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On the Ohio – Ohio Travel Guides Free

Abdy, Harry Bennett
NY: Dodd Mead 1919

A lively and entertaining travel book by a popular writer, describing the 1,000 mile steamboat river cruise that he and his wife took in 1915.

Out of the Woods: A Bird Watcher’s Year – Explore Ohio

Anderson, Ora E.
Ohio University 2007

Journals of Charles Beatty, 1762-1769

Beatty, Charles
University Park, PA 1962

This volume contains journals of three trips made by Beatty; two to the British Isles and one through Pennsylvania to the Ohio country in 1766. Throughout the first half of the 18th century many thousands of Scotch-Irish Presbyterians immigrated to America, often arriving in Philadelphia, from where they then advanced west through Pennsylvania in search of land. Many could be found on the very edge of the frontier, which in the 1740s was in central Pennsylvania, but by the 1760s had extended to the western edge of present-day Pennsylvania and along the Ohio River. Reverend Beatty had been active since the outbreak of war in 1756 in providing assistance to frontiersmen on behalf of the Presbyterian church. In 1766 the church sent him to preach for two months on the frontier, to find out what Presbyterian frontiersmen needed from the church, and to get some idea of where they were settling. His journal is a record of his fulfilment of that assignment.

In addition to Beatty’s journal this volume contains an extensive introduction that describes Reverend Beatty’s activities in the 1750s and 1760s, and the efforts of the Presbyterian church to provide services to co-religionists on the frontier.

“A British View of the Ohio Backwoods: The Letters of James Martin, 1821-1836”

Ohio History Journal, Vol 94, pp 139-154

Birch, Brian P., ed.
Ohio History Connection

James Martin emigrated from London to Philadelphia in 1821, and after some time looking for work there decided to try his hand at farming on the frontier. This collection of letters covers his travel to Ohio, his establishment of a farm in Crawford County, OH, and the subsequent years. His was not a successful story, and throws light on the difficulties experienced by many British emigrants who, despite not being experienced farmers, tried to become farmers in America.

Where to Weekend around Ohio

Bohman, Mary Beth
Fodor’s 2004

A Fodor’s travel guide, with 25 suggested weekend itineraries around the state.

“Touring Ohio in 1811: The Journal of Charity Rotch”

Ohio History Journal, Vol 99, pp 135-165

Conrad, Ethel
Ohio History Connection

Charity Rotch, the author of the title journal, was born in 1766. She and her husband were Quakers living in Rhode Island when, due to her ill health, they were advised by doctors to relocate. In January 1811 the couple departed on an exploratory trip to Ohio. Charity maintained a journal of the trip until they returned four months later, and that journal, discovered in 1983, is reproduced here. Extensive explanatory notes accompany the text.

Sketches of a Tour to the Western Country through the States of Ohio and Kentucky … – Explore Ohio

a Voyage down the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers, and a trip through the Mississippi Territory and part of West Florida. Commenced at Philadelphia in the Winter of 1807 and Concluded in 1809

Cuming, Fortescue
Pittsburgh 1810

Little is known about Fortescue Cuming, the author. Editor Reuben G. Thwaites concluded from clues in the account that “he appears to have been an Englishman of culture and refinement, who had travelled extensively in other lands…” Thwaites, who had edited dozens of travel journals, found him an excellent travel reporter. He wrote in his Preface that Cumings had, “…an intelligent, open mind, free from local prejudices, and with trained habits of observation.” “In plain, dispassionate style, he has given us a picture of American life in the West, at the beginning of the 19th century, that for clear-cut outlines and fidelity of presentation has the effect of a series of photographic representations.”

The journals here cover two journeys. The first began in January 1807, and started as a pedestrian tour from Philadelphia to Pittsburg. After a stay of several months in Pittsburgh he continued by boat down the Ohio River to Maysville KY. He then visited Lexington and Frankfurt, crossed the Ohio, and traveled the new state road through Chillicothe, Lancaster and Zanesville to Wheeling. Then he returned to Pittsburgh. The second narrative starts at Maysville in 1808 and describes his voyage down the Ohio and Mississippi to Bayou Pierre, and then a horseback trip in Mississippi Territory.

For several early-19th century descriptions of the Great Lakes states and adjoining areas, see: Settlers’ Guides for the Great Lakes Region

Best Choices in Ohio (guidebook)

Diede, Alan
McKeesport, PA: GNG Mon 1989

A guide to travel and enjoyment in Ohio, featuring accommodations, dining, events, recreation and shopping in Ohio.

