Free Sports Books PDF – Team and Individual Sports and Athletics

Free Sports Books PDF - Team and Individual Sports and Athletics

Sports Archive. Thousands of sports books pdf free on a wide variety of team and individual sports and athletics. Vintage baseball books.

Book Collections for Individual Sports

Sports Books PDF Free Download – Collection

More than 15,000 Sports books pdf online free. Categories: Training books, coaching sports, Young Adult Sports Fiction, popular outdoor sports, outside recreation, sports biographies, Sports Marketing, Sports Injuries books, Sports Reporting, Sports Industry, Olympic Sports free online book, Sports Technology, Extreme Sports eBooks, Sports Medicine – Sports Science, Professional Sports: examining pop culture, Sports Medicine Doctor, Sports and Society, many more.

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Running Books – Collection

Hundreds of running books at the Internet Archive, resulting from a search for books on “Running”. Some books: The Sower Runner’s Guide, Marathon, The Smart Runner’s Handbook online, The Part-Time Runner, Run Right Now, Complete Book of Running free online, Running Within, Running Fitness and Injuries, James Fixx Running, Running: how to get started, Total Running free online, Great Races – Incredible Places, many more.

Books about Swimming – Collection

Books for children and adults about swimming. Some books: Easy Steps to Safe Swimming online, Complete Book of Swimming free online, Freestyle Swimming online, Teaching an Infant to Swim, Swim your way to Fitness online, Synchronized Swimming is for Me, Idiots Guide to Swimming, Swimming Techniques in Pictures, Learning and Teaching Swimming online, Swimming in the 21st Century, many more. Swimming lessons book, books about swimming, competitive swimming books, swimming workout books. Swimming books pdf.

Free Scuba Books – Collection

Scuba diving books free online at the Internet Archive. Some books: Open Water Diver Manual online free, NAUI Scuba Diver free online, The NAUI Textbook online, Sport Scuba Diving in Depth, Diver’s Almanac free online, Diving on the Edge, Open Water Diver online free book, swimming lessons book, books about swimming, Dive in Style, Underwater Navigation free online book, PADI Open Water Book, Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving, Scuba Diving Safety online, many more.

Free Surfing Books online – Collection

Books from the Internet Archive free online on the subject of Surfing. Some books: Instructional Guide to Surfing, Surfing: in search of the perfect wave, The Surfer’s Travel Guide, An Illustrated Collection of Surf Writing 1777-2004, Big-Wave Surfing in Hawaii, Kitesurfing, Learn to Surf, Surfer’s Start-up, Surfing illustrations, Complete Book of Surfing, many more.

Weight Training books free – Collection

Weight training books free from the Internet Archive. Some books: Basic Weight Training book online, Sports Strength, Fundamental Weight Training, Learn Weight Training in a Weekend, Dynamics of Strength Training online, The Gym Workout: body sculpting, body contouring eBooks, Modern Weight Training book online free, Using Your Weights for Weight Loss, Body Sculpting for Women, many more.

Gymnastics Books Free Online – Collection

Free online Gymnastics books pdf for kids and adults. Titles include: Gymnastics Sports Skills, Gymnastics by the Numbers, You Can Be a Gymnast, Gym Mom: the twists and turns of your daughter’s gymnastics career, 25 Gymnastics Skills Tips and Tricks, Balancing Act, Coaching Youth Gymnastics, Gymnastics and Trampolining. Gymnastics books pdf.

Free Aerobic Exercises Books Online – Collection

Aerobics books online free from the Internet Archive. Some books: Aerobics Basics, Aerobics Today, Super Shape-Up, Step Training Plus: the way to fitness, Aerobic Training book online, Lifetime Aerobics, Aerobics Theory & Practice, Is Your Aerobics Class Killing You?, Aerobic Body Contouring book, Aerobics eBooks free, Professional’s Guide to Teaching Aerobics, The New Aerobics, Hydro-Aerobics, many more.

Free Skating Books Online – Collection

Skating books pdf from the Internet Archive free online. Some books: The Skater’s Handbook, Ice Skating Basics, A Revealing Journey Into the Secret World of Figure Skating, Golden Age of Canadian Figure Skating, Basic Guide to Speed Skating, Roller-Skating from Start to Finish, Skating eBooks, Talking Figure Skating, Complete Book of Figure Skating online, Olympic Speed Skating book online, In-Line Skating Basics, many more. Skating books pdf.

