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Free English Language Magazines for Asians and Asian-Americans

Free English Language Magazines for Asians and Asian-Americans

Free English language magazines for Asians and Asian-Americans. Many of interest to Asians living overseas. East Asia, South Asia, Pacific.

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Looking for free reading material that caters to your Asian interests? Check out the plethora of online magazines available in PDF format! From fashion and lifestyle to news and current events, there’s something for everyone. Plus, these magazines are perfect for Asians living overseas who want to stay connected to their culture and community.

Asian Avenue

Asian Avenue Magazine Website

Issues 2013 – Present

Denver, Colorado: Asian Avenue

“Our mission at Asian Avenue magazine is to build bridges of awareness, knowledge, and understanding between the diverse Asian Pacific American (APA) communities and the general public through cultural insights, pop culture, news, and information. We are the only English-printed publication in Colorado focused on the APA community and culture.” – Website. Asian Avenue magazine.

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Filipino Journal Manitoba

Filipino Journal Manitoba Website

Issues 2010 – Present

Winnipeg, Canada: Filipino Journal

News and events for the Filipino community of Manitoba.

Global Filipino

Global Filipino Magazine Website

Issues 2020 – Present

Dubai, UAE: Global Filipino

“The Global Filipino Magazine is a unique community magazine published in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and is devoted to uplift every Filipino soul abroad who are also known as the ‘Global Filipinos.’ We share stories of Filipino expats across the globe and other topics that interest the international Filipino community. ” – Website

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Hi India

Hi India Magazine Website

Issues 2014 – Present

Chicago, Illinois: Indian Media Group

“Each week, hi INDiA offers its readers a wide variety of reading material, covering a plethora of subjects ranging from human interest stories, local news, and politics, to sports, fashion and Indian film news. With a network of journalists, photographers and contributors both in India and U.S.A., hi INDiA is the news source for everything that matters to South Asians living abroad.” – Website.

Websites of More Asian Interest Magazines

Free online versions of these Asian Interest magazines are not available, but their websites feature articles of interest.

India Today

India Currents

Positively Filipino: your window on the Filipino diaspora

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