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Nature Magazines PDF – Sports Magazines PDF

Nature Magazines PDF - Sports Magazines PDF

Nature magazines PDF, sports magazines pdf. Environmental, news & politics mags too. Free online magazines, with many years of back issues.

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Nature Magazines PDF Free – Magazines on Environmental Issues

Audubon Magazine – Nature Magazines PDF

Audubon Magazine Website

Archives 2003 – 2021

1899-1947 at Internet Archive (Black & White)

New York: National Audubon Society

Audubon is a nonprofit conservation organization. “Audubon’s state programs, nature centers, chapters, and partners have an unparalleled wingspan that reaches millions of people each year to inform, inspire, and unite diverse communities in conservation action.” – Audubon Website. Nature magazines pdf, magazines on environmental issues.

Bird Conservation Magazine – Nature Magazines PDF

American Bird Conservancy Website

2011 – Present

Virginia: American Bird Conservancy

“American Bird Conservancy is dedicated to conserving wild birds and their habitats throughout the Americas. With an emphasis on achieving results and working in partnership, we take on the greatest problems facing birds today, innovating and building on rapid advancements in science to halt extinctions, protect habitats, eliminate threats and build capacity for bird conservation. ” – Website. Nature magazines pdf, magazines on environmental issues.

Birdwatch Magazine – Nature Magazines PDF

Birdwatch Magazine Website


UK: Warners Group

“”Birdwatch magazine is the UK’s leading monthly magazine for keen birders. It covers a huge range of wildlife topics, from species spotlights and illegal bird killing to conservation and the environment, as well as news from around the world. If you want to brush up on your birding skills, our monthly Expert Advice section gives you tips on bird ID, which species to look for and where, as well as providing you with skills and knowledge to make you a better birder.” – Publisher. Nature magazines pdf.

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Conservation Magazine – Nature Magazines PDF

Alberta Conservation Association Website

2015 – Present

Alberta, Canada: Alberta Conservation Association

“ACA conserves, protects and enhances fish and wildlife populations and their habitats for Albertans to enjoy, value, and use.” – Website. Nature magazines pdf, magazines on environmental issues.

Divers for the Environment Magazine – Magazines on Environmental Issues

Emirates Diving Association Website

2004 – Present

Dubai, UAE: Emirates Diving Association

“Inspiring people to care about our oceans since 1995.” – Website. Nature magazines pdf, magazines on environmental issues.

The Ecologist – Nature Magazines PDF

The Ecologist Magazine Website



The Ecologist magazine was a British magazine founded in 1970 by Teddy Goldsmith. In 2012 it was merged with the magazine Resurgence, and continues to be published under the name Resurgence & Ecologist. The archives of The Ecologist from 1970-1999 are freely available, but users must register. Nature magazines pdf, magazines on environmental issues.

The Environmentalist – Magazines on Environmental Issues

The Environmentalist Magazine Website



“The Environmentalist magazine is an eco-investigative journalism web magazine that focuses on the geopolitical impact of climate change and the history of impacted regions.” -Website. The organization produces articles for a number of major publications; print and online. The second link is an archive of those articles. Nature magazines pdf, magazines on environmental issues.

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Forest & Bird Magazine – Nature Magazines PDF

Forest & Bird Website

Issues 2005 – Present

New Zealand: Forest & Bird

“Forest & Bird is New Zealand’s leading independent conservation organisation — protecting wildlife and wild places, on land and in the sea.” – Website. Nature magazines pdf, environment magazines New Zealand.

Irish Wildlife Magazine – Nature Magazines PDF

Irish Wildlife Trust Website

2014 – Present

Dublin, Ireland: Ashville Media Group

“The Irish Wildlife Trust was founded in 1979 and aims to conserve wildlife and the habitats it depends on throughout Ireland, while encouraging a greater understanding and appreciation of the natural world.” – Website. Nature magazines pdf, environment magazines Ireland.

National Geographic – Nature Magazines PDF

National Geographic Magazine Website

Magazines 1888-2007 – With Index

Washington DC: National Geographic

““National Geographic Magazine, the flagship magazine of the National Geographic Society, chronicles exploration and adventure, as well as changes that impact life on Earth. Editorial coverage encompasses people and places of the world, with an emphasis on human involvement in a changing universe. Major topics include culture, nature, geography, ecology, science and technology.” – National Geographic Magazine. National Geographic magazine free online, Nature magazines pdf.

National Parks Magazine – Nature Magazines PDF

National Parks Magazine Website


Washington, DC: National Parks Conservation Association

“With more than 1.6 million members and supporters beside us, we are the voice of America’s national parks, working to protect and preserve our nation’s most iconic and inspirational places for present and future generations. We celebrate the parks — and work tirelessly to defend them — whether on the ground, in the courtroom or on Capitol Hill.” – National Parks Conservation Association website.
Archived articles can be accessed at the bottom of the magazine page on previous pages. National Parks Magazine, nature magazines pdf.