Badminton Books Free Online – Collection

Badminton books pdf. Titles include: Badminton for Fun, Badminton in Action, Badminton: skills of the game, Badminton Today, A Basic Guide to Badminton, Badminton Rules, Badminton for Beginners, Badminton Basic Skills and Drills, Badminton the Complete Practical Guide, The Pocket Guide to Badminton Tactics.

How to Play Better Golf – Collection – Golf Instruction Books

Free online golf books pdf at the Internet Archive. Some books: The Little Book of Golf Slang, New England Golf Guide, how to play better golf, Ben Hogan’s Power Golf online, golf history books, The Everything Golf Book, golf instruction books, The Ryder Cup, How You Can Play Better history of golf, the Mental Game of Golf, the Rules of Golf, history of golf, Golf Rules, a Golf Handbook, best golf instruction books, Golf in Scotland, America’s Top Golf Courses, John Daly Golf. Athletics books pdf. Golf books pdf.

Tennis Books – Collection

Free online Tennis books pdf at the Internet Archive. Some books: How to Play Tennis the Professional Way, Tennis eBooks, Tennis Illustrations, How to Improve Your Tennis, Tennis Without Lessons, Sports Illustrated Tennis, The Tennis Handbook, Test Your Tennis I.Q., Winning Tennis: complete guide for coaches and advanced players, Mastering Your Tennis Strokes, many more free online Tennis books pdf.

Skiing Books Free – Collection

Skiing books at the Internet Archive. Some books: Snow Skiing, Where to Ski, Skiing Illustrations, Skier’s Guide to California, Essentials of Skiing, Ski with the Big Boys, Colorado Front Range Ski Tours, The Handbook of Skiing, How the Racers Ski, The Great North American Ski Book, Get Fit for Skiing, Ski Pointers by the Experts, Smart Skiing, The Skills of Skiing, Skiing for Beginners, many more.

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Table Tennis Books Free Online – Collection

Online Table Tennis books pdf. Titles include: Ping-Pong Diplomacy, Everything You Know is Pong, Sizzling Chops & Devilish Spins, Table Tennis Play the Game, Table Tennis Steps to Success, Top-Class Table Tennis, Advanced Table Tennis Techniques, The Confessions of America’s Greatest Table Tennis Champion and Hustler, Table Tennis including International Rules of the Game.

Collection on Early American Bicycle History

105 Items; 1869-1922

This free online collection of bicycle books pdf and periodicals compiled by a researcher at HathiTrust pertains to early American bicycle history. Bicycle books pdf.

Collection on Historical Bicycling

132 Items; 1869-1971

A free online collection compiled by a researcher at HathiTrust has books and journals about the beginnings of Bicycles and Cycling. Athletics books pdf. Bicycle books pdf.

Vintage Books on Individual Sports

VINTAGE BOOKS – Individual Sports

Present-day Golf

Duncan, George and Darwin, Bernard
Doran 1921 Dewey Dec. 796.3

Golf books pdf. The technical side of the game is covered thoroughly by George Duncan, a professional English golfer and teacher of note. He analyzes by photographs and text the plays of Vardon, Taylor, Braid, Mitchell, Ray, Herd, Mayo and others, with interesting information on the acquiring of technique. – A.L.A. Catalog 1926. Golf books pdf.

Knuckles and Gloves

Lynch, John Gilbert Bohun
Collins; Holt 1923 Dewey Dec. 796.8

A history of the prize ring by an English college man telling the story of famous prize fights from 1738 to the Carpentier and Cook encounter in London in 1922. His tale has obviously a sordid side, yet more evidently a brutal one. – A.L.A. Catalog 1926.

Book Collections for Team Sports

Track and Field Books Free – Collection

Free track and field books pdf online from the Internet Archive. Some books: How to Star in Track & Field, Sports Illustrated Track: the field events, Track & Field: a step-by-step guide, Illustrated Track and Field Dictionary for Young People, Composite Guide to Track & Field, Track & Field for Girls & Women, The Art of Coaching Track and Field, many more. Track & Field eBooks, track and field training ebooks. Track and field books pdf.

