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Worldwide History Articles – Free Online Collection

Worldwide History Articles - Free Online Collection

World history major events. World history online. Interesting articles on key events. Free Online Library.

‘Enlightenment’: America’s Semantic Shield for the Cold War – Podcast

Caroline Winterer is a professor of history at Stanford University, and author of the new book “American Enlightenments: Pursuing Happiness in the Age of Reason.” Her new work examines the period leading up to the Revolutionary War – a period many view as an era of “American Enlightenment.”

Caroline Winterer, The Takeaway 2016

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1989: The Year That Changed It All – Podcast

Guests discuss crumbling of the Soviet Union and the Berlin Wall, and what it all means today.

Nicholas Breyfogle, Theodora Dragostinova and Angela Brintlinger, Origins 2014

7,500 Strangers Just Bought A Crumbling French Chateau Together

Crowdfunding has been used to finance films, board games, classical music, scientific research and infertility treatments. Add this to the list of things bought with collective purchasing power: A chateau in the French countryside, complete with moat.

Laurel Wamsley, The Two Way 2017

75 years of major refugee crises around the world

The conflict in Syria has now displaced 12 million people, creating the largest wave of refugees to hit Europe since World War II. But in the last half century, other events around the world have pushed even larger numbers of people to flee war and persecution. Here’s a brief guide to the major refugee events in recent history.

Lydia DePillis, Kulwant Saluja and Denise Lu, Washington Post 2015

A Bold and Dangerous Family review – unlikely heroes in the war on fascism

Review of A Bold and Dangerous Family by Caroline Moorehead. A gripping account of two Jewish brothers’ fight against Mussolini shines a light on an overlooked chapter of Italian history.

Alex Preston, Guardian 2017

A Different Guernica

Review of Gernika, 1937: The Market Day Massacre, by Xabier Irujo. The attack on Guernica served as a tactical military and aeronautical experiment to test the German Luftwaffe’s ability to annihilate an entire city and crush the morale of its people.

John Richardson, NY Review of Books 2016

A Hatred for Hindus

Long before the recent rise in Islamophobia, distrust of Hinduism was rife among Britain’s ruling class.

Mihir Bose, History Today 2016

World History Major Events – World History Online

A visit with Mahatma Gandhi

Modern intro to and text of a prize-winning report of a 1948 interview with Gandhi. Gandhi was killed 11 days after the two men spoke.

Price Day, The Pulitzer Prizes 1948

After Decades, A Shanghai Preservationist Heads Home To America – Podcast

Interview with Tess Johnson, author and authority on Shanghai colonial architecture.

Frank Langfitt, All Things Considered 2016

Anthony Sattin’s best history books of 2017

The author recommends eight books and provides brief synopses.

Anthony Sattin, Guardian 2017

At the Buchenwald Gate – Podcast

Host Neil MacGregor visits Buchenwald, one of the earliest and largest concentration camps.

Germany: Memories of a Nation (series), BBC Radio 4 2014

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Atlantic Revolutions – Bibliography

The goal of this bibliography is to link revolts and revolutionary movements in Europe, Africa, and the Americans.

Julia Gaffield and Wim Klooster, Atlantic Revolutions

Atlantic Revolutions Reading List #1

The two authors each provide five books, with descriptions, that they recommend on the subject of Atlantic revolutions.

Wim Klooster and Julia Gaffield

Australia’s changing landscape through Google timelapse – video

Google’s timelapse project allows users to see how anywhere in the world has changed in the past 32 years using Landsat satellite images. These images of Australia show the extent of development around its largest cities, as well as the changes brought by projects such as the Cubbie Station cotton plantation in Queensland, the Fimiston goldmine in Western Australia and mining development in the New South Wales Hunter Valley.

Guardian 2016

Belgian Colonial Education Policy: A Poor Foundation for Stability

Of all African nations, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has had an especially tumultuous post-colonial experience. There are many historical reasons for the DRC’s instability but Belgian colonial education policies are a key cause of this instability.

Jessica Achberger, Ultimate History Project

Berlin Street Scenes Beautifully Caught on Film (1900-1914) – Video

Some collected film of random scenes of Berlin life in the years before WWI.

Open Culture 2013

Canada: Who Do We Think We Are?

Canada: Who Do We Think We Are? is a new exhibition by Library and Archives Canada (LAC) marking the 150th anniversary of Canadian Confederation. This exhibition is accompanied by a year-long blog series.

