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ScienceBooksOnline, history of technology books. Hundreds of free online books in many fields of science, & on inventions & inventors. Plus Genetics & Genetic Engineering.

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Science Books Online

Science Methodology Online Books Collection

About 180 free online science books from the Internet Archive on the subject of Science Methodology. Free Books On-Line Science and Technology. Some books: Method in the Physical Sciences, An Inquiry into How We Know What We Know, Discourse on Method, Concepts of Science, The Scientific Approach, The Logic of Science, Scientific Truth and Statistical Method, An Introduction to Research in the Behavioral Sciences, Novum Organum, Hypothesis and Perception, World of Probability, Causality and Scientific Explanation, Design and Analysis in Experimentation, Information and Prediction in Science, Foundations of Science, Beginner’s Guide to Scientific Method, many more free eBooks on Science methodology. Science books online, sciencebooksonline.

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Earth Sciences Online Books – Collection

About 750 earth sciences books online at the Internet Archive. Some books: Understanding Earth, Earth Science, Modern Earth Science, Man’s Finite Earth, Planet Earth, Earth Science textbooks, Discovering the Secrets of the Earth, Earth Science Daybook, Marvels and Mysteries of the World Around Us, Exploring the Earth Sea and Sky, Investigating the Earth, many more. Prentice Hall Earth Sciences textbook online, Facts on File Dictionary of Earth Science free online, Grolier textbooks on Earth Science online free, Holt textbook on Earth Science online, Harper & Row textbook Earth Science online, Lippincott textbook Earth Science online, Greenwood textbook of Earth Science free online. Earth Science textbook online, earth sciences books online, science books online, sciencebooksonline.

Geology Online Books – Collection

About 900 Geology books online from the Internet Archive. Some books: Current Issues in Geology, The Earth Beneath Us, Autobiography of Earth, Record of the Rocks, Environmental Geology, Elements of Geology, Possible Future Petroleum Provinces of North America, The Geological Evolution of North America, Geologic Evolution of Europe, Dynamic Earth, An Introduction to Geology. Blackie Geology textbook online, Wadsworth geology textbook free online, Harper & Row college geology textbook free online, Saunders textbook on physical geology online, Wiley introduction to physical geology online free, Open University press reader in earth science free online, Facts on file book on historical geology free online, World Almanac Library book on geology free, Dodd Mead introduction to geology free online, elementary school textbooks on earth sciences online, high school textbooks on geology online, Prentice Hall geology textbook online, Holt Science and Technology textbook on earth science free online, Random House geology textbook online, Principles of Geology textbook, Harper & Row Fundamentals of Geology online, Harper & Row introduction to Geology online, Answers about Rocks and Minerals, Hubbard press fact book on geology.
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Minerals Books Online – Collection

About 200 Minerals books online from the Internet Archive. Some books: Rocks and Minerals, Start Collecting Rocks and Minerals, Collecting Gems and Minerals, The Dictionary of Minerals, Illustrated Guide to Minerals of the World, Rocks and Minerals of California, The Rocks of Planet Earth, Intro to Mineral Sciences, Guide to Minerals Rocks and Fossils. Free eBooks on Minerals, Minerals books online, free science books online.

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Physical Geography Online Books Collection

About 250 free online Physical Geography books from the Internet Archive. Some books: The Changing Earth, Essential Atlas of Physical Geography, Natural Wonders of the World, Elemental Geosystems, Physical Geography, Natural Features of Southern Florida, Physical Landscape in Pictures, World Regional Geography, The Skin of the Earth, The Atlantic Provinces, Geomorphology, many more. Physical Geography online books, free science books.

Oceanography Books Online – Collection

Over 400 free online Oceanography books at the Internet Archive. Some books: Deep-Sea World, Oceanographers in Action, Intro to Oceanography, The Deep Deep Ocean, The Pacific Ocean, Under the High Seas, The Underwater World, Classic Accounts of Marine Exploration, Exploring the Sea, Encyclopedia of Oceanography, The Ocean World of Jacques Cousteau, The Sea Around Us, Essentials of Ocean Science. Many more online Oceanography books, online science books, sciencebooksonline

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Online Meteorology Books – Collection

About 380 online Meteorology books at the Internet Archive.
Some books: Amateur Weather Forecaster, The Air Around Us: man looks at his atmosphere, Meteorological Instruments, The Way of the Weather, the Science of Weather, Weather and Climate, Recent Advances and Issues in Meteorology, How Weather Works, The Challenge of the Atmosphere, Intro to Theoretical Meteorology, Essential Facts about Earth’s Weather, many more free Meteorology eBooks. Online meteorology books, read science books online.