Natural History Magazine – Nature Magazines PDF

Natural History Magazine Website


Washington, D.C.: Natural History Magazine

“Published by New York’s treasured American Museum of Natural History, Natural History magazine gives a monthly peek into current goings-on in the broad realm of natural history and science. Dinosaur buffs, world travelers, animal lovers, stargazers, birders, and history fanatics alike will find articles and photographs to pique their interests. Less weighty than its chief peer, National Geographic, Natural History takes the armchair traveler into the world of bugs, archeological excavations, and the rest of the universe. ” – Amazon Reviewer. Natural History magazine free online, Nature magazines pdf.

Nature – Nature Magazines PDF

Nature Magazine Website


London: Nature Research

“Nature magazine is a weekly international journal publishing the finest peer-reviewed research in all fields of science and technology on the basis of its originality, importance, interdisciplinary interest, timeliness, accessibility, elegance and surprising conclusions. Nature also provides rapid, authoritative, insightful and arresting news and interpretation of topical and coming trends affecting science, scientists and the wider public.” – Publisher. Nature Magazine back issues, Nature magazines pdf, environment magazines.

The Nature Conservancy – Nature Magazines PDF

The Nature Conservancy Magazine Website

Unknown Date – Present

Arlington, VA, U.S. Nature Conservancy

“Founded in the U.S. through grassroots action in 1951, The Nature Conservancy has grown to become one of the most effective and wide-reaching environmental organizations in the world. Thanks to more than a million members and the dedicated efforts of our diverse staff and over 400 scientists, we impact conservation in 72 countries and territories: 38 by direct conservation impact and 34 through partners. Our mission is to conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends. Our vision is a world where the diversity of life thrives, and people act to conserve nature for its own sake and its ability to fulfill our needs and enrich our lives.” – Website
Access current and past magazine articles at the second link, clicking “view more” at the bottom of each page to reveal a previous set of articles. Nature Conservancy Magazine, Nature magazines pdf, environment magazines.

Safari News Magazine – Nature Magazines PDF

Safari News Magazine Website

2018 – Present

Johannesburg, South Africa: Safari News

“Safari News is a quarterly conservation and travel publication, packed with travel ideas, environmental news and the best of Africa’s natural wonders. ” – Publisher. Magazines about nature, Nature magazines pdf.

San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance Magazine – Nature Magazines PDF

San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance Website

2012 – Present

San Diego, California: San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance

“San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance is an international, nonprofit conservation organization with two front doors: the San Diego Zoo and the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. We integrate wildlife health and care, science, and education to develop sustainable conservation solutions. San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance is committed to saving species worldwide by uniting our expertise in animal care and conservation science with our dedication to inspiring passion for nature.” – Website. Nature magazines pdf, environment magazines.

Sawtooth Legacy Quarterly – Nature Magazines PDF

Wolf Education and Research Center Website

Issues 2007 – 2016

Winchester, Idaho: Wolf Education and Research Center

“We are a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public about large carnivores in North America, emphasizing wolves.” – Website. Nature magazines pdf, environment magazines.

Seawords Magazine – Nature Magazines PDF

University of Hawai’i at Manoa Marine Option Program Website

Issues 2012 – Present

Hawai’i: University of Hawai’i at Manoa

Seawords is the monthly newsletter for the Marine Option Program, an educational program within the University of Hawaii’s ten-campus system. Nature magazines pdf.

Sierra – Magazines on Environmental Issues

Sierra Magazine Website


1893-1961 at Internet Archive (Black & White)

Oakland, U.S. Sierra Club

Sierra magazine is the magazine of the Sierra Club, a nationwide American environmental organization. Formed in 1892 by Progressive-era environmentalist John Muir, the Sierra Club is a major force in the promotion of environmental governmental policies and legislation. It also organizes outdoor recreation activities, and has had a significant role in mountaineering and rock climbing.
The current online issue of the magazine can be accessed from the homepage. Nature magazines pdf, environment magazines.

Wild – Nature Magazines PDF

Wild Magazine Website



“Australia’s premier adventure, conservation and wilderness magazine.” – Publisher. Wild Magazine. Nature magazines pdf, Australian magazines on environmental issues.

Wild Guides Collection – Nature Magazines PDF

Wild Things Publishing Website

Issues 2008 – 2019

UK: Wild Things Publishing

Magazine-sized guides for hiking, running, biking or swimming in natural areas of the UK and various European countries. “Our mission is to create inspiring books (and apps) that get people out, experiencing and enjoying nature, and our wonderful, often local, world.… back to where the Wild Things are.” – Website. Nature magazines pdf, magazines on environmental issues.

Wildlife Magazine – Nature Magazines PDF

Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust Website

Issues 2019 – Present

UK: Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust

“Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust is the leading nature conservation charity in the two counties. We are part of a UK-wide network of 46 Wildlife Trusts; together we are the nation’s most active and influential nature conservation partnership protecting wildlife in every part of the UK.” – Publisher. Nature magazines pdf, magazines on environmental issues.

