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Free Encyclopedias PDF – Dictionaries – Reference Books PDF

Free Encyclopedias PDF - Dictionaries - Reference Books PDF

Many free Encyclopedias pdf. Modern and vintage; general and specialized. Download some. Dictionaries and Reference books pdf. Almanacs, yearbooks, other types.

Collections of Encyclopedias and Reference Books

Folkscanomy Encyclopedias and Compendiums of Knowledge

Over 3,000 free online publications at the Internet Archive, assembled by ‘Folkscanomy’. Some titles: Encyclopedia of African Religion, Encyclopedia of the Archaeology of Ancient Egypt, Encyclopedia of Insects, Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World, Encyclopedia of Television Shows 1925-2007, Encyclopedia of World History, Britannica Almanac 2010, Encyclopedia of Science and Religion, Encyclopedia of Demons in World Religions and Cultures, Encyclopedia of the Blues, Encyclopedia of Espionage, Intelligence, and Security, Encyclopedia of American History, many more.

Yearbooks Collection

Some books: (many of the following books also have issues for other years here) The Great Ideas Today 1971 (& many other years), Disney’s Wonderful World of Knowledge, the World Book Year Book 1989, Time: 1992 – the year in review, The Unicorn Book of 1952, The Illustrated Yearbook 1979, Canadian Annual Review of Public Affairs, What they Said in 1987, Chase’s Calendar of Events 1999, the Statesman’s Year Book 1988-89, Who’s Who 1972-1973, Statistical Abstract of the United States 2006, 1974 Britannica Book of the Year, many other free online yearbooks).

Almanacs Collection

Some titles: Many of the following also had issues for other years) Encyclopedia Britannica Almanac 2003, Scholastic 2014 Almanac for Kids, 1999 The Canadian Global Almanac, World Almanac and Book of Facts 2004, Florida Almanac 1998-1999, Catholic Almanac 2009, Almanac Hawaiiana 1969, Farmer’s Almanac 2004, Everywoman’s Almanac 1993, Metro Chicago Almanac, Wall Street Journal Almanac 1998, Sports Illustrated for Kids Year in Sports 2005, many more free online almanacs.

World Records Collection

About 150 books from the Internet Archive free online on the subject of World Records. Some books: (there are issues of many of the annual books from other years here too) Scholastic Book of World Records 2003, Recordsetter Book of World Records, Guinness World Records 2005, Ripley’s Believe it or Not!, Book of Historical Records, Guinness Book of Trivia Records, Record Breakers, Top 10 of Everything 2002, many more free online record books.

More collections of free books on Encyclopedias and Reference topics

Selected Modern Encyclopedia and Yearbooks

New Encyclopedia Britannica

Encyclopedia Britannica
Encyclopedia Britannica 2005-2007

The 15th (and last) edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica, in 32 volumes.

Compton’s Encyclopedia (26 volumes)

Encyclopedia Brittanica
Brittanica 2007

An illustrated reference set containing facts and information about people, places, events and objects from around the world, presented in alphabetical order.

Concise Columbia Encyclopedia

Legasse, Paul, ed.
Columbia Univ. 1994

Designed to provide the most current information available in all fields of knowledge in a compact, portable volume, The Concise Columbia Encyclopedia is created in the United States for the particular reference needs of Ameri can readers. 210 maps, 145 diagrams, 37 tables, 100 b&w photographs.

The Penguin Encyclopedia

Crystal, David, ed.
Penguin Books 2004

Complete in one large volume. Contains more than 28,000 entries on the facts, events, issues, people, beliefs, and achievements that make up the sum of human knowledge and experience. Written in a clear, direct style by an international team of more than 350 experts, this indispensable reference illuminates even the most intricate concepts, from current affairs to history, science to philosophy, sports to music.

World Book Encyclopedia PDF Free (21 volumes)

World Book
World Book 2017

The free World Book Encyclopedia PDF is designed especially to meet the needs of elementary, junior high, and senior high school students. At the link, the first volumes you see are 2018, which are not available. But it appears that all 2017 volumes and volumes from previous years can be accessed.

World Book Encyclopedia of People and Places (7 volumes)

World Book Inc.
World Book 2011

Introduces a wide range of cultures and the landscapes which they inhabit. Previous editions are found at the same link. From World Book Encyclopedias PDF Free Download.

