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Thousands of free environmental science pdf books, and environmental issues books. 30+ subject collections, plus suggested titles with descriptions.

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Environmental Sciences Books : Search Results at Internet Archive – Environmental Science Books PDF

Free pdf books on environmental sciences. Some book titles: The Science of the Environment, Great Jobs for Environmental Studies Majors, Global Environmental Issues pdf.

Environmental Sciences : Search Results at Open Library

About 4,800 free books. Some book titles: Protecting Earth’s Land, Ecology of a Changing Planet, The Green Encyclopedia.

Environmental Conservation & Protection Books – General : Search Results at Internet Archive – Environmental Science PDF

Free books on environmental conservation & protection. Some book titles: Solar Living Source Book, A Contract with the Earth, A Slice of Organic Life.

Environmental Conservation & Protection – General : Search Results at Open Library – Environment PDF

About 200 free books. Some book titles: Sun power, Natural gas, Enterprising Communities Grassroots Sustainability Innovations.

Environmental Education Books : Search Results at Internet Archive

Free pdf books on environmental education. Some book titles: Teens Go Green!; International Handbook of Research on Environmental Education; Leave No Child Inside.

Environmental Education : Search Results at Open Library – Environment PDF Books

About 800 free books. Some book titles: AP environmental science; Pioneers of the green movement, Peterson’s graduate programs in the physical sciences, mathematics, agricultural sciences, the environment & natural resources 2012.

Environmental Policy Books : Search Results at Internet Archive

Free pdf books on environmental policy. Some book titles: Pesticides: A Love Story; Confronting Hidden Threats to Sustainability; Meltdown in Tibet.

Environmental Policy Books : Search Results at Open Library

About 4,600 free books. Some book titles: The Quality of the Urban Environment; Wind farms; This changes everything: capitalism vs. the climate.

Environmentalism Books : Search Results at Internet Archive

Free pdf books on environmentalism. Some book titles: Religion Science and Environmentalism, Green Issues and Debates, Easy Ways to Take Back the Planet.

Environmentalism Books : Search Results at Open Library

About 28,000 free books. Some book titles: Issues in the Environment, Green-Collar Jobs, Preserving the Living Earth.

Green Movement Books : Search Results at Internet Archive – Free Books on Environmental Science

Free pdf books on the Green Movement. Some book titles: The New Art of Living Green; Being Eco in Your Community; Pioneers of the Green Movement.

Green Movement Books : Search Results at Open Library – Environment Books PDF

About 700 free books. Some book titles: Routledge Handbook of the Climate Change Movement; A teen guide to eco-leisure; The green family book of household solutions.

Environmental Management Books: Search Results at Internet Archive

Free pdf books on environmental management. Some book titles: The People’s Republic of Chemicals; Tourism and Water; Beyond Resource Wars.

Environmental Management Books : Search Results at Open Library

About 5,900 free books. Some book titles: National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska; Dept of the Interior Financial Report 2017; 3 Bars ecosystem and landscape restoration project.

Environmental Conditions Books : Search Results at Internet Archive – Free Environmental Issues Books

Free pdf books on environmental conditions. Some book titles: The Gold Coast Transformed; Planning for Rural Resilience; Saving Lake Tahoe.

Environmental Conditions Books : Search Results at Open Library

About 1,600 free books. Some book titles: The changing climate of North America; First Green Wave; The changing climate of Africa.

Environmental Degradation Books : Search Results at Internet Archive

Free pdf books on environmental degradation. Some book titles: The Oil Crisis has Begun, The Ecology of a Divided Planet, Betrayal of Science and Reason.

Environmental Degradation Books : Search Results at Open Library

About 520 free books. Some book titles: Environmental Disasters, The Global Population Challenge, Asia’s Environmental Crisis.

Environmental Protection Books : Search Results at Internet Archive

Free pdf books on environmental protection. Some book titles: Environmental Renewal in the 21st Century; India’s Natural World in Crisis; Poison Spring: the Secret History of Pollution and the EPA.

Environmental Protection Books : Search Results at Open Library

About 19,700 free books. Some book titles: San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area; Anthropocene or capitalocene?: nature, history, and the crisis of capitalism; A field philosopher’s guide to fracking.

Environmental Responsibility : Search Results at Internet Archive – Environmental Science Books PDF

Free pdf books on environmental responsibility. Some book titles: How China’s Rise Threatens Our Natural World; What Has Nature Ever Done for Us?; Who Will Save My Planet?.

