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Native American culture pdf free download, spirituality, literature books, arts, mythology, folklore. Hundreds of free online books.

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Native American Culture Core Books

Native American Social Life and Customs Books Free PDF – Collection – Native American Culture PDF Free Download

About 340 Native American Social Life and Customs books at the Internet Archive. Some book titles: Native American Art & Culture, Native North American Almanac, Native American Shipwrecks, Place and Native American Indian History and Culture, Contemporary Native American Cultural Issues, Word Dance: the language of Native American culture, Native American Art Projects, Native American Spiritual Traditions, Dictionary of Native American Literature, many more books on Native American Culture.

Native North American Art – Native American Culture PDF Free Download

Berlo, Janet
Oxford University 1998

“An innovative survey of Native North American art history which fully incorporates substantive new research and scholarship, and examines such issues as gender, representation, the colonial encounter, and contemporary arts. By encompassing both the sacred and secular, political and domestic,the ceremonial and commercial, it shows the importance of the visual arts in maintaining the integrity of spiritual, social , political, and economic systems within Native North American societies. This exciting new investigation explores the indigenous arts of the US and Canada from the early pre-contact period to the present day, stressing the conceptual and iconographic continuities over five centuries and across an immensely diverse range of regions.” -Publisher. Native American art books.

The Sacred Path: Spells, Prayers and Power Songs of the American Indians – American Indian Culture Books

Bierhorst, John, ed.
Quill 1984

“An anthology of traditional American Indian poetry, ‘The Sacred Path’ emphasizes the relationship between the life of the individual and the power of the spoken word. Arranged as the progression of a human life, beginning with chants to ease the labor of an expectant mother, the selections narrate a journey through birth and infancy, puberty, adulthood, and old age. The underlying belief, shared by native American cultures as different as the Cherokee and the Aztec, is that language, like the forces of nature, can bring about change.” -Back cover. American Indian culture books.

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Native American Medicine – American Indian Culture Books

Bonvillain, Nancy
Chelsea House 1997

Surveys the Native American healing and health care practices from the time of first European contact up to the present. Includes a chapter profiling some Native American healers. Indians of North America–Medicine. Traditional medicine. American Indian culture books.

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A Gathering of Spirit: A Collection by North American Indian Women – Native American Culture PDF Free Download

Brant, Beth
Firebrand 1988

An anthology of modern fiction and poetry from many writers. “The single best source for experiencing the vibrancy and breadth of contemporary Indian women’s writing”- Book jacket. Canadian literature — Indian authors — Women authors — 20th century.

Mythology of the Americas – Native American Folklore

Burland, Cottie et al.
Hamlyn 1970

The book is in three parts; ‘North American Indian Mythology’ by Cottie Burland; ‘Mexican and Central American Mythology’ by Irene Nicholson, and ‘South American Mythology’ by Harold Osborne. Heavily illustrated. Indian mythology.

North American Indian Mythology: The Eskimo – Fishermen of the northwest coast – Hunters of the northern forests – Farmers of the eastern woodlands – Buffalo hunters of the plains – Hunters of the great desert – Mound builders in the southeast – Dwellers on the mesas – The past and the future
Mexican and Central American Mythology: Time and eternity – Man-beast relationships – Calendar – Legend of the five suns – Twins of the Popol Vuh – Men of gold – Fifth sun – Quetzalcoatl myth – Four aspects of nature – Some female deities – Tloque Nahuaque – The ball game – Maya parallels with the Nahua gods – The Aztec’s journey to Anahuac
South American Mythology: Divine origin of the Inca – Mythology of the Collao – Myths and legends of the coast – Marginal, forest and southern Andean peoples – Some Riddles of South American myth. Native American folklore.

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Prophets of the Great Spirit: Native American Revitalization Movements in Eastern North America – Native American Culture PDF Free Download

Cave, Alfred A.
University of Nebraska 2005

“Prophets of the Great Spirit offers an in-depth look at the work of a diverse group of Native American visionaries who forged new, syncretic religious movements that provided their peoples with the ideological means to resist white domination. By blending ideas borrowed from Christianity with traditional beliefs, they transformed “high” gods or a distant and aloof creator into a powerful, activist deity that came to be called the Great Spirit. These revitalization leaders sought to regain the favor of the Great Spirit through reforms within their societies and the inauguration of new ritual practices.” -Publisher. Indians of North America — Religion — East (U.S.) — Rites and ceremonies. American Indian culture books.

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American Indian Poetry: An Anthology of Songs and Chants – Native American Literature Books

Cronyn, George W., ed.
Fawcett Columbine 1991

“First published in 1918, American Indian Poetry is a pioneer work of remarkable authenticity. Filled with pieces collected from Native Americans in their own languages and translated by leading scholars and poets of the day, it was the first book to give their oral verse its place as an essential, vibrant part of North American literature. These songs and chants, ancient and modern, speak to the power and poignancy of ordinary life and to the deeply mystical. These are cries from a people at one with both spirit and earth, for all the world to hear and includes works from the major tribes from the Southeast to the Northwest Coast.” Native American literature books.

Voices of the Winds: Native American Legends – Native American Culture PDF Free Download

Edmonds, Margot
Castle 2003

An anthology of more than 130 Native American legends representative of many different tribes and organized by geographical regions across the United States. Each legend is introduced with a headnote and many are accompanied by a drawing. Native American folklore.