Wildlife Professional Magazine – Nature Magazines PDF

The Wildlife Society Website

Issues 2007 – 2012

Bethesda, Maryland: The Wildlife Society

“The Wildlife Society (TWS), founded in 1937, is a professional international non-profit scientific and educational association dedicated to excellence in wildlife stewardship through science and education. Our mission is to enhance the ability of wildlife professionals to conserve diversity, sustain productivity, and ensure responsible use of wildlife resources for the benefit of society.” – Publisher. Magazines about nature. Nature magazines pdf, magazines on environmental issues.

Wildlife World Magazine – Online Nature Magazines Free

People’s Trust for Endangered Species Website

2011 – Present

London, UK: People’s Trust for Endangered Species

“This bi-annual magazine is sent to our generous supporters and brings together our diverse projects, research and conservation news.” – Website. Nature magazines pdf, environment magazines.

Yellowstone Quarterly – Online Nature Magazines Free

Yellowstone Quarterly Website

Issues 2017 – 2020

Wyoming, U.S.: Yellowstone National Park

“Yellowstone Quarterly is our educational magazine that keeps you up-to-date on what’s happening in Yellowstone National Park. Each issue includes dynamic photography, trip-planning ideas, current issues facing the park, and interviews with National Park Service staff. It’s also your source for updates on park priority projects and initiatives, including youth education, wildlife and visitor safety, and how your support conserves and enhances the park for the future.” – Website. Issues since 2020 are at the organization website. Nature magazines pdf, environment magazines.

Websites of More Environment & Wildlife Magazines – Nature Magazines PDF

Free online versions of these environment and wildlife magazines are not available, but their websites feature articles of interest.

Alternatives Journal – Magazines on Environmental Issues


Bird Watcher’s Digest – Online Nature Magazines Free

BirdWatching – Online Nature Magazines Free

Centre for Science and Environment – Magazines on Environmental Issues

Climate Wire – Magazines on Environmental Issues

Down to Earth – Magazines on Environmental Issues

Earth Negotiations Bulletin – Magazines on Environmental Issues

Energy Wire – Environment Magazines

Environment and Energy Daily

E – The Environmental Magazine – Magazines on Environmental Issues

Explorers Journal

Green Teacher: Education for Planet Earth – Environment Magazines

Great Lakes Echo

Green Wire – Environment Magazines

High Country News – Online Nature Magazines Free

India Environment Portal – India Environment Magazines

Mother Earth News

Orion – Environment Magazines

Resurgence & Ecologist – Environment Magazines

Whole Terrain: a journal of reflective environmental practice – Magazines on Environmental Issues

Sports Magazines PDF Free – Outdoor Magazines Free

Arrivee Magazine – Sports Magazines PDF Free

Audax UK Website

Issues 1987 – Present

London, UK: Audax UK

“Audax UK is the foremost long-distance cycling association in the UK, and the biggest in the world. AUK oversees the running of long-distance cycling events, and, using a system of timed checkpoints, validates and records every successful ride.” – Website. Sports magazines pdf.

Backpacker – Sports Magazines PDF

Backpacker Magazine Website



“Magazine of wilderness travel offering practical “you can do it–here’s how” advice to enjoy every trip. Filled with the best places, gear and information for all kinds of hiking and camping trips with fold-out maps and stunning color photography.” – Backpacker Magazine. Publishes 9 issues per year. Free Backpacker magazine back issues, Sports magazines pdf.

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Bicycling – Sports Magazines PDF Free

Bicycling Magazine Website – Best Outdoors Magazines




“Bicycling magazine inspires cyclists with authoritative recommendations on the latest bikes and gear, the best advice on getting fitter and stronger, and guides to ride the most beautiful roads and trails. Bicycling gives experienced racers and beginning cyclists the practical tips to enjoy the ride of their lives.” -Bicycling Magazine. Bicycling magazine back issues, sport magazines pdf.

Black Belt – Sports Magazine PDF Free

Black Belt Magazine Website



“The world’s leading magazine of martial arts. We cover the entire industry, including MMA and the UFC, reality-based self-defense and traditional martial arts, health and fitness, and movies and television. Black Belt magazine is essential reading for all martial artists no matter which style they study.” – Black Belt Magazine, sports magazines pdf.

Boating Magazines Collection – Sports Magazines PDF


Various publishers

This entry is not a single magazine, but rather a bundle of titles of magazines concerned with sailing and yachts. Among the titles are ‘Superyacht International’, ‘ShowBoats International’, ‘Classic Boat’, ‘Classic Yacht’, ‘Yachting’, ‘Power and Motoryacht’. Free Boating & Yachting magazines. Magazines for outdoors, sports magazines pdf.

Boys’ Life – Outdoor Magazine Free

Boys’ Life Magazine Website


New York

Boys Life magazine archives. Published by Boy Scouts of America, this monthly magazine has been the official magazine of the Boy Scouts since 1912. Issues from March, 1911, when the magazine began, up to December 2012 are freely available online at the “Boys’ Life Wayback Machine” (link above). Nature magazines pdf, sports magazines pdf.