Track and Field Athletes – Collection

About 165 books on Track and Field Athletes, at the Internet Archive. Track and field books pdf.

Football Books PDF – Collection

Thousands of American football books pdf at the Internet Archive. (See the entries below for Rugby and Soccer books). Some books: Football, Football: how to play the all-star way, Winning Football, Football: equipment, Football Stars, Football Facts, Catching the Football, Passing the Football, Rookie Coaches Football Guide, 100 Greatest Football Heroes, Better Football for Boys, many more.

U.S. Football Coaches – Collection

Books by or about well known NFL and College football coaches. Athletics books pdf.

Football Training Books – Collection

Bookd about training for football. Included are books on both American football and rugby football.

Collection of American Football Coaching Books

68 Items; ca. 1890s-1960s

This free online collection compiled by a researcher at HathiTrust contains books about American football considered still useful for coaches.

Free Baseball Books PDF – Collection

Thousands of free baseball books pdf online at the Internet Archive. Be patient as the page loads. Some books: For the Love of Baseball, Baseball: learn the basics – play the game, Baseball and Softball, Baseball Tips, A History of America’s Favorite Game, Baseball Mania, Baseball: pitching, Official Baseball Rules, Baseball Drill Book, books about baseball history, Baseball Lingo, Baseball Stories, Officiating Baseball, baseball player biographies, The Negro Baseball Leagues, Hit and Run Baseball. Baseball books non fiction.

Baseball Training Books – Collection

Books on training for Baseball. Baseball books non fiction.

Books about Baseball History – Collection

Free pdf books about baseball history, from the Internet Archive. Some books: The Diamond Appraised, Great Moments in History, Baseball mania, Baseballmania, Baseball’s 25 Greatest Pennant Races, The Baseball Anthology, Covering the Bases, The Baseball Timeline, the History of Major League Baseball, Baseball Almanac book, best baseball history books, baseball coaching eBooks, Baseball’s 10 Greatest Games, A Nostalgic Look at America’s Favorite Pastime, An Oral History of Baseball in the 1970s, A History of America’s Game, many more. Baseball books pdf.

Basketball Books PDF – Collection

Thousands of free online basketball books pdf at the Internet Archive. Some books: Two-person Mechanics for the Lead Basketball Official, Play Better Basketball, Basketball Facts and Stats, The Story of Basketball, Secrets of Winning Fast Break Basketball, Secrets of the Super Athletes: Basketball, Basketball.books, Basketball Playbooks, Basketball Coaching eBooks, Official NBA Guide, Stories of Basketball, many more. Basketball books pdf.

Basketball Training Books – Collection

PDF Books on training for Basketball. Basketball books pdf.

American Basketball Coaches – Collection

Books by or about well known professional and college basketball coaches. Basketball books pdf.

Soccer Books PDF Free – Collection

Free soccer books pdf at the Internet Archive. Some books: Complete Idiot’s Guide to Soccer Basics, Soccer Coaching eBooks, On Penalties, The Official Soccer Book of the U.S. Soccer Federation, Soccer Handbook, Youth Soccer Coaching Made Easy, Usborne Book of Soccer Skills, The Story of Soccer, many more.

Soccer Training Books – Collection

Books about training for soccer, including some in other languages.

Rugby Books PDF Free Online – Collection

Free online Rugby books pdf. Titles include: Autobiography of Tony Ward, Rugby An Anthology, World Rugby Records, Rugby World Cup 2015, Beginner’s Guide to Rugby, Stephen Ferris Autobiography, RFU England Rugby Yearbook 2015/16, Little Book of Rugby Facts, Focused for Rugby. Athletics books pdf.

Rugby Football Training Books – Collection

Books on training for training for Rugby football.

Hockey Books PDF Free – Collection

Free online books at the Internet Archive, resulting from a search for books on “Hockey”. Some books: The Hockey Encyclopedia, Hockey eBooks, Hockey’s Best Quotes and Quips, Hockey Register, the Hockey Explosion, Puck Funnies, World Class Hockey Trivia, Orr on Ice, Ice Hockey: start right and play well, YA sports fiction, Encyclopedia of Hockey, many more.

Cricket Books – Collection

Cricket books pdf. Titles include: Kevin Pietersen on Cricket, The Wit and Wisdom of Test Match Special, The First Australian Cricket Tour of England, Bringing Home the Ashes, The Art of Centuries, Global Cricket, Cricket’s Greatest Rivalry.