Encyclopedia Britannica Almanac 2010

Encyclopedia Britannica
Encyclopedia Britannica 2009

Published in association with Time Magazine, the Encyclopaedia Britannica Almanac 2010 includes more coverage of key subjects such as the arts, business, people, science, and the world than other leading almanacs. Read about the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Darfur, the rise of global food prices and the accompanying political and financial effects, the growing military operation in Afghanistan, the lives of influential political leaders, athletes, authors, heroes and much more. Reference books pdf.

Time Almanac 2013

Encyclopaedia Britannica
Time Home Entertainment Dewey Dec. 031

Featuring more than one million facts, this comprehensive, updated reference includes the latest information on world statistics, famous people, demographic data, history, geography, global trends, election results, sports statistics, Internet links and e-mail addresses, scientific research and technological innovations, and more.
Contents: Year in review — People — Awards — Nature, science, medicine, & technology — World — United States — Business — Arts, entertainment, & leisure — Sport.

The World Almanac and Book of Facts (1938-2017)

Janssen, Sarah
World Almanac 1938-2016 Dewey Dec. 031

The World Almanac is the #1 best-selling American reference book of all time. It is the source for essential and authoritative facts for entertainment, reference and learning. The book contains thousands of facts and statistics that aren’t publicly available which are sourced and double-checked by the staff of World Almanac experts. This link has a complete set of annual editions from 1989 to 2016, and several previous editions.

The New York Public Library Desk Reference

New York Public Library
Stonesong 1998 Dewey Dec. 031

Curious to know about the wind chill factor, or how to make a Rob Roy, or locate the time in China? Why not peruse a list of common crossword-puzzle words, catch up on the latest computer terms, learn how to carve a turkey the right way, or find out who invented what and when?
This timeless resource originates from one of the world’s great storehouses of knowledge. Fully updated with more than 1,000 pages, The New York Public Library Desk Reference is packed with answers to the most frequently asked questions, as well as easy-to-read charts, graphs, and tables, insightful sidebars, full-color maps, and illustrations, plus cross-references and web addresses to aid more in-depth research. From the serious to the trivial, the most frequently sought information from more than 50 reference books is readily at hand in this one comprehensive and accessible guide.

Guinness World Records 2017

– 2013 Edition

– 2010 Edition

– 2007 Edition

– 2001 Edition

Guinness World Records
Guinness World Records Dewey Dec. 031

The ultimate annual book of records is back and crammed with more than ever before! Guinness World Records 2017 is bursting with all-new records on topics as diverse as black holes, domes, owls, and killer plants. Want to know the highest anyone has travelled on a skateboard, or the largest loop-the-loop completed in a car? Dying to know just how many tricks a cat can do in one minute? The answers to these questions and so much more are right inside.
New in this year’s edition are exciting infographic features exploring the fascinating details on topics such as animals, the human body, sports, and explorations. And of course all your favorite record categories are updated for 2017, such as the world’s new tallest dog! And as ever, our team of world-class photographers have traveled the globe to capture amazing images of the year’s most impressive record holders.

Collections of Reference Books

Reference Collection

About 2,900 free online books at the Internet Archive, resulting from a search for books on “Reference Books”. Some Books: Reference Books for Children, Guide to Reference Books, Recommended Reference Books in Paperback, American Reference Books Annual 2009, Reference Books for Children’s Collections, Critical Guide to Catholic Reference Books, Reference Books for Small and Medium-sized Libraries, Guide to Reference Books for Islamic Studies, Subject Guide to Government Reference Books, Guide to Art Reference Books.

Suggested Reference Books

The Facts on File Dictionary of Proverbs: Meanings and Origins of More than 1,500 Popular Sayings

Manser, Martin H.
Facts on File 2002 Dewey Dec. 398.9

This dictionary “includes more than 1,700 English-language proverbs . . . that are widely recognized today. Arranged alphabetically, entries provide the meaning of each proverb, the date it was first recorded, variant forms of the proverb, other proverbs that are similar and opposite to it in meaning, and examples of the proverb’s use.” -Publisher.