Environmental Responsibility : Search Results at Open Library

About 820 free books. Some book titles: Strategic communication for sustainable organizations; Human dependence on nature; Sustainable Venturing. Free pdf books on environmental responsibility.

Environment Law : Search Results at Internet Archive

Free pdf environmental law books. Some book titles: Environmental Crime; Climate Justice: A Voice for the Future; Environmental Law Handbook.

Environment Law : Search Results at Open Library – Free Books on Environmental Science

About 760 free books. Some book titles: Environment and the law in Amazonia; The global environment; Negotiating environment and science: an insider’s view of international agreements, from driftnets to the space station.

Global Warming : Search Results at Internet Archive

Free pdf books on global warming. Some book titles: Our Warming Planet, Stop Global Warming, How to Prevent Global Climate Catastrophe.

Global Warming : Search Results at Open Library

About 960 free books. Some book titles: Global Warming: open for debate, Climate in Crisis, Dispatches from the Frontlines of Climate Change.

Climatic Changes : Search Results at Internet Archive – Environment PDF

Free pdf books on climatic changes. Some book titles: Preparing for Climate Change, The Politics of Climate Change, Wildlife Responses to Climate Change.

Climatic Changes : Search Results at Open Library

About 2,200 free books. Some book titles: Climate Change Policy Initiatives, Transportation and Global Climate Change, Climate Change: a reference handbook.

Conservation of Natural Resources : Search Results at Internet Archive – Environmental Science PDF

Free pdf books on conservation of natural resources. Some book titles: Ecology and Conservation of Natural Resources, Conservation of the Nation’s Resources, Conserving Living Natural Resources.

Conservation of Natural Resources : Search Results at Open Library

About 3,400 free books. Some book titles: The Politics of Conservation, Natural Resources and Human Intervention, Conservation of Exploited Species.

Nature Conservation Books : Search Results at Internet Archive

Free nature conservation pdf books. Some book titles: Kids Who Are Changing the World; Careers in Environment & Conservation; A History of the Nature Conservancy of Canada.

Nature Conservation Books : Search Results at Open Library

About 5,100 free books. Some book titles: Betting the farm on a drought; The annihilation of nature; Dodging extinction.

Ecology Books : Search Results at Internet Archive – Environmental Books Free

Ecology free pdf books. Some book titles: Conserving the Great Lakes; The Natural History of a French Farm; An Ocean Food Chain: Nature’s Bounty.

Ecology Books : Search Results at Open Library

About 14,800 free books. Some book titles: Ecologics; Urban Fauna Lab; Travelling Wild: Sailing the Caribbean Islands.

Pollution : Search Results at Internet Archive – Free Books on Environmental Science

Free books on pollution. Some book titles: Marine Pollution; The First Green Wave; Endangered Rivers.

Pollution : Search Results at Open Library

About 6,600 free books. Some book titles: Environment Infographics; Greening Your Boat; The people’s republic of chemicals.

Water Supply : Search Results at Internet Archive – Environment Issues PDF

Free pdf books on water supply. Some book titles: Storm Warning: Water and Climate Security in a Changing World; Rethinking the Future of Water; Pipe Politics: Contested Waters.

Water Supply : Search Results at Open Library – Free Environmental Issues Books

About 20,000 free books. Some book titles: Hydraulic City; Connecting the drops; The water-wise home.

Endangered Species Books : Search Results at Internet Archive

Free pdf books on endangered species. Some book titles: Endangered Species, Endangered Zebras, Encounters with the Most Endangered Animals in North America.

Endangered Species Books : Search Results at Open Library

About 1,600 free books. Some book titles: The Future of Endangered Species, Panda, Endangered Wildlife and Plants of the World, Rare Animals of the World.

Recycling : Search Results at Internet Archive

Free pdf books on recycling. Some book titles: Recycling in America, Resource Recovery and Recycling Handbook of Industrial Wastes, Recycled Tires.

Recycling : Search Results at Open Library

About 1,370 free books. Some book titles: Office Guide to Waste Reduction and Recycling, Municipal Wasted Disposal in the 1990s, 15 Simple Things Californians Can Do to Recycle.

Sustainable Living Books PDF : Search Results at Internet Archive

Free pdf books on sustainable living. Some book titles: How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint, Guide to Sustainable Living, The Vegetarian Imperative.

Sustainable Living Books PDF : Search Results at Open Library

About 540 free books. Some book titles: Powering Our Future, Greening Your Home, Confessions of an Eco-Sinner.

Climate Change Book List – Environment Books PDF

This is a Wikipedia list of books on climate change, that describe, as a major theme, the effects of human activity on climate change. Nearly all are nonfiction. You can use this Open Library search box to search for free online versions on the Internet Archive.

