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TV History Books PDF – Radio History Books PDF – Broadcasting

TV History Books PDF - Radio Broadcasting

Hundreds of free books on TV history pdf and radio history pdf, or the history of TV and Radio broadcasting pdf. Suggested titles also.

Book Collections on the History of TV Broadcasting

Television Personalities – Collection

Free books on Television Personalities. Some personalities: Stephen Fry, Stephen Colbert, Khloe Kardashian, Joan Lunden, Graham Norton, Lisa Riley, Bruce Forsyth, Dermot O’Leary, David Attenborough, Jon Stewart, Johnny Carson, Paul Merton.

Books about the Social Aspects of Television Broadcasting – Collection

Free books on the Social Aspects of Television Broadcasting history pdf. Some titles: Branded Women in U.S. Television, Armchair Nation: an Intimate History of Britain, Viewing America: 21st Century Television, The BBC in Scotland, The Citizen Machine: Governing by Television in 1950s America, Television Shows that Changed our Lives.

Television Broadcasting Books – Collection

Free books about Television Broadcasting history pdf. Some books: Is Television a Bad Influence?, Let’s Visit a Television Station, Winning the Global TV News Game, How Sweet it Was: Television – a pictorial commentary with photos, Television: a world view, Contemporary World Television, Television: the first 50 years, The TV Addict’s Handbook, Encyclopedia of Television, Breaking into Television: proven advice from veterans and interns, many more.

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Television Broadcasting of News Books – Collection

Free books about Television Broadcasting of News. Some books: Working in TV News: the insider’s guide, The Media War, Making Television News iin the Satellite Age, White News: why local news programs don’t cover people of color, Television News, News-watch: How TV Decides the News, Broadcast New Handbook: writing reporting and producing, The Evening Stars: the making of the network news anchor, In the Newsroom, The Process of Electronic News Gathering, A Guide for TV Producers and Reporters, many more. News broadcasting, history of TV news.

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Television Programs Books – Collection

Free books on Television Programs history pdf. Some books: TV Guide Book of Lists, The Best TV Trivia and Quiz Book Ever, Fear Factor: the fright stuff, 30 Years of Television: a Quizbook, TV 70 (several annual vols), The West Wing, Cult TV: the Detectives, Complete Directory to Prime Time Network TV Shows 1946-Present, Super TV Stars, History of Television, The 100 Greatest TV Shows of All Time, Star Trek: Q’s Guide to the Continuum, The Wire: Truth be told, Complete Encyclopedia of Television, many more.

Television History Books – Collection

Free books on Television History pdf. Some books: A History of Television in 100 Programmes, The History of Television, 1880 to 1941, What Would Buffy Do? The Apprentice A-Z, Reading the Vampire Slayer, Writers on their Favorite TV Shows, TV Wonderland, Black Power TV, Something Completely Different: British Television, The Sitcoms of Norman Lear.

Books about TV & Children – Collection

Free history pdf books about Television and children. Some books: The Smart Parent’s Guide to Kids’ TV, TV: friend or foe?, Viewing Children through Television, The Responsible Parent’s Guide to TV, Make Television Work for Your Kids, Kick the TV Habit, Children and the Entertainment Industry, A Study of Children around the TV set, The ACT Guide to Children’s Television, Glued to the Tube, Raising Media-savvy Kids in the Age of the Channel-Surfing Couch Potato, Saturday Morning Mind Control, many more. Books about Children’s TV.

Television Shows and Videos Collections

Classic U.S. Television Series – Video Collection

Internet Archive collection of videos. U.S. TV shows organized by decade, for the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s. U.S. and British shows organized by Title.

Television Show Archive – Video Collection

Internet Archive collection of videos. This archive includes ‘classic’ US TV shows, TV commercials, Shows from Sweden, Shows from Japan, Thai Language TV, Dutch TV, Chinese and Hong Kong TV, Vietnamese TV, Children’s TV programs, Australian TV, Games Shows, TV Movies, Archive of TV News Associated with 9/11, much more.

Television Archive News Search Service – Video Collection

The latest TV news stories from major networks in U.S., includes RT, Al Jazeera, DW. Today, back to 2009.

