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BOOK COLLECTIONS – Europe 18th & 19th Centuries

Europe in the Enlightenment – Collection – Modern Europe History Books PDF

Free online pdf books on Enlightenment Europe. Be patient as the page loads. Some books: The 18th Century: Europe in the Age of Enlightenment, Toleration in Enlightenment Europe, How Europe Imagined and America Realized the Enlightenment, The Enlightenment in France, Cosmopolitan History from Voltaire to Gibbon, An Intellectual History of Modern Europe, The Role of the Enlightenment in Modern History, Magic and Superstition in Europe, Art in Europe 1700-1830, The 18th Century Revolution in Spain, Modern European History, Enlightened Despotism. Many more free pdf books on Europe in the Enlightenment. Best books for European history.

18th Century Europe – Collection – Europe History Books PDF

Free online pdf books on 18th century Europe history. Some books: The Age of Voltaire, Revolution and Papacy 1769-1846, Baroque Music, The International History of the American Revolution, The Enlightenment, An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, European Architecture 1750-1890, The Encyclopedia of Political Revolutions, Early Modern Spain: a social history, The Industrial Revolution, The Old Regime 1713-63, The Protestant Evangelical Awakening, What Life Was Like During the Age of Reason, The Enlightened Despots. Many more free pdf books on 18th Century Europe. Best books for European history.

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19th Century Europe – Collection – Europe History PDF Download

Free online pdf books at the Internet Archive, resulting from a search for books on “19th Century Europe”. Some books: Women in 19th Century Europe, Industrialization and Social Inequality in 19th-Century Europe, 19th & 20th Century Art, Shopkeepers and Master Artisans in 19th Century Europe, Food & Drink in Britain, The Emergence of Jewish Artists in 19th Century Europe, Working-Class Formation, Concise Historical Atlas of Eastern Europe, The Chancelleries of Europe, Byron’s Political and Cultural Influence in 19th Century Europe, Sports and Games of the 18th and 19th Centuries, The Churches in the 19th Century. 19th century Europe history books free pdf.

Napoleonic Wars 1800-1815 – Collection – History PDF Download

Free online pdf books on Napoleonic Wars 1800-1815. Some books: The Retreat from Moscow, Napoleon’s Campaign of 1812 and the Retreat from Moscow, 1812: Eyewitness Accounts of Napoleon’s Defeat in Russia, Economic Effects of the French Revolutionary and Napoloeonic Wars, Blundering to Glory: Napoleon’s Military Campaigns, The Anglo-Russian Invasion of Naples 1805-1806, Napoleon: a biographical companion, Napoleon: life, legacy and image, Napoleon as a General, Napoleon on the Art of War, Napoleon’s Conquest of Europe: the war of the 3rd Coalition, Napoleonic Infantry, Nelson’s Trafalgar. Many more free pdf books on the Napoleonic Wars. European history books pdf.

Vintage Books

Vintage BOOKS – Europe 18th & 19th Centuries

Dawn of Modern Medicine – Europe History Books PDF

Buck, Albert H.

“An account of the revival of the science and art of medicine which took place in western Europe during the latter half of the eighteenth century and the first part of the nineteenth.” Europe history books pdf.

Economic Development of France and Germany – Modern Europe History Books PDF

Clapham, J. H.

Introduction – Rural Life And Agriculture In France: Before The Railway Age – German Rural Conditions Before The Railway Age – Industrial Conditions In France, 1815-1848 – Industrial Conditions In Germany, 1815-1848 – Communications And Commerce In Western Europe Before The Railway Age – Money Banking And Investment, 1815-1848 – The Making Of The First Railway And Telegraph Network, 1830-1869 – Rural France, 1848-1914 – Rural Germany, 1848-1914 – Industry Industrial Policy And Labour In France, 1848-1914 – Industry Industrial Policy And Labour In Germany, 1848-1914 – Communications Commerce And Commercial Organisation In In The Railway Age – Money Banking And Investment – Epilogue. Best books for European history.

Ancient and Modern Imperialism – Modern Europe History Books PDF

Cromer, the Earl of

“This essay, in a very abridged form, was delivered on January Il, 1910, as an address to the Classical Association, of which body I was President for the year 1909-10. CROMER.” – Preface. Europe history books pdf.

A History of Economic Doctrines from the Time of the Physiocrats to the Present Day – Europe History Books PDF

Gide, Charles and Rist, Charles

Book 1: The Founders – Physiocrats – Adam Smith – The Pessimists. Book II: The Antagonists – Sismondi and origins of the critical school – Saint-Simon, Saint-Simonians, and beginnings of collectivism – Associative socialists – Friedrich List and the national system of political economy – Proudhon and socialism of 1848. Book III: Liberalism – The Optimists – Apogee and decline of the classical school. John Stuart Mill. Book IV: The Dissenters – Historical school and the conflict of methods – state socialism – Marxism – Doctrines that woe their inspiration to Christianity – Book V: Recent Doctrines – Hedonists – Theory of rent and its applications – Solidarists – Anarchists – Conclusion. Europe history books pdf.