American Indian Art – Native American Art Books

Feder, Norman
Abrams 1973

This survey includes many photos; color & B&W. Contents: Indian art : Use of materials & techniques — Change versus stability — Indian artist — Indian art by cultural areas : Plains — Southwest : Southern Athabascans — Rancheria Tribes — California — Great Basin & the Pacific Plateau — Pacific Northwest Coast — Arctic Coast — Woodlands. Book on Native American culture, Native American art and crafts books.

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Two Hundred Years of North American Indian Art – Native American Culture PDF Free Download

Feder, Norman
Praeger 1972

The author was the curator of American Indian and Native Arts at the Denver Art Museum. This book introduces and reproduces the works of an exhibition he organized for the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, from November 1971 to January 1972. The works were lent by numerous museums and collectors, listed near the front of the book. B&W photos. Books on Native American Art.

Native Arts of North America – Native American Arts Books

Feest, Christian F.
Oxford University 1980

“Only since the early twentieth century have the craft arts of North America been recognized as art of a high order. Classifying the surviving works of a thousand tribes speaking over two hundred languages, Christian F, Feest looks at totem poles and masks, rock engravings and ghost dance shirts, Seminole patchwork, painted leather shields, and more to show how the subtle interaction of native tradition with European influences produced a flourishing period of tribal art, and an ultimately fruitful “ethnic art” market.” -Back cover. Native American Arts books.

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Native American Courtship and Marriage Traditions – American Indian Culture Books

Gourse, Leslie
Hippocrene 2000

“This informative and fascinating book is the perfect resource for brides and grooms who want to learn about Native American courtship and marriage customs from centuries past. Helpful ideas and hints throughout explain how to incorporate traditions into a modern day wedding ceremony. Among the Native American tribes represented: Shinnecock; Chippewa/Ojibwa; Crow; Cherokee; Powhatan; Apache; Navajo; Sioux (Dakota Sioux, Teton Sioux, Lakota Sioux, Oglala Sioux).” -Publisher. American Indian culture books.

Native American History Books

Creation’s Journey: Native American Identity and Belief – Native American Culture PDF Free Download

Hill, Tom and Richard W.
Smithsonian Institution Press 1994

National Museum of the American Indian. Native American artists and academics discuss the connection of art objects to their rituals, stories, and spiritual beliefs. Drawing on the vast collections of the National Museum of the American Indian, Creation’s Journey retells the story of native life from the Arctic to the Tierra del Fuego, and from childhood to old age. Using objects, historical photographs, and the voices of Native Americans past and present, the book reawakens our senses to values and traditions that once prevailed. 220 color and 120 duotone photos. What is Native American religion? American Indian culture books.

Indian Silversmithing – Native American Arts Books

Hunt, W. Ben.
Bruce 1952

Ben Hunt of Hales Corners, Wisconsin studied and popularized Indian culture and crafts throughout the middle of the 20th century. In this book Hunt employs his drawing skills and his experience as a craftsman to demonstrate how the Indians of the American Southwest designed and crafted silver work. Native American arts books.

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American Indian Ecology – Native American Culture PDF Free Download

Huges, Donald J.
Texas Western 1983

This book “is an attempt to present from Indian sources the attitudes of Indians toward the natural environment and the practices that result from those attitudes.” Native American culture books.

Native American Renaissance – Native American Literature Books

Lincoln, Kenneth
University of California 1985

“Native American Renaissance is the most important discussion of contemporary American Indian poetry and fiction produced to date. It offers intelligent and balanced insight into the contexts and work of a number of contemporary American Indian writers. Its careful discussion provides dear and sometimes breathtaking illumination into this literature that is at once tribal and modern, western and traditional, a literature that is the oldest and newest literature in America.”–Paula Gunn Allen (Laguna), University of California, Berkeley. Native American literature books.

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Handbook of American Indian Games – Native American Culture PDF Free Download

MacFarlan, Allan A. and Paulett J.
Dover 1985

“Fun-loving youngsters will find new trails to amusement in this varied collection of 150 spirited, entertaining and easy-to-play games once played by Indian tribes across America. Indian lore and recreation specialists Allan and Paulette Macfarlan present a rich assortment of active, quiet, competitive, and instructive games for boys and girls of all ages that offer hours of enjoyment and provide insight into how American Indians thought, lived, and played.” -Publisher. American Indian culture books.

Way of the Human Being – Books about Native American Culture

Martin, Calvin
Yale University 1999

“From Native Americans, Europeans learned about corn and beans, toboggans and canoes, and finding their way around an unfamiliar landscape. Yet the Europeans learned what they wished to learn-not necessarily what the natives actually meant by their stories and their lives-says Calvin Luther Martin in this unique and powerfully insightful book. By focusing on their own questions, Martin observes, those arriving in the New World have failed to grasp the deepest meaning of Native America. Drawing on his own experiences with native people and on their stories, Martin brings us to a new conceptual landscape-the mythworld that seems unfamiliar and strange to those accustomed to western ways of thinking. He shows how native people understand the world and how human beings can and should conduct themselves within it. Taking up the profound philosophical challenge of the Native American “way of the human being,” Martin leads us to rethink our entire sense of what is real and how we know the real.” -Publisher. Books about Native American culture.

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Native North American Art History: Selected Readings – Native American Arts Books

Mathews, Zena P. and Aldona Jonaitas
Peek 1982

“This volume was conceived primarily as an undergraduate text for Native North American Art History. These readings look back over approximately a hundred years of scholarship pertaining to Native North American material culture. The majority of these articles have not been written by art historians by anthropologists and archeologists as well as by self-trained ethnographers.” -Introduction. Native American arts books.

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