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Magazines for Farmers 1850 – 1900s

We have links to four magazines or journals for farmers that began to appear in the Great Lakes states about 1850. They offer news, analysis of current events, agricultural science, and advice for men and women living on farms. Several years’ issues are available for each of these titles. Ohio Periodicals page Under “Journals” The …

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Survey and Sale of Public Lands in the NW Territory

This 2002 book explains how the 1785 Land Ordinance was implemented in a new system of surveying and sales of public lands. The surveying system was first used in Ohio and then used, with modifications, in the remainder of the Northwest Territory and other western U.S. territories. The book also explains each of the land …

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Major Online Document Collections

While most entries on History of the Great Lakes States are for individual books, articles or maps, we also have many large website collections of digitized documents. You may be interested in exploring a few of those collections listed below, which have resources related to the whole Great Lakes region or even larger parts of …

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Tour of Map Site: “Historic Map Works”

For 19th century maps of counties, cities and townships, Historic Map Works http://www.historicmapworks.com/ is by far the best site of which I’m aware. You are free to use it without registering. If you wish to download high-resolution copies, you must subscribe.  You can also order paper maps from them. The site claims to have over …

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