Online Weather Books – Collection

About 500 Meteorology books online from the Internet Archive. Some books: Extraordinary Weather, What Will the Weather Be, Measuring the Weather, Weather Forecasting, Investigating Earth’s Weather, Your Health Your Moods and the Weather, Watching Weather, The Weather Business, Guinness Books of Weather Facts & Feats, How the Weather Works, many more free Weather eBooks, science books online PDF, meteorology books online, sciencebooksonline.

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Online Physics Books – Collection

Internet Archive

Collection of nearly 300 online Physics books at the Internet Archive. Some books: Fluid Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics, Heat and Thermodynamics, Mechanics, Advanced Level Physics, Modern Physics, Waves, Newtonian Mechanics, Atomic Physics, A Treatise on Electricity & Magnetism, Gravity, Introductory Nuclear Physics, Rocket Propulsion and Spaceflight Dynamics, Intro to High Energy Physics, Vibration and Sound, Thermodynamic Tables and Charts, Heat, Intro to the Theory of Electromagnetic Waves, Optics of Thin Films, Ripple Tank Studies of Wave Motion, Einstein’s Universe, Classical Scientific Papers (Physics), Problems of Space and Time, Einstein Hilbert & the Theory of Gravitation, Atomic Absorption & Fluorescence, Light, Table of Isotopes, Handbook of Lasers, Gases Liquids & Solids, Solid State Physics, The Atomic Nucleus, Evolution of Scientific Thought, Foundations of Nuclear Physics, A Guide to Thermodynamics, Basis of Modern Physics, and many more free Physics eBooks. Science books online, sciencebooksonline, physics books online PDF.

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Chemistry Books Online – Collection

Internet Archive

Collection of 100 Chemistry books online, at the Internet Archive. Some books: College Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, The Mole Concept in Chemistry, Experimental Physical Chemistry, The Historical Background of Chemistry, Gases Liquids and Solids, Laboratory Glassblowing, Chemical Arithmetic, Elements of Chemistry, many more free Chemistry eBooks. Science books online, chemistry books online, sciencebooksonline.

Organic Chemistry Books Online – Collection

More than 500 Organic Chemistry books online from the Internet Archive. Some books: A Concise Organic Chemistry, Essentials of Modern Organic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry textbooks, Dictionary of Organic Compounds, Intro to Organic and Biochemistry, Outline of Theory and Problems of Organic Chemistry, Laboratory Experiments in Organic Chemistry, The Shape of Carbon Compounds, many more free eBooks on Organic Chemistry. Chemistry books online, sciencebooksonline.

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Life Sciences Books Online – Collection

About 800 Life Sciences books online from the Internet Archive.
Be patient while the page loads. Some books: Exploring Life Science, Life Science Labs Kit, The Cell, Life Science textbooks, Life Sciences for the 21st Century, Developmental Biology Protocols, Dictionary of Virology, Advances in Genetics, Plant Biology, Contemporary Classics in the Life Sciences, Biology, Structures of Life, Current Topics in Developmental Biology, many more books in Life Science. Life Sciences books online PDF, sciencebooksonline.

Microbiology Books Online – Collection

About 500 Microbiology books online from the Internet Archive. Some books: Pioneer Microbiologists of America, Microbiology Concepts and Applications, Microbes: our unseen friends, Microbiology textbooks, Microbiological Applications, Laboratory Exercises in Microbiology, Tiny Life on the Ground, Clinical Microbiology made ridiculously simple, Microbial Life, Biology of Microorganisms, many more free eBooks on Microbiology. Microbiology books online, science books online PDF, sciencebooksonline.

Marine Biology Books Online – Collection

More than 300 Marine Biology books online from the Internet Archive free. Some books: Sea Life, Intro to Marine Science, The Naturalist on the Seashore, The World of the Ocean Depths, Marine Life of the Pacific, Marine Biology textbooks, Advances in Marine Biology (many volumes), Underwater Guide to Tahiti, Seashore Life of our Pacific Coast, Ecology and Paleoecology of Marine Life, many more free eBooks on Marine Biology. Marine Biology books online, sciencebooksonline.