A Journey to Ohio in 1810: As Recorded in the Journal of Margaret Van Horn Dwight

Dwight, Margaret V. H, and Max Farrand
New Haven: Yale University Press 1912

Author Margaret Dwight (1790-1834) was the daughter of a physician and the niece of a President of Yale College. Her father died in 1796 and her mother later remarried, so Margaret lived with other family members. In 1810, at the age of 19, she traveled from New Haven, CT. to Warren, OH. by wagon to live with cousins. She had promised one cousin that that she would keep a journal of her trip, and sent her this account immediately afterward. Margaret Dwight would go on to marry William Bell in 1811 in Ohio. They moved to Pittsburgh and raised a family of thirteen children.

Travels: Comprising a Journey from England to Ohio, Two Years in that State, Travels in America, &c.

To which are added the Foreigner’s protracted journal, letters, &c

Eyre, John

The title journey apparently began in 1832 and ended in 1835, although, confusingly, the latter part of the book seems to be about travel that the author undertook in the late 1840s. He published this account for the benefit of the many people in Great Britain who were considering emigrating to the U.S., but it is not the kind of ‘marketing’ book one might expect. Instead it is an account of the author’s own experiences and stories that he heard while in America. These experiences showed that, while it was possible for an immigrant to realize his dreams and improve his lot, life in America was often difficult and risky. A colorful – and thoughtful – account.

Natural Wonders of Ohio: Exploring Wild and Scenic Places – Ohio Travel Guides Free

Groene, Gordon and Groene, Janet
Country Roads 1999

Country Roads of Ohio

Groene, Janet
Castine, ME: Country Roads 1993

“Features 17 day-long and weekend trips that take you into every corner of the state, including a “covered bridge cavalcade” in the northeast. – Book cover.”

Ohio Curiosities: Quirky Characters, Roadside Oddities, & Other Offbeat Stuff

Gurvis, Sandra
Guilford, CN: Globe Pequot 2007

“This book is your round-trip ticket to the wildest, wackiest, most outrageous people, places, and things the Buckeye State has to offer! Walk among 109 human-size ears of corn; through a collection of some 1,000 autographed hot dog buns; and over perfectly good subway tunnels that have never been used. This laugh-out-loud guide will introduce readers to the offbeat people, places, and events of the Buckeye State.” – Publisher

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The Diary of Lucy Ann Higbee, 1837 – Explore Ohio

Chiefly from original manuscripts; containing the papers of Col. George Morgan; those of Judge Barker; the diaries of Joseph Buell and John Mathews; the records of the Ohio Company, &c., &c., &c.

Higbee, Lucy Ann
Cleveland: Privately Printed 1924

Lucy Ann Higby and her niece Virginia Higbee traveled to the home of Joseph Higby (Lucy Ann’s brother and Virginia’s father), several miles east of Coshocton, Ohio. The two began from their home in Trenton, NJ, and the author describes their journey by canal boat, steam boat and stage. They went through the Alleghenies to Pittsburgh, and then through Wheeling and Steubenville to Coshocton. After a stay with Lucy Ann’s brother, the two continue on to Cleveland. The crisp, concise account provides a good sense of the hardships and inconveniences of travel, and includes remarks on many of the sites of interest they passed. 57 pages.

Pioneer History: Being an Account of the First Examinations of the Ohio Valley, and the Early Settlement of the Northwest Territory …

Chiefly from original manuscripts; containing the papers of Col. George Morgan; those of Judge Barker; the diaries of Joseph Buell and John Mathews; the records of the Ohio Company, &c., &c., &c.

Hildreth, Samuel P.
Cincinnati: 1848

The “Publishers’ Advertisement” at the beginning of the book says that the work was published “under the superintendence” of the Historical Society of Cincinnati, and “contains a full account of all that took place in Washington county, where the first settlement in the present state of Ohio took place, from 1788 to 1803, or during the existence of the Territorial Government.” The author, in his Preface, wrote that he had lived in Ohio more than 40 years and was personally acquainted with a large number of the early pioneers. He drew on the diaries of Joseph Buell and John Mathews (mentioned in the title) for events on the Ohio river before the settlement of the Ohio Company, and a large portion of this history was founded on the notes of Judge Barker.

