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Higher Education – College Entrance Test eBooks – College Guides

Higher Education - College Entrance Test eBooks

Thousands of Free eBooks on Higher Education

U.S. Higher Education Books – Collection

About 700 free online books on the Internet Archive, resulting from a search for books on higher education in the United States. Some books: History of American Higher Education, Higher Education in American Society, Minorities in American Higher Education, The Closing of the American Mind, Opening of the American Mind, Depression Recovery and Higher Education, The Management Revolution in American Higher Education, Our Underachieving Colleges, The American University, many more. free books PDF.

College Administration Books – Collection

About 230 books from the Internet Archive free online on the subject of Administration in Universities and Colleges. Some books: A College Administrator’s Guide to Staying out of Court, Administration of Academic Affairs in Higher Education, College and University Business Administration, College and University Government, Some Trends and Issues in Higher Education, Governance of Colleges and Universities, What a University President has Learned, Innovative College Management, The University as an Organization, The Cluster College, many more. Higher Education administration.

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Directories to U.S. Universities & Colleges – Collection

About 200 free Directories for U.S. Universities & Colleges, sorted by ‘Date Published’. Some books: Lovejoy’s College Guide, Choosing the Right College, American Universities and Colleges, America’s Best Colleges for B Students, College Handbook, Princeton Review The Best Colleges, Fiske Guide to Colleges, Barron’s Best Buys in College Education, Guide to the Most Competitive Colleges, National Review College Guide, Complete Book of Colleges, Catholic Colleges, International Student Handbook, Christian Colleges & Universities, 2 Year Colleges, Rugg’s Recommendations on the Colleges, Four-Year Colleges, Colleges with a Conscience, Cool Colleges 101, College Degrees through Home Study, African American Student’s College Guide, Higher Education Directory, Choosing a Catholic College, America’s Lowest Cost Colleges, America’s Best Colleges, Complete Book of Distance Learning Schools, many more. U.S. higher education books.

College Guides – Collection

About 120 College Guides from the Internet Archive. Some books: Applying to Colleges and Universities, Colleges in the South, Insider’s Guide to the Colleges, College Handbook, College Match, College Guide for LGBT Students, Colleges in New England, Scholarship Handbook, College Catalog, Profiles of American Colleges, College Cost and Financial Aid Handbook, Colleges for Top Students, Best Northeastern Colleges, Find the Perfect College, Admission Matters, Career Colleges, Study Abroad, College Planning and Career Exploration, Get Into Any College, Colleges in the West, Hillel Guide to Jewish Life on Campus, Adults College, Guide to Distance Learning Programs, Nursing Programs, Colleges and Universities for Christians, Guide to Earning Degrees non-traditionally, many more.

Adult Education Books – Collection

About 1,100 free books on Adult Education. Some books: Continuing Your Education, Adult Education for Developing Countries, How to Read a Book, Annotated Bibliography of Adult Basic Education, Best Practices in Adult Learning, Adult Elementary Education, Teaching Adults, Handbook of Adult Literacy, Teaching Style in Adult Education, Adult Education Procedures, Workshops, Profession and Practice of Adult Education, Reading Skills for Adults, Financial Literacy and Adult Education, A New Approach for Adult Readers, Math Skills that Work, A Lifetime of Learning, Adults as Learners, Top 50 Math Skills for GED, many more.

Vocational Education Books – Collection

About 450 free books on Vocational Education. Some titles: Lovejoy’s Career and Vocational School Guide, Vocational Education, Developing Vocational Instruction, Instructional Methods in Occupational Education, Education for Work, Philosophy and Foundations of Vocational Education, Vocational Education in Europe, Vocational and Technical Schools, Career Education, Technology Education Today, Guide to Private Trade and Technical Schools, Cooperative Educational: vocational – occupational – career, Promoting Lifelong Learning, Career College & Technology School Databook, Apprenticeship. Books on vocational education.

Universities & Colleges Books – Collection

About 4,500 free online books at the Internet Archive, resulting from a search for books on “Universities & Colleges”. You may wish to use the search box at the top left column of the results page to refine your search. Some books: Getting into College, Guide to American Graduate Schools, Get into Graduate School, 440 Great Colleges, Guide to Graduate Schools, Graduate Programs in the Humanities Arts & Social Sciences, Index of Majors & Graduate Degrees, Index of Majors, Inside the College Admissions Process, International Student Handbook, Graduate and Professional Programs: an overview. Books on universities and colleges.