Hooked Up Magazine – Sports Magazines PDF

Hooked Up Magazine Website

Issues 2018 – Present

Melbourne, Australia: Hooked Up Magazine

“Hooked Up has a strong focus on fishing and boating products and provides readers with comprehensive information on all the latest releases in the boating and tackle industry and reviews a vast array of products each month. It has a strong focus on the “How To” of fishing with each article focusing on a specific species and technique while providing the reader with a clear, concise and methodical explanation of how to carry out that technique, or fish a specific location.” – Website. Magazines for outdoors, Sports magazines pdf.

Men’s Fitness – Sports Magazines PDF Free

Men’s Fitness Magazine Website


U.S.: American Media, UK: Dennis

“Men’s Fitness magazine was a men’s magazine published by American Media, Inc and founded in the United States in 1987. The magazine’s slogan was “How the Best Man Wins”. The magazine targeted men ages 21–40 years and featured in-depth articles on fitness, nutrition, and sports, as well as sex tips, fashion advice, interviews, recipes, and surveys.” Dennis Publishing acquired the publishing rights in the UK and Ireland in 2009, and continues to publish it today. The U.S. version of the magazine was folded into Men’s Journal in 2017. – Wikipedia. Men’s Fitness magazines free, sports magazines pdf.

Mountain Bike – Sports Magazines PDF


U.S.: Rodale

Mountain Bike magazine was one of several magazines published by Rodale Press, of Emmaus, PA. In 2018 the company was acquired by Crown Publishing Group. Mountain Bike was discontinued at some point. Mountain Bike magazine back issues free, magazines for outdoors, sports magazines pdf.

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Muscle & Fitness – Sports Magazines PDF Free

Muscle & Fitness Magazine Website


U.S.: JW Media

“An American fitness and bodybuilding magazine founded in 1935 by Canadian entrepreneur Joe Weider.” – Wikipedia. Muscle & Fitness magazine back issues, men’s workout magazines free, sports magazines pdf.

National Geographic – Nature Magazines PDF

National Geographic Magazine Website

Magazines 1888-2007 – With Index

Washington DC: National Geographic

““National Geographic Magazine, the flagship magazine of the National Geographic Society, chronicles exploration and adventure, as well as changes that impact life on Earth. Editorial coverage encompasses people and places of the world, with an emphasis on human involvement in a changing universe. Major topics include culture, nature, geography, ecology, science and technology.” – National Geographic. National Geographic magazine free, Nature magazines pdf, sports magazines pdf.

OK Dinghy International Magazine – Sports Magazines PDF

OK Dinghy International Association Website

Issues 2015 – Present

Ipswich, UK: OK Dinghy International Association

“The OK Dinghy International Association (OKDIA) is the world organization for the OK-Dinghy class. The OK Dinghy is a 4m long single-handed sailing racing dinghy.” – Website. Magazines for outdoors, sports magazines pdf.

Outdoor Life Magazine – Nature Magazines PDF

1898-1925 at Internet Archive (Black & White)

Denver, Colorado: Bonnier

Launched in 1898 in Denver, founder J.A. McGuire intended the magazine for ‘outdoorsmen’, which was generally understood then as men who enjoyed hunting and fishing. Sports magazines pdf.

Outing. An Illustrated Monthly Magazine of Recreation – Sports Magazines PDF

Vol 1 (1882)

Vol 2 (1883)



A late 19th- and early 20th-century American magazine covering a variety of sporting activities. It began publication in 1882 as the Wheelman; “an illustrated magazine of cycling literature and news”, and had four title changes before ceasing publication in 1923. It was initially published for bicycling enthusiasts by the owner of the Pope Co., a bicycle manufacturer, but soon broadened its subject matter. -from info in Wikipedia. Sports magazines pdf.

The Paddler Magazine – Sports Magazines PDF

The Paddler Magazine Website

Issues 2013 – Present

St Ives, UK: Paddler Magazine

“The International magazine for recreational paddlers. The best for ww kayaking, sea kayaking, expedition kayaking, canoeing, open canoeing, SUP and rafting. Published in partnership with British Canoeing.” – Publisher. Sports magazines pdf.

PropTalk Magazine – Sports Magazines PDF

PropTalk Website

Issues 2014 – Present

Annapolis, Maryland: Spinsheet

“PropTalk Magazine celebrates the people, places, boats, personalities, and events that make the Chesapeake Bay waters of Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. one of the world’s premier boating grounds.” – Website. Sports magazines pdf.

Rowing News – Sports Magazines PDF Free

Rowing News Magazine Website


Ontario, Canada: Independent Rowing News

“Since 1994, Rowing News magazine has served the North American rowing community with news, results, features, training tips, and compelling images. Our award-winning print magazine, app (FREE) in the Apple App Store, website, and other services deliver comprehensive and original content to the rapidly-expanding rowing market.” – Publisher. Sport magazines pdf.

