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Librarianship History – Library Science Book PDF – Library Administration

Librarianship History - Library Science Book PDF - Administration - Librarian Career

Librarianship history, library science book pdf, library administration. Hundreds of free online books for career librarians & for library research.

Librarianship Books

Directories & Catalogs of Books

Librarianship as a Career – Library Science Book PDF

Librarianship as a Career Books – Collection – Librarianship as a Career

About 160 free Librarianship career books at the Internet Archive. Some books: International Librarianship, Intro to Librarianship, Music Librarianship, Media Librarianship, College Librarianship, Entrepreneurial Librarianship, Research Methods in Librarianship, Handbook of Black Librarianship, Bibliography and Modern Librarianship, Map Librarianship Readings, Rare Book Librarianship, Reference Librarianship, Law Librarianship in the 21st Century, Intro to Health Sciences Librarianship, Libraries and Librarianship in the West: a brief history, Academic Librarianship by Design, Librarian’s Glossary and Reference Book, The Role of Women in Librarianship 1876-1976, Librarianship in Canada 1946-1967, Integrating Geographic Information Systems into Library Services, The National Electronic Library, The School Library Media Center, many more free online books on Librarianship. Librarianship career books.

Library Science Books PDF – Collection – Library Science Books PDF

About 850 free Library Science books pdf from the Internet Archive. Some books: Library Services in Theory and Context, The American Public Library, Research Methods in Librarianship, The Library: an introduction for Library Assistants, Catholic Library World, The Future of the Research Library, Careers in a Library, Libraries and the Organization of Knowledge, A Student’s Manual of Bibliography, Librarians on the Information Superhighway, Handbook for Local Librarians, many more free eBooks on Library Science. Librarianship as a career, library science textbooks pdf.

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Public Library Administration – Collection – Public Library Administration Books

About 400 free public library administration books at the Internet Archive. Some books: Nonfiction Reader’s Advisory, Public Library Services to Business, The Public Library Start-Up Guide, The Dewey Decimal System, Book Discussions for Adults: a leader’s guide, Citizen Participation and Public Library Policy, A Guide to Nonfiction Reading Interests, Effective Resource Allocation for Public Libraries, Collection Development Policies and Procedures, The Readers’ Advisor’s Companion, Financing Public Library Buildings, Planning the Modern Public Library Building, Fundraising for the Small Public Library, Public Library Core Collection: Nonfiction, The Complete Library Trustee Handbook, Administration of the Small Public Library, many more free books on Public Libraries. Introduction to public librarianship, library science book pdf.

School Libraries PDF – Collection – Librarianship as a Career

About 540 free School Libraries books from the Internet Archive. Some books: Activity Book for School Libraries, Book Selection for School Libraries, The Library in the School, Senior High School Library Catalog, Creating the New Elementary School Library Program, Tips and Other Bright Ideas for Secondary School Libraries, The School Library Media Center, Books Appeal: get teenagers into the school library, Reference Skills for the School Library Media Specialist, Middle and Junior High School Library Catalog, Books Kids Will Sit Still For, Exploring Science in the Library, Children’s Catalog, Librarianship books, librarianship career.

Library Administration PDF – Collection – Library Administration Books

About 250 Free Library Administration books pdf at the Internet Archive. Some books: Library and Information Center Management, Next-Gen Library Design, Lean Library Management, The Challenge of Library Management, Library Supervision, The Quality Library, Leadership Basics for Librarians, Library Management: A Case Study Approach. Librarianship career, library science books pdf.

Academic Libraries – Collection – Library Administration Books

About 490 free Academic Libraries books from the Internet Archive. Some books: Best Books for Academic Libraries (many volumes), Managing Change in Academic Libraries, Preparing Today’s Bibliographers for Tomorrow’s Libraries, Books for College Libraries, The Academic Librarian’s Human Resources Handbook, Restructuring Academic Libraries, Retrenchment in Canadian Academic Libraries, Mistakes in Academic Library Management, Planning Manual for Academic Library Buildings, Issues in Academic Librarianship, Interlibrary Loan in College Libraries, University Library Administration, Academic Research and Library Resources, many more free eBooks on Academic Libraries. Library administration, librarianship as a career.