Other Resources on Environment Conservation

Environmental Book List

This Wikipedia page has two lists of environmental books; nonfiction and fiction. You can use this Open Library search box to search for free online versions on the Internet Archive.

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Suggested Environment PDF Books

America’s Environmental Report Card: Are We Making the Grade?

Blatt, Harvey
MIT 2005 Dewey Dec. 363.7

America’s Environmental Report Card offers answers to some of our most pressing environmental questions, providing a timely reminder of what we need to accomplish to achieve a sustainable environment. It lays out the scientific facts about water and air pollution, energy, global warming, and the ozone layer in a lively, conversational style, enhanced by illustrations, and charts a course of action for protecting the environment. America’s Environmental Report Card focuses on the environmental issues that polls show are most important to Americans today. Most important, it outlines ways to deal with these problems—workable and reasonable solutions that individuals, industry, and government can effect without unreasonable hardship, solutions that map the course to a sustainable future.

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Silent Spring – Environment Issues PDF

Carson, Rachel
Houghton Mifflin 2002 Dewey Dec. 363.7

First published by Houghton Mifflin in 1962, Silent Spring alerted a large audience to the environmental and human dangers of indiscriminate use of pesticides, spurring revolutionary changes in the laws affecting our air, land, and water. “Silent Spring became a runaway bestseller, with international reverberations . . . [It is] well crafted, fearless and succinct . . . Even if she had not inspired a generation of activists, Carson would prevail as one of the greatest nature writers in American letters” (Peter Matthiessen, for Time’s 100 Most Influential People of the Century).

Weather’s Greatest Mysteries Solved – Environmental Science PDF

Cerveny, Randall S.
Prometheus 2009 Dewey Dec. 304

“Why did T-Rex become extinct? Why did the Mayan civilization disappear? If the ancient Israelis did indeed cross the Red Sea, as reported in the Bible, what weather phenomena might have produced the parting of the waters? Why was nearly all human life swept away 73,000 years ago? And what factors created the Great American Dustbowl of the 1930s?
The extraordinary people who are interested in asking–and answering–such questions are known as climatologists. In a lively narrative full of intriguing facts, award-winning, internationally known climatologist Randy Cerveny takes the reader on a fascinating tour of some of the world’s most perplexing and provocative climate mysteries, past and present.

Environmental Disasters: a Chronicle of Individual, Industrial, and Governmental Carelessness

Davis, Lee
Facts on File 1998 Dewey Dec. 363.7

Chronicles nearly 100 environmental tragedies.

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The Complete Guide to Environmental Careers in the 21st Century – Environment PDF

Doyle, Kevin Lee et al.
Island 1999 Dewey Dec. 363.7

Organized for ease of use and fully updated to reflect ongoing changes in environmental fields, it is the most comprehensive and reliable resource available for anyone seeking information about environmental career opportunities and how to get started in one. The book presents: a thorough consideration of environmental trends for the 21st century and the likely impact of those trends on future career opportunities an overview of environmental professions including a statistical review of the private sector environmental industry, state and local government, federal government, academia, and nonprofits valuable tips on career search strategies along with information about education, volunteering, and internships case studies of representative work and individual profiles that give readers an up-close and personal look at a variety of environmental professionals, what they really do, and how they arrived at their current positions resources for further information including more than 100 of the top web sites for the environmental career seeker.

The Britannica Guide to Climate Change : An Unbiased Guide to the Key Issue of Our Age

Encyclopedia Britannica
Robinson 2008

“This Britannica guide gives a clear overview of the scientific evidence, from data showing how the atmosphere has changed in the last 4.5 billion years to more recent studies on the symptoms of a warming planet and the global effects of greenhouse gases, deforestation, and population. The guide introduces you to the possible solutions and to key figures in the debate, from the origins of environmentalism through to the Kyoto Protocol and beyond.” – Publisher.

Selected Articles on the Conservation of Natural Resources

Fanning, C. E., comp.
H. W. Wilson 1913 Dewey Dec. 333.7

In the first decades of the 20th century publisher H.W. Wilson produced many volumes in its Debaters’ Handbook Series on social and political issues that were under discussion at the time. Each book contains the full text of selected articles and documents representing opposing views on the issue, along with a substantial bibliography of books and articles.

Most of the books mentioned in these guides are likely to be freely available online. Search by title; first at the Internet Archive (archive.org), then at HathiTrust.org. Referenced magazine articles may also be available online at the same sites, with HathiTrust the preferred site for magazines.

