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Ancient World History PDF – Ancient History Books PDF

Ancient world history pdf, ancient history books pdf. Books free online covering multiple regions or broad topics in ancient history.

Archaeology, ancient social history, everyday life, trade in the ancient world, etc. Hundreds of free online books.

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Ancient World History PDF – Collection

About 850 free online books at the Internet Archive, resulting from a search for books on “Ancient World History”. Be patient as the page loads. Some books: World History: Ancient Civilizations, The History of the Ancient and Medieval World, Atlas of Ancient History, World Religions from Ancient History to the Present, Clothes of the Ancient World, Mysteries of the Ancient World, Atlas of World History, Uncovering the Ancient World, Warfare in the Ancient World, Ancient and Medieval Art. Ancient history books pdf, ancient world history pdf. Many more books about Ancient World History.

Ancient Civilization Collection – Ancient History Books PDF

About 750 free books on Ancient Civilization. Some books: Lost Civilization, Ancient Astronauts, Man & Ancient Civilizations, Atlas of Ancient Civilizations, The Face of the Ancient Orient, People of the First Cities, Encyclopedia of Ancient Civilizations, 500 Things to Know about the Ancient World, Lost Worlds, Everyday Life in Ancient Times, Origins of the Humanistic Tradition, Ancient China, Antiquity, The Emergence of Europe. Ancient history textbook pdf, Ancient world history pdf. Many more books about Ancient Civilization.

Prehistoric Peoples Books Collection – Ancient Books PDF

About 1,100 free online books at the Internet Archive, resulting from a search for books on “Prehistoric Peoples”. Some books: World Prehistory, Prehistoric Societies, Prehistoric Men, The Archaeology of Ancient China, An Introduction to Prehistory, Oceanic Prehistory, Man before History, Patterns in Prehistory, Illustrated Prehistory of Europe, The Story of Man, The Stages of Human Evolution, A Biography of Primitive Man, Atlas of Early Man, Mankind in the Making, many more books on Prehistoric Peoples. Ancient History Books PDF.

‘Collections’ take longer to appear on your screen than single books.  On a phone, only about 25 books in a collection may appear.

Archaeology Free Books Collection – Ancient World History PDF

About 3,200 free online books at the Internet Archive, resulting from a search for books on “Archaeology”. Some books: The Archaeologist’s Handbook, Finding out About the Past, Archaeology: science and romance, Digging Up the Past, Archaeology: the definitive guide, Your Future in Archaeology, Wonderful World of Archaeology, Frontiers in Archaeology, Archaeology in Society, The Meaning of Archaeology, Secrets from the Past, Adventures in Underwater Archaeology, Archaeological Techniques for Amateurs, many more books on Archaeology. Free Ancient History Books.

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Women’s Work; The First 20,000 Years

Women, Cloth, and Society in Early Times

Barber, Elizabeth Wayland
Norton 1994 Dewey Dec. 930

“New discoveries about the textile arts reveal women’s unexpectedly influential role in ancient societies. Twenty thousand years ago, women were making and wearing the first clothing created from spun fibers. In fact, right up to the Industrial Revolution the fiber arts were an enormous economic force, belonging primarily to women… Elizabeth Wayland Barber has drawn from data gathered by the most sophisticated new archaeological methods–methods she herself helped to fashion. In a “brilliantly original book” (Katha Pollitt, Washington Post Book World), she argues that women were a powerful economic force in the ancient world, with their own industry: fabric.” -Publisher. Ancient History PDF.

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The History of the Ancient World: From the Earliest Accounts to the Fall of Rome

Bauer, Susan Wise
Norton 2007 Dewey Dec. 930

“This is the first volume in a bold new series that tells the stories of all peoples, connecting historical events from Europe to the Middle East to the far coast of China, while still giving weight to the characteristics of each country. Susan Wise Bauer provides both sweeping scope and vivid attention to the individual lives that give flesh to abstract assertions about human history.Dozens of maps provide a clear geography of great events, while timelines give the reader an ongoing sense of the passage of years and cultural interconnection. This old-fashioned narrative history employs the methods of “history from beneath”–literature, epic traditions, private letters and accounts–to connect kings and leaders with the lives of those they ruled.” – Publisher. Ancient History Free Books, Ancient world history textbook pdf.

Encyclopedia of Society and Culture in the Ancient World (4 vols) – Ancient World History PDF

Bogucki, Peter, ed.
Facts on File 2008 Dewey Dec. 930

“Each entry explores a specific topic across the entire world, beginning with an introduction that outlines the major developments in chronological sequence, followed by subsections on the following centers of civilization: Africa, Egypt, the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific, Europe, Greece, Rome, and the Americas. Each entry concludes with a list of “”see also”” references to related entries, followed by a further reading list of books, articles, and Web sites on the topic. Primary source documents, sidebars, and more than 250 black-and-white photographs and maps supplement the text.” -Publisher. Ancient History pdf free download.