Collection on American Librarianship History – Librarianship History

65 Items

A free online collection compiled by a researcher at HathiTrust. It contains secondary sources in librarianship history in America, especially in regards to women’s careers in librarianship.

Small Library Buildings – Librarianship History

A Collection of Plans Contributed by the League of Library Commissions

A.L.A. Publishing Board
A.L.A. Publishing Board 1908 Dewey Dec. 022

Basic floor plans, photos and information are provided for 18 public libraries and two college libraries, all of which had been constructed within a few years before this booklet’s publication in 1908. The editor provides 15 pages of advice for designing and constructing a small library.

Librarian’s Guide to Online Searching – Library Science Book PDF

Bell, Suzanne S.

Explores the fundamentals of online searching, including database structure, searching tips, and plenty of exercises and questions for practice. This guide includes representative databases covering social sciences, science and medicine, bibliographic, humanities, and numerical data. Library science book pdf.

Library and Information Science: A Guide to Key Literature and Sources – Library Science Book PDF

Bemis, Michael F.
American Library Association 2014

“This unique annotated bibliography is a complete, up-to-date guide to sources of information on library science, covering recent books, monographs, periodicals and websites, and selected works of historical importance.”

American Library Directory, 2010-2011 (Vol 1) – Library Science Book PDF

– Volume 2 – Library Science Book PDF

Bowker Publishing
Bowker 2010

Includes U.S. and Canadian public, academic, and special libraries arranged by state or province, city, and institution. Gives personnel and statistical data, subject interests, and special collections

Reference and Information Services in the 21st Century: An Introduction – Library Science Textbooks PDF

Cassell, Kay Ann and Hiremath, Uma
Neal-Schuman 2006 Dewey Dec. 011

Identifying the resources in major subject areas and genres, this book shows students how to approach the reference query by matching specific types of questions to the most appropriate format. It addresses reference management basics: selection and evaluation of material, management of the reference department, and future trends.
TOC: Fundamental Concepts – Introduction to Major Reference Sources – Special Topics in Reference and Information Work – Developing and Managing Reference Collections and Services. Library science textbooks pdf.

Library of Congress Classification (36 Volumes) – Cataloging Library of Congress

Cataloging Policy and Support Office Library Services
Library of Congress 2005-2012

The most recent complete schedule of LOC available free online at Internet Archive. Cataloging Library of Congress.

Guides to Literature

Dewey Decimal Classification: A Practical Guide – Cataloging Library Books

Chan, Lois Mai
Forest 1996 Dewey Dec. 025.4

A how-to manual for classifying books.
Contents: Chapter 1. Introduction to Dewey Decimal Classification. Chapter 2. Structure and organization of the text of the Dewey Decimal Classification, edition 21. Chapter 3. Structure and organization of the schedules: notes and instructions. Chapter 4. Subject anlysis and classification of a document. Chapter 5. Using the manual. Chapter 6. Using the relative index. Chapter 7. Shynthesis of class number or practical number building. Chapter 8. Table 1: standard subdivisions. Chapter 9. Table 2: Geographic areas, historical periods, persons. Chapter 10. Using table 3 with individual literatures and other classes. Chapter 11. Table 4: Subdivisions of individual languages and table 6: Languages. Chapter 12. Table 5: Racial ethinic, national groups and table 7: groups ogroups of persons. Chapter 13. Number building for complex subjects. Book about cataloging library books.

America’s Library: The Story of the Library of Congress, 1800-2000 – Library Science Book PDF

Conaway, James
Yale Univ 2000 Dewey Dec. 027.5

The Library of Congress, considered by many to be the greatest library on earth, holds over 110 million items–books in 450 languages, irreplaceable national documents, priceless art works, and objects of cultural fascination. From a modest collection of 740 books purchased by the Congress in 1800, the Library has grown to house hundreds of miles of bookshelves. Laid end to end, they would stretch from Washington, D.C., to Chicago. This book tells the continuously interesting story of the first two hundred years of the Library of Congress. It is a vast history, filled with an immense cast of characters ranging from presidents, poets, journalists, and congressmen to collectors, artists, curators, and eccentrics.