Partition of Europe – Europe History Books PDF

A Textbook of European History 1715-1815

Guedalla, Philip

The Balance of Power – The Rise of Prussia – The Seven Years’ War – The Eastern Question – The American Revolution – The Reign of Diplomacy – The French Monarchy – The French Republic: The Convention – The French Republic: The Directory – The French Republic: The Consulate – The Early Empire – The Middle Empire – The Late Empire. European history books.

The War in the Crimea – Europe History Books PDF

Hamley, General Sir Edward

Events Which Led To The War In The Crimea – The Landing In The Crimea – Battle Of The Alma – The March Round Sebastopol To Balaklava – Beginning Of The Siege – Attacked At Balaklava And On The Upland – Battle Of Inkerman – The Hurricane And The Winter – Extension Of The Siege Works And Defenses – Important Events Elsewhere – The New General – A Succession Of Conflicts – The Destruction Of Sebastopol – The Close Of The War. Best books for European history.

Europe since 1815 – Europe History Books PDF

Hazen, Charles Downer

European history books.

Continental System; An Economic Interpretation – Europe History Books PDF

Heckscher, Eli F.

PART I: Antecedents of the Continental System. Commercial Policy – Maritime Blockade – Continental Blockade – Economic Position of Great Britain.
PART II: Origin and External Course of the Continental System. Commercial War before the Berlin Decree – The Berlin Decree – British Counter-measures and French Retort – Policy of the United States – The Continental System in Europe (1808-12).
PART III: Internal History and Working of the Continental System. Treatment of Confiscated Goods – Results of the Self-blockade – Smuggling and Corruption; Fiscalism and Licensing – The Trianon and Fontainebleau Policy in Operation (1810-12) – The British Crisis of 1810-12 – Self-destruction of the System.
PART IV: Effects of the Continental System on the Economic Life of Great Britain and the Mainland. Different Types of Effect – Effects on France – Effects on the Rest of the Continent – Effects on the United Kingdom – CONCLUSION. Comparison with the Present Day. Best books for European history.

Brief History of Europe from 1789 to 1815 – Europe History Books PDF

Holt, Lucius H.
Holt, Lucius H. 1919

Eighteenth Century Europe – France: The Beginnings of Revolution – The National Assembly and the Revolution – Europe and the Revolution – Foreign War: The Terror and the Reaction in France – Contemporary Europe, 1789-1795 – The Rise of Napoleon – The Consulate, November, 1799-December, 1804 – Napoleon Versus the Third Coalition – Napoleon Versus Prussia – The Duel with Great Britain – Napoleon at the Height of His Power – The Campaign in Russia, and the Campaign of Leipzig – The First Abdication – The Last Phase

Waterloo, the Downfall of the First Napoleon: A History of the Campaign of 1815 – Europe History Books PDF

Hooper, George

Book I: The Army Restores The Emperor. Napoleon Against Europe – The Allies In The Low Countries – General Position On The Eve Of The Campaign – The Invasion Of Belgium – The Morning Of The 16th Of June – The Afternoon Of The 16th Of June – The Retreat Of The 17th Of June – Retrospective – The Morning Of The 18th Of June – The Battle Of Waterloo.
Book II: The Allies In France – Rapid Fall Of Napoleon – Napoleon: La Malmaison; St. Helena.

The Franco-German war of 1870-71 – Europe History Books PDF

Moltke, Count Helmuth von

MOLTKE, HELMUTH VON (1800–1891), Prussian/German army officer and architect of the Wars of German Unification.
Fighting on the frontier – Advance on Paris and capitulation of Metz – Operations in the north-east and on the Loire – Fighting round Paris – Active operations in the provinces – Progress of the war in the south and west – Surrender and peace. Best books for European history.

Revolution from 1789 to 1906, ed. – Europe History Books PDF

Documents selected and edited.

Postgate, R.W.

Documentary sources furnishing material for a comparative study of revolutions from the French in 1789 to the Russian in 1905-06.
The French Revolution of 1789 – Intermediate – The Revolutionary British Working Class, 1832-1854 – The Trades Unions, 1832-1834 – Chartism, 1837-1854 – The Revolutions of 1848 – The French Revolution, 1848-1851 – The Hungarian Revolution, 1848-1849 – The Italian Revolution, 1848-1849 – The German Revolution of 1848-1849 – The Irish Revolutionaries of 1848 – The Commune of Paris – The Russian Revolution of 1905. Europe history books pdf.

The Rise of Rail-Power in War and Conquest, 1833-1914 – Europe History Books PDF

Pratt, Edwin A.

A New Factor – Railways In The Civil War -Railway Destruction In War – Control Of Railways In War -Protection Of Railways In War – Troops And Supplies – Armoured Trains – Railway Ambulance Transport – Preparation In Peace For War – Organisation In Germany – Railway Troops In Germany – France And The War Of 1870—71 – Organisation In France – Organisation In England – Military Railways -Railways In The Boer War – The Russo-Japanese War – Strategical Railways : Germany – A German-African Empire – Designs On Asiatic Turkey -Summary And Conclusions

Readings in Modern European History, Vol 1, ed. – Europe History Books PDF

Volume 2 – Europe History Books PDF

a collection of extracts from the sources chosen with the purpose of illustrating some of the chief phases of development of Europe during the last two hundred years

Robinson, James Harvey and Beard, Charles A.

