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Books on Europe in the Middle Ages – Medieval History PDF

Books on Europe in the Middle Ages - Medieval History PDF

Books on Europe in the Middle Ages, Medieval history pdf. Medieval daily Life, monastic life, history, feudalism, plague, vikings, Medieval women, Christianity, Crusades, culture, mythology and civilization.

Medieval History Books Collection

About 330 free online books at the Internet Archive, resulting from a search for books on “Medieval History”. Be patient as the page loads. Some books: The Middle Ages, The Early Middle Ages, Inventing the Middle Ages, Places of Worship in the Middle Ages, Food and Feasts in the Middle Ages, Living in the Middle Ages, Clothes and Crafts in the Middle Ages, Latin Thought during the Middle Ages, Instruments of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, Encyclopedia of Women in the Middle Ages, Country Life in the Middle Ages, Family Life in the Middle Ages, Europe and the Middle Ages, War in the Middle Ages, Founders of the Middle Ages, Arts in the Middle Ages, Sieges of the Middle Ages, Encyclopedia of the Middle Ages, Geography in the Middle Ages, Monarchs in the Middle Ages, Witchcraft in the Middle Ages, Medicine in the Middle Ages, Death and Dying in the Middle Ages, Physical Science in the Middle Ages, Sisters and Workers in the Middle Ages, The Literature of the Middle Ages, The Franciscans in the Middle Ages, English Literature of the Middle Ages, The Later Middle Ages 1272-1485, Select Historical Documents of the Middle Ages, Arts & Crafts in the Middle Ages, many more books on the Middle Ages.

Collections’ take longer to appear on your screen than single books.  On a phone, only about 25 books in a collection may appear.

History of the Middle Ages Books Collection

About 800 free online books at the Internet Archive, resulting from a search for books on “History Middle Ages 600-1500”. Some books: The Flowering of the Middle Ages, Medieval People, Heirs of the Roman Empire, The Middle Ages: castles, kings and knights, The Gothic North: a study of medieval life, art and thought, Europe in the 14th & 15th Centuries, Life on a Medieval Barony, Medieval Days and Ways, High Points of Medieval Culture, Medieval Culture and Society, Medieval Society, The Atlas of Medieval Man, A History of Early Medieval Europe from 476 to 911, Medieval Intellectual History, The Age of Chivalry, Life during the Crusades, the 1200s, Mediaeval Society, The Medieval Castle, Medieval Europe, The Medieval World: Europe 1100-1350, The Medieval World View, Life in a Medieval City, The Medieval Experience, The Waning of the Middle Ages, Knights: warriors of the Middle Ages, Mediaeval Institutions, Medieval Civilization, Illustrated History of Medieval England, The Black Death, Age of Faith, Medieval Places, Philosophy and Civilization in the Middle Ages, Medieval and Renaissance Studies, The Medieval Village, many more books on Medieval Civilization.

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Medieval Social History Collection

About 140 free online books at the Internet Archive, resulting from a search for books on “Social History – Medieval, 500-1500”. Some books: Medieval Maidens, The Burgermeister’s Daughter, Economic and Social History of Medieval Europe, Chaucer and the Late Medieval World, Lady of the Manor, New Images of Medieval Women, Patriarch and Families of Privilege in 15th century England, Women at Work in Medieval Europe, Daily Life in Portugal in the Late Middle Ages, Growing Old in the Middle Ages, many more.

Vikings Books Collection

About 900 books from the Internet Archive free online on the subject of Vikings. Some books: How We Know about the Vikings, The Viking Explorers, The World of the Vikings, Discovery of Pre-Columbian Norse House-Sites in North America, Vikings Bold: their voyages and adventures, Viking Warriors, Oxford Illustrated History of the Vikings, Vikings: the North Atlantic Saga, Sea Kings and Dragon Ships, The Viking Saga, History of the Vikings, Cultural Atlas of the Viking World, Everyday Life in Viking Times, The Age of Leif Eriksson, Norse Warfare, many more books about the Vikings.

Civilization During the Middle Ages: Especially in Relation to Modern Civilization

Adams, George Burton
Scribner’s Sons 1922 Dewey Dec. 940.1

“The object of this book is to show how the foundations of our civilization were laid in the past and how its chief elements were introduced, and to depict its progressive development until it had assumed its most characteristic modern features. Its purpose is to show the movement and direction of historic forces, and the relation of the facts of history one to another. In other words … the orderly and organic growth of our civilization.” – Author’s Preface

Contents: What the Middle Ages started with – the addition of Christianity – The German conquest and the fall of Rome – What the Germans added – The formation of the Papacy – The Franks and Charlemagne – After Charlemagne – The Feudal system – The Empire and the Papacy – The Crusades – The growth of commerce and its results – The formation of France – England and the other states – The Renaissance – The Papacy in the new age – The Reformation

Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres

Adams, Henry
Houghton-Mifflin 1913 Dewey Dec. 940.1

“This book takes its title from two architectural monuments of the Middle Ages, but is rather a scholarly study of medieval civilization. It discusses literature, history and science, as well as architecture, and is especially valuable in reflecting the change of the medieval point of view between the Romanesque and Gothic periods. (Guide to Historical Lit. 1st. ed.)