Runner’s World – Sports Magazine PDF Free

Runner’s World Current Digital Issue




“The essential guide for everyone who runs – men and women, from beginners to hard-core marathoners. The authority in the running community, Runner’s World inspires you to run faster and farther and have more fun doing it!” – Runner’s World Magazine. Runner’s World magazine free, sports magazines pdf.

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Running Times – Sports Magazines PDF Free


U.S.: Rodale Inc

“Running Times magazine is one of the leading running magazines on the market. Dedicated to providing the active runner with the knowledge they need to reach their goals, this magazine goes far beyond the basics. Its in-depth articles and columns will educate even the most experienced runner. Not only does it cover the action, it also covers the terrain, with reports on the best trails and destinations for runners of every experience level. ” – Publisher. Running Times magazine was launched in 1977 and was published until 2016. Running Times magazine back issues, sports magazines pdf.

Scouting – Nature Magazines PDF

Scouting Magazine Website


U.S.: Boy Scouts of America

“Scouting magazine is the official resource for adult leaders and volunteers of Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, and Venturers in the Boy Scouts of America.” – Publisher. Scouting magazine back issues, free outdoors magazines, sports magazines pdf.

Scuba Diver Australia & New Zealand Magazine – Sports Magazines PDF Free

Scuba Diver Magazine Website

Issues 2017 – Present

Paddington, QLD, Australia: Rork Media ANZ

“Scuba Diver is a lavishly illustrated, independent diving title available in print and digitally that features unbiased and comprehensive equipment reviews, reports on local diving to the far-flung reaches of the planet, hints and advice on how to improve your diving skills, up-to-the-minute news from the diving industry globally, and dedicated sections on technical diving, freediving and underwater photography.” – Publisher. Sports magazines pdf.

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Skiing Heritage Journal – Sports Magazine PDF Free

Skiing Heritage Magazine Website


U.S.: International Skiing History Association

“Skiing Heritage journal is a quarterly Journal of original, entertaining, and informative feature articles on skiing history. Published by the International Skiing History Association, its contents support ISHA’s mission “to preserve skiing history and to increase awareness of the sport’s heritage.” – Publisher. The journal continues to be published today, after a name change in 2013 to ‘Skiing History Magazine’. Free outdoors magazines, sports magazines pdf.

Snow Country – Sports Magazines PDF



“In the 87 issues of Snow Country magazine published between 1988 and 1999, the reader can find the defining coverage of mountain resorts, ski technique and equipment, racing, cross-country touring, and the growing sport of snowboarding during a period of radical change. The award-winning magazine of mountain sports and living tracks the environmental impact of ski area development, and people moving to the mountains to work and live.” – Snow Country Magazine. Snow Country magazine back issues, sport magazines pdf.

Spinsheet: Chesapeake Bay Sailing – Sports Magazines PDF Free

Spinsheet Magazine Website

Issues 2014 – Present

Annapolis, Maryland: Spinsheet

“Written by sailors for sailors. Our sailing coverage goes “deep” rather than “wide,” and we use this platform to celebrate the people, places, boats, personalities, and events that make the Chesapeake one of the world’s premier sailing grounds.” – Website. Sports magazines pdf.

Sport Diver – Sports Magazines PDF Free

Sport Diver Magazine Website




Scuba diving magazine free. Sport Diver magazine online, sports magazines pdf.

The Sporting Life – Sports Magazines PDF Free



An American weekly newspaper, published from 1883 to 1917 and from 1922 to 1924, that provided national coverage on sports, with particular emphasis on baseball. The publisher hired correspondents to report from locales across the U.S., and by 1890 it had the largest circulation of any sporting newspaper in the country. – from information in Wikipedia. Read magazines online free. Sporting Life Magazine, free sport magazines pdf online.

Sports Illustrated – Sports Illustrated Magazine Online Free

Sports Illustrated Magazine Website

Vol 1 (Aug 1954) to 2009 at Sports Illustrated Website

1954-1983 at Internet Archive

New York

“Sports Illustrated Magazine is one of the leading sports magazines in the world. Every issue features a wide range of sports-related articles and photographs, including columns written by the leading sports analysts and announcers.” – Sports Illustrated Magazine.
The first link, at the Sports Illustrated magazine online free archives, appears to have the text of all articles from past issues, but not images. The second link, at Internet Archive, has images of complete issues. Sports Illustrated magazine free online, free Sports Illustrated back issues.

Texas Coach Magazine – Sports Magazines PDF

Texas Coach Website

Issues 2017 – Present

San Marcos, Texas: Texas High School Coaches Association

The magazine provides information from the Texas High School Coaches Association to members, and contains articles of interest for coaches in a wide range of sports. Sports magazines pdf.

Women’s Fitness – Sports Magazines PDF Free


UK, Australia

These issues of Women’s Fitness magazine are mostly from the UK and Australia and were published by or under license of Dennis Publishing in the UK. The magazine appears to have originated with American Media Co. in the U.S., which also created Men’s Fitness Magazine. Women’s Fitness magazine online, women’s health and fitness. Read free magazines online, free sport magazines pdf.