Forecast: The Consequences of Climate Change, from the Amazon to the Arctic, from Darfur to Napa Valley – Free Environmental Issues Books

Faris, Stephan
Holt 2009 Dewey Dec. 304

“While reporting from Darfur, journalist Faris discovered that climate change was at the root of that conflict, and began to wonder what current and impending–and largely unanticipated–crises such changes have in store for the world. Here, he provides some answers. Global warming will spur the spread of many diseases. The warming world will shift huge populations and potentially redraw political alliances around the globe, driving environmentalists into the hands of anti-immigrant groups. America’s coasts are already more difficult places to live as increasing insurance rates make them prohibitively expensive. Crops will fail in previously lush places and thrive in some formerly barren zones, altering huge industries and remaking traditions. Water scarcity in India and Pakistan have the potential to inflame the conflict in Kashmir to unprecedented. Told through narratives of current, past, and future events, this is an eye-opening account of this most urgent issue.” -Publisher.

The Weather Makers: How Man is Changing the Climate and What it Means for Life on Earth

Flannery, Tim
Atlantic Monthly 2005 Dewey Dec. 363.7

With one out of every five living things on this planet committed to extinction by the levels of greenhouse gases that will accumulate in the next few decades, we are reaching a global climatic tipping point. The Weather Makers is both an urgent warning and a call to arms, outlining the history of climate change, how it will unfold over the next century, and what we can do to prevent a cataclysmic future. Along with a riveting history of climate change, Tim Flannery offers specific suggestions for action for both lawmakers and individuals, from investing in renewable power sources like wind, solar, and geothermal energy, to offering an action plan with steps each and every one of us can take right now to reduce deadly CO2 emissions by as much as 70 percent.

Blowout in the Gulf: The BP Oil Spill Disaster and the Future of Energy in America

Freudenburg, William R. and Gramling, Robert
MIT 2011 Dewey Dec. 363.7

On April 20, 2010, the gigantic drilling rig Deepwater Horizon blew up in the Gulf of Mexico, killing eleven crew members and causing a massive eruption of oil from BP’s Macondo well. For months, oil gushed into the Gulf, spreading death and destruction. Americans watched real-time video of the huge column of oil and gas spewing from the obviously failed “blowout preventer.” What was missing, though, was the larger story of this disaster. In Blowout in the Gulf, energy experts William Freudenburg and Robert Gramling explain both the disaster and the decisions that led up to it.
Blowout in the Gulf weaves a fascinating narrative of failures, missteps, and bad decisions, explaining why this oil spill was a disaster waiting to happen–and how making better energy choices will help prevent others like it.

Hot, Flat, and Crowded: Why We Need a Green Revolution and How it Can Renew America

Friedman, Thomas L.
Farrar, Straus and Giroux 2009 Dewey Dec. 363.7

In this brilliant, essential book, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Thomas L. Friedman speaks to America’s urgent need for national renewal and explains how a green revolution can bring about both a sustainable environment and a sustainable America.
Friedman explains how global warming, rapidly growing populations, and the expansion of the world’s middle class through globalization have produced a dangerously unstable planet–one that is “hot, flat, and crowded.” In this Release 2.0 edition, he also shows how the very habits that led us to ravage the natural world led to the meltdown of the financial markets and the Great Recession. The challenge of a sustainable way of life presents the United States with an opportunity not only to rebuild its economy, but to lead the world in radically innovating toward cleaner energy. And it could inspire Americans to something we haven’t seen in a long time–nation-building in America–by summoning the intelligence, creativity, and concern for the common good that are our greatest national resources.

The Big Necessity; The Unmentionable World of Human Waste and Why it Matters

George, Rose
Metropolitan 2008 Dewey Dec. 363.7

Acclaimed as “extraordinary” (The New York Times) and “a classic” (Los Angeles Times), The Big Necessity is on its way to removing the taboo on bodily waste—something common to all and as natural as breathing. We prefer not to talk about it, but we should—even those of us who take care of our business in pristine, sanitary conditions. Disease spread by waste kills more people worldwide every year than any other single cause of death. Even in America, nearly two million people have no access to an indoor toilet. Yet the subject remains unmentionable.
Moving from the underground sewers of Paris, London, and New York (an infrastructure disaster waiting to happen) to an Indian slum where ten toilets are shared by 60,000 people, The Big Necessity breaks the silence, revealing everything that matters about how people do—and don’t—deal with their own waste. With razor-sharp wit and crusading urgency, mixing levity with gravity, Rose George has turned the subject we like to avoid into a cause with the most serious of consequences.

Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis

Gore, Al
Rodale 2009 Dewey Dec. 363.7

Al Gore has been a passionate advocate of action to halt climate change for many years. In his best-selling book, An Inconvenient Truth, he wrote about the urgent need to address the problems of climate change, presenting comprehensive facts and information on all aspects of global warming in a direct, thoughtful and compelling way, using explanatory diagrams and dramatic photos to clarify and highlight key issues.
Adopting the same lucid technique in Our Choice, he proposes solutions at every level of our lives, from the personal and local to the national and political to the area of international policy and law.

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An Inconvenient Truth: The Planetary Emergency of Global Warming and What We Can Do About It

Gore, Al
Rodale 2006 Dewey Dec. 363.7

An Inconvenient Truth—Gore’s groundbreaking, battle cry of a follow-up to the bestselling Earth in the Balance—is being published to tie in with a documentary film of the same name. Both the book and film were inspired by a series of multimedia presentations on global warming that Gore created and delivers to groups around the world. With this book, Gore, who is one of our environmental heroes—and a leading expert—brings together leading-edge research from top scientists around the world; photographs, charts, and other illustrations; and personal anecdotes and observations to document the fast pace and wide scope of global warming. He presents, with alarming clarity and conclusiveness—and with humor, too—that the fact of global warming is not in question and that its consequences for the world we live in will be disastrous if left unchecked. This riveting new book—written in an accessible, entertaining style—will open the eyes of even the most skeptical.

High Tech Trash: Digital Devices, Hidden Toxics, and Human Health

Grossman, Elizabeth
Island 2006 Dewey Dec. 363.7

The Digital Age was expected to usher in an era of clean production, an alternative to smokestack industries and their pollutants. But as environmental journalist Elizabeth Grossman reveals in this penetrating analysis of high tech manufacture and disposal, digital may be sleek, but it’s anything but clean. Deep within every electronic device lie toxic materials that make up the bits and bytes, a complex thicket of lead, mercury, cadmium, plastics, and a host of other often harmful ingredients.

Hot: Living through the Next Fifty Years on Earth – Environmental Science PDF

Hertsgaard, Mark
Center Point 2011 Dewey Dec. 304

“For twenty years, Mark Hertsgaard has investigated global warming as a journalist, but the full truth did not hit home until he became a father and, soon thereafter, learned that climate change was bound to worsen for decades to come. Hertsgaard’s daughter is part of what he has dubbed “Generation Hot” — the two billion young people worldwide who will spend the rest of their lives coping with climate disruption. Drawing on reporting from around the world, Hot is a call to action that injects hope and solutions into a debate characterized by doom and gloom and offers a blueprint for how all of us – parents, communities, countries – can navigate an unavoidable new era.” -Publisher.

Eco Barons: The New Heroes of Environmental Activism – Environment Books PDF

Humes, Edward
Ecco 2010 Dewey Dec. 363.7

Pulitzer Prize-winner Edward Humes offers readers an eye-opening look at the remarkable philanthropists and visionaries who are devoting their lives to saving the earth from overdevelopment and destruction. In Eco Barons, Humes, the bestselling author of Mississippi Mud and Monkey Girl, gives us fascinating portraits of extraordinary men and women who are dedicated to humankind’s survival—as important a contribution to the environmental cause as Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth. As the New York Times points out, “Humes’s urgent message is clear: We must all strive to become ‘eco barons’ in our own right if we are to save Planet Earth.”

The Encyclopedia of Global Warming Science and Technology (Volume 1: A-H) – Environmental Science Books PDF

Volume 2: I-Z

Johansen, Bruce E., ed.

Covers a vast range of topics, concepts, issues, processes, and scientists sifted and melded from the many scientific and technological fields. These include atmospheric chemistry, paleoclimatology, biogeography, oceanography, geophysics, glaciology, soil science, and more. Bruce E. Johansen digests the explosion of scientific work on global warming that has been published since 1980 and presents it in a set.

Field Notes from a Catastrophe: Man, Nature, and Climate Change – Environmental Books Free

Kolbert, Elizabeth
Bloomsbury 2007 Dewey Dec. 363.7

Known for her insightful and thought-provoking journalism, New Yorker writer Elizabeth Kolbert now tackles the controversial subject of global warming. Americans have been warned since the late nineteen-seventies that the buildup of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere threatens to melt the polar ice sheets and irreversibly change our climate. With little done since then to alter this dangerous course, now is the moment to salvage our future. By the end of the century, the world will likely be hotter than it’s been in the last two million years, and the sweeping consequences of this change will determine the future of life on earth for generations to come.
In writing that is both clear and unbiased, Kolbert approaches this monumental problem from every angle. She travels to the Arctic, interviews researchers and environmentalists, explains the science and the studies, draws frightening parallels to lost ancient civilizations, unpacks the politics, and presents the personal tales of those who are being affected most—the people who make their homes near the poles and, in an eerie foreshadowing, are watching their worlds disappear.