An Introduction to Reference Services in Academic Libraries – Library Science Textbook PDF

Connor, Elizabeth, ed.
Haworth Information 2006

“An Introduction to Reference Services in Academic Libraries is a comprehensive textbook that presents compelling case studies and thought-provoking essays that teach the principles of reference services. Eighteen authorities from private and public academic libraries around the United States offer unique perspectives and solid information in an active learning format that requires students to think and learn. The book provides a stimulating starting point for those learning about planning, managing, and evaluating reference services.” – Book cover. Library science textbook pdf.

Abridged Decimal Classification and Relative Index for Libraries, Clippings, Notes, etc. – Librarianship history.

Dewey, Melvil
Forest Press 1915 Dewey Dec. 025 Rf

The Public Library Movement in the United States, 1853-1893 – Librarianship History

From 1876, Reminiscences of the Writer

Green, Samuel Swett
Boston Book 1913 Dewey Dec. 020.9

The author was associated with the Free Public Library in Worcester, MA since 1867, and a member of the governing body of the American Library Association (A.L.A.) since 1876. In 1891 he was chosen President of the A.L.A. Librarianship history.

Directories in Print – Library Science Book PDF

A descriptive guide to print and non-print directories, buyer’s guides, rosters, and other address lists of all kinds

– Volume 2

Karges, Ken
Thomson/Gale 2009

Volume 1 contains a chapter (page 631) on “Library and Information Sciences”, with information about many available directories of organizations in related fields.

Introduction to Reference Work, Vol 1: Basic Information Services

Vol 2: Reference Services and Reference Processes – Introduction to Librarianship

Katz, William A.
McGraw-Hill 1997

“Vol 1 explains the basic reference processes and sources of information in today’s libraries. Vol 2 introduces the sophisticated and imaginative aspects of the complete reference process. It discusses the ongoing and important changes and developments in information technologies, particularly the role of the Internet in the reference process.” – Book cover. Introduction to Librarianship.

A Book of Carnegie Libraries – Librarianship History

Koch, Theodore Wesley
Wilson 1917 Dewey Dec. 022

Plans and illustrations of typical Carnegie buildings to 1907, with explanations and descriptions.- A.L.A. Catalog 1912-1921. Librarianship history book.

Library of Congress Subject Headings – Cataloging Library of Congress

Library of Congress
Library of Congress 2016

“The Library of Congress no longer prints the full Subject Heading Listing. It makes printable files available for each portion of the listing. We have collected all 33 of these files into a single 54MB, 8,179 page PDF file for the convenience of users to use anywhere, anytime.” -Library of Congress. Cataloging Library of Congress.

Subject Directory of Special Libraries and Information Centers – Vol 1 – Librarianship PDF

Miskelly, Matthew
Thomson Gale 2004 Dewey Dec. 026

This volume contains Business, Government and Law libraries, including Military, Transportation and Urban/Regional Planning Libraries. “Volume 1, in three parts, provides . . . contact and descriptive information on more than 35,800 subject-specific resource collections maintained by various government agencies, businesses, publishers, educational and nonprofit organizations, and associations around the world.” – Publisher. Library science book pdf.

Dewey Decimal Classification, Edition 22 (Vol 1) – Cataloging Library Books

– Volume 2 – Cataloging Library Books

– Volume 3 – Cataloging of Books

– Volume 4 – Cataloging of Books

Mitchell, Joan S. et al.
OCLC Online Computer Library Center 2003 Dewey Dec. 025.4

The full set of manuals for classifying library books. V. 1. Manual. Tables — v. 2. Schedules 000-599 — v. 3. Schedules 600-999 — v. 4. Relative index. Reference work for cataloging books in libraries.

Neal-Schuman Internet Policy Handbook for Libraries – Library Administration

Smith, Mark
Neal-Schuman 1999 Dewey Dec. 025

The introduction of public Internet access has raised a host of policy questions for librarians, such as: where should terminals be located?; how can users be trained?; and how can copyright violations, sexual harassment and other inappropriate uses be prevented? Beginning with an overview of the policy development and implementation process, this handbook identifies policy options – and the pros and cons of each option – for a wide range of issues. Individual sections then deal with physical considerations, access issues, acceptable use policies, filters and training. Additional material on measuring use, handling challenges to library policies and procedures, and a compendium of representative library policies should make this book a useful reference for any library offering Internet access. Library administration.