A Dictionary of American Proverbs

Mieder, Wolfgang et al.
Oxford University 1996 Dewey Dec. 398.9

A Dictionary of American Proverbs is a treasury of more than 15,000 sayings, adages, and maxims commonly used in popular speech in the United States and Canada. As the first major collection of proverbs in the English language based on oral sources rather than written sources, it includes thousands of uniquely American proverbs that have never before been recorded as well as many thousands of traditional sayings that have found their way into American speech from classical, biblical, British, continental European, and American literature.
Field work on the Dictionary was conducted over thirty years under the direction of the Committee on Proverbial Sayings of the American Dialect Society and resulted in 15,000 records of proverbial texts which have been edited for this collection. The result is an invaluable reference for general readers and students, as well as cultural historians, folklorists, linguists, anthropologists, sociologists, and scholars of literature.

Oxford Dictionary of Proverbs

Speake, Jennifer
Oxford University 2008 Dewey Dec. 973.91

This unique and authoritative collection contains over 1,100 of the most widely-used proverbs in English with research drawing on the Oxford English Corpus, the world’s largest language databank. Lively and compelling, this book is filled with favourites – old and new – and with the fascinating history of each proverb through the ages.

America’s Popular Sayings: Over 1600 Expressions on Topics from Beauty to Money and Everything in Between

Titelman, Gregory
Gramercy 2004 Dewey Dec. 398.9

From the phrase “forget and forgive” in the speech of Shakespeare’s King Lear to Hillary Clinton’s use of “It takes a village to raise a child,” this updated second edition of Titelman’s acclaimed collection of sayings is entertaining and educational for a wide variety of readers. With an alphabetical format and extensive subject index for quick reference, America’s Popular Sayings is comprehensive and easy to use. Unique for its focus on expressions found in America, this treasury contains detailed historical origins and more biblically inspired sayings than any other collection. Along with each of the 1,500 sayings and more than 10,000 citations, Titelman explores the origins and contemporary usage of scientific, historical, recreational, and patriotic expressions.

Guide to Reference Books PDF

Balay, Robert, ed.
American Library Association 1992 Dewey Dec. 011

Nearly 16,000 entries provide details on general reference works and on reference books in the humanities, social and behavioral sciences, history and area studies, and science, technology, and medicine. Electronic resources are included.

The Humanities: A Selective Guide to Information Sources

Blazek, Ron, Aversa, Elizabeth
Libraries Unlimited 1988 Dewey Dec. 011

Updated and expanded to embrace new developments in the electronic environment and new emphases on multicultural and female influences and accomplishments, the fourth edition (3rd ed., 1988) of this guide to humanities information sources includes 1,250 major entries. Chapters cover general humanities, philosophy, religion, visual arts, performing arts, and language and literature. Organized as previous editions, the volume provides one chapter on sources and another on access for each area. The “sources” chapters have in-depth descriptions of both print and electronic tools; the “access” chapters relate to finding and retrieving information.

The New Walford: Guide to Reference Resources. Volume 2: The Social Sciences

Facet Publishing
London: Facet 2008

“This version covers a wide range of information topics such as digital databanks and reference services, electronic journal collections, meta-search engines, networked information services, open archives and resource discovery services as well as the websites of both public and private sector organizations. A companion website will provide updates (and more) between volumes”.

Recommended Reference Books for Small and Medium-Sized Libraries and Media Centers

Graff Hysell, Shannon
Libraries Unlimited 2009 Dewey Dec. 011.6

Based on the highly acclaimed reviews of American Reference Books Annual, RRB features only those resources that have been recommended for purchase by small and medium-sized academic, public, or school libraries. Written by over 200 subject specialists, the reviews will help librarians quickly identify the best, most affordable, and most appropriate new reference materials in any given field. All reviewer comments–both positive and negative–have been retained, since even recommended works may be weak in one respect or another. If your budget precludes ARBA, this tool will provide you with the necessary information for the development of your collection. Top online dictionaries.

Subject Guide to U.S. Government Reference Sources

Hardy, Gayle J. and Robinson, Judith Schiek
Libraries Unlimited 1996 Dewey Dec. 025

This compendium helps readers identify and understand the scope of key government reference sources-traditional books (including publications catalogs and telephone directories); information clearinghouses; and materials in new formats, such as CD-ROMs, datafiles, and Internet sites. The authors focus on free information and depository materials – both readily available through toll-free phone numbers, mail or e-mail requests to agencies, or federal depository library collections. Materials are fully described in annotations that differentiate between similar materials, identify typical citation formats, and note common abbreviations.