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Arts and Crafts in the Middle Ages

A Description of Mediaeval Workmanship in Several of the Departments of Applied Art, Together with Some Account of Special Artisans in the Early Renaissance

Addison, Julia de Wolf
Page 1908 Dewey Dec. 940.1

Contents: Gold and silver – Jewelry and precious stones – Enamel – Other metals – Tapestry – Embroideries – Sculpture in stone (France and Italy) – Sculpture in stone (England and Germany) – Carving in wood and ivory – Inlay and mosaic – Illumination of books

A History of Private Life, Vol 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 4

Aries, Philippe and Georges Duby
Belknap Press 1987 Dewey Dec. 940.1

Vol 1: ‘From Pagan Rome to Byzantium’, Paul Veyne, editor — Vol 2. ‘Revelations of the Medieval World’, Georges Duby, editor — Vol 3. ‘Passions of the Renaissance’, Roger Chartier, editor — Vol 4. ‘From the Fires of Revolution to the Great War’, Michelle Perrot, editor. There is also a fifth volume, covering WWI to the 1990s, that was not found online.
“First of the widely celebrated and sumptuously illustrated series, this book reveals in intimate detail what life was really like in the ancient world. Behind the vast panorama of the pagan Roman empire, the reader discovers the intimate daily lives of citizens and slaves–from concepts of manhood and sexuality to marriage and the family, the roles of women, chastity and contraception, techniques of childbirth, homosexuality, religion, the meaning of virtue, and the separation of private and public spaces.
The emergence of Christianity in the West and the triumph of Christian morality with its emphasis on abstinence, celibacy, and austerity is startlingly contrasted with the profane and undisciplined private life of the Byzantine Empire. Using illuminating motifs, the authors weave a rich, colorful fabric ornamented with the results of new research and the broad interpretations that only masters of the subject can provide.” -Publisher description of Vol 1.

The Oldest Vocation: Christian Motherhood in the Middle Ages

Atkinson, Clarissa W.
Cornell University 1991 Dewey Dec. 940.1

“After tracing the roots of medieval ideologies of motherhood in early Christianity, the author reconstructs the physiological assumptions underlying medieval notions about women’s bodies and reproduction. She then describes the development of “spiritual motherhood” both as a concept emerging out of monastic ideologies in the early Middle Ages and as a reality in the lives of certain remarkable women” -Book jacket

Contents: Christian motherhood: “Who is my mother”? — Physiological motherhood: The wandering womb — Spiritual motherhood: Extraordinary women in the early Middle Ages — Theological motherhood: The Virgin Mother of God — “Mother of love, mother of tears”: Holiness and families in the later Middle Ages — Motherhood reformed: The parson’s wife and her children — The construction of motherhood

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The Pastons and their England: Studies in an Age of Transition

Bennett, H.S.
Cambridge University 1922 Dewey Dec. 940.1

“The Paston letters have long exercised a tremendous fascination for their capacity to recreate in vivid detail the lives of an ordinary well-to-do fifteenth-century family. H. S. Bennett’s classic study recreates beautifully their historical context and offers the additional perspectives provided by the letters of their correspondents: bishops and serving men, prisoners and dukes, priests and ribald companions. Among the intriguing areas of late medieval life which are explored are marriage, women’s lives, education, travelling, the law and lawlessness, the clergy and the changing face of the English countryside. This account of the Pastons’ England reveals an age of historical transition as it was played out in the daily challenges of individual lives.” – Publisher.

Contents: The rise of the Pastons – The Paston fortunes – marriage – Love – Women’s life – Parents and children – Houses and furniture – Education and books – Letters and letter-writing – Roads and bridges – Wayfaring – The law – Lawlessness – Religion – The secular clergy – The regular clergy – The life of the countryside

The Age of the Cloister: the Story of Monastic Life in the Middle Ages

Brooke, Christopher
HiddenSpring 2003 Dewey Dec. 940.1

“Among the most beautiful, spiritual and evocative structures in stone ever built are the medieval monasteries of Europe. The importance of the monastic world, its ideas and ideals, to the rise of Western civilization is second to none. The age of the cloister offers a fascinating overview of the birth and flowering of monasticism, and describes in great detail the everyday monastic life and the faith, literature, economy, architecture and culture of countless monks, hermits, nuns, canons, friars and laymen and women spanning hundreds of years.-Publisher

Europe In The Central Middle Ages 962-1154

Brooke, Christopher
Holt, Rinehart and Winston 1963 Dewey Dec. 940.1

An introduction which explores the emergence of the distinctive character of medievel Europe from 962-1154. The text covers key themes including the reform and revival of the Papcy, the heyday of the medieval Empire, the rise of the Normans and the early Crusades.