Field Hockey Books – Collection

Field Hockey books pdf. Titles include: An Insider’s Guide to Field Hockey, Youth Field Hockey, For the Love of Field Hockey, Getting into Hockey, 101 Youth Hockey Drills, Field Hockey Rules Tips Strategy and Safety, Winning Field Hockey for Girls, Teaching the Basics, Pakistan at Hockey.

Volleyball Books – Collection

Volleyball books pdf. Titles include: An Insider’s Guide to Volleyball, Girls’ Volleyball, Spiked, Volleyball In the Zone, Misty Digging Deep in Volleyball and Life, Winning Volleyball for Girls, Youth Volleyball Drills Plays and Games Handbook, Volleyball for Fun.

Cheerleading Books – Collection

Cheerleading books pdf. Titles include: Competitive Cheerleading, You’ve Got Spirit, Stand Up and Cheer, Cheerleading Basics, Always Upbeat, Its Not about the Pom-Poms, Cheerleading Camp, Cheerleading Squads. Athletics books pdf.

More Collections on Sports Topics

Suggested Books about Baseball

Baseball America Directory 2015

Your Definitive Guide to the Game

Leventhal, Josh, ed.
Baseball America 2015

Complete guide to major league organizations, from business to operations
– Names of every pro and amateur scout
– Comprehensive rundowns on the minors, including independent leagues
– Names and numbers for college baseball, foreign leagues and any other organization affiliated with the game
– Spring training information and schedules for every team
– Full major and minor league schedules. Baseball books non fiction.

Baseball Fever; Early Baseball in Michigan

Morris, Peter
University of Michigan 2003 Dewey Dec. 796.3

A fairly recent popular history, carefully researched and documented with footnotes, and with a useful bibliography. Especially helpful for Michigan fans is an index of Michigan cities and towns mentioned in the book, on page 387. Baseball books pdf.

100 Years of Baseball

The Intimate and Dramatic Story of Modern Baseball from the Game’s Beginnings up to the Present Day

Allen, Lee
Bartholomew House 1950 Dewey Dec. 796.3

Covers baseball history up to about 1950. Top baseball history Book, books pdf about baseball history.

Coaching Youth Baseball the Ripken Way

Ripken, Cal Jr. et al
Human Kinetics 2007

Coaching young players, developing their skills, and cultivating a love for the sport may be the most rewarding experience baseball can offer. Cal and Bill Ripken understand this like few others. More than 50 drills covering defense, hitting, pitching, and base running; Age-specific practice plans for players ranging from 4 to 15+; Strategies for setting goals and reasonable expectations for your players and team; Advice on communicating with parents, players, and staff; Methods for creating a positive and fun environment in which kids can learn the skills and strategies of the game.

Baseball Strategies: Your Guide to the Game Within the Game

Stallings, Jack and Bennett, Bob
Human Kinetics 2003

Developed by an all-star cast of coaches selected by the American Baseball Coaches Association, Baseball Strategies is the most comprehensive resource ever written on the tactical aspects of the game. From position-specific responsibilities to situation-specific options to adjusting to the level of competition to altering your game plan in the middle innings, Baseball Strategies covers all the bases to give you a winning advantage in thinking the game. Baseball books non fiction.

The Best American Sports Writing 2010

Gammons, Peter, ed.
Houghton Mifflin 2010

Presents essays about sports chosen from magazines and newspapers published in 2009, on topics ranging from bullfighting to basketball, baseball, and boxing.

Vintage Books – Mostly Baseball and American Football


The Baseball Cyclopedia

Comprises a review of Professional Baseball, the history of all Major League Clubs, playing records and unique events, the batting, pitching and base running champions, World’s Series’ statistics and a carefully arranged alphabetical list of the records of more than 3500 Major League ball players.

Lanigan, Ernest J.
Baseball Magazine Co. 1922

How to Play Base-Ball

Mack, Connie (Cornelius McGillicuddy)
Drexel Biddle 1903 Dewey Dec. 796.3

Connie Mack managed the championship team of the Philadelphia Athletics in 1902. Chapters covering each position, and some for specific skills (i.e. base sliding). A history of baseball, from its evolution from the English game of rounders in the 1830s, through the first national association of players in 1858, and the beginning of fully professional baseball in 1868. Contains portraits of a number of stars from the late 19th to the beginning of the 20th century. Athletics books pdf.

