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Mythology books free, read full-length folklore books free, classic folk tales, fairy tales, and legends of many cultures. Thousands of free online books.

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Free Mythology Books

Free Mythology Books – Classical Mythology Collection

Classical mythology books free online. Download or read online. Includes Michael Grant Myths of the Greeks and Romans, Idiot’s Guide to Classical Mythology, Bulfinch’s mythology, Greek and Roman Mythology, Classical mythology in Literature Art & Music, Who’s Who in Classical Mythology, Greek mythology, classical myths, Edith Hamilton books, the Metamorphoses, Myths of Greece and Rome, Who’s Who in Classical Mythology, Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece, Classical Mythology – a Dictionary, Greek & Roman Mythology, Stories of the Gods and Heroes, Fifteen Greek and Roman Myths, Classic Myths to Read Aloud, A Handbook of Mythology, A Dictionary of Classical Mythology, The Age of Fable, Famous Myths of the Golden Age, Bulfinch’s Mythology, Classical Myths that Live Today, Anthology of Classical Myth, women of classical mythology. Read Greek mythology books online free.

‘Collections’ take longer to appear on your screen than single books.  On a phone, only about 25 books in a collection may appear.

Free Mythology Books – Native American Mythology Collection

American Indian Mythology books free online. Download or read online. Includes: Native American mythology books, Native American folklore books, Indian mythology free online, Mesoamerican myths, Aztec history books, Maya history books, pre-Columbian America myths, Native American legends, North American Indian myths, myths of Latin America, Native American religions books, Iroquois myths, Inuit mythology, mythology of Mexico, myths of Native America, Claude Levi-Strauss books, Wisdom of the Elders, Carlos Castaneda book, illustrated myths of Native Americans. Native American mythology, American Indian myths, Indian folklore.

Hint: When a book you want to borrow at Internet Archive is already checked out, go to the Internet Archive’s ‘Search’ box, check “Search Metadata”, and search for the book’s title. Sometimes they have two or more copies.

Greek Mythology Books Free Online – Collection

Greek Mythology books free online. Download or read online. Some book titles: Myths of Mount Olympus, Tales of Ancient Greece, Encyclopedia of Greek Mythology, Greek Myths, Greek Mythology fiction books, favorite Greek myths, the Minotaur, Gods Men & Monsters, Greek Myths for Young Children, Greek mythology juvenile books, the Iliad and Odyssey, Greek Heroes stories, Robert Graves Greek myths, Greek Gods and Heroes, Heroes and Monsters of Greek myths, the Iliad, Greek and Roman myths, the Trojan horse story, King Midas story, Tales of Ancient Greece, Kids’ books on ancient Greece. Read Greek mythology books, Ancient Greek myths.

Norse Mythology Books – Collection

Free Norse mythology books online. Download or read online. Some subjects: Encyclopedia of mythology, Cliff Notes on Mythology, Norse mythology A to Z, Edith Hamilton book on mythology, Norse Myths and Legends, tales of Norse Gods, Norse Gods and Heroes, Viking mythology books, Bulfinch’s mythology, Viking Gods and Heroes, book on Thor & Loki, Rick Riordan fiction, Susan Krinard books, Teutonic religion book, Thor’s Hammer, Sagas of the Norsemen. Norse mythology books, Scandinavian myths. Mythology and Folklore.

Egyptian Mythology Books – Free Mythology Books Collection

Free Egyptian mythology books online. Download or read online. Includes: books on Egyptian mythology, Middle Eastern mythology, Gods & Pharaohs, fiction books about Egyptian mythology, youth fiction about Egyptian mythology, Ancient Egypt myths, Egyptian Gods, Egyptian Book of the Dead, Dictionary of Egyptian Gods & Goddesses, Tales from Ancient Egypt, Isis and Osiris. Egyptian mythology books, Egyptian myths, Egyptian folklore. Read Full Length Mythology Books Online.