The American Library Association Guide to Information Access: A Complete Research Handbook and Directory – Information Science Books

Whiteley, Sandra, ed.
Random House 1994

The American Library Association Guide to Information Access is the most comprehensive, up-to-date, and easy-to-use tool for researching facts and topics. It provides not only a thorough coverage of the print sources but also of the electronic sources that have revolutionized the research field. It is, in fact, the first major research guidebook to do so. Whether the researcher is a student, educator, legal or medical professional, financial or marketing executive, journalist, hobbyist, scholar, writer, or just someone trying to find out more about an area of special interest, this book is the place to start. The traditional research sources – libraries, archives, newspapers, government publications, and government agencies – are examined in detail, as are all the methods of accessing them, from the printed word to electronic databases. The book guides the reader through a virtual mini-course in electronic research sources, from the OPACs (online public access catalogs) and other online services available at most public libraries to those available by subscription on home or workplace computers.
The American Library Association Guide to Information Access will enable any reader to readily locate and access both the print and electronic research sources in virtually any field. Information science books.

Directories and Catalogs of Books – Library Administration

Books about Books and Reading – Collection – Librarianship PDF

About 3,400 free books about books and reading from the Internet Archive. This collection includes books for all ages, and both fiction and nonfiction. Some books: Great Books for Every Book Lover, The Digested Read, The Booklover’s Book List, 100 Books that Shaped World History, Readers Reading and Librarians, Reading in Bed, The Delights of Reading, When Writers First Learned to Read, The Book of Great Reads: A Guide to 100 World Classics, Books Kids will Sit Still For, The Pleasures of Reading in an Ideological Age, The One-Stop Resource for Book Groups and other Greedy Readers, Reading with Oprah, more ebooks about readers and reading. Librarianship pdf.

Mademoiselle magazine back issues free online

Appleton’s Library Manual … – Librarianship History

containing a catalogue raisonne of upwards of twelve thousand of the most important works in every department of knowledge, in all modern languages

Appleton 1852 Dewey Dec. 011

Part 1: Subjects – alphabetically arranged
Part 2: Biography, classics, miscellanies, and index to Part 1.- A.L.A. Catalog 1926. Librarianship history.

Recommended Reference Books for Small and Medium-sized Libraries and Media Centers – Library Management Books PDF

Graff Hysell, Shannon
Libraries Unlimited 2014

Part I: General reference works — 1 — General reference works.
Part II: Social sciences — 2 — Social sciences in general — 3 — Area studies — 4 — Economics and business — 5 — Education — 6 — Ethinic studies and anthropology — 7 — Genealogy and heraldry — 8 — Geography and travel guides — 9 — History — 10 — Law — 11 — Library and information science and publishing and bookselling — 12 — Military studies — 13 — Political science — 14 — Psychology, parapsychology, and occultism — 15 — Recreation and sports — 16 — Sociology — 17 — Statistics, demography, and urban studies — 18 — Women’s studies.
Part III: Humanities — 19 — Humanities in general — 20 — Communication and mass media — 21 — Decorative arts — 22 — Fine arts — 23 — Language and linguistics — 24 — Literature — 25 — Music — 26 — Mythology, folklore, and popular culture — 27 — Performing arts — 28 — Philosophy and religion.
Part IV: Science and technology — 29 — Science and technology in general — 30 — Agricultural sciences — 31 — Biological sciences — 32 — Engineering — 33 — Health sciences — 34 — Technology — 35 — Physical sciences and mathematics — 36 — Resource sciences — 37 — Transportation. Library management books pdf.

Magazines for Libraries (23rd edition) – Library Management Books PDF

LaGuardia, Cheryl
ProQuest 2014

“For the general reader and school, junior college, college, university and public libraries.”

A. L. A. Catalog, 1926 – Librarianship History

An annotated basic list of 10,000 books

Cooper, Isabella M., ed.
Chicago: American Library Association (A.L.A.) 1926

The American Library Association began publishing catalogs of recommended books in 1893, and afterward continued to publish what were essentially updates. According to the editor, this 1926 edition was the first comprehensive effort since 1893 to select works “covering the entire range of literature on all subjects of all time.”

