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Old Housekeeping Books - Housekeeping and Organizing Books - Interior Designer Books PDF

Old housekeeping books, housekeeping and organizing books, interior designer books pdf, house cleaning book online, home management. Hundreds of free online books.

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Housekeeping & Organizing Books

Interior Designer Books – Home Furnishings

Old Housekeeping Books – Housekeeping and Organizing Books – House Cleaning Book Online

Old Housekeeping Books – Home Economics Class – Collection – Housekeeping and Organizing Books

Collection of old housekeeping books and books for home economics class at the Boston Public Library. Cookbooks, old housekeeping books, house cleaning books, home economics class books, and books on home maintenance. All appear to be vintage books from the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Some book titles: The woman’s book : dealing practically with the modern conditions of home-life, The domestic world : a practical guide in domestic and social economy, The housekeeper’s encyclopedia of useful information, The lady’s every-day book : a practical guide in the elegant arts and daily difficulties of domestic life, Harper’s household handbook : a guide to easy ways of doing woman’s work. Tips for home maintenance, budget for home maintenance, housekeeping checklist, house cleaning checklist, books on housekeeping.

Books on House Cleaning – Get Organized in Home – Collection – Housekeeping and Organizing Books

About 420 books on housekeeping at the Internet Archive. Nearly all from the last 30 years, these books contain house cleaning hacks, tips on housework chores, house cleaning checklists, housework cleaning schedule, old housekeeping books, home organizing, house cleaning book online.

Some book titles: Cleaning your home : 671 secrets the pros know, Clean your house from A to Z, How clean is your house?, 10-minute housekeeping : hundreds of easy tips to clean and straighten …, Is there life after housework?

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Tips for Home Maintenance – Home Repair – Collection – Housekeeping and Organizing Books

About 530 free books with tips for home maintenance.

Some book titles: Guide to home improvement costs, Preventive home maintenance, The complete book of home remodeling, improvement, and repair : a handbook, The complete guide to understanding and caring for your home, Home repair & remodel cost guide, Home comfort, Home remedies : fixing up houses and apartments, mostly old, The energy efficient home–101 money saving ideas. Be patient as the page loads. Budget for home maintenance, how to maintain a home.

“How to Be a Domestic Goddess” – Collection – Old Housekeeping Books

A Hathi Trust collection of 154 books compiled by a researcher that were published from about 1800 to the 1990s, on cooking, housewifery, interior décor, manners and etiquette, child-rearing, entertainment, and gardening.

Household Economics. A Course of Lectures in the School of Economics of the University of Wisconsin – Old Housekeeping Books

Campbell, Mrs Helen (Stuart)
Putnam 1897 Dewey Dec. 640

References at end of each chapter. States the problems of family life, driving home the conviction of their importance. The organic relation of household activities with all others is made plain. – – American Library Association Catalog 1904. Vintage home economics class books.

Author: Helen Stuart Campbell was an American author, editor, social and industrial reformer, as well as a pioneer in the field of home economics. Her Household Economics was an early textbook in the field of domestic science. -Wikipedia. Get organized in home.

The American Frugal Housewife, Dedicated to those who are Not Ashamed of Economy – Old Housekeeping Books

Child, Lydia Maria Francis
NY: Samuel & William Wood 1834 Dewey Dec. 640

Author: Lydia Maria Francis Child, was an American abolitionist, women’s rights activist, Native American rights activist, novelist, journalist, and opponent of American expansionism. Her journals, both fiction and domestic manuals, reached wide audiences from the 1820s through the 1850s. -Wikipedia. Budget for home maintenance, old housekeeping books.

The Young Housekeeper’s Friend – Old Housekeeping Book

Cornelius, Mrs. (Mary Hooker)
Boston: Brown, Taggard & Chase 1859 Dewey Dec. 640

Old housekeeping books, tips for home maintenance, budget for home maintenance.

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Homemaking – Old Housekeeping Book

Harland, Marion, ed.
Hall and Locke 1911 Dewey Dec. 640

Volume 2 in a 10-vol. series called “Vocations” edited by William DeWitt Hyde. This volume contains 2 parts; “Our Homes” and “The Home When Made”; each part with about 20 essays by different people.

Home economics book pdf, budget for home maintenance, book on housekeeping, book on home organizing.