Collection on Historical Bicycling – Sports Magazines PDF

132 Items; 1869-1971

A free online collection compiled by a researcher at HathiTrust has books and journals about the beginnings of Bicycles and Cycling.

Free News Magazines Online – Political Magazines Online

The American Mercury – Free News Magazines Online

1924-1978 at Internet Archive (Black & White)

New York

An American magazine published from 1924 to 1981; this online magazine archives has issues through the 1950s. It was founded as the brainchild of H. L. Mencken and drama critic George Jean Nathan. The magazine featured writing by some of the most important writers in the United States through the 1920s and 1930s. After a change in ownership in the 1940s, the magazine attracted conservative writers. A second change in ownership a decade later turned the magazine into a virulently anti-Semitic publication. It was published monthly in New York City. The magazine went out of business in 1981, having spent the last 25 years of its existence in decline and controversy.” – Wikipedia. Free vintage news magazine to read online. American Mercury Magazine.

The American Prospect – Free Political Magazines Online

American Prospect Magazine Website

Past Issues

Washington, DC: The American Prospect

“The American Prospect magazine is devoted to promoting informed discussion on public policy from a progressive perspective. In print and online, the Prospect brings a narrative, journalistic approach to complex issues, addressing the policy alternatives and the politics necessary to create good legislation. We help to dispel myths, challenge conventional wisdom, and expand the dialogue.” – American Prospect website. American Prospect magazine free online. Free news magazines to read online, free politics magazines.

The American Spectator – Free Political Magazine Online

American Spectator Magazine Website


1972-2013 at Internet Archive (Black & White)

New York

“The American Spectator magazine is a conservative U.S. website (and formerly monthly magazine) covering news and politics, edited by Emmett Tyrrell and published by the non-profit American Spectator Foundation.” – Wikipedia. American Spectator magazine back issues free.

Free newspaper archives here at Century Past

Atlantic Monthly – Free Political Magazines Online

Atlantic Monthly Magazine Website

Late 1980s to at least 2007

U.S., Atlantic Monthly

Volumes run from the late 1980s to at least 2007, and are not in chronological order.
For more than 160 years, The Atlantic has been the premier magazine for coverage and analysis of current events, international affairs, and culture. A great deal has changed since Ralph Waldo Emerson, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, James Russell Lowell, and Harriet Beecher Stowe planned the first issue in 1857. But since its inception, The Atlantic has given voice to some of the most provocative ideas of its time, from Henry David Thoreau’s blunt naturalism to Martin Luther King’s calls for justice. Today, the magazine maintains an unwavering commitment to publishing authors whose ideas help move society forward. Atlantic Monthly magazine free online.

Black World/Negro Digest – Free Political Magazine Online



“The Negro Digest, later renamed Black World, was a magazine for the African-American market. Founded in November 1942 by publisher John H. Johnson, founder of Johnson Publishing Company, it was first published locally in Chicago, Illinois.” – Wikipedia. Black World Magazine back issues.

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Collier’s National Weekly – Free News Magazine Online



1926-1957 at UNZ

The volumes below are at Internet Archive

Oct-Dec 1942Jan-Mar 1943Jul-Sep 1943Jul-Sep 1947
Oct-Dec 1947Apr-Jun 1948Jan-Mar 1949Apr-Jun 1949
Jul-Sep 1950Nov-Dec 1952Jan-Feb 1953Apr-Jun 1956

New York

Collier’s magazine was an American weekly, founded in 1888 by Peter Fenelon Collier, who was a pioneer in investigative journalism. For decades it had a reputation for being politically progressive, and became by 1919 one of the most popular magazines in the U.S. It reached a circulation of 2.8 million by 1946, but began a decline in the early ’50s. It changed to a bi-weekly in August 1953, and ceased publication in January 1957. – from Wikipedia. Colliers magazine back issues. Read magazines online for free.

Columbia Journalism Review – Free News Magazine Online

Columbia Journalism Review Magazine Website

Past Issues

NY: Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism

“Columbia Journalism Review’s mission is to encourage and stimulate excellence in journalism in the service of a free society. It is both a watchdog and a friend of the press in all its forms, from newspapers to magazines to radio, television, and the Web. The magazine is published six times a year, and offers a deliberative mix of reporting, analysis, criticism, and commentary.” – CJR website. Columbia Journalism Review free online, free news magazines.

The Crisis – Political Magazines PDF

The Crisis Magazine Website

Vol 1 (1910)



“The Crisis magazine is the official magazine of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). It was founded in 1910 by W. E. B. Du Bois (editor), Oswald Garrison Villard, J. Max Barber, Charles Edward Russell, Kelly Miller, W. S. Braithwaite, and Mary Dunlop Maclean. The Crisis has been in continuous print since 1910, and it is the oldest black oriented magazine in the world.” – Wikipedia. The Crisis magazine back issues. Free magazines to read online.

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Ebony – Free News Magazines Online

Ebony Magazine Website


Chicago, IL

Ebony magazine archive. “Ebony is a monthly magazine for the African-American market. It was founded by John H. Johnson in Chicago and has published continuously since the autumn of 1945. In 2016 Johnson sold the publication to private equity firm Clear View Group.” -Wikipedia. Ebony magazine free online, Ebony magazine back issues.

