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Free online books about Religion and Spirituality, including Christianity and other world religions, as well as New Age spirituality.

Religion Books – General

Christianity Books

New Age Spirituality Books

Religion Books – General

World Religions Books – Collection

About 210 free online books on World Religions. Some books: The Taoist Classics, The Healing Wisdom of Africa, The Origins of the Koran, The Rosicrucians, The Secret Book of John: the Gnostic Gospel, Sufism, The Diamond Sutra, Views from the Islamic Tradition, A Guide to Compassionate Living, The Mystic Heart, The Meditation Handbook, Awakening of Zen, Devi: Goddesses of India, The Jewel Tree of Tibet, Mandalas of the World, Egyptian Divinities, Jehovah’s Witnesses, many more. World religions books online.

‘Collections’ take longer to appear on your screen than single books.  On a phone, only about 25 books in a collection may appear.

Religious Psychology Books – Collection

About 420 free online religious psychology books. Some Books: The Psychology of Religion, Life is What You Make It, Psyche and Spirit, The Return to Religion, Advances in the Psychology of Religion, Where God and Science Meet, Revelation: the divine fire, The Religious Impulse, Release from Fear and Anxiety, A Down-To-Earth Roadmap to Heaven, The Experience of Inner Healing, many more. Religious psychology books online.

Religion and Philosophy Books – Collection

About 200 free online books on Religion – Philosophy. Some books: The Language of God, Faith and Reason, Eastern Wisdom and Western Thought, Readings in the Philosophy of Religion, Reason & Religious Belief, Agnosticism & Christianity, On the Eternal in Man, Religious Belief and Religious Skepticism, Philosophy & the Christian Faith: a historical sketch, Spirituality for the Skeptic, Myth and Religion in Mircea Eliade, The Future of Religion, Reason Truth and God, many more. Religion and Philosophy books free online.

Religion Books – General Collection

About 350 free online religion books. Some books: The Mormon Church: a basic history, Inner Adventures, World Bible, Fundamentalism, The World’s Religions, What Do Christians Believe, Pray Your Way Through It, The Search for the Twelve Apostles, Sikhism, The New Religious Consciousness, The Enlightened Heart, The A to Z of Hinduism, What Do Buddhists Believe?, God in the Bath, Women in World Religions, Chinese Religious Traditions, The Transformation of American Religion, many more. Religion books free online.

Spirituality Books – General Collection

About 760 free online books on Spirituality – General. Some books: Jewish Spirituality from the 16th Century Revival to the Present, Streetwise Spirituality, Celtic Spirituality, Catholic Spirituality, A New Spirituality: beyond Religion, Religion & Spirituality in the Public School, Hindu Spirituality, Christian Spirituality, On-the-Job Spirituality, Spirituality & Health Care, Buddhist Spirituality, Encyclopedia of Spirituality, Aging and Spirituality, After the Ecstasy – the Laundry, many more. Spirituality books free online.

Women – Religious Life Books – Collection

About 470 free online books on Women – Religious Life. Some books: A Spiritual Guide for Working Women and Housewives, Get a Spiritual Life, A Cup of Comfort for Women, Spa for the Soul, Who Has Your Heart?, Your Spiritual Makeover, Devotions for a Sensational Life, A Woman God Can Use, My Faith Still Holds, The WomanSpirit Sourcebook, A Woman’s Search for Serenity, many more. Religious life books free online.

Comparative Religion Books – Collection

About 150 free online Comparative Religion books. Some books: Exploring the Myths of Religion, Dictionary of Beliefs & Religions, Three Ways of Asian Wisdom, Experiencing the World’s Religions, Prophecy in its Ancient Near East Context, Handbook to the World’s Religions, Human Rights & Responsibilities in the World Religions, The Spiritual Tourist, Living Religions: a brief intro, Worldly Wisdom, The Complete Guide to Exploring Interfaith Spiritual Direction, many more. Comparative religion books.

Zen Buddhism Books – Collection

About 300 free online books on the subject of “Zen Buddhism”. Some books: Zen, The Buddha’s Golden Path, Zen: the reason of unreason, Zen in 10 simple lessons, Sayings: the wisdom of Zen, The Wisdom of the Zen Masters, Zen Buddhism, Zen and the Art of Making a Living, A First Zen Reader, Selected Writings of D. T. Suzuki, The World of Zen: an east-west anthology, Zen for the West, many more. Zen Buddhism books free online.

Christianity Books

Christianity Classic Works – Collection

About 120 free online books on Christianity – Classic Works. Some books: Healing, The Life of Mary as Seen by the Mystics, C. S. Lewis’s Mer Christianity, The Complete Works of St. Thomas More, New Catholic Encyclopedia, An Invitation to Ignatian Spirituality, The Abolition of Man, The Blood of the Cross, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin: writings, many more. Christianity classic books online.