Contents: 1. Introduction — 2. Sources — 3. Shape of Europe — Islam — Byzantine Empire — Viking world — Poland — Hungary — 4. Economic life — Agricultural Society Builders — Markets and the growth of towns — Slave trade — Technological advance — Agriculture and colonization — 5. Society — Population — Freedom, serfdom and slavery — Merchants and artisans — The clergy — Place of women — 6. Cities and towns — England, Tuscany and Umbria: a contrast — 7. Travel — 8. Kingship and government — 9. Empire 962-1056 — 10. From the Salians to the Hohenstaufen — 11. Kingdom of the French — 12. Britain and the Vikings — 13. Normans — 14. Crusades, Byzantium and Spain — Christianity and Islam in the Spanish Peninsula –15. Monasticism and Papal reform — 16. The Papal conflicts — 17. New Monastic orders — St. Romuald and his disciples — Augustinian Canons — Gilbertines — Cistercian novice — 18. Schools and Scholarship — St Bernard of Clairvaux — Theology : St Anselm — Canon law — Burchard of Worms and Ivo of Chartres — 19. Popular religion — Religion, art and architecture 20. Medieval marriage — 21. Epilogue: men and movements of the mid twelfth century.

Bulfinch’s Mythology: The Age of Fable ; The Age of Chivalry ; Legends of Charlemagne

3 books in 1 volume

Bulfinch, Thomas
Grosset & Dunlap 1913 Dewey Dec. 940.1

“Thomas Bulfinch, an American scholar, has amassed some of the largest collections of English mythology anywhere. In this edition, he begins with stories of gods and heroes from Classical, Eastern and Northern mythology. He then delves into stories of King Arthur and his knights, Celtic legends, and Robin Hood and other British heroes before recounting tales of Charlemagne. This illustrated collection contains much more than just simple tales and poems; it is a literary history of the English language.” – Publisher.

A History of the later Roman Empire: from Arcadius to Irene (395 A.D. to 800 A.D.), Vol 1

Volume 2

Bury, John
MacMillan 1889 Dewey Dec. 940.1

Bury was the leading English-speaking student of Byzantine history in his era.

Contents: Vol I: Book 1: Introduction – Book 2: House of Theodosius – Book 3: House of Leo the Great – Book 4: House of Justin
Vol 2: Book 4: House of Justin – Part 1: Age of Justinian – Part II: Collapse of Justinian’s system – Book V: House of Heraclius – Book 6: House of Leo the Isaurian

Cambridge Medieval History, Vol 1

Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 4

Volume 5 Volume 6 Volume 7 Volume 8

Bury, J.B. ed.
Cambridge University 1911-1936 Dewey Dec. 940.1

Vol 1: ‘The Christian Roman Empire and the Foundations of the Teutonic Kingdoms’
Vol 2: ‘The Rise of the Saracens and the Foundation of the Western Empire’
Vol 3: ‘Germany and the Western Empire’
Vol 4: ‘The Eastern Roman Empire (717-1453)’
Vol 5: ‘Contest of Empire and Papacy’
Vol 6: ‘Victory of the Papacy’
Vol 7: ‘Decline of Empire and Papacy’
Vol 8: ‘The Close of the Middle Ages’

Cambridge Medieval History Maps, Vol 1

Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 4

Volume 5 Volume 6 Volume 7 Volume 8

Bury, J.B., ed.
Cambridge University 1911-1936 Dewey Dec. 940.1

These 8 small volumes of maps are intended as supplements to the 8 volumes of the “Cambridge Medieval History’, edited by Bury, J.B., also found on this web page.

A History of the Christian Church during the First Six Centuries

Cheetham, S.
Macmillan 1894 Dewey Dec. 940.1

Contents: Part I: From the Origin of Christianity to the Edict of Milan (A.D. 313): preparation of the world – Apostolic church – Early struggles of the church – Growth and ccharacteristics of the church – Great divisions – Theology of the church and its opponents – Organization of the church – Social life and ceremonies of the church
Part II: From the Edict of Milan (A.D. 313) to the Accession of Pope Gregory the Great (A.D. 590): The church and the empire – Theology and theologians – Controversies on the faith – Discipline and life of the church – Ecclesiastical ceremonies and art – Growth of the church – Maps

A Medieval Garner: Human Documents from the Four Centuries Preceding the Reformation

Coulton, G. G.
Constable 1910 Dewey Dec. 940.1

“This book appeals to the increasing body of readers who wish to get at the real Middle Ages; who, however impatient of mere dissertations and discussions, are glad to study genuine human documents, and to check the generalizations of historians by reference to first-hand facts… [The 300] records here printed represent thirty years’ study among all kinds of medieval writings…. They treat of clergy and laity, saints and sinners; spiritual experiences, love, battles, pageants, and occasionally the small things of everyday life. Drawn from six languages…” – Author’s Preface. Many drawn illustrations included.

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