Vol I: The 18th C, the French Revolution and the Napoleonic period. Vol II: Europe since the Congress of Vienna.
VOLUME I —France Under Louis Xiv – Europe And Louis Xiv – Reconstruction Of Europe At Utrecht –
Russia And Prussia Become European Powers – The Wars Of Frederick The Great – The Struggle Between France And England For India – The Rivalry Of France And England In North America – The Old Regime In Europe – The Spirit Of Reform – The Enlightened Despots Of The Eighteenth Century – The Eve Of The French Revolution – The French Revolution – The First French Republic – Napoleon Bonaparte – Europe And Napoleon – The Reconstruction Of Europe At The Congress Of Vienna.
VOLUME II – Europe After The Congress Of Vienna – The Industrial Revolution – The Revolution Of 1848
In France – Revolution Of 1848 — Austria, Germany, Italy – The Unification Of Italy – Formation Of The German Empire And The Austro-Hungarian Union – The German Empire – France Under The Third Republic – Political Reforms In England – Social Reforms In England – The British Empire In The Nineteenth Century – The Expansion Of Europe In The Nineteenth Century – Some Of The Great Problems Of To-Day. Europe history books pdf.

French Foreign Policy from Fashoda to Serajevo (1898-1914) – Europe History Books PDF

Stuart, Graham H.

France and the International Situation in 1898 – Fashoda – French Diplomacy in the Orient – Diplomatic Relations with Italy and the Pope – The Entente Cordiale – European Rivalry in Morocco – The Fall of M. Delcasse – The Conference of Algeciras – Franco-German Rivalry in Morocco, 1907-1909 – Results of the Accord of 1909 – Agadir – Towards the World War. Best books for European history.

The Trend of History: Origins of Twentieth Century Problems – Europe History Books PDF

Wallace, William Kay
1922 Dewey Dec. 940.2

Book I: The Politico-Theistic Concept of the State – The Genesis of Constitutional Government – The Rise of Public Opinion – American Independence – The Middle Class Mind – The French Revolution – The Idea of Nationalism – The Restoration – The Aftermath – The Triumph of the Middle Class.
Book II: Political Maturity – The Spread of Nationalism – The Awakening of Germany – 1830-1848 – Communism – The Nation-State – Napoleon III – The New Nationalism – Realpolitik – The Politico-Economic Theory of State.
Book III: The First International Movement – Imperialism – The Rise of the Proletariat – The New Europe – The Eastern Question – The Congress of Berlin – The State as Power – International Politics – The Triple Alliance – The Super-State – Salus Populi. Europe history books pdf.

Cambridge Modern History: Genealogical Tables and Lists and General Index (vol 13) – Europe History Books PDF

Ward, A.W. etc., eds.

“The series of Tables and Lists here supplied consists, in the first instance, of Genealogical Tables of the sovereign families of European and certain other countries, together with Lists of elected potentates, within the period treated in The Cambridge Modern History. To these are added Genealogical Tables of certain noble houses, with Lists of chief ministers of great States, and of governors of important dependencies and colonies, within the same period. Finally, Lists are given of English (and British) Parliaments and of Imperial Diets, together with one or two lists of a special kind adverted to below. These Tables and Lists are primarily intended as aids in the use of The Cambridge Modern History; and no pretence is made that every one of them is complete in itself… The Tables and Lists should throughout be used in conjunction with the General Index (also in this volume). ” – Preliminary remarks. One of 14 volumes. Best books for European history.

Congress of Vienna, 1814-1815 – Europe History Books PDF

Webster, Charles Kinglsey

“Congress of Vienna: Assembly in 1814-1815 that reorganized Europe after the Napoleonic Wars. It began in September 1814, five months after Napoleon I’s first abdication and completed its “Final Act” in June 1815, shortly before the Waterloo campaign and the final defeat of Napoleon. The settlement was the most-comprehensive treaty that Europe had ever seen.” – Online Encyclopedia Britannica
Preparation of the Congress – Organization of the Congress – Work of the Congress – Completion of the Congress – Appendices
Published by the Historical Section of the Foreign Office in preparation for peace negotiations in Paris after WWI.

Mahan on Naval Warfare, ed. – Europe History Books PDF

selections from the writings of Rear Admiral Alfred T. Mahan

Westcott, Allan

“Alfred Thayer Mahan (1840–1914) was an American naval officer who wrote extensively on naval strategy and the history of sea power. From his studies of naval warfare he drew principles of strategy that greatly influenced the development and employment of naval forces during the first half of the twentieth century. As a historian he studied the relations of sea power and history, and he developed a philosophy of history in which the concept of force played a major role.” –
Naval Principles – Sea Power in History – Naval and National Policies – Appendices. Best books for European history.

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