The Reader’s Adviser: The Best in General Reference Literature, the Social Sciences, History, and the Arts

Kaufman, Paula T., ed.
R.R. Bowker 1986 Dewey Dec. 016.3

Reference Books-General; Dictionaries; General Biography and Autobiography; Social Sciences; Education; Ancient History; United States History; Western Hemisphere – Canada and Latin America; British History; World History; Music and Dance; Art and Architecture; Mass Media; Folklore and Humor; Travel and Exploration.

Reference Sources for Small and Medium-Sized Libraries

Kennedy, Scott E., ed.
American Library Association 1999 Dewey Dec. 011.6

“Intended as a guide for college and large secondary school libraries as well as for public libraries. Items are grouped in subject categories and further subdivided by type of reference source or other suitable subdivision. Sections were prepared by individual compilers or teams of compilers. Good annotations; coverage of various subject fields is unusually even for a work of this kind; index of names and titles.” -Guide to Ref Books.

Guide to the Study and Use of Reference Books

Kroeger, Alice Bertha and Mudge, Isadore Gilbert
American Library Association (A.L.A.) 1917 Dewey Dec. 011

Descriptions of hundreds of standard reference works covering every field of knowledge. Arranged by subject, it gives complete bibliographic data for each entry, is fully annotated and indexed. – A.L.A. Catalog 1926.

Recommended Reference Books in Paperback

Lang, Jovian and O’Gorman, Jack
Libraries Unlimited 2000

“You’ll find hundreds of quality reference sources in paperback-bibliographies, dictionaries, guides, and directories-in all subject areas, from botany and business to sports and zoology. For collection development and as a ready reference, this book is unparalleled.” – Publisher.

The New York Times Guide to Reference Materials

The Indispensable Handbook for Anyone Who Needs To Know How and Where to Look Up Almost Anything

McCormick, Mona
Dorset Press 1988

Provides the student with a guide to the kind of information afforded by various reference sources.

The Dictionary of Cultural Literacy: What Every American Needs to Know

Hirsch, E.D. et al.
Houghton Mifflin 1993 Dewey Dec. 031

In this fast-paced information age, how can Americans know what’s really important and what’s just a passing fashion? Now more than ever, we need a source that concisely sums up the knowledge that matters to Americans — the people, places, ideas, and events that shape our cultural conversation. With more than six thousand entries,The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy is that invaluable source.
As our world becomes more global and interconnected, it grows smaller through the terms and touchstones that unite us. As E. D. Hirsch writes in the preface, “Community is built up of shared knowledge and values — the same shared knowledge that is taken for granted when we read a book or newspaper, and that is also taken for granted as part of the fabric that connects us to one another.” A delicious concoction of information for anyone who wants to be in the know, The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy brilliantly confirms once again that it is “an excellent piece of work . . . stimulating and enlightening” (New York Times) — the most definitive and comprehensive family sourcebook of its kind.

Collections of Dictionaries and Handbooks

Free Dictionaries PDF – Collection

Free dictionaries pdf at the Internet Archive. Be patient as the page loads. Some Dictionaries: Expanded Webster’s Dictionary, Merriam-Webster Pocket Dictionary of Synonyms, Webster’s Quick Reference English/Spanish Espanol/Ingles Dictionary, APA Dictionary of Psychology, West’s Tax Law Dictionary, Concise American Sign Language Dictionary, Winslow’s Tamil and English Dictionary, English-Urdu Dictionary, Larousse Portuguese Phrasebook, The Writer’s Rhyming Dictionary, DK Ultimate Visual Dictionary, Slang: the topical dictionary of Americanisms.

See the Menu at the top of every page for Directories of Free Online Fiction and NonFiction Books, Magazines, and more, on 400 pages like this at Century Past

Free English Grammar Handbooks – Collection

English grammar handbooks at the Internet Archive. Some books: The Grammar Bible, The Handbook of Good English, Webster’s English Grammar Handbook, Grammar Essentials, Things Your Grammar Never Told You, From Idea to Essay, The Longman Writer, Rewriting Writing, The Holt Handbook, Secretary’s Guide to Modern English Usage, English Language Desk Reference, many more eBook Grammar Handbooks.