The Economist – Free News Magazines Online

The Economist Magazine Website


1843-2004 (Black & White)

UK – The Economist Group

Founded in England in 1843. A weekly newsmagazine that “takes an editorial stance of classical and economic liberalism that supports free trade, globalisation, free immigration and cultural liberalism.” – Wikipedia. The Economist magazine back issues. Read online magazines.

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Foreign Affairs Magazine – Free News Magazine Online

Foreign Affairs Magazine Website


U.S. – Council on Foreign Relations

“The preeminent journal of foreign policy and international affairs, has provided government and business leaders, students, and the general public with insightful, thought-provoking analysis on world events for over 80 years. Before it becomes policy, it’s in Foreign Affairs.” Foreign Affairs magazine free online. Free news magazines.

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Harper’s – Political Magazine PDF

Harper’s Magazine Website


1850-1961 at Internet Archive (Black & White)

1851 to 2010 at UNZ

300+ Volumes up to 2015

New York

“Harper’s Magazine is a monthly magazine of literature, politics, culture, finance, and the arts. Launched in June 1850, it is the second-oldest continuously published monthly magazine in the U.S. – Wikipedia. Harper’s magazine free online. Free online news magazines to read online.

In These Times – Free News Magazines Online

In These Times Magazine Website




“In These Times magazine provides readers with investigative reporting, provocative essays, debates about our political future and news straight from the frontlines. In These Times reports on the upcoming legislative battles, current progressive political strategies and international news you need to know. This monthly news magazine is an indispensable alternative to the mainstream media for readers seeking an independent analysis of contemporary events and an in-depth look at issues that others ignore. ” – In These Times Magazine. In These Times magazine archive.

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Life Magazine – Free News Magazines Online


1883-1957 at Internet Archive (Black & White)



Vol 1 (Jan-Jun 1883-1923. Life magazine archives online. Nearly all volumes in the range appear to be at the first link. Vol 1 (Nov 1936)- Vol 73 (Dec 1972) are at the second link, on a site provided by the magazine.
Life was published as a weekly magazine from 1883 to 1972. It was initially a humor and general interest / light entertainment magazine, similar to the British magazine Puck. In 1936 it was acquired by Henry Luce, who changed the focus to news and particularly to photojournalism. Life magazine online archive, Life magazine back issues free.

Maclean’s Magazine Back Issues – Free News Magazine Online

Maclean’s Magazine Website


Toronto – Rogers Media

“Canada’s National Magazine”. “Examines the impact of Canadian and world news events, trends and issues from a Canadian perspective. Network of correspondents and bureaus across Canada and around the world contribute to weekly sections on politics, business, entertainment, sports, leisure, science, health and technology.” – Maclean’s Magazine. Maclean’s magazine back issues free. Free news magazines.

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Mother Jones – Political Magazine PDF

Mother Jones Magazine Website



“Mother Jones magazine is a nonprofit magazine and news outlet that delivers original award-winning reporting on the urgent issues of our day, from politics and climate change to education and the food we eat. We investigate stories that are in the public’s interest. From revelatory scoops to deep-dive investigations, Mother Jones inspires 9 million monthly readers of our print, digital, and online journalism.” – Mother Jones Magazine. Mother Jones magazine free back issues.

New York Magazine Online Free – Free News Magazines Online

New York Magazine Website


New York

“New York magazine is an American biweekly magazine concerned with life, culture, politics, and style generally, and with a particular emphasis on New York City. Founded by Milton Glaser and Clay Felker in 1968 as a competitor to The New Yorker, it was brasher and less polite, and established itself as a cradle of New Journalism. Over time, it became more national in scope, publishing many noteworthy articles on American culture by writers such as Tom Wolfe, Jimmy Breslin, Nora Ephron, John Heilemann, Frank Rich, and Rebecca Traister.” – Wikipedia. New York magazine back issues free.

Short story collections

The New Yorker Magazine – Free News Magazines Online

The New Yorker Magazine Website

2015 to 2020

1836-1841 at Internet Archive (Black & White)

U.S. – Conde Nast

“Don’t miss the New Yorker’s famous fiction and poetry, book and film review, its incisive looks at politics, people and the way we live, and of course, those CARTOONS. In-depth reporting, surprising opinions, sharp wit, the best in prose, poetry, and the visual arts.” New Yorker magazine archive. Free politics magazines.

Newsweek – Free News Magazines Online

Newsweek Magazine Website



1973-1996 (Most issues) Black & White

U.S. – Newsweek

“This weekly news magazine covers the national and global news front through news, commentary and analysis. It includes national and international affairs, business, lifestyle, society, the arts, politics, the economy, personal business, the Washington scene, health, science and technology.” – Newsweek Magazine. Newsweek magazine free back issues.