Celtic Mythology Books – Free Mythology Books Collection

Free Celtic mythology books online. Download or read online. Books subjects: Celtic myths, Celtic beliefs, Celtic fiction books, Druids Gods and Heroes, book of Irish legends, books on Irish mythology, Celtic civilization, Morgan Llywelyn Red Branch, Celtic astrology, Grail Castle, Celtic Goddesses, Epics of Celtic Ireland, Myths and Civilization of the Celts, Irish legends, Irish myth, Symbols of the Celts, book about King Arthur. Celtic mythology books, Celtic myths, Celtic folklore books free, Irish mythology books. Mythology and Folklore.

Historical Romance Novels online free

Roman Mythology Books – Free Mythology Books Collection

Free Roman mythology books online. Download or read online. Includes: Books on Roman mythology, Greek and Roman mythology, Heroes Gods and Emperors from Roman mythology, book on Hercules, Titans and Olympians, Star Myths of the Greeks and Romans stories from ancient Rome, fiction about Roman mythology, Michael Grant Roman Myths, Morgan Llywelyn Etruscans. Roman mythology, Roman myths, Roman folklore books.

Mayan Mythology – Mythology Books Free Collection

Free Mayan Mythology books online. Download or read online. Includes: Mesoamerican mythology, Mexican mythology books, Latin American mythology books, Aztec history books, Maya myths, Gods of Sun & Sacrifice, Religions of Mesoamerica, the Shaman’s Secret, Ancient Mayan mythology. Mayan Mythology books free, Mayan myths, Mayan folklore books. Mythology and Folklore.

Chinese Mythology Books Free – Mythology Books Free

Chinese mythology books free online. Download or read online. About 25 free Chinese Mythology books, including: Chinese Myths & Fantasies, Myths & Legends of China, China and Japan Myths and Legends, Land of the Dragon, Ancient Tales and Folklore of China, more. Free Chinese mythology, Chinese myths, Chinese folklore.

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Arthurian Mythology Books – Mythology Collection

Arthurian mythology books free online. Download or read online. About 6 blank books, including: The Grail; from Celtic Myth to Christian Symbol, Arthurian Britain, Paganism in Arthurian Romance, The Return of King Arthur, Studies in the Fairy Mythology of Arthurian Romance, more. Arthurian mythology books.

Hindu Mythology Books Free – Free Books on Mythology – Collection

Hindu mythology books free online. Download or read online. About 20 Hindu Mythology books, including: The Eternal Cycle; Indian Myth, Mahabharata, Indian Myths & Legends, Myths and Symbols in Indian Art and Civilization, Myths of the Hindus and Buddhists, Indian Mythology, more. Hindu mythology, books about the mythology of India, Indian legends books.

African Mythology Books – Free Mythology Books Collection

African mythology books free online. Download or read online. About 15 books, including: African Mythology, African Mythology A-Z, Kings Gods & Spirits from African Mythology, Dictionary of African Mythology, Voices of the Ancestors, Legends of Africa, more. African mythology books, African folklore books.

Australian Aboriginal Mythology – Mythology Books Collection

Australian Aboriginal mythology books free online. Download or read online. About 12 books, including: Journeys through Dreamtime, Myths & Legends of the Australian Aboriginals, Stories from the Billabong, Aboriginal Myths, Art & Myth of the Australian Aborigines. Books about mythology, Australian Aboriginal mythology, Aboriginal folklore.

Aztec Mythology – Mythology Collection

Aztec mythology books free online. Download or read online. About 12 books, including: Illustrated Guide to Latin American Mythology, Mesoamerican Mythology, Myths of Pre-Columbian America, Tales of the Plumed Serpent, Gods and Myths of the Aztecs, History and Mythology of the Aztecs, more. Aztec mythology books, Aztec myths, Aztec folklore books.

Japanese Mythology Books – Mythology Books Free Collection

Japanese mythology books free online. Download or read online. About 10 books, including: Japanese Mythology, Mythological Japan, Handbook of Japanese Mythology, The Mythology of All Races: Japanese, more. Japanese myths, Japanese Folklore books free.