China: The Virtues of the Awful Convulsion

Review of five books on China during the era of the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s to 1970s.

Ian Johnson, NY Review of Books 2016

Colonial History in the Age of Digital Humanities

Digital history tools and approaches, shown through the author’s work on the Canada fur trade between 1730 and 1830.

Robert Englebert, Voyageur Database Project

Cuban Revolution Bibliography

A long reading list on the Cuban Revolution, provided by an Assistant Professor of Latin American History.

Michael J. Bustamante, Age of Revolutions

World History Major Events – World History Online

Dangers of Walking in Vienna in the 1820s

Extended quote from John Russell, A Tour in Germany, and Some of the Southern Provinces of the Austrian Empire, in the Years 1820, 1821, 1822 (Boston, 1825).

Shannon Selin, Imagining the Bounds of History

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Democracy in Africa – Podcast

Professor Nic Cheeseman and a panel of experts will explore some of the most important questions facing Africa and democracy today in the wake of recent events in Burkina Faso, Burundi, Nigeria and Zimbabwe.

Professor Nic Cheeseman,Professor Stephen Chan, Dr Phil Clark, Univ. of Oxford

East Germany Builds the Berlin Wall

Interview with Richard W. Boehm, a State Dept FSO who served in Berlin from 1959 to 1961, and describes events around the building of the Wall.

Richard W. Boehm, Moments in U.S. Diplomatic History

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Fidel Castro’s anti-colonialist legacy

The Cuban leader was an energetic sponsor of socialist movements throughout Latin America and Africa.

Manuel Barcia, Al Jazeera 2016

French Revolution Bibliography

Two lists of recommended texts on the French Revolution.

David Andress and Rebecca Spang, Age of Revolutions

French Revolution Reading List

Each of the authors provided 5 recommended titles for the French Revolutions, with descriptions of each book.

David Andress and Rebecca Spang

Haitian Revolution Bibliography

Booklist for the Haitian Revolution.

Age of Revolutions

Haitian Revolution Reading List

Two authorities on the Haitian revolution each provide 5 recommended titles, with descriptions of each book.

Marlene Daut and John Garrigus, Age of Revolutions

Information Networks in the Age of Revolutions Bibliography

Bibliographies on Information Networks in the American, French, Haitian and Latin American revolutions.

Atlantic Revolutions

Latin American Revolutions Bibliographies

Book list for studying Latin American revolutions.

Atlantic Revolutions

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Masha Gessen on a Planned Jewish Homeland in Soviet Russia

Book review: WHERE THE JEWS AREN’T; The Sad and Absurd Story of Birobidzhan, Russia’s Jewish Autonomous Region By Masha Gessen.

Steven J. Zipperstein, NY Times 2016

Revisiting Churchill’s “Iron Curtain” Speech

The article contains links to two related scholarly articles and a link for audio streaming Churchill’s speech.

Matthew Wills, JSTOR Daily 2016

Superb Animation Presents The Reconstruction And History Of Versailles

Article, photos and video about Versailles palace.

Dattatreya Mandal, Realm of History 2016

Survival and Oblivion: Egyptian Jews after the Second Exodus

Tensions in the early 20th century resulted in the Second Exodus of the Jews from Egypt. Although many left or converted, a great many more remain, either forgotten or hiding.

Haythem Bastawy, History Today 2017

The Fall of the Berlin Wall and German Reunification – Podcast

Bridget Kendall hears how the lives of three East Germans – an English teacher, a radio music producer and a university graduate – took an unexpected turn when their country dissolved (in 1989). While for some opportunities opened up, others had to face personal crisis.

Bridget Kendall, Cold War: Stories from the Big Freeze (series) BBC Radio 4 2017

The Indian Ocean: A Maritime Trade Network History Nearly Forgot

Long before the Silk Road or the Roman Empire, the Indian Ocean was awash with commerce.

by Adrianne Daggett, Discover 2016

Thicker Than Water: Revisiting Global Connections on the Banks of the Suez Canal with Valeska Huber

Discussion of the Suez Canal with Dr. Valeska Huber, author of Channelling Mobilities: Migration and Globalization in the Suez Canal Region and Beyond.

Timothy Nunan, Toynbee Prize Foundation blog 2016

Video envisions human population growth worldwide

Video animation. 7 Billion People in 6 Minutes; watch the world’s human population soar over 200,000 years.


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