Dictionaries & Other Reference Books from the Publisher Merriam – Collection

PDF dictionaries and pdf reference books from the publisher Merriam. Some titles: Rhyming Dictionary, Guide to International Business Communications, Collegiate Dictionary, Geographical Dictionary, Spanish-English Dictionary, Dictionary of Law, Dictionary and Thesaurus, Crossword Puzzle Dictionary, Scrabble Players Dictionary pdf, Visual Dictionary, Easy Learning Complete French.

Free English Language Rhetoric Handbooks PDF – Collection

Free English Language Rhetoric Handbooks PDF. Some books: Writer’s Handbook, Guide for College Writers, Handbook for Writers, The Blair Handbook, Concise Guide to Writing, Writing in the Disciplines, Aims of the Essay, The Elements of Correspondence, Handbook for History, Writer’s Companion, Student Writing Handbook, Keys to Great Writing, many more free online English language handbooks.

See our books on Library Research & Report Writing

Free Report Writing Handbooks – Collection

Free report writing handbooks from the Internet Archive. Some books: Research Paper Handbook, Writing College Papers, Writing Your Doctoral Dissertation, The Curious Researcher, Writing Research Papers, Your Research Project, 12 East Steps to Successful Research Papers, Tackling Your High School Term Paper, MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, Cite It: selecting credible sources, The Aims of Argument, The Psychology Student Writer’s Manual, Guide to Style, Guide to the Research Process, Researcher’s Journal, The Portable Dissertation Advisor, Guide to the Successful Thesis and Dissertation, many more free eBook manuals for Writing Reports.

Vintage Encyclopedias and Yearbooks

Collection of Encyclopedia Britannica – Editions 1-12

195 Items

The first 12 editions of the Encyclopedia Britannica, including supplements that were published in the years between full editions. The first edition appeared in 1771; the 12th appeared in 1922. This collection is at HathiTrust.

Encyclopedia Britannica (2nd ed.)

Macfarquhar, Colin and Bell, Andrew
Brittanica 1778

The first edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica was published in Edinburgh between 1768 and 1771. This 2nd, much larger edition was published in 1778, also in Edinburgh. This copy is at the Internet Archive.

Appleton’s Annual Cyclopaedia and Register of Important Events of the Year

Embracing political, military, and ecclesiastical affairs; public documents; biography, statistics, commerce, finance, literature, science, agriculture, and mechanical industry

NY: Appleton 1861-1902 Dewey Dec. 030

An American yearbook, with articles arranged alphabetically as in an encyclopedia, that was initally produced by the Appleton company to supplement its 16-volume New American Cyclopedia, which was published 1857-1863. The volume numbers at this link (which contains all except the 1865 volume) are confusing because there were three series over the years. It is easier to ignore volume numbers and look for volumes by their year.

Appleton’s New Practical Cyclopedia. 6 volumes

Benjamin, Marcus, ed.
Appleton 1910 Dewey Dec. 030 Rf

This work is recommended for small libraries or grammar schools unable to afford one of the larger encyclopedias. The articles are very brief but up to date and simply written and the system of cross reference is good, as are the illustrations and maps.- A.L.A. Catalog 1926.

The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia, with a New Atlas of the World … 12 volumes

a work of general reference in all departments of knowledge

Smith, Benjamin E., ed.
Century 1914 Dewey Dec. 030 Rf

Encyclopedia Americana. 16 volumes

Beach, F. G., editor-in-chief
1905 Dewey Dec. 030 Rf

A good up to date general encyclopedia covering much the same ground as the New International, but stronger in the fields of science and technology and their recent developments. Important articles are by specialists, are signed and in general are excellent. Illustrations are numerous and good, pronunciation is marked and there are numerous short articles on small subjects, including many biographies of people still living.- A.L.A. Catalog 1926.

The Encyclopaedia Britannica; a Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, Literature and General Information. 32 volumes

Chisholm, Hugh, ed.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1910-22 Dewey Dec. 030 Rf

The 11th edition, consisting of 29 volumes, was published in 1910. Volumes 30-32, published in 1922, supplied “… a new distinctive, and independent library of reference dealing with events and developments of the period 1910 to 1921 inclusive.” The combined set of 32 volumes was considered to be the 12th edition of the set.
“The most famous encyclopedia in English and for some purposes the best. The first edition was published in 1771. The eleventh edition is based on the ninth and tenth editions but revised throughout, rearranged to make the smaller subjects more easily accessible and much new material added. Noted for its long signed articles by specialists with excellent bibliography appended to most articles, and its many excellent illustrations.”- A.L.A. Catalog 1926.