Bountiful Ohio: Good Food and Stories from Where the Heartland Begins

Hope, James and Failor, Susan
Bowling Green, OH: Gabriel’s Horn 1993

“James Hope and Susan Failor took to the road, each following their own paths in search of the flavor of Ohio. He came back with fascinating lore and new stories about the bounty of the state and the Ohio dwellers who make it possible. She brought back recipes and food ideas that are family treasures, chef’s favorites, and country fair prize-winners.” Book cover.

Michigan vacation ideas

The Ohio Gazetteer, and Traveller’s Guide

containing a description of the several towns, townships, and counties, with their water-courses, roads, improvements, mineral productions &c, &c.

Jenkins, Warren
Columbus: Whiting 1841

(title page continued) “Together with an appendix, or general register; embracing tables of roads and distances; of post offices, their location and distance from the capital of the state and of the U.S.; of works of internal improvement; of the several officers of state, their residence, &c; of the colleges and their officers; of banks, their officers and capital, &c. Appendix containing the census of the state for 1840.”

Ohio: The Spirit of America – Ohio Travel Guides Free

Landau, Diana
NY: Harry N. Abrams 2001

A 100-page intro to Ohio, with plenty of photos, organized thematically. Chapters include: Picturing the Land, Making History, Commerce and Culture, Public Works, Private Lives, Pastimes, Lively and Literary Arts, Ohio by the Seasons, Where to Go, and more.

A Pictorial Description of Ohio

comprising a sketch of its physical geography, history, political divisions, resources, government and constitution, antiquities, public lands, etc.

Lossing, Benson John
NY: Ensign & Thayer 1850

“De Celoron’s Expedition to the Ohio in 1749”

Ohio History XXIX, October 1920, Number 4, 424-50.

Marshall, O. H.
Columbus: Ohio Historical Society

This is sometimes called the “lead plate expedition”. Celeron was a French military officer on an assignment to strengthen France’s claim to the Ohio country. He did so by burying inscribed lead plates in the river at the mouth of principal tributaries, and by affixing lead or copper plates to trees. When the expedition encountered British trading posts along the river, the traders were ordered to leave the region. This expedition marked an escalation in France’s competition with Britain for the Ohio country, as France tried to establish control along waterways from Lake Erie, down the Ohio River to Mississippi, then down to New Orleans. This would, France hoped, stop the spread of the British across North America.

This introductory article and the three accompanying articles all appeared together in the same volume of Ohio History. Two of the accompanying articles are English translations of journals maintained by Celoron and the priest assigned to the expedition, Father Bonnecamps. The editors of both journals included explanatory notes.

“The Expedition of Celoron”

Ohio History XXIX, October 1920, Number 4, 331-334

Galbreath, C. B.
Columbus: Ohio Historical Society

“Celoron’s Journal”

Ohio History XXIX, October 1920, Number 4, 335-96, 481-483

Lambing, A. A., ed.
Columbus: Ohio Historical Society

“Account of the Voyage on the Beautiful River made in 1749, under the Direction of Monsieur De Celoron”

Ohio History Vol 29, October 1920, Number 4, pp 397-423.

Bonnecamps, Father
Columbus: Ohio Historical Society

Travels to the Westward of the Allegany Mountains, in the States of the Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee, in the Year 1802

Michaux, Francois A.
Phillips 1805

Several chapters are devoted to the author’s 1802 trip down the Ohio River, starting in Pittsburgh, with stops at most of the significant towns.

Oddball Ohio: A Guide to Some Really Strange Places – Explore Ohio

Pohlen, Jerome
Chicago Review 2004

52 Ohio Weekends

Quinley, Mary
U.S.: Country Roads 1999

“This action-packed guide offers just what the title implies – a fresh experience for every weekend of the year. The author invites you to join her on a year-long Buckeye State safari that takes you to caves, castles, carousels, country inns, covered bridges, and much more – even Bactrian camels.” – Book cover.

Biking Ohio’s Rail-Trails: Where to Go, What to Expect, How to Get There

Richardson, Shawn E.
Cambridge, MN: Adventure 2000

“This provides tourists, weekend travelers, outdoor lovers and recreationalists with a set of uniform, detailed maps that allow them to easily find each trail. The maps and text also help drivers find parking and other locations to drop off or pick up trail users.” – Introduction. Minor trails don’t have maps, but the author provided descriptions.

Discovering Ohio

Shangle, Barbara
Beaverton, OR: American Products 2000

This book mostly consists of photos with extended captions. It is organized into four regions, and also has chapters on state parks and historic sites.