Mythology Encyclopedias Free – Collection

Mythology Encyclopedias free online. Download or read online. About 10 books, including: UXL Encyclopedia of World Mythology, Ultimate Encyclopedia of Mythology, Oxford Companion to World Mythology, Encyclopedia of Mythology. Mythology Encyclopedias free.

Legends, Myths, & Fables Books Free – Greek & Roman Fables Collection

About 30 free books online on Greek and Roman legends myths and fables. Includes: Myths of Ancient Rome, juvenile books of classical mythology, mythology fiction novels, Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods, Odysseus and the Cyclops, Hercules book, Heroes Gods and Monsters of the Greek myths, Phone Home Persephone, Rick Riordan books, Gods and Goddesses from Greek Myths, Orpheus in the Underworld, Goddess Girls books, Heroes in Training books. Free mythology books for kids, Greek mythology books, Roman mythology books free.

Free audio short stories online here at Century Past

Celtic Myths

Aldhouse-Green, Miranda J.
University of Texas 1993 Dewey Dec. 936

“Celtic Myths explores the mythology and beliefs of the pagan Celts between about 600 B.C. and A.D. 400. At their peak, the Celtic peoples inhabited a vast area of Europe, Great Britain, and Ireland. As non-literates, they have left no written record of their lives, their beliefs, and the stories which were such an important part of their culture; however, contemporary commentators from the Classical world, later Christian scribes recording oral traditions, and the archaeological evidence can give us fascinating, though fragmented, glimpses. Dr. Green draws on all these sources to discuss the myths and the religious beliefs and ritual which she believes inform them.” -Publisher

Contents: How do we know about Celtic myths? — The divine race of Ireland — Myths of the Ulster Cycle — Some early Welsh myths — The divine lovers — The sky and sun myths — Fertility, land and water — Animals in cult and myth — Druids, sacrifice, and ritual — Death, rebirth, and the Otherworld. Celtic mythology books, European folklore.

Ireland in Fiction; A Guide to Irish Novels, Tales, Romances, and Folk-lore

Brown, Stephen J.
Maunsel 1919 Dewey Dec. 016.84

“The scope includes all works of fiction published in volume form, and dealing with Ireland or with the Irish abroad, and such works only. [It is not] a guide to the works of Irish novelists. Neither is it, properly speaking, a book of advice as to what is best to read.”
– from the author’s Preface.
About 1,700 titles are included, mostly annotated, arranged by author. There are also notes for each author. At the end are a number of lists, as follows:

-Historical Fiction
-Gaelic Epic and Romantic Literature
-Folk-Lore and Legend
-Fairy Tales for Children
-Catholic Clerical Life
-Humorous Books
-Books for Boys. Irish mythology books free, Celtic myths books. Folklore and mythology.

The Norse Myths

Crossley-Holland, Kevin
Pantheon 1980 Dewey Dec. 936

Here are thirty two classic Norse myths that bring the ancient Viking world to life. Beautifully retold by Kevin Crossley-Holland, these tales vividly depict the courage, cruelty, and passions that were the hallmarks of the old
Norse world.
“Crossley-Holland retells the Norse myths in clear, attractive prose. …An excellent introduction, notes and a glossary provide mythological and historical backgrounds and suggest parallels with myths in other parts of the world.” -Denver Post. Norse Myths free books, Norse religion books, Norse mythology, Viking mythology books, Scandinavian mythology. European mythology books.

Read full length books online free no sign up at the Century Past Fiction section.