Botany Books online – Collection

About 900 Botany books online at the Internet Archive. Be patient as the page loads. Some books: History of Botany 1860-1900, Landmarks of Botanical History, Arizona Localities of Interest to Botanists, Handbook of the Flowering Plants and Ferns of the Central and Northeastern U.S. and Adjacent Canada, Botany made Simple, Checklist of the Plants of Guianas, Advances in Botanical Research, Botany textbooks, Plants of Woodland and Wayside, Botany for High Schools and Colleges, many more eBooks free on Botany. Botany books online, sciencebooksonline, science books online.

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Zoology Books Online – Collection

About 800 Zoology books online from the Internet Archive free. Some books: General Zoology, Cambridge Natural History (many volumes), Dawn of Zoology, The Lives of Animals, Animals in their Worlds, African Wildlife, International Wildlife Encyclopedia (many volumes), Elements of Zoology, Questions and Answers about Polar Animals, Australian Wildlife, Animals of the Antarctic, Wildlife of Mexico, many more free eBooks on Zoology. Zoology books online.

Paleontology Books Online – Collection

About 450 Paleontology books online from the Internet Archive. Some books: Intro to Paleontology, Prehistoric Life, The Fossil World, Dinosaurs of the World (many volumes), Trilobite Dinosaur and Man, General Paleontology, Paleontology textbook, Hunting the Dinosaurs and other Prehistoric Animals, Handbook of Paleontological Techniques, Permian Brachiopods of West Texas, In Prehistoric Seas, other free eBooks on Paleontology. Paleontology books online, sciencebooksonline.

Astronomy Books Online – Collection

Internet Archive

Collection of nearly 300 Astronomy books online at the Internet Archive. Some books: 1001 Questions Answered about Astronomy, Astrophysical Quantities, An Intro to the Study of Stellar Structure, Astronomy textbooks, The Realm of the Nebulae, Handbook for Telescope Making, Greenwich Time and the Discovery of the Longitude, Einstein’s Universe, A History of Astronomy from Thales to Kepler, Amateur Astronomer’s Handbooks, Structure and Evolution of the Stars, Radio Astronomy for Amateurs, Catalog of the Universe, The Planet Mars, The Amateur Astronomer & his Telescope, Guide to the Planets, many more free eBooks on Astronomy. Astronomy books online, science books online, sciencebooksonline.

Science and Civilization Books online – Collection

About 100 free online books at the Internet Archive, resulting from a search for books on “Science and Civilization”. Some books: Will the Human Race Survive?, Science and the Liberal Concept, Science and Society, Science and the Future of Man, The Crazy Ape, The Rise of Science in Relation to Society, Science Ethics and Politics, Science and Culture, The Ethical Dilemma of Science, Science and Civilization, The Scientist’s Role in Society, History of Science and Technology, The Social Impact of Cybernetics, From Stonehenge to Modern Cosmology, many more free eBooks on Science and Civilization, sciencebooksonline.

The Basics of General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry

Ball, David W. and others
Saylor Foundation 2011

For the one-semester General, Organic and Biological Chemistry course. Chemistry book online free, sciencebooksonline.

Scientific and Technical Information Sources

Chen, Ching-chih
MIT 1987

Guide to current reference sources of science and technology. Intended primarily for information professionals and their assistants in science and engineering, as well as a textbook for library and information schools, sciencebookonline.

Biology for High School

CK-12 2019

Online Biology textbook. Biology book online, sciencebookonline.

Interactive Physics for High School

CK-12 2019

“CK-12 Interactive Physics for High School FlexBook® covers core physics concepts and includes SIMs, PLIX, real world examples, videos, and study guides.” – Website. Physics book online, sciencebookonline.

Physical Geology

Earle, Steven
Bccampus 2015

“A comprehensive introductory text on the physical aspects of geology, including rocks and minerals, plate tectonics, earthquakes, volcanoes, glaciation, groundwater, streams, coasts, mass wasting, climate change, planetary geology and much more.” -Open Textbook Library Website. Geology book online, sciencebooksonline.

Principles of Metallurgy

Fulton, Charles Herman
McGraw-Hill 1910 Dewey Dec. 669

“Accurate, scientific chapters presenting the fundamental principles and theories of metallurgy and their application to its various branches. For the fairly advanced student. A good elementary presentation, fairly comprehensive and concise, is Wysor’s Metallurgy.” – A.L.A.Catalog 1904 – 1911. Vintage metallurgy textbook free online, sciencebooksonline.