Mountain Bike America, Ohio: An Atlas of Ohio’s Greatest Off-Road Bicycle Rides – Ohio Travel Guides Free

Vincent, Adam
Guilford, Conn: Globe Pequot 2000

Includes: comprehensive trail descriptions, from beginner to advanced; digitally designed relief maps detailing each ride; accurate route profiles; detailed directions; difficulty raings, elevation gain, trail contacts, more.

“The Travel Notes of Joseph Gibbons, 1804”

Ohio History Journal, Vol 92, pp 96-146

Walker, Joseph E., ed.
Ohio History Connection

Joseph Gibbons was a young Quaker man making an exploratory trip throughout western Pennsylvania into eastern Ohio, as he considered moving his family to the new frontier lands opened in the wake of the 1794 victory of General Anthony Wayne over the Indians of Ohio. As he traveled he took notes of what he saw as well as what he heard from settlers and other travelers, in an effort to report back honestly to his wife about the pros and cons of resettling on the Ohio frontier.

Particular Places: A Traveler’s Guide to Ohio’s Best Road Trips

Ware, Jane
Orange Frazer 2008

The book is a guide to 15 smaller towns and scenic areas. “For each place, we have looked for truly distinctive and locally particular places to stay, eat and see, along with good local characters to hear about and sometimes meet.”

Contents: Marietta – Athens – Logan – Adams – Yellow Springs – Lebanon – Granville – Mount Vernon – Coshocton – Amish Country – Sandusky – Lake Erie – Port Clinton – Lake Erie Islands – Maumee River Valley

Washington’s “Tour to the Ohio” and Articles of “the Mississippi Company” – Explore Ohio

Washington, George and Hulbert, Archer Butler
Ohio Archaeological and Historical Society 1908

George Washington made several trips to the western frontier in the area of the Ohio River. In this volume, historian Archer Hulbert compiled brief entries from George Washington’s daily journal as well as more comprehensive narratives that he wrote concerning an exploratory trip Washington made in 1770 down the Ohio River from Pittsburgh and up some of the creeks that flowed into it. Hulbert calls this the first accurate travel account of this region that we have. The Articles of the Mississippi Company are also included here. This was a company that Washington helped to found, for the purpose of investing in and settling on wilderness lands along the Ohio River. It was mainly Washington’s interest in land as an investment that led him to undertake this journey. Hulbert’s extensive introduction discusses Washington’s interests, financial and otherwise, in western lands.

Ohio State Parks: A Guide to Ohio’s State Parks

Weber, Art
Glovebox Guidebook 1994

Information about each of Ohio’s 72 State Parks, including what kinds of activities, accommodations and other facilities are available.


Moon Handbooks

Wright, David K.
Avalon 2003

A volume from the distinctive travel guide series “Moon Handbooks”.

The Ohio Guide, Compiled by Workers of the Writers’ Program of the Work Projects Administration in the State of Ohio

Writers’ Program (Ohio)
NY: Oxford University 1940

The is the Ohio volume in the “American Guide Series” which was launched by a Federal New Deal program during the depression to make use of unemployed writers. The book has 3 parts: Part 1 is “General Background”, with history, economy, institutions, art, literature etc. Part 2 is “Cities”, and has profiles of 19 cities. Part 3 is “Tours”, and describes drives on 23 routes around the state.

Off the Beaten Path Ohio: A Guide to Unique Places

Zimmermann, George
Guilford, CN: GPP Travel

“From the best in local dining to quirky cultural tidbits to hidden attractions, unique finds, and unusual locales, Ohio Off the Beaten Path takes the reader down the road less traveled and reveals a side of Ohio that other guidebooks just don’t offer.” – Publisher

Fun with the Family: Ohio

Hundreds of Ideas for Day Trips with the Kids

Zimmeth, Khristi S.
Insiders’ Guide 2004

The book is organized into five Ohio regions, and further organized by cities and towns. It seems focused mainly on destinations such as museums, parks and major private-sector attractions, with sizeable descriptions for each. Most are suitable for adults as well as children. “Where to Eat” and “Where to Stay” are included but contain only very basic descriptions.