Books on College Teaching – Collection

About 650 books on College Teaching. Some books: Teaching Tips: guidebook for the beginning college teacher, New Paradigms for College Teaching, The Aims of College Teaching, University Teaching, Education for Student Development, Effectiveness in Teaching, Reflections on Teaching – Learning in Higher Education, Teacher in America, Handbook for Postsecondary Instruction, Lecturing with More Students, Learning & Teaching in Higher Education, Resource for College Teachers, many more.

Free Books on Reading in Higher Education – Collection

About 300 free books on Reading in Higher Education. Some books: Modern College Reading, College Reading Skills, Comprehending College Textbooks, Developing Reading Skills, Reading Strategies for College and Everyday Life, Critical Reading – Critical Thinking, Understanding College Reading, Teaching College Students to Read Analytically, Reading and Study Skills, Basic Skills and Strategies for College Reading, Developing Critical Reading Skills, Reading at the University, Improve Your Reading, Reading with Meaning, Reading Enhancement and Development, many more.

Books on College Entrance Achievement Tests – Collection

About 400 free books on College Entrance Achievement Tests. Free PDF books to read online or download. Some books: TEAS V Prep, CBAT Math, Biology Builder for Admission & Standardized Tests, How to Prepare for the SAT II Math, Let’s Review: Chemistry, College Board Achievement Test: chemistry, Prepare for the SAT II: chemistry, SAT Subject Test, AP Chemistry Advanced Placement Examination, Cracking the SAT II, Cracking the AP U.S. History Exam, How to Prepare for College Board Achievement Tests, SAT Subject Test: U.S. History, Kaplan AP U.S. Government and Politics, Barron’s How to Prepare for the SAT.

SAT Study Guides – Collection

About 330 Study Guides for the SAT Educational Achievement Test. Some books: 30 Days to the SAT, SAT 1600, Gruber’s SAT 2400, Outsmarting the SAT, SAT Subject Test Chemistry, SAT Subject Test World History, SAT Subject Test Physics, Vocabulary, SAT Subject Test Math Level 1, SAT II Physics, SAT Subject Test Literature, Verbal Workbook for the SAT, Master the SAT, SAT II Math for Dummies, Math Workbook for the SAT, SAT Subject Test Biology E / M, SAT II Subject Test Writing, SAT Subject Test U.S. History, SAT Math: numbers & operations, SAT math Geometry, 100 SAT Math Tips, many more.

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) Collection

About 160 free books about the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL); mainly study guides. Some books: Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), Longman Preparation Course for the TOEFL Test – skills and strategies & practice tests, Cambridge Preparation for the TOEFL Test, TOEFL Grammar, Practice Exercises for the TOEFL, TOEFL Test Strategies, Building Skills for the TOEFL iBT, TOEFL for Dummies, Grammar for the TOEFL Test, Barron’s Essential Words for the TOEFL, Vocabulary for the TOEFL Test.

Getting In: The Zinch Guide to College Admissions & Financial Aid in the Digital Age

Cohen, Steve et al.
Wiley 2011 Dewey Dec. 378.3

Zinch.com is the largest online social network connecting students with colleges and scholarship opportunities. With 2.5 million student profiles and more than 800 universities—from Yale to Stanford, and American University to community colleges—Zinch offers students an efficient, relevant, and effective way to find the “right- fit” school, how to get in, and how to pay for it.
Getting In: The Zinch Guide to College Admissions & Financial Aid in the Digital Age is your college admissions how-to guide, written by experts with insider guidance to the entire college admission process. Leveraging the power of Zinch.com, it covers every aspect of the college application process, from choosing the right (vs.best) schools, visiting campuses, improving your odds with a dynamic application strategy, meeting with a college advisor, working with athletic recruiting, applying for financial aid, knowing what to do if you are on a wait list, and much more.
Incredibly well-connected authors
Application do’s and don’ts