Five Past Midnight in Bhopal: The Epic Story of the World’s Deadliest Industrial Disaster – Free Environmental Issues Books

Lapieree, Dominique and Moro, Javier
Warner 2003 Dewey Dec. 363.7

Union Carbide was a huge, well-intentioned American corporation that invented a miracle pesticide. In the Indian city of Bhopal they built a giant plant to process it. But at five past midnight on December 3, 1984, toxic gas leaked into the night air and was blown into the heavily populated city. By dawn, over a half-million Bhopalis would be poisoned, and between sixteen and thirty thousand would die in agony. Weaving the stories of hundreds of American and Indian participants and eyewitness accounts into one unforgettable human tapestry, this book is a must-read for everyone who cares about the world and its people.

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Sacrifice Zones: The Front Lines of Toxic Chemical Exposure in the United States

Lerner, Steve
MIT 2010 Dewey Dec. 363.7

“I just got mad. I couldn’t breathe in my own house.” —Ruth Reed, a resident of Ocala, Florida, who lives next door to a Royal Oak Charcoal factory Across the United States, thousands of people, most of them in low-income or minority communities, live next to heavily polluting industrial sites. Many of them, like Ruth Reed, reach a point at which they say “Enough is enough.” After living for years with poisoned air and water, contaminated soil, and pollution-related health problems, they start to take action—organizing, speaking up, documenting the effects of pollution on their neighborhoods. In Sacrifice Zones, Steve Lerner tells the stories of twelve communities, from Brooklyn to Pensacola, that rose up to fight the industries and military bases causing disproportionately high levels of chemical pollution.
Sacrifice Zones offers compelling portraits of accidental activists who have become grassroots leaders in the struggle for environmental justice and details the successful tactics they have used on the fence line with heavy industry.

The Ragged Edge of the World: Encounters at the Frontier Where Modernity, Wildlands and Indigenous Peoples Meet

Linden, Eugene
Viking 2011 Dewey Dec. 303

“A pioneering work of environmental journalism that vividly depicts the people, animals and landscapes on the front lines of change’s inexorable march. A species nearing extinction, a tribe losing centuries of knowledge, a tract of forest facing the first incursion of humans-how can we even begin to assess the cost of losing so much of our natural and cultural legacy? For forty years, environmental journalist and author Eugene Linden has traveled to the very sites where tradition, wildlands and the various forces of modernity collide. In The Ragged Edge of the World, he takes us from pygmy forests to the Antarctic to the world’s most pristine rainforest in the Congo to tell the story of the harm taking place-and the successful preservation efforts-in the world’s last wild places.” -Publisher.

High Tide: The Truth about our Climate Crisis

Lynas, Mark
Picador 2004 Dewey Dec. 363.7

“In this groundbreaking book, the author reveals the first evidence – painstaking collected over three years of traveling to far-flung corners of the globe – of how global warming is hitting people’s lives, not in the future, but in our world today. And in the process, Lynas gives us a stark warning about the even worse dangers that lie ahead if nothing is done.” -Publisher.

The Environmental Resource Handbook (7th edition, 2014) – Environment Issues PDF

Mars, Laura, ed.
Armenia, NY: Grey House 2013

“A Universal Reference Book”. Directory for Associations & Organizations, Awards & Honors, Conferences & Trade Shows, Consultants, Environmental Health, Environmental Law, Financial Resources, Government Agencies & Programs, Publications, Research Centers, Educational Resources & Programs. The 2nd section has Statistics & Rankings.

Storm World: Hurricanes, Politics, and the Battle over Global Warming – Environment PDF

Mooney, Chris
Harcourt 2007 Dewey Dec. 363.7

A leading science journalist delves into a red-hot debate in meteorology: whether the increasing ferocity of hurricanes is connected to global warming.
In the wake of Katrina, Chris Mooney follows the careers of leading scientists on either side of the argument through the 2006 hurricane season, tracing how the media, special interests, politics, and the weather itself have skewed and amplified what was already a fraught scientific debate. As Mooney puts it: “Scientists, like hurricanes, do extraordinary things at high wind speeds.”
Mooney—a New Orleans native, host of the Point of Inquiry podcast, and author of The Republican Brain—has written “a well-researched, nuanced book” that closely examines whether we as a society should be held responsible for making hurricanes even bigger monsters than they already are (The New York Times).