Information Sources in Science and Technology

Hurt, C. D.
Libraries Unlimited 1994

Multidisciplinary sources of information — Biology — Botany — Zoology — Astronomy — Chemistry — Environmental sciences — Geosciences — Physics — Mathematics — General engineering — Chemical engineering — Civil engineering — Computer science — Electrical engineering — Industrial engineering — Materials science — Mechanical engineering — Transportation engineering — Health and veterinary sciences. sciencebooksonline.

Chem1 Virtual Textbook: A Reference Text for General Chemistry

Lower, Stephen
Stephen Lower 2016

“This “reference text” is intended to serve either as a supplement to a regular textbook or as a substitute for one. In the former case it will be useful, and in the latter case essential, for the instructor to provide a syllabus (or links within a learning management system) that guides the student through the sections appropriate to the particular course and correlates it with lectures, problem sets, and other course activities.” – About the Chem1 Virtual textbook webpage. Chemistry book online, sciencebooksonline, science books online.

Dictionary Of Chemistry

McGraw-Hill 2003

“More than 8,000 essential terms; Covers every discipline of chemistry; Provides synonyms, acronyms, and abbreviations” -Book cover. Chemistry dictionary free online, sciencebooksonline, chemistry books online.

Biology 2e


“Designed to cover the scope and sequence requirements of a typical two-semester biology course for science majors. The text provides comprehensive coverage of foundational research and core biology concepts through an evolutionary lens. Biology includes rich features that engage students in scientific inquiry, highlight careers in the biological sciences, and offer everyday applications.” -Website. Biology college textbook free online, biology books online, sciencebooksonline.

Chemistry 2e


“designed to meet the scope and sequence requirements of the two-semester general chemistry course. The textbook provides an important opportunity for students to learn the core concepts of chemistry and understand how those concepts apply to their lives and the world around them.” -Website. Chemistry college textbook free online, chemistry book online, sciencebooksonline.

Organic Chemistry with a Biological Emphasis

Soderberg, Tim
Soderberg, Tim 2019

“A free, open-access organic chemistry textbook in which the main focus is on relevance to biology and medicine” – Website. Organic chemistry textbook free online, chemistry book online.

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Physics – From Stargazers to Starships

Stern, David P.
CK-12 2016

High School level textbook. “An introduction to astronomy written with a historical perspective.” – Website. Physics high school textbook free online, Physics books online, science books online.

Introduction to Oceanography

Webb, Paul
Rebus Community 2019

“A textbook appropriate to an introductory-level university course in oceanography. The book covers the fundamental geological, chemical, physical and biological processes in the ocean, with an emphasis on the North Atlantic region.” -Open Textbook Library Website. Oceanography textbook free online, oceanography books online, sciencebooksonline.

Metallurgy …

A Condensed Treatise for the Use of College Students and Any Desiring a General Knowledge of the Subject

Wysor, Henry
Chemical 1908 Dewey Dec. 669

Bibliography of American Natural History

– Volume 2

– Volume 3

Meisel, Max
Premier Dewey Dec. 016.5

Vol 1 (1924): An annotated bibliography of the publications relating to the history, biography and bibliography of American natural history and its institutions, during colonial times and the pioneer century, which have been published up to 1924; with a classified subject and geographic index; and a bibliography of biographies.

Vol 2 (1926): The institutions which have contributed to the rise and progress of American natural history, which were founded or organized between 1769 and 1844.

Vol 3 (1929): The institutions founded or organized between 1845 and 1865. Bibliography of books. Chronological tables. Index of authors and institutions. Addenda to Volume 1. sciencebooksonline.

Popular Books in Science; a Reading List

Washington Academy of Sciences, comp.
American Library Association (A.L.A.) 1925 Dewey Dec. 016.5

About one hundred titles annotated. An excellent list for high school and college students or any reader interested in science.- A.L.A. Catalog 1926. Vintage science reading list, sciencebooksonline, science books online.

Free Technology Books – General

History of Technology Books Online – Collection

About 2,200 Technology History books online at the Internet Archive. Be patient as the page loads. Some books: Science History and Technology 800-1840s, History of Technology, Islamic Technology: an illustrated history, History of American Technology, History of Computing Technology, Technology and American Society, Encyclopedia of the History of Technology, Communication in History, Technology in World Civilization, many more free eBooks on History of Technology. History of technology books, history and technology, science and technology books, best inventions in history, modern technology inventions, inventions during the 1800s.