Book of Majors 2011

College Entrance Examination Board
College Board 2010 Dewey Dec. 378

The Book of Majors by The College Board helps students answer these questions: What’s the major for me? Where can I study it? What can I do with it after graduation?
Revised and refreshed every year, this book is the most comprehensive guide to college majors on the market. In-depth descriptions of 200 of the most popular majors are followed by complete listings of every major offered at more than 3,800 colleges, including four-year and two-year colleges and technical schools.
This is also the only guide that shows what degree levels each college offers in a major, whether a certificate, associate, bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate. The guide features:
• insights—from the professors themselves—on how each major is taught, what preparation students will need, other majors to consider and much more.
• updated information on career options and employment prospects.
• the inside scoop on how students can find out if a college offers a strong program for a particular major, what life is like for students studying that major, and what professional societies and accrediting agencies to refer to for more background on the major.

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Getting Financial Aid, 2011

College Entrance Examination Board
College Board 2010 Dewey Dec. 378.3

This guide includes information and advice from experts on how to apply for aid, plus easy-to-compare college profiles giving the “financial aid picture” for more than 3,000 four-year and two-year colleges and technical schools.
Provides information on what each college really costs, describes aid packages and includes tips on application procedures.

College Handbook 2011

College Entrance Examination Board
Holt 2010 Dewey Dec. 378

This is the only guide that contains objective information on every accredited college in the United States–2,150 four-year colleges and universities, and 1,650 two-year community colleges and technical schools. With its clearly laid-out entries and more than 40 indexes, the College Handbook is also the fastest, easiest way for students to narrow a college search and compare the schools that they’re interested in. Tables of Early-Decision and wait-list outcomes show information that can’t be found in any other guide. A planning calendar and worksheets help students organize their applications and keep on track.

Barron’s A.C.T.

Ehrenhaft, George et al.
Barron’s 2010 Dewey Dec. 378.1

This test prep manual for college-bound students presents detailed review of all ACT test topics–English, math, reading, science reasoning–and guidance in responding to the optional essay. All subject review sections include additional practice questions, study tips, and test-taking strategies. The book also offers a diagnostic test and three full-length ACT practice exams with all questions answered and explained.

Fiske Guide to Colleges 2011

Fiske, Edward B.
Sourcebooks 2010 Dewey Dec. 378

For more than 25 years, this leading guide to more than 310 colleges and universities-fully updated and expanded every year-has been an indispensable source of information for college-bound students and their parents. Helpful, honest, and straightforward, the Fiske Guide to Colleges delivers an insider’s look at the academic climates and the social and extracurricular scenes at the “best and most interesting” schools in the United States, plus Canada and Great Britain.
In addition to the candid essays on each school, you will find:
A self-quiz to help you understand what you are really looking for in a college Lists of the strongest majors and programs at each college Vital information on how to apply, including admissions and financialaid deadlines, required tests, and each school’s essay questions “Overlap” listings to help you expand your options Selectivity statistics and SAT/ACT scores Indexes that break down schools by price and state A list of schools with strong programs for learning disabled students All the basics, including email addresses and university websites.
Plus a special section highlighting the 5 public and private Best Buy schools-colleges that provide the best educational value

Barron’s S.A.T.

Green, Sharon W. and Wolf, Ira K.
Barron’s 2012 Dewey Dec. 378.1

One diagnostic test to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses All content updated to reflect the most recent SATs Proven strategies targeted to each question type Extensive vocabulary review includes 3,500 words and a list of the 300 words most frequently encountered on the SAT Subject reviews in critical reading, grammar and usage, and math.
Contents: Let’s look at the SAT — Pinpoint your trouble spots. A diagnostic test — Tactics and practice : critical reading. The sentence completion question ; The passage-based reading question ; Build your vocabulary — Writing skills. Grammar, plain and fanciful ; Common problems in grammar and usage ; The writing skills questions ; Writing a 25-minute essay — Mathematics. Introduction to the math sections ; Math strategies and tactics ; Reviewing mathematics — Test yourself. Five model SAT tests.