Gods and Myths of the Viking Age

Davidson, H.R. Ellis
Bell 1981 Dewey Dec. 936

Contents: Introduction. The myth-makers ; The sources of our knowledge ; New light on the myths — The world of the northern gods. The Prose Edda ; The gods and their world ; Thor and the giants ; The doom of the gods ; The giants and the dwarfs ; Myths outside the Prose Edda — The gods of battle. Odin, lord of hosts ; The Germanic war gods ; The Valkyries of Odin ; The Berserks of Odin ; The worship of the war god — The thunder god. Thor in the myths ; The temples of Thor ; The hammer of Thor ; The god of the sky ; Thor and his adversaries — The gods of peace and plenty. The deity in the wagon ; Freyr, god of plenty ; Companions of Freyr ; The mother goddess ; The goddess Freyja ; The power of the Vanir — The god of the sea. Aegir and Ran ; Njord, god of ships ; The depths of the sea — The gods of the dead. Odin and Mercury ; Odin as a shaman ; The realm of Odin ; The burial mound ; Thor and the dead ; The dragon and the dead — The enigmatic gods. Bragi and Idun ; Mimir and Hoenir ; The twin gods ; Forseti ; Heimdall ; Loki ; Balder — The beginning and the end. The world tree ; The creation of the world ; The end of the world — Conclusion : The passing of the old gods. Norse mythology books free, Norse myths, Viking myths books, Scandinavian mythology.

Scandinavian Mythology

Davidson, H.R. Ellis
Hamlyn 1969 Dewey Dec. 936

“The religion of Odin, god of death and magic, of Thor, ruler of the thunder, of Freyr, god of fertility, the tales of Valkyries and berserks, of dragons and giants—all are often thought of as being the creation of the Vikings. These brave adventurers roamed the world from Greenland to the Volga and from the Mediterranean to the North American coast during the ninth and tenth centuries. Certainly the religion of the Northern gods reached its highest point of devotion and fervour during this period. But the mythology of Scandinavia, Germany and Iceland can be traced back as far as the Bronze Age. The development of the myths over so many centuries and in various lands in itself makes a fascinating story, and indeed one for which evidence is continually being sought and found.” -Publisher. Norse Mythology books free, Viking Myths books.

Index to Fairy Tales, Myths and Legends

Eastman, Mary Huse
Boston Books 1915 Dewey Dec. 016.8

This volume lists fairy tales, fables, and also stories from Greek and Norse mythology, with the numerous published versions of them listed under each, by author and title. Fairy Tales books free, fables books, Norse mythology books.

Celtic Goddesses: Warriors, Virgins and Mothers

Green, Miranda J.
Braziller 1996 Dewey Dec. 936

“Celtic goddesses presided over war, nature, animals, healing and fertility. Considerable recent interest has been focused on the role of goddesses in ancient societies, though not always with a clear eye on the actual source material. This book, written by one of the leading scholars of Celtic myth and religion, examines the significance of the female in Celtic belief and ritual as expressed in surviving archaeological remains and written sources.” -Publisher

Contents: Women in Celtic society – Goddesses of war – The divine female in Welsh myth – Sovereignty, sexuality and the other-world in Irish myth – Water-Goddesses, healers and mothers – Love, marriage and partnership among the Goddesses – Priestess, prophetess and Witch – Mistress of the beasts – From Goddess to saint. Books on Celtic goddesses, Celtic mythology books free, Welsh mythology books free, Irish mythology.

Folklore Books Free – Folk Tales Online

Fairy Tales Books – Folklore Books Free – Collection

NYPL Dewey Dec. 398

Over 250 free fairy tales books, contributed to the Internet Archive by the New York Public Library. All appear to be pre-1924 publications. Includes: Irish Fairy Tales, Fairy Tales from Hans Christian Andersen, L. Frank Baum books, Wizard of Oz books, Japanese fairy tales, Brothers Grimm fairy tales, The Arabian Nights, Sinbad the Sailor, Jacob Grimm books, Polish fairy tales, English fairy tales for kids, Manx fairy tales, Cossack fairy tales, Chinese fairy tales, Scottish fairy tales, Scottish folk tales, Danish fairy tales, Folk tales of the Irish peasants, Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves, Oscar Wilde book on fairy tales, old Norwegian fairy tales, old British fairy tales, Russian fairy tales, Danish fairy tales, Celtic fairy tales, old English fairy tales, Czech fairy tales, Wonder tales from Tibet, Finnish fairy tales, folk tales, Tales of Mother Goose, Laboulaye’s fairy book, The Green Fairy Book, Indian fairy tales, Serbian fairy tales, Jewish fairy tales, Jack and the Beanstalk, The Book of Elves and Fairies, Swedish fairy tales, Andersen stories, fairy tales from Spain, Celtic Tales, Fairy Tales from South Africa. Old fairy tales books free, classic folklore.