More Collections of Free Books on Television and Radio Broadcasting Topics

Suggested Books on Television History

American Television Directory: Official Yearbook of the American Television Society, Inc.

American Television Society
American Television Society 1946 Dewey Dec. 384

This is the first directory or yearbook by this organization, which had been recently created for this entirely new industry. The publication is made up of approximately 40 contributed articles, and also includes information about the American Television Society. Among the articles are: ‘Is Television Tomorrow’s Radio?’; ‘The Bell System’s Plan for Tele-networks’; ‘Sports for Millions by Television’; ‘The Economics of Television’; ‘Televised News for Theater-goers’; ‘Television and Fashion’; ‘Is Today’s Television Here to Stay?’; ‘Publications Reporting Television’. Bibliography included.

TV Guide: The First 25 Years

Harris, Jay S.
NY: Simon and Schuster 1978

“A brilliant, lavishly illustrated, rollicking, zany, tear-jerking, and definitive portrait of the great moments, issues, programs, and personalities that filled America’s airwaves, homes, hearts, and minds for a quarter of a century …” – Book cover.

Television Broadcasting: An Introduction

Hilliard, Robert L., ed.
Hastings House 1978 Dewey Dec. 384

Television broadcasting book.

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The Encyclopedia Of American Television: Broadcast Programming Post-World War II to 2000

Lackman, Ron
Checkmark 2003

An alphabetical reference to programs and personalities of network television over the last fifty years includes storylines, broadcast histories, air times, and awards.

One Nation under Television

MacDonald, J. Fred
Pantheon 1990 Dewey Dec. 384

Since commercial television emerged in the late 1940s, it has been on the cutting edge of social, political, economic, and cultural developments in the United States and the world. This book is a provocative history of how the major networks schemed to gain ratings and power, and to keep the FCC at bay. The result was the creation of limited and rigidly standardized television offerings.

Understanding Society, Culture, and Television

Monaco, Paul
Praeger 2000 Dewey Dec. 384

What is the real nature of television, and what is its place in contemporary society and culture? In a provocative rethinking of the medium and its ensuing effects, this book argues that we have misunderstood television and have thus contributed to a distorted view of art and culture in the 20th century. During the final quarter of this century both in academic and popular circles, we have spread wildly exaggerated claims about television’s undermining of human consciousness and behavior. Television has become a scapegoat for all sorts of societal and cultural ills. The arguments presented by many researchers on behalf of the ill-effects of TV are fundamentally weak and flawed. Mass media and culture, Television broadcasting — Social aspects.

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Target: Prime Time: Advocacy Groups and the Struggle Over Entertainment Television

Montgomery, Kathryn C.
Oxford University 1989 Dewey Dec. 384

Television is the most powerful and pervasive storyteller of our time. The stories it tells–and, equally important, the stories it fails to tell–have a marked impact on how viewers see the world around them. Is it any wonder then that television has become the focal point of bitter struggle, with numerous advocacy groups–from the NAACP to the National Gay Task Force to the Moral Majority–battling with network executives over the content of prime time shows? Target: Prime Time is the first book to explore network television’s dealings with political advocacy groups, offering a comprehensive picture of the impact of organized pressure on prime time TV.

Television: The Critical View

Newcomb, Horace
Oxford University 1994 Dewey Dec. 384

The Critical View sheds light on everything from the latest prime-time television programs to news, talk shows, and commercials. This well established and critically acclaimed text remains the leading collection of critical essays about America’s most important medium of communication. Language Arts & Disciplines / Communication Studies, Television broadcasting — United States.

Website: Television Recordings

Internet Archive

This webpage at the Internet Archive contains a number of video collections from television, many of which contain thousands of videos. Some of the larger collections: Miscellaneous Japanese TV shows (17,000 videos); Children’s Programs (4,000 videos); C8 Shows (a French channel) with 3,500 videos; Classic TV Commercials (11,000); Dutch TV (32,000); Game Shows Archives (4,000); JTBC Newsroom (Korean network news) 1,600 episodes 2016-2020); Hong Kong TV (5,000); Miscellaneous Chinese and Hong Kong TV (5,000); Romanian TV (3,600); Sveriges Television AB (Sweden) (79,000); Turkish TV (2,500); Thailand or Thai-language TV (51,000); Vietnamese TV (11,000); Television Movies (900).