Higher Education?: How Colleges are Wasting our Money and Failing our Kids, and What We Can Do about It

Hacker, Andrew and Dreifus, Claudia
Time 2010 Dewey Dec. 378

What’s gone wrong at our colleges and universities—and how to get American higher education back on track
A quarter of a million dollars. It’s the going tab for four years at most top-tier universities. Why does it cost so much and is it worth it?
Renowned sociologist Andrew Hacker and New York Times writer Claudia Dreifus make an incisive case that the American way of higher education, now a $420 billion-per-year business, has lost sight of its primary mission: the education of young adults. Going behind the myths and mantras, they probe the true performance of the Ivy League, the baleful influence of tenure, an unhealthy reliance on part-time teachers, and the supersized bureaucracies which now have a life of their own.
As Hacker and Dreifus call for a thorough overhaul of a self-indulgent system, they take readers on a road trip from Princeton to Evergreen State to Florida Gulf Coast University, revealing those faculties and institutions that are getting it right and proving that teaching and learning can be achieved—and at a much more reasonable price.

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The K & W Guide to Colleges for Students with Learning Disabilities or Attention Deficit Disorder

Kravets, Marybeth and Wax, Imy F.
Random House 2003 Dewey Dec. 378

Hundreds of thousands of students with learning disabilities head to college every year. The challenges seem endless. Aside from coping with difficulties in learning, students and their families face the daunting process of seeking out the right school for their specific needs.
This indispensable resource includes:
-Advice from specialists in the field of learning disabilities
-Learning-disabled programs’ admission requirements and graduation policies
-Services available to learining disabled students at each college: tutors, note-takers, oral exams, extended test time, and more
-Policies and procedures regarding course waivers or substitutions
-Names, phone numbers, and email addresses of program administrators at each school
-Strategies for finding the right program for each student’s needs
In addition to the 338 schools profiled, a Quick Contact Reference List provides essential program information for another 1,000 schools.

Peterson’s Four-year Colleges, 2011

Peterson’s Co.
Peterson’s 2006 Dewey Dec. 378

Guide for financial aid, student life, and athletic programs info on more than 2,500 four-year colleges

Subversives: The FBI’s War on Student Radicals, and Reagan’s Rise to Power

Rosenfeld, Seth
Farrar, Straus and Giroux 2012 Dewey Dec. 378.1

This book “traces the FBI’s secret involvement with three iconic figures at Berkeley during the 1960s; the ambitious neophyte politician Ronald Reagan, the fierce but fragile radical Mario Savio, and the liberal university president Clark Kerr. Through these converging narratives, the award-winning investigative reporter Seth Rosenfeld tells … of FBI surveillance, illegal break-ins, infiltration, planted news stories, poison-pen letters, and secret detention lists.” -Publisher

The Gatekeepers: Inside the Admissions Process of a Premier College

Steinberg, Jacques
Penguin 2003 Dewey Dec. 378.1

From the fall of 1999 to the spring of 2000, New York Times education reporter Jacques Steinberg was given unparalleled access to an entire admissions season at Wesleyan University in Connecticut. In that time, he discovered just how difficult it could be to winnow down a list of nearly seven thousand applicants to seven hundred freshmen for the class of 2004. Steinberg follows an admissions officer and his eight counterparts through the daunting task of recruiting students nationwide, reading through each of their applications, and meeting behind closed doors for a week in March to finalize the incoming class. He also recounts the personal experiences of a half dozen high school seniors of various ethnic and economic backgrounds as they struggle through the often byzantine selection process.

Admissions Confidential: An Insider’s Account of the Elite College Selection Process

Toor, Rachel
St. Martin’s 2001 Dewey Dec. 378.1

There are hundreds of books available that coach kids on writing college application essays, improving SAT scores and trying to beat the admissions system. Admissions Confidential is a definitive look at why those books don’t work. Toor lifts the veil on a process that anxious parents and high school students have never had decoded before. And they may be shocked to find out:
–that elite colleges spend thousands of dollars recruiting students they will never admit
–why some students at the bottom of their high school classes are admitted to top schools when the valedictorians are rejected
–how pricey independent college counselors can hurt an applicant’s chances
–why admission to a top school depends on who reads your application
–why the top of the class at a high-performing high school may end up at their second and third choice
Written in engaging first-person and covering the entire admissions process–from recruiting to enrollment–Admissions Confidential is a year in the life of a college admissions officer.

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