Inventions Books – Collection

Over 700 inventions books online at the Internet Archive. Some books: 99 Inventions for People in a Hurry, Gadget Nation, A Complete Guide to the Uncommon Art of Invention, Turning Your Great Idea into a Great Success, Discoveries and Inventions of the 20th Century, the Big Ideas that Changed the World, History of Everyday Life, Crackpot or Genius?, Great Modern Inventions, many more free eBooks on Inventions. History of technology books, science and technology books, modern technology inventions.

Biotechnology Books Online – Collection

About 300 books from the Internet Archive free online on the subject of Biotechnology. Some books: Biotech 2003, The New Biotechnology: putting microbes to work, Biotechnology and the Pursuit of Happiness, Future Prospects for Industrial Biotechnology, Biotechnology in the Farm and Factory, The Human Body Shop, Biotechnology Careers, Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering, Biotechnology: the university-industrial complex, Applications of Biotechnology, Biotechnology and Materials Science, Molecular Biotechnology, many more free eBooks on Biotechnology. Biotechnology books online, biotech books, modern technology inventions.

The Nature of Technology: What It Is and How It Evolves

Arthur, W. Brian
Free Press 2011 Dewey Dec. 600

Giving rare insights into the evolution of specific technologies and a new framework for thinking about others, every sentence points to some further truth and fascination. At a time when we are ever more reliant on technological solutions for the world’s problems, it is extraordinary how little we actually understand the processes that lead to innovation and invention. Until now. This will be a landmark book that will define its subject, and inspire people to think about technology in depth for the very first time. Free technology books online, history and technology, modern technology inventions, science and technology books.

Encyclopedia of Ethics in Science and Technology

Barber, Nigel
Facts on File 2002 Dewey Dec. 600

“Features more than 400 entries that describe the varied ethical controversies in science and technology: laws, precedent-setting cases, regulations, agencies and organizations, ethical principles, concepts, people, and important events. Also covered are phenomena that are at the fringe of science but have important ethical implications, including voodoo deaths and experimental research into extrasensory perception (ESP).” – Publisher. Free technology books online, science and technology books.

The Wonderful Future that Never Was

Benford, Gregory
Hearst 2010 Dewey Dec. 609

Between 1903 and 1969, scientists and other experts made hundreds of predictions in Popular Mechanics magazine about what the future would hold. Their forecasts ranged from ruefully funny to eerily prescient and optimistically utopian. Here are the very best of them, culled from hundreds of articles, complete with the original, visually stunning retro art. They will capture the imagination of futurists in the same way Jules Verne’s writing did a century earlier. Every chapter features an introduction by astrophysics professor, science-fiction author, and former NASA advisor Gregory Benford. History of technology books, history and technology, science and technology books, inventions during the 1900s.

Levitating Trains and Kamikaze Genes: Technological Literacy for the 1990s

Brennan, Richard P.
Wiley 1990 Dewey Dec. 600

space technology – short course in biotechnology and genetic engineering – Babbage to artificial intelligence: computer literacy – environmental penalties of high technology – new rules for the energy game – what’s wo important about superconductivity? – high-technology medicine – getting there from here: transportation technology – superweapons and arms control technology. Free technology books online, biotech books, modern technology inventions, science and technology book.

Collected articles about environmental history

The Power of the Machine: The Impact of Technology from 1700 to the Present

Buchanan, Robert A.
Viking 1992 Dewey Dec. 600

By far the most important single factor in world history has been the process of technological revolution whereby small-scale agricultural societies have been transformed into massive industrialized and urbanized communities. This development has occurred over a long period of time, but its greatest thrust has been concentrated over the last two centuries, beginning in the West, in Europe and North America, and then spreading through the rest of the world. The author systematically analyses this process, showing how increasing mastery over sources of power provided increased industrial and agricultural productivity, and created radically new methods of transport and communication. He then examines the impact of these technical achievements on society, paying special attention to the political and ecological consequences of a vastly increased world population, the facilities for rapid transport and instantaneous communication, and the possession of weapons of immense destructive force. History of Technology books online, modern technology inventions, best inventions in history, inventions during the 1800s, inventions during the 1900s.

The Progress of Invention in the Nineteenth Century

Byrn, Edward W.
1900 Dewey Dec. 600

Science and technology books, modern technology inventions, inventions during the 1800s, inventions and inventors.