The Environmental Debate

A Documentary history, with timeline, glossary, and appendices

Neimark, Peninah and Mott, Peter Rhoades, eds.
Armenia, NY: Grey House 2011

2nd edition. Collection of primary documents examines the evolution of concern about environmental degradation, pollution, and resource conservation in America from the colonial period through the first decade of the 21st century. there are historical introductions to the 8 chronologically arranged parts and to each of the 168 documents.

Green Metropolis

Owen, David
Riverhead 2009 Dewey Dec. 304

Most Americans think of crowded cities as ecological nightmares, as wastelands of concrete and garbage and diesel fumes and traffic jams. Yet residents of compact urban centers, Owen shows, individually consume less oil, electricity, and water than other Americans. They live in smaller spaces, discard less trash, and, most important of all, spend far less time in automobiles. Residents of Manhattan—the most densely populated place in North America—rank first in public-transit use and last in percapita greenhouse-gas production, and they consume gasoline at a rate that the country as a whole hasn’t matched since the mid-1920s, when the most widely owned car in the United States was the Ford Model T. They are also among the only people in the United States for whom walking is still an important means of daily transportation.

The Climate War: True Believers, Power Brokers, and the Fight to Save the Earth

Pooley, Eric
Hyperion 2010 Dewey Dec. 363.7

Why has it been so hard for America to come to grips with climate change? Why do so many people believe it isn’t really happening? As President Obama’s science advisor John Holdren has said, “We’re driving in a car with bad brakes in a fog and heading for a cliff. We know for sure that cliff is out there. We just don’t know exactly where it is. Prudence would suggest that we should start putting on the brakes.” But powerful interests are threatened by the carbon cap that would speed the transition to a clean energy economy, and their agents have worked successfully to deny the problem and delay the solutions. Pooley captures the quiet determination and even heroism of climate campaigners who have dedicated their lives to an uphill battle that’s still raging today.

Dead Pool: Lake Powell, Global Warming, and the Future of Water in the West – Environmental Books Free

Powell, James Lawrence
Univ. of California 2008 Dewey Dec. 363.6

Where will the water come from to sustain the great desert cities of Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Phoenix? In a provocative exploration of the past, present, and future of water in the West, James Lawrence Powell begins at Lake Powell, the vast reservoir that has become an emblem of this story. At present, Lake Powell is less than half full. Bathtub rings ten stories tall encircle its blue water; boat ramps and marinas lie stranded and useless. To refill it would require surplus water—but there is no surplus: Writing for a wide audience, Powell shows us exactly why an urgent threat during the first half of the twenty-first century will come not from the rising of the seas but from the falling of the reservoirs.

Gone Tomorrow: The Hidden Life of Garbage

Rogers, Heather
New Press 2005 Dewey Dec. 363.7

Eat a take-out meal, buy a pair of shoes, or read a newspaper, and you’re soon faced with a bewildering amount of garbage. The United States is the planet’s number-one producer of trash. Each American throws out 4.5 pounds daily. But garbage is also a global problem; the Pacific Ocean is today six times more abundant with plastic waste than zooplankton. How did we end up with this much rubbish, and where does it all go? Journalist and filmmaker Heather Rogers answers these questions by taking readers on a grisly, oddly fascinating tour through the underworld of garbage.
Said to “read like a thriller” (Library Journal), Gone Tomorrow excavates the history of rubbish handling from the 1800s to the present, pinpointing the roots of today’s waste-addicted society.

Early Spring: An Ecologist and Her Children Wake to a Warming World – Environment Books PDF

Seidl, Amy
Beacon 2009 Dewey Dec. 363.7

An ecologist and mother brings the overwhelming problem of global warming to a personal level, with a mix of memoir and science As Michael Pollan and Barbara Kingsolver examine food issues through their own families’ meals, Amy Seidl looks at climate change through family walks in the woods, work in her garden, and seasonal community events throughout the year. She brings home the reality of global warming by considering how it has altered her life, her daughters’ experiences outdoors, and the traditions of her quintessential small New England town Through beautiful literary writing grounded in the science of ecology and evolutionary biology, Seidl offers both a personal and a research-based testimonial of global warming.