Big Book of Hints from Heloise – Housekeeping and Organizing Book

Berkley 2002 Dewey Dec. 640

Includes “Heloise from A to Z” and “All-new hints from Heloise”.
Contents: Recipes … Stain Removal … First-Aid Basics … Car Care,..Sewin’Tips … House Cleaning … Laundry … Shopping… Recycling … Lawn andGarden … Leftovers … Computers … Home Repair … Breaking BadHabits … Stretching Closet Space … Camping … Entertaining … KitchenShortcuts … Grooming … Home economics.

Author: Ponce Kiah Marchelle Heloise Cruse Evans, best known by her pen name Heloise, is an American writer, author, and speaker specializing in lifestyle hints, including consumer issues, pets, travel, food, home improvement, and health. -Wikipedia. Get organized at home, how to clean house fast, how to maintain a home.

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First Aid to the Young Housekeeper – Vintage Housekeeping Books

Herrick, Mrs Christine (Terhune)
Scribner 1900 Dewey Dec. 640

About marketing, kitchen fire, cooking processes, tidy and sanitary housekeeping, management of servants. – A.L.A. Catalog 1904. Home economics.

Author: Christine Terhune Herrick was an American author who wrote mostly about housekeeping. She published articles in Harper’s Bazaar and was also a journalist. -Wikipedia. How to clean house fast, get organized in home, how to clean house good.

The Hearthstone, or, Life at Home: a Household Manual … – Old Housekeeping Book

Containing Hints and Helps for Home making; Home furnishing; Decorations Amusements, Health directions, the Sick-room, the Nursery, the Library, the Laundry, etc., together with A Complete Cookery Book

Holloway, Laura C.
Smith & Miller 1886 Dewey Dec. 640

Contents: Homes, Ancient and Modern, – Home-making and Home-management, – The Baby in the Home, – “Upstairs, Down-stairs, in my Lady’s Chamber”, – Sports and Games for Ladies, – The Library in the Home, – Choice of Occupation, – In the Sick-room, – The Physician in the Home, – Medicinal and Hygienic Recipes, – Economy in the Home, – Life at Home, – Household Ornamentation, – Floriculture and Horticulture, – The Laundry, – The Toilet, – Company in the Home, – Home Memories, – Pets in the Household, – The Mother in the Home, – Duty of Parents to Children, – Death in the Home, – Home Architecture, – The Kitchen in the Home, – Cookery Recipes, – Miscellaneous Household Recipes, – Social Forms. Books on Housekeeping pdf, home economics pdf, housework chores.

The Complete How to Figure It – Housekeeping and Organizing Books

Huff, Darrell
Norton 1996 Dewey Dec. 640

“When should I roll over my mortgage?” “How much paint will it take to redo the house?” “How can I improve my first-serve percentage in tennis?” The math anxious and math avoiders among us can’t even balance our checkbooks, but modern life regularly confronts us with puzzling calculations. Now Darrell Huff, best-selling author of the classic How to Lie with Statistics, offers easy-to-follow solutions (with and without a pocket calculator) to the thousand and one calculations we need to make day by day, from budgeting current expenses to planning for retirement, from purchasing a home to travel, sports, and entertainment” -Publisher
Mathematics–Popular works.

Contents: A lifetime money strategy — Some personal things — Interest and saving — Investing — Other people’s money — Getting a home loan — Spending — Measuring things — House planning — Building things — Measuring at home — Rafters and beams — Around the house — Operating your shelter — Workshop numbers — Your car — Travel — Outdoors — Fun and games — Business decisions — Conversions — Math in a hurry — Chance and statistics — Reality and illusion — Stretching a calculator — Computer does numbers. Home economics book pdf, book for home maintenance, planner for home maintenance, housework chores.

Not Buying It: My Year Without Shopping – Housekeeping and Organizing Book

Levine, Judith
Free Press 2007 Dewey Dec. 640

Shocked by the commerce in everything from pet cloning to patriotism, frightened by the downward spiral of her finances and that of the trash-strewn earth, Judith Levine enlists her partner, Paul, in a radical experiment: to forgo all but the most necessary purchases for an entire year.
Without consumer goods and experiences, Judith and Paul pursue their careers, nurture relationships, and try to keep their sanity, their identities, and their sense of humor intact. Tracking their progress — and inevitable lapses — Levine contemplates need and desire, scarcity and security, consumerism and citizenship.
Not Buying It is the confession of a woman any reader can identify with: someone who can’t live without French roast coffee or SmartWool socks but who has had it up to here with overconsumption and its effects on the earth and everyone who dwells there.