Bryce’s Canadian Base Ball Guide for 1876

containing constitution and by-laws, playing rules and championship code of the Canadian Association of Base Ball Players adopted at the convention held in Toronto, April 7, 1876. Together with instructions for playing the game; hints on training and club management; duties of umpires, etc. Also brief history of the Canadian championship with some of the notable games played in the dominion during the past two seasons, and other information of interest to Canadian base ball players.

Bryce 1876 Dewey Dec. 796.3

The Reach: Official American League Baseball Guide for 1914

An Annual Compendium of Base Ball Records, containing a complete history of the American League’s Campaign, review of all other base ball leagues and associations, official records of the American League and all other players, the official 1914 playing rules, 1914 schedule of the American League and other statistics

– 1892 Guide

– 1900 Guide

– 1920 Guide

A.J. Reach 1914 Dewey Dec. 796.3

Athletes All

Camp, Walter Chauncey
Scribner 1919 Dewey Dec. 796

A book on the elements of training, organizing and playing outdoor games and sports as developed in war training camps. – A.L.A. Catalog 1926.

The Book of Football

Camp, Walter Chauncey
Century 1910 Dewey Dec. 796.3

“History, technique and strategies of football, by the leading American authority. Examples of remarkable plays are given. illustrated from photographs of games and players.” – A.L.A.Catalog 1904 – 1911.

Spalding’s Base Ball Guide and Official League Book for 1894

Containing the full official league record for 1893, together with the new code of playing rules as revised by the committee of rules. Attached to which are explanatory notes, giving a correct interpretation of the new rules. A prominent feature of the Guide for 1894 is the complete pitching records of 1893, to which are added special chapters on the batting, fielding and base running of 1893. Together with interesting records of the most noteworthy contests, incidents and occurrences of the eventful season of 1893, occurring in the college arena as well as that of the professional clubs. Athletics books pdf.

– 1876 Guide

– 1907 Guide

– 1916 Guide

Chadwick, Henry, ed.
American Sports 1894 Dewey Dec. 796.3

Reminiscences of an Athlete: Twenty Years on Track and Field

Clark, Ellery Harding
Houghton 1911 Dewey Dec. 796.4

“Stories of great athletic meets and of the athletes of the author’s own (1889-1010) and earlier times. Suggestions for training are good.” – A.L.A.Catalog 1904 – 1911.

Baseball; Individual Play and Team Play in Detail

Clarke, W. J. and Dawson, Fredrick T.
Scribner 1915 Dewey Dec. 796.3

Gives the main facts of the game as played in the major leagues, taking up each position separately. Especially valuable for school and college teams. The authors are coaches of the baseball teams of Princeton university. – A.L.A. Catalog 1926.

Football: the American Intercollegiate Game

Davis, Parke Hill
Scribner 1911

“History to 1910, with special attention to the game in America during the past 40 years. Rosters of players, officials, and technical descriptions of 162 important college games played since 1873. The proceedings of intercollegiate conventions, rules adopted, etc., are appended.” – A.L.A.Catalog 1904 – 1911.

Touching Second; The Science of Baseball 1910

Evers, John J., & Fullerton, H. S.
Reilly 1911

“History of ‘baseball, its development into an exact mathematical sport, records of great plays and players, signs and systems used by championship teams, etc. Very readable and interesting.” – A.L.A.Catalog 1904 – 1911.

Football and How to Watch It

Haughton, Percy Duncan
Little 1924

By emphasizing salient points and eliminating many details the Harvard mentor enables the average spectator to observe and understand more clearly team evolutions, the use of interferers, (who are the real heroes) and the cardinal principles of attack and defense. The photographs of recent games with his descriptive text illuminate typical formations and plays. It is recommended to the high school coach as well as the observer of the game. The first edition was published in 1922 by Jones. – A.L.A. Catalog 1926.

America’s National Game

Historic Facts concerning the beginning evolution, development and popularity of Base Ball with personal reminiscences of its vicissitudes, its victories and its votaries

Spalding, Albert Goodwill
American Sports 1911

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