Contents: Adornment – Agriculture – Architecture – Art – Astronomy – Borders and frontiers – Building techniques and materials – Calendars and clocks – Ceramics and pottery – Children – Cities – Climate and geography – Clothing and footwear – Crafts – Crime and punishment.

A History of the Ancient World – Ancient Civilizations Textbook PDF

Botsford, George Willis
MacMillan 1911 Dewey Dec. 930

This volume was intended as a textbook for use in the teaching of Ancient History in U.S. high schools. The first 50+ pages cover Egypt, Mesopotamia, Phoenicians, Hebrews, and the Median and Persian empires, with the lion’s share of the book devoted to Greece and Rome. Botsford also edited ‘A Sourcebook of Ancient History’, with readings from ancient authors that were meant to supplement this textbook. That volume is also available on this webpage. Read Ancient History Free Online, Ancient history textbook pdf.

A Source-Book of Ancient History

Botsford, George Willis and Botsford, Lillie Shaw
MacMillan 1912 Dewey Dec. 930

Short reading selections from ancient authors collected together on many topics. The author wrote that this book could be used by students in conjunction with any standard textbook of ancient history, but it was designed specifically to accompany George W. Botsford’s ‘A History of the Ancient World’.

Contents: Book I: The Oriental Nations – Book II: Hellas – Book III: Rome. Ancient world history textbook pdf free download.

Ancient Times, a History of the Early World: An Introduction to the Study of Ancient History and the Career of Early Man – Ancient History Textbook PDF

Breasted, James Henry
Ginn 1916 Dewey Dec. 930

The author intended this book for high school students. “The book purposes to present the career of man as a whole, in a connected story of expanding life and civilization from the days of the rudest stone hatchet to the Christian cathedrals of Europe, without a serious gap.” -Author’s Preface

Contents: Part I: The earliest Europeans – Part II: The Orient – Part III: The Greeks – Part IV: The Mediterranean world in the Hellenistic Age and the Roman Republic – Part V: The Roman Empire. The history of the ancient world pdf, Ancient world history textbook pdf.

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The Cambridge Ancient History, Vol 1

Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 4 Volume 5

Volume 6 Volume 7 Volume 8 Volume 9 Volume 10

Volume 11 Volume 12

Volume of Plates I Volume of Plates II Volume of Plates III

Volume of Plates IV Volume of Plates V

Bury, J.B. et al.
Cambridge University 1923-1939 Dewey Dec. 930

The Cambridge Ancient History is a multi-volume work of ancient history from Prehistory to Late Antiquity, published by Cambridge University Press. The first series, consisting of 12 volumes, was planned in 1919 by Irish historian J. B. Bury and published between 1924 and 1939, co-edited by Frank Adcock and S. A. Cook. It was part of a larger series of works, along with The Cambridge Medieval History and The Cambridge Modern History, intended to cover the entire history of European civilisation.

Contents: Vol 1: Egypt and Babylonia to 1580 B.C.
Vol 2: The Egyptian and Hittite Empires to c. 1000 B.C.
Vol 3: The Assyrian Empire
Vol 4: The Persian Empire and the West
Vol 5: Athens 478-401 B.C.
Vol 6: Macedon 410-301 B.C.
Vol 7: The Hellenistic Monarchies and the Rise of Rome
Vol 8: Rome and the Mediterranean 218-133 B.C.
Vol 9: The Roman Republic 133-44 B.C.
Vol 10: The Augustan Empire 44 B.C. – A.D. 70
Vol 11: The Imperial Peace A.D. 70-192
Vol 12: The Imperial Crisis and Recover A.D. 193-324
Volumes I-V of Plates. The history of the ancient world pdf.

The Other Side of Western Civilization: Readings in Everyday Life

Vol 1: The Ancient World to the Reformation

Chodorow, Stanley, ed.
Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich 1973 Dewey Dec. 930

Essays by a number of historians on a wide variety of topics, mainly in social history. The history of the ancient world.

Ancient City: Life in Classical Athens and Rome

Connolly, Peter
Oxford University 1998 Dewey Dec. 930

“In this superbly illustrated volume, Athens and Rome, the two greatest cities of antiquity, spring to life through the masterful pen of Peter Connolly. For the first time ever, all the evidence has been painstakingly pieced together to reconstruct the architectural wonders of these mighty civilizations. By re-creating their public buildings, their temples, shops, and houses, Connolly reveals every aspect of a person’s life in glorious detail, including religion, food, drama, games, and the baths… In addition to reading about the great monuments and moments of classical Greece and Rome, readers learn about a typical day in the life of an Athenian and a Roman. They read about–and see–the houses people inhabited; attend 5-day festivals and go to the theatre; fight great battles and witness the birth of Rome’s navy; visit temples and spend a day at the races.” -Publisher. Ancient History book pdf.

