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Military Fiction PDF – War Fiction Books PDF

Military Novels PDF - War Fiction PDF - War Novels PDF

Hundreds of free military fiction pdf novels and war fiction books pdf. Grouped into a dozen subject collections. Also search by author.

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Military Fiction Books

War Stories Free Online – Collection – Military Fiction PDF

About 700 free war stories books online at the Internet Archive. Some popular war fiction authors here: John Flanagan, W. E. B. Griffin, Joseph Heller, Tadeusz Borowski, Richard Yancey, Jim Butcher, Suzanne Collins, Jack Higgins, Manlio Argueta, John Ringo, Eric Walters.

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World War I Novels Free – Collection

This collection with 529 entries was compiled at the site Hathi Trust. All entries are works of fiction about World War I, published between 1917 and 1923. Some titles have multiple entries. World War I military fiction.

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Free Novels about the Afghan War – Collection

About 55 free online works of fiction about the War in Afghanistan (2001- ). Some authors here: Lindsay McKenna, Rukhsana Khan, Paul Gross, Jill McGivering, Bill Yenne, Elliot Ackerman. Afghan War military books.

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Iraq War Fiction Books PDF – Collection

About 60 free online novels about the Iraq War (2003-2011). Some authors here: David Mitchell, Michael Pitre, Joyce Carol Oates, Ben Fountain, Kevin Powers, James Rumford, Duncan Falconer. Iraq War military novels.

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Free Novels about the Vietnam War – Collection – Military Fiction PDF

About 230 free online works of fiction about the War in Vietnam (1961-1975). Some authors here: Winston Groom, Larry Brown, Susan O’Neill, William Diehl, Brendan DuBois, James Webb, Thuy Huong Duong, Gustav Hasford. War fiction. Vietnam War military novels.

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Korean War Fiction Books PDF Free – Collection

About 35 free online novels about the Korean War (1950-1953). Some authors here are: James A. Michener, W. E. B. Griffin, William Styron, James Salter, Roger W. Clark, Jayne Anne Phillips. Korean War military novels.

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World War II Fiction Books – Collection

About 1,000 free online World War 2 fiction books at the Internet Archive. Some favorite war fiction authors here: Justin Richards, John Boyne, William Boyd, Aharon Appelfeld, Mary Nichols, Beatriz Williams, Francine Mathews, Guy Saville, Michael Ondaatje, Kurt Vonnegut, Thomas Keneally, Ross MacDonald.

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World War I Fiction Books – Collection

About 500 World War I fiction books at the Internet Archive. Some World War I fiction authors reprsented here are: Ernest Hemingway, Michael Morpurgo, William Faulkner, Hans Herbert Grimm, A. S. M. Hutchinson, C. E. Montague, Sheila Keenan.

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American Civil War Fiction – Collection – War Fiction Books PDF

About 600 free online novels about the American Civil War (1861-1865). Some authors here: Margaret Mitchell, Bernard Cornwell, MacKinlay Kantor, Ambrose Bierce, William Faulkner, Jeff Shaara.

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Free Novels about the American Revolution – Collection

About 160 free online works of fiction about the American Revolution (1775-1783). Some authors here: Bernard Cornwell, Gilbert Morris, Lawrence Hill, Winston Churchill, Sally Laity, Zane Grey, Jeff Shaara.

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British 18th Century Navy Fiction – Collection

About 80 free online novels about the British Navy of the 18th Century. Some authors here: Sean Russell, Dewey Lambdin, Alexander Kent, Juliann Stockwin, C. S. Forester, Patrick O’Brian.

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U.S. Navy Seals Fiction – Collection – Military Fiction PDF

About 160 free online novels about U.S. Navy Seals. Some authors here are: JoAnn Ross, Lora Leigh, Patrick Robinson, John Ringo, Don Mann, Marliss Melton, Suzanne Brockman.

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British Special Air Service Books – Collection

About 55 free online novels at the British Special Air Service. Some authors here: Chris Ryan, Andy McNab, Mackenzie Smith, Michael Asher, Bob Shepherd.

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Imaginary Wars and Battles Fiction – Collection

About 960 free imaginary wars and battles books at the Internet Archive. Read novels online for free. Some best war fiction authors here: George R. R. Martin, Tom Clancy, Cixin Liu, Brandon Sanderson, Tamora Pierce, Eric L. Harry, Raymond E. Feist, Stuart Hill, Steve Parker. Imaginary wars fiction books.

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