christmas.

American Christmas Stories Books – Collection

American Christmas Stories books free from the Internet Archive. Some books: Lipstick Like Lindsay’s and other Christmas Stories, The Best of Christmas in my Heart: timeless stories, Christmas in My Soul: a second collection, When Love Came Down at Christmas, Twelve Tales of Christmas, Glad Tidings: the Christmas reader, Louisa May Alcott’s Christmas Treasury, many more.

Thanksgiving Day Books Free PDF – Collection

Thanksgiving Day books free pdf from the Internet Archive. Some titles: Thanksgiving Day in Canada, A Child’s Story of Thanksgiving, The Thanksgiving Book, The Story of Thanksgiving, The Story of Thanksgiving Symbols, Thanksgiving and Harvest, Louisa May Alcott’s Old Fashioned Thanksgiving and other Stories, The First Thanksgiving Feast, many more (& lots of children’s books).

More Collections on Holidays

Suggested Books on Holiday Traditions

Thanksgiving: The Biography of an American Holiday

Baker, James W.
Univ. of New Hampshire 2009 Dewey Dec. 394.26

James Baker sweeps away lingering myths and misconceptions to show how this celebration day was born and grew to be an essential part of our national spirit. Thanksgiving: The Biography of an American Holiday opens with an overview of the popular mythos of the holiday before discussing its possible religious and cultural precedents. This classic Yankee holiday is examined in historical and contemporary detail that embraces everything from proclamations, sermons, and local and regional traditions to family reunions, turkey dinners, and recipes.

Christmas: A Candid History

Forbes, Bruce David
Univ. of California 2007 Dewey Dec. 394.26

Provides an enlightening, entertaining perspective on how the annual Yuletide celebration got to be what it is today. In a fascinating, concise tour through history, the book tells the story of Christmas—from its pre-Christian roots, through the birth of Jesus, to the holiday’s spread across Europe into the Americas and beyond, and to its mind-boggling transformation through modern consumerism. Packed with intriguing stories, based on research into myriad sources, full of insights, the book explores the historical origins of traditions including Santa, the reindeer, gift giving, the Christmas tree, Christmas songs and movies, and more. The book also offers some provocative ideas for reclaiming the joy and meaning of this beloved, yet often frustrating, season amid the pressures of our fast-paced consumer culture.

Encyclopedia of Christmas & New Year’s Celebrations

Gulevich, Tanya
Omnigraphics 2003 Dewey Dec. 394.26

Containing 247 entries on Christmas traditions spanning centuries and continents, this encyclopedia looks at folk customs and beliefs, foods and beverages, artistic and popular works, and related celebrations from antiquity to the present. While entries lean heavily toward customs of medieval and Renaissance Europe, there are many entries on the Christmas season in other parts of the world.

Holidays, Festivals, and Celebrations of the World Dictionary

Henderson, Helene
Omnigraphics 2005 Dewey Dec. 394.26

Contains up-to-date information on more than 2,000 holidays and festivals worldwide, as well as the more obscure celebrations and observances. Emphasis is placed on events that are still current, but a number of ancient and discontinued events are included because they are referred to in art and literature. Most entries have national or wide regional significance, but also included are offbeat, colorful, local, and lesser-known events.

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