The Norton History of Technology

Cardwell, Donald
Norton 1994 Dewey Dec. 600

“Humans are tool-makers…and the first record of humankind is that of their tools”, Donald Cardwell writes in this absorbing history of technology from prehistory to the present, from stone implements, the wheel, and the first geared machines to the transistor and the supercomputer. With a keen eye for the insight that marks a breakthrough in human problem-solving and a wide-ranging sympathy for its social and cultural contexts, Cardwell chronicles how human curiosity and inventiveness slowly led to the first tools and machines; how technological progress accelerated over time, as major breakthroughs released floods of further inventions; the close links between “pure” science and technology; and the human factors – personal and social – that help or hinder technological change. Casting fresh light on every aspect of technology, Cardwell also challenges us to consider such issues as the influence on technology of different religions and cultural practices, including a society’s level of political freedom; the role of market forces; the comparative technological advantages of nations as disparate as Japan and the United States; and the potential that women hold as the greatest remaining untapped resource for invention and innovation. History of technology books, science and technology books, modern technology inventions, inventions during the 1800s, inventions during the 1900s.

The Innovators: The Discoveries, Inventions, and Breakthroughs of our Time

Diebold, John
Dutton 1990 Dewey Dec. 600

“… takes the reader memorably and dramatically to the scenes of discovery when small groups of now-famous innovators made some of the most astonishing technological breakthroughs of modern times. Moreover, the noted author follows those initial research-lab discoveries as they soon began to take understandable and usable shapes as transistors, xerography, the laser, electronic banking, new medicines, fiber optics, among others.” Book cover. History of technology books online, modern technology inventions, best inventions in history, inventions during the 1900s.

Books on automobile industry

Encyclopedia Of Computer Science And Technology

Henderson, Harry
Facts on File 2009 Dewey Dec. 600

Computers play a crucial role in our day-to-day lives. With more than 150 black-and-white photographs and illustrations, this title provides an examination of this fascinating field for students and general readers. It covers major corporations and organizations in the computer field. Encyclopedia of Computer Science free online, science and technology books.

Knight’s American Mechanical Dictionary, Vol 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

A description of tools, instruments, machines, processes, and engineering; history of inventions; general technological vocabulary; and digest of mechanical appliances in science and the arts. Illustrated with upwards of seven thousand engravings

Knight, Edward H.
Boston: Houghton, Mifflin 1882 Dewey Dec. 600

History of technology books, science and technology books, best inventions in history, inventions made in the 1800s.

International Encyclopedia of Science and Technology

Luck, Steve
Oxford University 1999 Dewey Dec. 600

The encyclopedia boasts 6,500 alphabetically arranged entries, each written by an expert in the field, covering virtually every aspect of science and technology, from the structure of atoms to the functioning of the cell. Readers will find brief informative biographies of scientists and inventors as well as clear explanations of terms from all areas of science–including astronomy, chemistry, biology, botany, engineering, physics, and medicine, to name a few. In addition, dozens of major topics–such as the Solar System, the Computer, or the Human Body–receive expanded, one- or two-page spreads for more in-depth coverage. The volume also has 700 special-feature boxes that explain key topics, inventions, and processes, ranging from air conditioners and aerosol cans to bicycles and binary stars. There is a 40-page time-line detailing significant moments in the history of science and technology, plus a ten-page ready reference section that covers everything from SI units and the elements to constellations and Nobel Prize winners. And the entire volume boasts marvelous illustrations–over a thousand color diagrams, tables, and photographs–that do not merely decorate the page, but offer important visual information about the topics under discussion, with thoughtful captions that complement the text. Science and technology reference books, history of technology books, best inventions in history, modern technology inventions.

McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science & Technology, vol 1

Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 4 Volume 5

Volume 6 Volume 7 Volume 8 Volume 9 Volume 10

Volume 11 Volume 12 Volume 13 Volume 14 Volume 15

Volume 16 Volume 17 Volume 18 Volume 19 Volume 20: Index

McGraw-Hill 1997 Dewey Dec. 600

Presents a comprehensive encyclopedia containing over seven thousand articles covering all aspects of science and technology.. Vols 1 & 2 were published in 1987; all others are from 1997. Vol 20 is an index to the 1997 set. Science and technology reference books, history of technology books, science and technology books, best inventions in history, modern technology inventions.

Hundreds of free social sciences books

The Way Things Work

Macaulay, David
Houghton Mifflin 1988 Dewey Dec. 600

The Way Things Work is a 1988 children’s book by David Macaulay with technical text by Neil Ardley. It is an entertaining introduction to everyday machines, describing machines as simple as levers and gears and as complicated as radio telescopes and automatic transmissions. Text and numerous detailed illustrations introduce and explain the scientific principles and workings of hundreds of machines including a lawn sprinkler, pneumatic drill, electric guitar, and a smoke detector. History of technology books, science and technology books, best inventions in history.