Website: Classic TV Show Recordings (US)

Internet Archive

This free online collection on the Internet Archive contains a large video collection of old U.S. TV shows. There are separate collections for the 1940s, ’50s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. Also a collection of over 900 episodes of ‘Saturday Night Live’ from the premier in 1975 to 2020.

Book Collections on Radio History

Books about Radio Broadcasting History – Collection

Free books on Radio Broadcasting history pdf.
Some books: License Manual for the Radio Amateur, Fundamentals of Radio Communications, ARRL Operating Manual (for the Ham), Who Really Invented Radio?, Directory of World Band Radio, Audels Radiomans Guide, Shortwave Listener’s Q and A Book, Radio Theory and Servicing, Old Radio Sets, Radios: the golden age, Lew McCoy on Antennas, Principles of Radio, Up and Down the Dial of British Radio, Writing for Radio, many more.

Books on Radio Broadcasters – Collection

About 130 pdf books on Radio Broadcasters. Some books: The Art of Talk, Golden Throats and Silver Tongues: the radio announcers, Americans Hail Rush Limbaugh, Imus: America’s cowboy, Larry King, Howard Stern, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Talked to Death: the murder of Alan Berg and the Rise of the Neo-Nazis, Life is Not a Rehearsal: a memoir, Talk Shows and Hosts on Radio, Laura Pulfer, Encyclopedia of American Radio, Johnny Holliday: from rock to jock, NPR and the Art of Radio, many more.

Suggested Books on the History of Radio Broadcasting


On the Air: The Encyclopedia of Old-Time Radio

Dunning, John
Oxford University 1998

Here are some 1,500 radio shows presented in alphabetical order. The great programs of the ’30s, ’40s, and ’50s are all here–Amos ‘n’ Andy, Fibber McGee and Molly, The Lone Ranger, Major Bowes’ Original Amateur Hour, and The March of Time, to name only a few. For each, Dunning provides a complete broadcast history, with the timeslot, the network, and the name of the show’s advertisers. He also lists major cast members, announcers, producers, directors, writers, and so…

Something in the Air: Radio, Rock, and the Revolution that Shaped a Generation

Fisher, Marc
Random House 2007

A sweeping, anecdotal account of the great sounds and voices of radio–and how it became a bonding agent for a generation of American youth. When television became the next big thing in broadcast entertainment, everyone figured video would kill the radio star–and radio, period. But radio came roaring back with a whole new concept. Visionary entrepreneurs like Todd Storz pioneered the Top 40 concept, which united a generation. But it took trendsetting “disc jockeys” like Alan Freed, Murray the K, Wolfman Jack, Cousin Brucie, and their fast-talking, too-cool-for-school counterparts across the land to turn time, temperature, and the same irresistible hit tunes played again and again into the ubiquitous sound track of the fifties and sixties.

Voice of America: A History

Heil, Alan L.
Columbia University 2003

The Voice of America is the nation’s largest publicly funded broadcasting network, reaching more than 90 million people worldwide in over forty languages. Since it first went on the air as a regional wartime enterprise in February 1942, VOA has undergone a spectacular transformation, and it now employs scores of reporters worldwide and broadcasts around the clock every day of every year, reaching listeners in the four-fifths of the world still denied a completely free press.

Encyclopedia of American Radio, 1920-1960

Sies, Luther F.
McFarland 2000

900 pages. Encyclopedia with 28,800 entries, followed by an appendix of the “Chronology of American Radio Growth and Development, 1906-1960; Bibliography; Station Index; Program Index; Name Index.

Website: Old Time Radio Audio Recordings

Internet Archive

This free online collection on the Internet Archive has over 8,000 links to audio recordings. Most links are to collected recordings of old radio shows, and some links are for other historic radio collections. Many of the web pages containing the recordings have background information on the show and its stars.

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