Fairy Tales Books Free – Folklore Books Online Free – Collection

Fairy Tales books free at the Internet Archive. Be patient as the page loads. Fairy fiction books for kids, free children’s books about fairies, fairy story books, old fairy tales books, classic fairy tales, new fairy tales.

Folklore Books Online Free – Collection

Folklore books free at the Internet Archive. Be patient as the page loads. Includes: Canadian-German folklore books, African folklore books, Slavic folklore, Children’s folklore, Dictionary of American folklore, Encyclopedia of American folklore, American folklore films, Scottish folklore, firefighter’s folklore, World folklore, African American folklore books, Irish folklore books, Chicano folklore, British folklore, Santa Claus folklore, European folklore in America, Nordic folklore, Ozark Magic and Folklore, German-American folklore, Maryland folklore, Folklore in Nigerian literature, Folklore of Native Americans books, Latino folklore, Finnish folklore, Folklore of world holidays, W.B. Yeats and Irish folklore, ghost tales from folklore, Italian-American folklore, Folklore of the American west, Folklore of Japan books, Celtic folklore books. Folklore books free.

Free Books of Legends – Legend and Myths Books – Collection

More than 900 legends and myths books free at the Internet Archive.

Be patient while the page loads. Includes: Encyclopedia of Myths and Legends, Legends of Hawaii, Myths and legends of India, Legends of French Canada, Legends of the South Seas, Legends of the Celts, Myths and Legends of the Mississippi Valley, Folk tales and legends, Tongan myths and tales, German myths and legends, tall tales and true from the Canadian West, Characters of the Caribbean, Heroic Stories of Ancient Ireland, Legends of the Rhine, Legends of the Mohawk Valley, Vietnamese Legends, Hawaiian historical legends, New England legends and folklore, Ancient Britain myths and legends, Ghosts and Legends, Puerto Rican Tales, Strange but True Tales from Eastern Ontario, Egyptian Myths and Legends, Myths and Legends of China, legend and myths books. Folklore Books Online Free

Free Books of Fables – Free Folklore Books – Collection

About 350 free online books of fables, from the Internet Archive. Free books of fables, children’s books of fables, adult books of fables, Aesop’s Fables.

The Power of Gold: The History of an Obsession

Bernstein, Peter L.
Wiley 2000 Dewey Dec. 398

The author “recounts the magical, religious, and artistic qualities of gold and moves through the invention of coins, the transformation of gold into money, and the history of the gold standard.” -Libr J. Folklore books, legend and myth books free.

A Treasury of American Folklore: Stories, Ballads, and Traditions of the American People

Botkin, Benjamin A., ed.
Crown 1944 Dewey Dec. 398

Around 500 stories are collected in this 900-page volume. Folklore book, American folklore books free.

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid: the Book of Scary Urban Legends

Brunvald, Jan Harold
Norton 2004 Dewey Dec. 398

A collection of over ninety frightening urban legends, arranged by theme. Legend and myth books, urban legends, American folklore book free.

Folklore: a Study and Research Guide

Brunvald, Jan Harold
St. Martin’s Press 1976 Dewey Dec. 398

Folklore books, folklore children’s books free.

World Folktales

Clarkson, Atelia and Cross, Gilbert B.
Scribner 1980 Dewey Dec. 398

Folklore books free, folklore children’s books, classic folktales.

The Female Hero in Folklore and Legend

Coffin, Tristram P.
Pocket 1978 Dewey Dec. 398

Folklore books, folklore children’s books, classic folktales, legend and myth books.