Feminine Ingenuity: How Women Inventors Changed America

Macdonald, Anne L.
Balantine 1992 Dewey Dec. 609

In this fascinating study of American women inventors, historian Anne Macdonald shows how creative, resourceful, and entrepreneurial women helped to shatter the ancient stereotypes of mechanically inept womanhood. In presenting their stories, Anne Macdonald’s thorough research in patent archives and her engaging use of period magazine, journals, lectures, records from major fairs and expositions, and interviews, have made her book nothing less than an overall history of the women’s movement in America.
1. Foremothers of American Invention — 2. After the War: Inventing Within Woman’s Sphere — 3. New Fields of Invention — 4. Centennial Sisterhood — 5. Patenting Dress Reform — 6. Publicizing, Proselytizing, and Educating: Uplifting the Position of Women Begins — 7. Inventing Outside and Beyond Woman’s Sphere — 8. Celebrating Women’s Ingenuity: Expositions, Fairs, and Patent Office Lists — 9. Still a Long Way to Go — 10. Patenting Know-how — 11. “New Women” in a New Century — 12. Hope Springs Eternal — 13. Same Song, Second Verse — 14. Depression, War, and Peace — 15. The Modern Woman Inventor — 16. Patents Pending? — Appendix: Patents of Women Inventors Cited in Text. History of technology books. Most famous female inventors, female inventors in history, modern technology inventions.

The Wilson Chronology of Science and Technology

Ochoa, George and Corey, Melinda
H.W. Wilson 1997 Dewey Dec. 600

The authors of the New York Public Library Book of Answers series present a timeline of scientific progress–and equally intriguing detours–from the Stone Age to the Information Age. Within each year, entries are organized alphabetically by 13 disciplines: from archaeology and astronomy to the social sciences and technology. Sidebars yield further context (on items ranging from the disputed first production of wine to chaos theory); the birth and death dates of many of the scientific contributors featured are appended. Science and technology reference books, history of technology books, best inventions in history, inventions and inventors.

Inventing the 19th Century: 100 Inventions that Shaped the Victorian Age from Aspirin to the Zeppelin

Van Dulken, Stephen
New York University 2001 Dewey Dec. 609

Dishwashers, electric light bulbs, gramophones, motion picture cameras, radios, roller skates, typewriters. While these inventions seem to speak of the 20th century, they all in fact date from the 19th century.
The Victorian age (1837-1901) was a period of enormous technological progress in communications, transport, and many other areas of life. Illustrated by the original patent drawings from The British Library’s extensive collection, this attractive book chronicles the history of the one hundred most important, innovative, and memorable inventions of the 19th century. The vivid picture of the Victorian age unfolds as inventions from the ground-breaking—such as aspirin, dynamite, and the telephone—to the everyday—like blue jeans and tiddlywinks—are revealed decade by decade. Together they provide a vivid picture of Victorian life, history of technology books, inventions made in the 1800s.

Inventing the Twentieth Century: 100 Inventions that Shaped the World, From the Airplane to the Zipper

Van Dulken, Stephen
New York University 2000 Dewey Dec. 609

Imagine your average day without zippers, airplanes, vacuum cleaners, without your personal stereo, without photocopiers. All of these devices were invented within the last hundred years and have since transformed our daily landscape. Drawing on the British Library’s vast and comprehensive collection of patents, this handsomely illustrated book recounts the history of one hundred of the most significant inventions of the century, decade by decade. Many of these inventions changed the world, others radically changed our daily lives. By combining a brief history of each patent with a copy of the original — and often entertaining — patent application (the zipper is a “hookless fastener,” the Post-It note an “inherently tacky, elastomeric polymer”), Inventing the 20th Century reveals the ways in which many of the most basic aspects of our material existence — our clothes (nylon, Velcro), our leisure (Monopoly, Scrabble), our homes (Tupperware, teflon) — have been revolutionized through specific objects. From the photocopier to the Slinky, from genetic fingerprinting to the Lava Lamp, from the ballpoint pen to the fuel cell, Inventing the 20th Century is an informative, illuminating window onto the technology of the twentieth century. History of technology books, inventions made in the 1900s, best inventions in history.