United States Catalog; Books in Print 1902 – Librarianship History

Potter, M. E., ed.
Wilson 1903 Dewey Dec. 011

Entries under author, subject and title, in one alphabet, with particulars of binding, price, date and publisher. Covers much the same ground as indexes of Publishers’ trade list annual, but includes some additional minor publishers. – A.L.A.Catalog 1904

Directories, Bibliographies & Indexes

Harlequin free online reads at Century Past

The Best Books. A Reader’s Guide and Literary Reference book, Being a Contribution towards Systematic Bibliography (3 vols) – Librarianship History

Sonnenschein, William Swan
London: Routledge 3rd edition 1910-1923 Dewey Dec. 011

Publisher’s note: “This, the final edition of the late Mr William Swan Sonnenschein’s ‘The Best Books’, the first edition of which appeared in 1887, records some 150,000 works, with dates of the first and last editions, and price, size and publishers’ names, English and American. It contains also Index, Synopsis of Classification, Table of Abbreviations, etc., and List of British Publishers, Learned Societies, etc.”. Librarianship history.

Fiction Core Collection (17th edition, 2014) – Library Management Book PDF

Fiction Core Collection (16th edition, 2010) – Library Management Book PDF

Fiction Catalog (15th edition, 2006) – Library Administration PDF

Fiction Catalog (14th edition, 2001) – Library Administration

Fiction Catalog (13th edition, 1996) – Librarianship PDF

Fiction Catalog (7th edition, 1960) – Library Administration PDF

Fiction Catalog (1950 edition) – Library Management Book PDF

Fiction Catalog (1941 edition) – Library Management Book PDF

Fiction Catalog (1911 edition) – Librarianship Books

Various editors
H. W. Wilson 1911-2006

The publisher H.W. Wilson has been producing catalogs for librarians of several types of books since the early 20th century. Here are several editions of Wilson’s Fiction Core Collection, formerly known as the Fiction Catalog. Description from the 17th edition Preface: “The items in the Fiction Core Collection are considered appropriate for libraries serving adult readers and have been selected with guidance from review sources and the advice of librarian advisors with expertise in fiction. Titles selected for inclusion include popular works deemed to have lasting value to readers as well as new literary and genre titles that have been recognized as significant achievements in their respected areas of literature.”

Children’s Core Collection (22nd edition, 2015) – Librarianship Books

Children’s Core Collection (21st edition, 2014) – Library Management PDF

Children’s Core Collection (20th edition, 2010) – Library Administration PDF

Corsaro, Julie, et al. eds.
H. W. Wilson 2010-2015

Description from the 21st edition: “A comprehensive list of fiction and nonfiction books recommended for children from preschool through grade six, together with professional aids for librarians and library media specialists.”

Middle and Junior High Core Collection (10th edition, 2009) – Library Science Book PDF

Middle and Junior High School Library Catalog (9th edition, 2005) – Library Science Book PDF

Middle and Junior High School Library Catalog (8th edition, 2000) – Library Science Book PDF

Price, Ann, comp.
Wilson 2000-2009

The Collection (formerly titled the Catalog) is a “comprehensive list of more than 8,000 recommended fiction and nonfiction books for middle and junior high students, along with professional aids for librarians and school media specialists.”

Senior High Core Collection (17th edition, 2007 – Library Science Book PDF

Senior High School Library Catalog (16th edition, 2002) – Librarianship PDF

Various editors
Wilson 2002-2007

From the 16th Edition: “A comprehensive list of fiction and nonfiction books for young people in grades nine through twelve, along with review sources and other professional aids for high school librarians and school media specialists. Includes appr. 6,000 books and over 8,000 analytical entries for stories, plays, and other items contained in anthologies.” -Book cover

Young Adult Fiction Core Collection – Librarianship PDF

Corsaro, Julie, et al. eds.
H. W. Wilson 2015

1st Edition. A selected list of fiction books recommended for young adults, excerpted from the Middle & Junior High and Senior High Core Collections, published by H.W. Wilson (now from Grey House Publishing).

Public Library Core Collection: Nonfiction (14th edition, 2013) – Librarianship PDF

A Selection guide to Reference Books and Adult Nonfiction

Public Library Catalog (9th edition, 1989

Various Editors
H. W. Wilson 1989-2013

14th Edition. “A comprehensive list of nearly twelve thousand nonfiction titles recommended for the public library collection, selected for their merit by collection development specialists. Titles include informative works, narrative nonfiction, reference works, and professional aids for librarians and staff.” -Book cover

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