Spiritual Life – Christianity Collection

About 320 free online books on Spiritual Life in Christianity. Some books: Contemplative Spirituality for Overachievers, The Hunger of the Heart, Disciplines of Grace, Restoring the Divided Soul, Searching for Home, Aerobics for the Spirit, Into the Depths of God, Releasing the Rivers Within, Paths in Spirituality, Uncommon Adventures, Opening Windows, Soul Time, many more. Christian spiritual life books online free.

Christian Life Books – Collection

About 670 free online Christian Life books. Some books: Can I Really Know God?, Despite Doubt: embracing a confident faith, Spiritual Battle Strategies for the Christian, Why Drown When You Can Walk on Water?, God at Your Wit’s End, Now that You are His, Mid-Course Correction, Spiritual Refreshment for Women, The Wonderful Spirit Filled Life, many more. Christian life books online free.

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Mennonites Books – Collection

About 160 free online books on Mennonites. Some books: Why I am a Mennonite, Mennonite Bibliography 1631-1961, The Amish People: 17th Century tradition in modern America, What Mennonites are Thinking 1999, The Narrow Path, A Global Mennonite History, Amish Life, The Waterloo Mennonites, Mennonite Tourguide to Western Europe, many more. Mennonites books.

Christianity History Books – Collection

About 130 free online books on the history of Christianity. Some Books: The First Urban Christians, World Religions from Ancient History to the Present, The First Crusaders 1095-1131, The Age of Pilgrimage, The Christian Tradition: a history of the development of doctrine, A Short World History of Christianity, the Knights Templar in the Golden Age of Spain, The Rise of Christianity, many more. History of Christianity books online.

Christian Theology Books – Collection

About 120 free online Christian theology books. Some books: Coming to Terms with Sin, The Creationist Debate, The Broadening Church, Knowing the Doctrines of the Bible, The Case Against Christianity, What Christians Believe, The Problem of Evil in the Western Tradition, Christianity: a short intro, The Confessions of Saint Augustine, Life After Death, Engaging Lutheran Foundations and Practices, Niebuhr and his Age, many more. Christian theology books free online.

New Age Spirituality Books

Yoga Books – Collection

About 530 free online Yoga books. Some books: Hatha Yoga, Yoga Three in One, Yoga Explained, The Healing Path of Yoga, Seven Schools of Yoga, Raja Yoga, Yoga: a scientific evaluation, Yoga for Strength & Flexibility, Yoga Youth & Reincarnation, The Yoga Manual, Yoga: mind & body, Complete Yoga, Complete Idiot’s Guide to Yoga, Yoga Philosophy: an outline of the secret Hindu teachings, Pilates and Yoga, The American Yoga Association Wellness book, many more. Free online Yoga books.

Spiritualism Books – Collection

About 400 free online Spiritualism books. Some books: Revelations of Ruth Norman, The 20th Plane: a psychic revelation, Is there a Real Spirit World?, On the Other Side of Reality, Experiences with Departed Loved Ones, The Afterlife Connection, True Stories of Loved Ones on the Other Side, The Unobstructed Universe, Spirit Communications: the soul’s path, many more. Free online Spiritualism books.

Jung, C.G. (Carl Gustav) Books – Collection

About 180 free online books on C.G. Jung. Some books: Jung’s Psychology and its Social Meaning, General Index to the Collected Works of C. G. Jung, Jung and the Expansion of Consciousness, An Intro to Jung’s Psychology, Jung’s Map of the Soul, Jung Synchronicity and Human Destiny, Memories Dreams Reflections, A Primer of Jungian Psychology, The Meaning in Dreams and Dreaming, Jung: his life and work, C. G. Jung: the haunted prophet, many more. Carl Jung books free online.

Mind, Body, Spirit Books – Collection

About 430 free online books on “Mind, Body, Spirit”. Some books: The Experiment is Over, Listening to the Unknown, Easy Steps to Relaxation and Meditation, Keys to Personal Power and Spiritual Transformation, A Traveler’s Guide to Inner Space, The Joy of Meditation, Passport to the Soul, The Journey, Mystic Dream Book: 2500 dreams explained, Healing with the Fairies, Clearing Crystal Consciousness, Practical Kabbalah for Magic & Protection, Quiet Talks with the Master, many more. Free online mind body spirit books.

New Age Movement Books – Collection

About 300 free online books on the New Age Movement. Some books: How to Respond to the New Age Movement, Applying Spiritual Principles to the Problems of a Material World, the Cosmic Self, World Work, In Search of the New Age, A Layman’s Guide to New Age & Spiritual Terms, The New Age Catalogue, A Guidebook for Spiritual Seekers, In Search of Heaven on Earth, The Third Millennium, The New Age Rage, The Truth about New Age Paganism, Mystery of Mandalas, many more. Free online New Age Movement books.

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