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Ohio Road Trips: 52 Trips–Hundreds of Fun and Unusual Getaway Ideas in Ohio – Ohio Travel Guides Free

Zurcher, Neil
Cleveland: Gray 2009

“Discover the best and most unusual places to visit in all of Ohio. Longtime TV travel reporter Neil Zurcher has made a career of showing fellow Ohioans how to take delightful mini-vacations close to home. This book collects Neil’s all-time favorite Ohio getaway ideas.” – Book cover.

Cincinnati and SW Ohio

Shifra Stein’s Day Trips from Cincinnati: Getaways Less than Two Hours Away – Explore Ohio

Hunter, David
Charlotte, NC: East Woods 1984

“Describes more than 200 fascinating, exciting (and many free of charge!) things to see and do … all within a 2-hour drive from greater Cincinnati.” -Book cover

Cincinnati: City-Smart Guidebook

Jeyes, Billie Felix
Santa Fe, NM: John Muir 1998

“Let expert advice from a local author show you the best the city has to offer – from sights, restaurants, and accommodations to galleries, museums, great shopping, a a variety of sports and recreational activities. Chapters on history, neighborhoods and transportation will help you feel like a longtime local.” – Book cover

Walks and Rambles in Southwestern Ohio: From the Stillwater to the Ohio River

Ramey, Ralph
Woodstock, VT: Backcountry 1994

“Each of the 36 walks in southwestern Ohio’s parks and preserves was carefully selected for its natural and historical interest. Most of the trails are suitable for family groups with children, and all are under six miles.” – Book cover.

“The Journey of a Pennsylvania Quaker to Pioneer Ohio”

Cincinnati Historical Society Bulletin Volume 26, No. 1 (January 1968): 2-40

Smith, Dwight L., and S. Winifred Smith, eds.,
Cincinnati: Cincinnati Historical Society

The Insiders’ Guide to Cincinnati: Including Northern Kentucky & Southeastern Indiana

Tate, Skip and Neff, Jack
Manteo, NC: Insiders’ Guides 1997

Insiders’ Guide to Cincinnati

Winternitz, Felix and Bellman, Sacha DeVroomen
Insiders’ Guide 2007

Contents: How to use this book – Area overview – Getting here, getting around – History – Restaurants – Nightlife – Hotels and motels – Bed-and-Breakfasts – Shopping – Attractions – River fun – Kidstuff – The arts – Annual events – Day trips – Parks and recreation – Golf – Spectator sports – Relocation – Senior services – Health care – Schools and child care – Higher education – Libraries – Media – Worship – Directory of maps

Cincinnati Images: Photographs

Wolf, J. Miles
Cincinnati: Wolf 2002


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Cincinnati Today: A Portrait in Color

Wolf, J. Miles
Cincinnati: Wolf 1995


Cleveland and NE Ohio

Beyond Cleveland on Foot – Explore Ohio

Cameron, Patience
Gray 1996

Fifty-Two Romantic Outings in Greater Cleveland

Carey, Miriam
Cleveland: Gray 1999

“Looking for new ways to spark your relationship? Need a great idea for that important first date? Planning a very special anniversary? Here are 52 outings that will lead you step by step out of the tired old dinner-and-a-movie routine and into a realm of romantic discovery. They cover all price ranges, from totally free to truly decadent, and will pique a wide variety of interests.” – Book cover.

In Cleveland: A Guide to the City’s Finest

City Visitor Publications
Hudson, OH: City Visitor Publications 1992

Chapters are: Cleveland, Shopping, The Arts, Cuisine, Attractions, Recreation, Business, Lifestyles.

Journal of Captain William Trent from Logstown to Pickawillany, A.D. 1752 …

now published for the first time from a copy in the archives of the Western Reserve Historical Society, Cleveland, Ohio, together with letters of Governor Robert Dinwiddie, an historical notice of the Miami Confederacy of Indians; a sketch of the English post at Pickawillany, with a short biography of Captain Trent, and other papers never before printed

Goodman, Alfred T., ed.
Cincinnati: Clarke 1871

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Map and Description of Northeastern Ohio

Heckewelder, John Gottlieb Ernestus
Cleveland: William W. Williams 1884

A reprint of a 1796 publication.

Cleveland on Foot: 50 Walks &Hikes in Greater Cleveland

Hoskins, Patience Cameron
Cleveland: Gray 2001

“50 delightfully varied and carefully planned walking tours will lead you through historic urban neighborhoods, distinctive suburbs, scenic Metroparks, and peaceful nature preserves.” – Book cover.