Free Genetics Books

Free Genetics Books – Collection

About 2,300 free Genetics books at the Internet Archive. Some books: Genetics textbooks, Practical Genetics, Human Genetics, Genetics Demystified, Genetics and Genetic Engineering, Genetics and Society, History of Genetics, Human Genetics and Genomics, Teach Yourself Genetics, Color Atlas of Genetics, Genetics and Heredity, Bacterial Genetics, Basic Genetics, many more free Genetics books. Human genome research, online Genetics books, the science of Genetics, Genetic Bio-engineering, Genome mapping project.

Genetic Engineering books – Collection

About 350 Genetic Engineering books from the Internet Archive. Some books: Genetic Engineering, The Debate about Genetic Engineering, Genetic Engineering: dreams and nightmares, Shaping the Material of Life, The Ethics of Genetic Engineering, Genetic Revolution, Manipulating Life, Modern Genetic Science, FutureLife, Intro to Genetic Engineering, many more free eBooks on Genetic Engineering. Science and technology books, Genome mapping project, human genome research, free Genetics books, the science of Genetics.

Medicalbooksfree at Century Past

Genetics & Society

Barker, Penelope
H.W. Wilson 1995 Dewey Dec. 613.9

A collection of articles which explore the advances that have been made in genetic research since 1980; examine the ethical, social, and legal issues raised by gene manipulation; and consider the industries that have been developed to take advantage of genetic engingeering. Science and technology books, genome mapping project, free genetics books, human genome research, genetic engineering Eugenics, genetic bio-engineering.

War Against the Weak: Eugenics and America’s Campaign to Create a Master Race

Black, Edwin
Four Walls Eight Windows 2003 Dewey Dec. 363.9

History has recorded the horrors of ethnic cleansing, but until now, America’s own efforts to create a master race have been largely overlooked. In War Against the Weak, investigative journalist and author of the New York Times bestseller ‘IBM and the Holocaust’ Edwin Black reveals that eugenics – sham science made up to justify ethnic cleansing – had an incredible foothold in America in the early twentieth century, and was in fact championed and funded by America’s social, political, and academic elite. Even more shocking, Black traces the flow of ideas, research, and money from Cold Spring Harbor (Long Island) to Germany, in the process proving that it was America’s eugenics program that gave Hitler the scientific justification to escalate his virulent anti-Semitism into all-out genocide. Black’s team of dozens of researchers scoured scores of archives in four countries, unearthing some 50,000 documents, which collectively prove that the eugenics agenda was funded by esteemed philanthropies such as the Rockefeller Foundation and the Carnegie Institution; taught at Yale, Harvard, and Princeton; lauded by leading progressive thinkers such as Margaret Sanger, Oliver Wendell Holmes, and Woodrow Wilson; and even sanctioned by the U.S. Supreme Court. Genetic engineering Eugenics, free genetics books, the science of Genetics.

The Social Direction of Human Evolution

Kellicott, William Erskine
Appleton 1911 Dewey Dec. 613.9

Comprehensive, clear and very readable presentation of eugenics, based on the best authorities. Davenport’s Heredity in relation to eugenics (Holt, 1912, 298p., $2 n. 12-1394) is the most important work for students, containing results of recent research conducted by the author.
– – A.L.A. Catalog 1904-1911. Genetic engineering Eugenics, Eugenics.

Understanding the Genome

Olshevsky, George
Warner 2002 Dewey Dec. 613.9

Contains over fifteen essays in which researchers, scientists, and reporters describe various aspects of decoding the human genome and discuss the implications of the scientific breakthrough.
Topics: Human genome, Human gene mapping, Génome humain, Cartes chromosomiques humaines, Genome, Genetics, Medical, Genome, science of Genetics, free Genetics books, human genome research.

Modern Genetic Science: New Technology, New Decisions

Smith, Terry L.
Rosen 2009 Dewey Dec. 613.9

What can people expect now that scientists are able to create new forms of life by controlling the genetic code? Perhaps cats that don’t cause allergies? Or plants with black leaves so they can absorb more sunlight? What about grass that never needs mowing? Or bacteria that can tell if a terrorist is carrying explosives? Many people are excited about the benefits that genetic engineering can bring–it helps doctors diagnose and treat diseases. It is helping to make the world a safer and cleaner place to live in. However, people need to be warned about the consequences of genetic engineering, too. Besides making sure that applications are safe, are scientists using ethical procedures? Readers investigate the issues for and against genetic engineering and learn about the benefits and risks of its applications. Science and technology books, genetic engineering Eugenics, Eugenics, human genome research, free genetics books, genetic bio-engineering.

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