Penguin Encyclopedia of Classical Civilizations – The History of the Ancient World PDF

Cotterell, Arthur
Penguin 1994 Dewey Dec. 930

“This survey of the age that laid the foundations of modern Europe and Asia takes a global multicultural approach to the ancient world by including Asian, African, and South Asian societies as well as Athens and Rome.” -Publisher

Contents: Hellenic civilization / J.T. Hooker — The Hellenistic age / Frank W. Walbank — The world of Rome / Andrew Drummond — The empires of Persia / T. Cuyler Young, Jr. — Imperial India / John Brockington — The unification of China / Arthur Cotterell. Ancient world history pdf.

Prehistoric Europe: An Illustrated History

Cunliffe, Barry W.
Oxford University 1998 Dewey Dec. 930

“Ranging from the earliest settlements through the emergence of Minoan civilization to the barbarian world at the end of the Roman Empire, Prehistoric Europe provides a fascinating look at how successive cultures adapted to the landscape of Europe. In synthesizing the diverse findings of archeology, Barry Cunliffe and a team of distinguished experts capture the sweeping movements of peoples, the spread of agriculture, the growth of metal working, and the rise and fall of cultures… Now the most recent discoveries of archeology have been synthesized into one exciting volume. Featuring hundreds of stunning photographs, this book provides the most complete account available of the prehistory of European civilization.” -Publisher. The history of the ancient world pdf.

Contents: The Peopling of Europe – The Upper Paleolithic Revolution – The Mesolithic Age – The First Farmers – The Transformation of Early Agrarian Europe – The Palace Civilizations of Minoan Crete – The Emergence of Elites – The Collapse of Aegean Civilization – Reformation in Barbarian Europe – Iron Age Societies – Thracians, Scythians, and Dacians – The Impact of Rome – Barbarian Europe. Prehistoric Eras Books.

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Readings in Ancient History: Illustrative Extracts from the Sources, Vol 1 – Ancient World History Textbook PDF

Volume 2

Davis, William S.
Allyn and Bacon 1912 Dewey Dec. 930

These volumes aim “to set before students beginning the study of Ancient History a sufficient amount of source material to illustrated the important facts mentioned in every good textbook. There is also a clear intent to give the reader some taste of the notable literary flavor pervading the histories of Greece and Rome.” -Author’s Preface. Ancient world history textbooks.

Contents: Vol 1. Greece and the East – Vol 2. Rome and the West. The history of the ancient world.

The Classical World: An Epic History from Homer to Hadrian – Ancient History Textbook PDF

Fox, Robin Lane
Basic Books 2006 Dewey Dec. 930

“The classical civilizations of Greece and Rome once dominated the world, and they continue to fascinate and inspire us. Classical art and architecture, drama and epic, philosophy and politics–these are the foundations of Western civilization. In The Classical World, eminent classicist Robin Lane Fox brilliantly chronicles this vast sweep of history from Homer to the reign of Augustus. From the Peloponnesian War through the creation of Athenian democracy, from the turbulent empire of Alexander the Great to the creation of the Roman Empire and the emergence of Christianity, Robin Lane Fox serves as our witty and trenchant guide. He introduces us to extraordinary heroes and horrific villains, great thinkers and blood-thirsty tyrants. Throughout this vivid tour of two of the greatest civilizations the world has ever known, we remain in the hands of a great master.” -Publisher. Ancient world history textbook pdf.

Egypt, Greece, and Rome: Civilizations of the Ancient Mediterranean – Ancient History Books PDF

Freeman, Charles
Oxford University 1996 Dewey Dec. 930

“This is a unique and comprehensive introduction to the ancient Mediterranean and its three major civilizations, Egypt, Greece, and Rome. It reveals a fascinating picture of the deep links between the cultures across the Mediterranean and explores the ways in which these civilizations continue to be influential to this day. Beginning with the emergence of the earliest Egyptian civilization around 3200 BC, Charles Freeman follows the history of the Mediterranean over a span of four millennia to AD 600, beyond the fall of the Roman empire in the west to the emergence of the Byzantine empire in the east.” -Publisher. Free ancient history books pdf.

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The Ancient City: A Study on the Religion, Laws, and Institutions of Greece and Rome – Ancient History Books PDF

Fustel de Coulanges, Numa D.
Johns Hopkins University 1980 Dewey Dec. 930

“Originally published in 1864 as La Cité Antique, this remarkable work describes society as it existed in Greece during the age of Pericles and in Rome at the time of Cicero. Working with only a fraction of the materials available to today’s classical scholar, Fustel de Coulanges fashioned a complete picture of life in the ancient city, resulting in a book impressive today as much for the depth of its portrait as for the thesis it presents.” -Book cover. The history of the ancient world.

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