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Reader’s Digest – News Magazines Online

Reader’s Digest Magazine Website


1922-1925 at Internet Archive (Black & White)

U.S. – Trusted Media Brands

“Every month, Reader’s Digest Magazine comes out with what’s new in health, books, humor, food, and more. Reader’s Digest is easy to read, with colorful art, smart features, and a handsome layout with plenty of room for all the latest in the areas that matter to you.” – Readers Digest Magazine. Readers Digest magazine back issues free. Read magazines online.

Newspapers online in Canada & Latin America

Rolling Stone Magazine Free Online – Political Magazine PDF

Rolling Stone Magazine Website

Rolling Stone 1968-2018

Rolling Stone Index for 1967-1991

U.S. – Penske Media Corp.

“Rolling Stone magazine is a cultural icon. It’s the number one pop culture reference point for 13 million young adults. In addition to its authoritative position in music, Rolling Stone’s sphere of influence reaches into entertainment, movies, television, technology, and national affairs. Rolling Stone covers everything that’s important, trend-setting, and newsworthy to the thought leaders among young adults.” – Rolling Stone Magazine. Rolling Stone magazine free back issues, read online magazines.

Saturday Review – News Magazines PDF



“Saturday Review magazine, previously The Saturday Review of Literature, was an American weekly magazine established in 1924. Norman Cousins was the editor from 1940 to 1971.” -Wikipedia. Saturday Review magazine back issues free. Read news magazines online free.

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Scribner’s – News Magazines PDF


New York

Scribner’s Magazine was produced by the publisher Charles Scribner’s Sons from 1887 to 1939, which also produced Scribner’s Monthly (later renamed Century Illustrated, and found on this web page). Scribner’s Magazine was launched to compete with Harper’s Monthly and Atlantic Monthly (both are found on this web page). Editor Edward Bulingame hired top artists to illustrate it, including Howard Pyle, Maxfield Parrish and Frederic Remington, and the magazine became known for the outstanding quality of its many illustrations. Many well-known writers contributed, including Jacob Riis, Theodore Roosevelt and John Galsworthy.
– from information in the Wikipedia entry. Read news magazines free online.

Spy – Political Magazines PDF

1986-1998 (Google Books)

1986-1998 (Internet Archive)

NY: Spy

“It’s pretty safe to say that Spy magazine was the most influential magazine of the 1980s. It might have remade New York’s cultural landscape; it definitely changed the whole tone of magazine journalism. It was cruel, brilliant, beautifully written and perfectly designed, and feared by all. There’s no magazine I know of that’s so continually referenced, held up as a benchmark, and whose demise is so lamented” –Dave Eggers. Spy Magazine back issues.

Guides to Literature

Time Magazine – News Magazines PDF

Time Magazine Website


1923-1933 Black & White + Indexes

U.S. – TIME USA, LLC, owned by Marc Benioff

“Offering a rare convergence of incisive reporting, lively writing and world-renowned photography, Time magazine has been credited with bringing journalism at its best into the fabric of American life.” – Time Magazine. Time Magazine back issues, Time Magazine online free.

The Link for 1923-1933 also contains nearly all indexes (but not magazines) for 1934-1961, plus some indexes for 1967-1974./span>

Vanity Fair Magazine – Political Magazines PDF

Current Digital Issue of Vanity Fair Magazine


1980s and 1990s

Condé Nast

Each volume contains several issues. “Written for the reader who appreciates expert storytelling and dynamic articles that sometimes spark a debate, Vanity Fair Magazine covers a wide range of topics such as fashion, politics, travel, business, design, and more. Originally published briefly in 1913 and combined with Vogue magazine in 1936, Vanity Fair as it appears today was revived in 1983.” – Vanity Fair Magazine. Vanity Fair magazine back issues. Read free magazines online.

The Washington Monthly – News Magazine PDF

Washington Monthly Magazine Website



“The Washington Monthly magazine is a bimonthly nonprofit magazine of United States politics and government that is based in Washington, D.C. The magazine is known for its annual ranking of American colleges and universities, which serves as an alternative to the Forbes and U.S. News & World Report rankings”. -Wikipedia. Washington Monthly free archive. Free news magazine.

The Week Magazine (US) – News Magazine PDF

The Week Magazine Website



“The Week magazine provides its readers with a comprehensive look at the latest news from the previous 7 days. Known for its witty writing and entertaining articles, The Week consolidates the most influential opinions and important issues into one succinct publication.” – The Week Magazine. The Week Magazine archive free, Week magazine back issues.

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Weekly Standard – Political Magazine PDF

Weekly Standard Magazine Website


U.S.: News Corporation

“The Weekly Standard magazine was an American political magazine of news, analysis and commentary, published 48 times per year. Originally edited by founders Bill Kristol and Fred Barnes, the Standard had been described as a “redoubt of neoconservatism” and as “the neocon bible.” In 2009, News Corporation sold the magazine to a subsidiary of the Anschutz Corporation.[5] On December 14, 2018, its owners announced that the magazine was ceasing publication, with the last issue published on December 17.” – Wikipedia. The Weekly Standard archive free. News magazine free.

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