Folklore of American Holidays


Cohen, Hennig and Coffin, Tristram P., eds.
Thomson Gale 1998 Dewey Dec. 398

Folklore books, folklore children’s books free.

From My People: 400 Years of African American Folklore

Dance, Daryl Cumber
Norton 2002 Dewey Dec. 398

A celebration of African American life and culture brings together four hundred years of folklore, traditional tales, recipes, proverbs, legends, folk songs, and folk art. African American folklore, African American myths, folklore books free.

African Folklore

Dorson, Richard M.
Anchor 1972 Dewey Dec. 398

Part II contains papers originally presented at a conference on African folklore, held July 16-18, 1970, Folklore Institute, Indiana University. African folklore, African myths.

Folk Legends of Japan

Dorson, Richard M.
Tuttle 1961 Dewey Dec. 398

Japanese myths books, Japanese folklore books, legend and myth books.

Folklore Research Around the World: a North American Point of View

Dorson, Richard M., ed.
Indiana University Press 1961 Dewey Dec. 398

Free Books about folklore, folklore books for adults, books about mythology.

Folktales Told Around the World

Dorson, Richard M.
University of Chicago 1978 Dewey Dec. 398

World folklore books free, world fairy tale books, classic folk tales.

Folklore, Memoirs, and other Writings

Hurston, Zora Neale
Library of America 1995 Dewey Dec. 398

“This is the first time the unexpurgated version of Hurston’s 1942 autobiography, ‘Dust Tracks on the Road’, is being published; sections deemed too provocative (dealing with politics, race, and sex) have been restored. ‘Mules and Men’ (1935) is a collection of African American folklore she gleaned on travels in the South, while ‘Tell My Horse’ (1938) tenders her personal findings on African-based religion in Jamaica and Haiti. Additionally, 22 magazine and book articles with anthropological themes . . . that have never been gathered into book form are corralled here.” -Booklist. African American folklore books free, African American myths books.

Sweet and Sour: Tales from China

Kendall, Carol and Yao-wenLi
Clarion 1978 Dewey Dec. 398

A collection of tales from various periods of Chinese history
Rare bargain — Clever wife — Ten jugs of wine — Logic — Living Kuan-Yin — Thief who kept his hands clean — Serpent-slayer — From bad to good to bad to good — Wine bibber — Old fuddlement — Bagged wolf — Pointing finger — Unanswerable — Kertong — One hairball — Thievery — Betrothal — Clod’s comb — Golden life — Piebald calf — Stewed, roasted, or live? — Noodle — Monk and the drunk — Coffin cash. Chinese myths, Chinese folk tales, Chinese folklore.

Encyclopedia of Asian American Folklore and Folklife

Lee, Jonathan H.X. and Nadeau, Kathleen M., eds.
ABC-CLIO 2011 Dewey Dec. 398

“Provides an illuminating overview of Asian American folklore as a way of life. Surveying the histories, peoples, and cultures of numerous Asian American ethnic and cultural groups, the work covers everything from ancient Asian folklore, folktales, and folk practices that have been transmitted and transformed in America …” -Publisher. Asian American folklore, American folklore, Asian folk tales.

The Dictionary of Folklore

Leeming, David Adams, ed.
Franklin Watts 2002 Dewey Dec. 398

150+ short entries, mainly for younger readers or for quick reference. Folklore books free, folklore children’s books, classic folk tales.

The Vampire Book: The Encyclopedia of the Undead

Melton, J. Gordon
Visible Ink 2011 Dewey Dec. 398

“This vampire lore tome covers legends from around the world, both classical and current, presenting an overview of the historical, literary, mythological, biographical, and popular aspects of vampires, . . , This book is an excellent and comprehensive addition to any collection serving readers interested in learning more about the vampire in time, place, and society. Aficionados of vampires in popular culture will enjoy it.” -Libr J. Folklore books, free legend and myth books.

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