Author: Judith Levine’s work explores the ways history, culture, and politics express themselves in intimate life. She is the writer of scores of articles for national magazines and four books. Books on housekeeping pdf, housework hacks.

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The Housekeeper’s Book: Comprising Advice on the Conduct of Household Affairs in General … – Old Housekeeping Books

and particular directions for the preservation of furniture, bedding, &c; for the laying in and preserving of provisions; with a complete collection of receipts for economical domestic cookery. The whole carefully prepared for the use of American housekeepers. By a Lady

McDougall, Frances Harriet
Philadelphia: Marshall 1837 Dewey Dec. 640

Housekeeping books pdf, home organizing books pdf, housework hacks.

Home Comforts: The Art and Science of Keeping House – Housekeeping and Organizing Books

Mendelson, Cheryl
Scribner 1999 Dewey Dec. 640

The classic bestselling resource for every American home. Choosing fabrics, cleaning china, keeping the piano in tune, making a good fire, folding a fitted sheet, setting the dining room table, keeping surfaces free of food pathogens, watering plants, removing stains — Home Comforts addresses the meanings as well as the methods of hands — on housekeeping to help you manage everyday chores, find creative solutions to modern domestic dilemmas, and enhance the experience of life at home. -Publisher. Tips for home maintenance, how to maintain a home, to to clean house fast.

Home Economics. A Practical Guide in Every Branch of Housekeeping – Vintage Housekeeping Books

Parloa, Maria
Century 1898 Dewey Dec. 640

Authoritative manual of household management, inclusive, accurate, useful. Well indexed and practical for the housekeeper on a small or large scale. – A.L.A. Catalog 1904. Vintage housekeeping books.

Author: Maria Parloa was an American author of books on cooking and housekeeping, the founder of two cooking schools, a lecturer on food topics, and an early figure in the “domestic science” movement. -Wikipedia. Vintage homemaking books, old housekeeping books.

Cost of Living as Modified by Sanitary Science – Vintage Housekeeping Book

Richards, Mrs E. H. (Swallow)
Wiley 1899 Dewey Dec. 640

Attempts to indicate best methods, and the proper division of Incomes of from $1,500 to $3,000 between food, rent, running expenses, clothing, service, the emotional and intellectual life, etc. – A.L.A. Catalog 1904. Old Home Economics books.

Author: Ellen Henrietta Swallow Richards was an industrial and safety engineer, environmental chemist, and university faculty member in the United States during the 19th century. Her pioneering work in sanitary engineering, and experimental research in domestic science, laid a foundation for the new science of home economics. -Wikipedia. Budget for home maintenance.

Bibliography of Domestic Economy – Old Housekeeping Book

Shaw, Robert Kendall
New York State Library 1901 Dewey Dec. 640, 016.6

Books in these categories:
– Economics of Consumption – Food, cooking, kitchen – Gastronomy, eating, dining room – Shelter, house, home – Heat, light, ventilation – Furniture, carpets, upholstery – Clothing, toilet, etc. – Administration, household management – Sanitary precautions, cleaning, etc. – Nursery, sick room. Old home economics books, vintage homemaking books.

Home Economics: A Bibliography for High Schools – Old Housekeeping Books

State College of Washington Department of Home Economics
State College of Washington 1913 Dewey Dec. 016.6

Books are recommended under four categories:
Old home economics class books, vintage homemaking books, housekeeping books pdf.

The Housekeeper and Gardener – Old Housekeeping Book

Upton, Rebecca A.
Boston: Crosby, Nichols 1858 Dewey Dec. 640

Vintage housekeeping book, house cleaning book online, housekeeping and organizing books, household management books.

The Intellectual House-Keeper: A Series of Practical Questions to his Daughters, by a Father … – Housekeeping and Organizing Books

or Hints to Females on the Necessity of Thought in Connexion with their Domestic Labors and Duties. With an Album

Boston: Russel, Odiorne 1835 Dewey Dec. 640

Vintage housekeeping book.

Author: “When Seth Arnold’s wife became ill, he took over management of the household until he himself became temporarily unable to perform the chores. He soon realized that although his daughters could perform various tasks, they had no idea how to take over planning and everyday maintenance of the home. He wrote The Intellectual House-keeper to help the girls plan for and anticipate the tasks necessary in order to become household managers and not just domestic servants of their parents.” -Publisher. Old home economics books, housekeeping books free, housekeeping and organizing books, house cleaning book online, household management books.