Dam! Water, Power, Politics, and Preservation in Hetch Hetchy and Yosemite National Park

Simpson, John Warfield
Pantheon 2005 Dewey Dec. 363.6

The building of the O’Shaughnessy Dam and Hetch Hetchy Reservoir in the middle of Yosemite National Park–despite the availability of less expensive, less technically challenging, and less politically complicated possibilities–set off a defining controversy in American environmentalism. From the early 1900s to 1913 Americans argued about proposals to dam the Tuolumne River and transform the extraordinary Hetch Hetchy Valley into a giant source of water and hydroelectric power for the San Francisco Bay Area. It is a story of intrigue replete with political scandals and suspect tactics played out in the corridors of Congress, in San Francisco’s City Hall and its corporate boardrooms, and in the national media.

Red Sky at Morning: America and the Crisis of the Global Environment

Speth, James Gustave
Yale Nota Bene 2005 Dewey Dec. 363.7

This book will change the way we understand the future of our planet. It is both alarming and hopeful. James Gustave Speth, renowned as a visionary environmentalist leader, warns that in spite of all the international negotiations and agreements of the past two decades, efforts to protect Earth’s environment are not succeeding. Still, he says, the challenges are not insurmountable. He offers comprehensive, viable new strategies for dealing with environmental threats around the world.

Deep Future: The Next 100,000 Years of Life on Earth

Stager, Curt
Dunne 2011 Dewey Dec. 363.7

A bold, far-reaching look at how our actions will decide the planet’s future for millennia to come.
Imagine a planet where North American and Eurasian navies are squaring off over shipping lanes through an acidified, ice-free Arctic. Centuries later, their northern descendants retreat southward as the recovering sea freezes over again. And later still, future nations plan how to avert an approaching Ice Age… by burning what remains of our fossil fuels.
These are just a few of the events that are likely to befall Earth and human civilization in the next 100,000 years. And it will be the choices we make in this century that will affect that future more than those of any previous generation. We are living at the dawn of the Age of Humans; the only question is how long that age will last.

The Hot Topic: What We Can Do About Global Warming

Walker, Gabrielle
Harcourt 2008 Dewey Dec. 363.7

One of the most dynamic writers and one of the most respected scientists in the field of climate change offer the first concise guide to both the problems and the solutions of global warming. Guiding us past a blizzard of information and misinformation, Gabrielle Walker and Sir David King explain the science of warming, the most cutting-edge technological solutions from small to large, and the national and international politics that will affect our efforts.
While there have been many other books about the problem of global warming, none has addressed what we can and should do about it so clearly and persuasively, with no spin, no agenda, and no exaggeration.

When a Billion Chinese Jump: How China Will Save Mankind – or Destroy It

Watts, Jonathan
Scribner 2010 Dewey Dec. 363.7

When a Billion Chinese Jump is a road journey into the future of our species. Traveling from the mountains of Tibet to the deserts of Inner Mongolia via the Silk Road, tiger farms, cancer villages, weather-modifying bases, and eco-cities, Watts chronicles the environmental impact of economic growth with a series of gripping stories from the country on the front line of global development. He talks to nomads and philosophers, entrepreneurs and scientists, rural farmers and urban consumers, examining how individuals are trying to adapt to one of the most spectacular bursts of change in human history, then poses a question that will affect all of our lives: Can China find a new way forward or is this giant nation doomed to magnify the mistakes that have already taken humanity to the brink of disaster?

The Fate of Nature: Rediscovering our Ability to Rescue the Earth

Wohlforth, Charles P.
St. Martin’s 2010 Dewey Dec. 304

“”What capacity for good lies in the hidden depths of people?”
Starting with this question, award-winning author Charles Wohlforth sets forth on a wide-ranging exploration of our relationship with the world. InThe Fate of Nature, he draws on science, spirituality, history, economics, and personal stories to reveal answers about the future of that relationship. There is no better place to witness the highs and lows of our treatment of the natural world than the vast wilds, rocky coasts, and shifting settlements of Alaska. In the face of such profound tragedies, Charles Wohlforth has found heartening developments in the science of human altruism. This new understanding of what causes humans to cooperate and act conscientiously may be the first step toward taking the actions necessary to preserve an environment that has already been altered drastically in our lifetime.

The Facts on File Dictionary of Environmental Science

Wyman, Bruce and Stevenson, L. Harold
Facts on File 2001 Dewey Dec. 363.7

“Contains more than 4,000 cross-referenced entries that reflect the great diversity of subjects that are relevant to the environmental field.” -Publisher.

Introduction to Environmental Science – Environment Issues PDF

Zehnder, Caralyn and others
University System of Georgia 2018

“Uses the basic principles of biology and earth science as a context for understanding environmental policies and resource management practices.” -Open Textbook Library Website.

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