A Journal of Two Visits Made to Some Nations of Indians on the West Side of the River Ohio in the Years 1772 and 1773 – Ohio Travel Guides Free

Jones, David
NY: Arno 1971

A modern reprint of a book originally published in 1774 by the Reverend David Jones. Jones explored what later became eastern Ohio in order to find Native American Shawnee villages, as he was interested in establishing a Christian mission among them.

A Journey through the Indian Country beyond the Ohio, 1785” II

Mississippi Valley Historical Review Vol II, 1915-16, 261-73

Montgomery, Samuel
Cedar Rapids, Iowa: Mississippi Valley Historical Association

This is mainly a travel journal of Samuel Montgomery, one of four government agents who travelled from Pittsburg to the site of a Shawnee village in present-day Logan county, OH to negotiate with the Shawnee.

City Smart Guidebook: Cleveland

Peacock, Nancy
John Muir 1999

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Guide Book for the Tourist and Traveler over the Valley Railway: The Short Line between Cleveland, Akron, and Canton

Reese, John S.
Kent, OH: Kent State University

This was originally published in 1880. The (modern) intro provides a history of the railway, and there are also historic photos of interest.

Quick Escapes, Cleveland: 25 Weekend Getaways from Ohio’s North Coast

Schonberg, Marcia
Guilford: CN: Globe Pequot 2000

“In addition to quick trips within Ohio, the book offers intriguing excursions into our five bordering states, plus fun-filled weekends in New York and Ontario. All are within a six-hour drive from Cleveland – and many much closer than you think.” – Book cover.

Cleveland Family Fun Guides – Explore Ohio

441 Great Ideas for Places to Go and Things to Do with Kids of All Ages

Stoffel, Jennifer
Gray 1999

Organized by type of activity, sites are rated for each of several age groups, with descriptions, costs and other basic info. The sites are indexed five ways; alphabetically, geographically, by type of activity, age group, and map.

A Travel Companion to Lake Erie Wineries

Tadevich, D. L.
Carmel, IN: Publisher Plus 2002

Profiles and visits to a dozen wineries near eastern and western Lake Erie.

Cleveland – Ohio Travel Guides Free

Trattner, Douglas
Avalon Travel 2014

Columbus and Central Ohio

The AIA Guide to Columbus

Darbee, Jeffrey T. and Recchie, Nancy A.
Athens, OH: Ohio University 2008

“Highlights the significant buildings and neighborhoods in the Columbus metropolitan area, skillfully blending architectural interest with historic importance. Organized geographically, this portable, accessible guide documents approximately 160 buildings and building groups.” – Book cover

Columbus, the Discovery City: A Contemporary Portrait

Franken, Harry
Chatsworth, CA: Windsor 1991

“Author Harry B. Franken blends historical and contemporary detail with personal anecdotes to paint a brilliant portrait of today’s Columbus. Illustrated by more than 500 full-color photos.” – Book cover

Glovebox Guide to the Best of Columbus and Central Ohio – Explore Ohio

Glovebox Guide
Canada: Cardinal 1995

About one third of the book covers Columbus, and much of the rest covers the surrounding counties. One chapter is devoted to Amish country.

Insiders’ Guide to Columbus, Ohio

Kelley, Shawnie M
Guilford, CN: Insiders’ Guide 2006

“Inside you’ll find: countless details on how to live and thrive in the areas, from the best shopping to the lowdown on real estate; comprehensive guide to restaurants, lodging and recreation opportunities; the inside scoop on popular attractions; sections dedicated children, neighborhoods, seniors, more.” Book cover.

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Back Roads & Buggy Trails: A Visitor’s Guide to Ohio Amish Country – Ohio Travel Guides Free

Moore, Lorraine A.
Bluebird 1998

“In the heart of Ohio exists the largest Amish settlement in the world… The Amish are a religious sect who disdain most of the modern trappings of life… The most noticeable feature about the Amish is their use of horses and buggies for transportation. In addition, most do not have electricity or telephones in their homes.” This tour guide focuses on the area a little to the northeast of the center of Ohio where the Amish live, providing most of the usual tour guide basics: where to shop, lodge, eat, and sightsee.

Kissing in Columbus: Romantic Things to See and Do In and Around Ohio’s Capital

Stephens, Amber and Poleon, Jennifer
Columbus: Emuses 2006

“New lovers, long-married couples, or somewhere in between – discover hundreds of great date ideas that are sure to leave you kissing in Columbus.” – book cover

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