Interior Designer Books PDF

Interior Decorating Books PDF – Collection – Interior Designer Books PDF

Here are about 4,400 free home decoration books and magazines. You can use the “Search this Collection” box to narrow down the search.

Some book titles: House beautiful, Arts & decoration, A history of interior design, Elements of interior design and decoration, How to be your own decorator, Old English furniture and its surroundings, from the restoration to the regency, Interior design and decoration, Nina Campbell’s decorating secrets, Ladies’ Home Journal book of interior decoration, House & garden’s complete guide to interior decoration, Home painting, wallpapering, and decorating, Interior design of the 20th century, Interior space, interior design; livability and function with flair, The Victorian home, Inside architecture : interiors by architects, How to furnish old American houses, Home decorating for dummies, Decoration and design for the 80’s, Home improvement for dummies. What is interior design about, home interior fashion.

Home Furnishing Books PDF – Collection – Interior Designer Books PDF

About 120 home furnishing books, and free home decorating books online.

Some book titles: Annie Sloan’s decorative stencilling & stamping, Interior details : 25 fabulous finishing touches, Eco chic : organic living, Design & decorate interiors, Design Ideas for Kitchens, Hot tubs & spas : an inspirational design guide, Pretty painted furniture, Childstyle : decorating ideas & projects for kids’ rooms, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Decorating Basics Illustrated, Creative room styles : room-by-room guide to home décor, Light : creative lighting solutions inside & out, Feng Shui living, The art of interior design : selecting elements for distinctive styles, Ideas for great window treatments, Art of Outdoor Lighting, Decorating with paint & wall coverings, Home style : a room-by-room guide, How to feng shui your office. What is interior design about, home interior fashion.

See our books of Historic Home Designs

Home Furnishings Books PDF – Collection – Interior Designer Books PDF

About 700 home furnishings books online.

Some book titles: Material world : home décor projects for the fabric obsessed, Decorating with crochet, Eclectic style : in interior design, Room-by-room afghans : forty projects and accessories to knit and crochet, Crafts to decorate your home, More sewing for the home, Classic woodworking projects, Terence Conran’s home furnishings, Design and make, The Complete basic book of home decorating, The Good housekeeping illustrated book of home maintenance, Country decorating through the seasons, Contemporary earth design : a Feng Shui anthology, Ideas for great home decorating, Do-it-yourself decorating, the best of Martha Stewart living, Leslie Linsley’s weekend decorating : 1,001 quick home decorating ideas, tips, and how-to’s. What is interior design about, home interior fashion.

Interior Design Books PDF – Collection – Interior Designer Books PDF

About 420 free online interior design books.

Some book titles: Inner secrets of Taoist feng shui, Art deco chrome book, House beautiful 750 designer secrets, Great houses of Scotland, Lillian Too’s practical feng shui, Architectural digest, Country living decorating style, Mediterranean Modern, The Laura Ashley book of home decorating, Country home collection, Practical feng shui, Color schemes made easy, Planning library interiors, House Beautiful Design & Decorate: Living & Dining Rooms, Interior design in the 20th century, Architectural detailing : in contract interiors, Contemporary stained glass : a guide to the potential of modern stained glass in artchitecture, Bathroom Design, sewing decorative accessories for the home, Decorative lighting : ideas & projects, Creative color schemes for your home. What is interior design about, home interior fashion.

Home Furnishing, Practical and Artistic – Interior Designer Book PDF

Kellogg, Alice Maude
Stokes 1905 Dewey Dec. 645

Interior decoration. “Considers each room separately and suggests appropriate furnishings and decorations for each. Urges harmony, simplicity and refinement.” – – A.L.A.Catalog 1904-11. What is interior design about, home interior fashion.

Historic home design books

Artistic Houses; Being a Series of Interior Views of a Number of the Most Beautiful and Celebrated Homes in the United States; Vol 1,
Part 1
– Interior Designer Book PDF

Vol 1, Part 2

Vol 2, Part 1

Vol 2, Part 2

With a Description of the Art Treasures Contained Therein

King, David James
NY: Appleton 1883

Each volume contains descriptions of a number of rooms in prominent homes, with B&W photos at the back of the volume. Among the 14 homes profiled in the first volume are those of Louis Comfort Tiffany, President Grant, and J. Pierpont Morgan. Note: You’ll need to individually copy the photos to another application to rotate them to their correct position. Old home decorating books pdf, free interior decorating books pdf, interior design books pdf.

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