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What Are They Reading in College? College Basic Skills Course Books

College Basic Skills Course Books

The books below were found at the Open Syllabus website.  Open Syllabus has collected lists of books & other readings assigned in over 6 million classes at 4,700 colleges in the U.S. and many other countries.  I’ve used the Open Syllabus “Galaxy” visualization to create the list below of books used in many college “Basic Skills” courses, including only those books available free online at the Internet Archive.

Course Books for ‘College Basic Skills’

Joining a Community of Readers: A Thematic Approach to Reading. Roberta Alexander

Opening Doors: Understanding College Reading. Joe Cortina, Janet Elder

On Course: Strategies for Creating Success in College and in Life. Skip Downing

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Becoming a Master Student: Tools, Techniques, Hints, Ideas, Illustrations, Examples, Methods, Procedures, Processes, Skills, Resources, and Suggestions for Success. David B. Ellis

Reading for Results. Laraine E. Flemming

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Your Guide to College Success: Strategies for Achieving Your Goals. Jane S. Halonen, John W. Santrock

Practicing College Learning Strategies. Carolyn H. Hopper

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The Confident Student. Carol C. Kanar

Academic Reading. Kathleen T. McWhorter

College Reading and Study Skills. Kathleen T. McWhorter

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Bridging the Gap: College Reading. Brenda D. Smith

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