Farm, Field and Fireside Year-book, Almanac and Cyclopedia …

of political, historical, statistical, agricultural and general facts for every American home

Howard, Charles H. ed.
Howard & Wilson 1898 Dewey Dec. 030

“One may find, herein, reliable and interesting facts and figures on such subjects as the coinage, tariff, new legislation on roads, harvests of the world, noxious weeds–with the fullest table of weeds ever published–wheat prices in England and Chicago, dairy statistics, sheep and wool figures, pork packing, export of farm products, comparative prices of staple products and, in fact, all that one would need to know relating to the various branches of live stock, horticulture and agriculture. To these pages, which are intended to be especially adapted to our agricultural readers, are added two hundred or more of general statistics on politics, elections and matters of universal interest, such as every citizen and every man, woman and child in our country, at some time or another, desires to know”. – Preface.

The New International Encyclopedia. 25 volumes

Williams, Talcott and Colby, Frank Moore
Dodd, Mead 1927 Dewey Dec. 030 Rf

An encyclopedia of the best modern type, with adequate and authoritative articles, many good illustrations, and excellent and very useful bibliographies. Important articles are by specialists, though all articles are unsigned. Especially good for biographical material, with a considerable proportion of Latin-American biography. It includes numerous high grade maps.- A.L.A. Catalog 1926.

The Reader’s Guide to the Encyclopedia Britannica; A Handbook Containing Sixty-six Courses of Systematic Study or Occasional Reading

Encylopedia Britannica 1913 Dewey Dec. 030

The guide is divided into six parts:
1. Courses of reading especially useful to those engaged in certain occupations, or preparing for them. There are 30 chapters for different occupational categories.
2. Courses of educational reading to supplement or take the place of school or university studies. There are 30 subject chapters, in most cases similar to the subject categories found in the Dewey Decimal Classification.
3. Devoted to the interests of children.
4. Readings on questions of the day.
5. For women
6. Readings for recreation and vacation.

Scientific American Reference Book; edition of 1913

Hopkins, Albert A. and Bond, A. Russell
Munn 1913 Dewey Dec. 030

Includes 1,000 illustrations. Table of Contents:

Part 1. Statistical Information
Chapter I.—Population and Social Statistics 1-42 -Chapter II.—Farms, Foods and Forests 43-74 – Chapter III.—Mines and Quarries 75-96 – Chapter IV.—Manufactures 97-136 – Chapter V.—Commerce 137-192 – Chapter VI.—Mercantile Marine 193-232 – Chapter MI.—Railroads 233-264 – Chapter VIII.—The Panama Canal 265-278 – Chapter IX.—Telegraphs and Cables 279-298 – Chapter X.—Wireless Telegraphy 299-310 – Chapter XL—Telephone Statistics of the World 311-322 – Chapter XII.—Post Office Affairs 323-350 – Chapter XIII.—Patents, Trade-Marks and Copyrights 351-388 – Chapter XIV.—Armies of the World 389-408 – Chapter XV.—Navies of the World 409-436 – Chapter XVI.—Aviation 437-456. Encyclopedia pdf free download.

Part 2. Scientific Information
Chapter I.—Chemistry 457-462 – Chapter II—Astronomy and Time 463-484 – Chapter HI.—Meteorology 485-518 – Chapter IV.—Machine Elements and Mechanical Movements 519-546 – Chapter V.—Geometrical Constructions 517-560 – Chapter VI.—Weights and Measures 561-586.

The World Book; Organized Knowledge in Story and Picture. 8 volumes

O’Shea, M. V. ed.
Hanson-Roach-Fowler 1918 Dewey Dec. 030 Rf

International Year-book; a Compendium of the World’s Progress during the Year

Dodd 1898 – 1902. Dewey Dec. 030 Rf

Similar in scope to Appleton’s annual cyclopedia, but entries are under more specific topics. To supplement cyclopedias. – A.L.A.Catalog 1904.

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