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Car Books Online Free – Automotive Pictorial Books – Motorcycles PDF

Car books online free, automobile history, automotive pictorial books, motorcycle pdf history, automotive industry books, automotive design, auto manufacturing.

Hundreds of free online books about cars and motorcycles.

Auto Books Online – Car Books Free

Motorcycle History Books

Automotive History eBooks – Car Books Online Free

Automotive History eBooks – Car Books Online Free – Collection

About 3,000 free books about cars, with books on all automotive aspects. Some books: Basic Bodywork and Painting, Tune-Up & Electrical Service, Veteran & Vintage Cars of Australia, Every Woman’s Quick & Easy Car Care, Auto Engines & Electrical Systems read online free, Passenger Cars 1863-1904, How Automobiles are Made, The World’s Strangest Automobiles, Fuel systems and Emission Controls, So You Wanna Buy a Car, An A-Z of Turbocharged Cars, Car Tips for Clean Air, many more. Automotive pictorial ebooks, car books free.

‘Collections’ take longer to appear on your screen than single books.  On a phone, only about 25 books in a collection may appear.

Car Books Online PDF – Automotive Pictorial eBooks – Collection

About 50 free pictorial books about cars Some titles: Classic Cars from around the World, The Automobile: 5-view photos, 1001 Dream Cars, Worst Cars Ever Sold, 50 Years of Volkswagens in New Zealand, 501 Must-Drive Cars, Mercedes-Benz: 100 Years, The Fastest Cars from Around the World, many more. Vehicle pictorial books, car books free pdf.

Automotive History eBooks – Collection

Over 250 free books about cars, and automotive industry books. Some book titles: Auto Racing: a history of fast cars and fearless drivers online free, The American Automobile Industry’s Road from Glory to Disaster online free, Complete History of Chrysler Corp. 1924-1985 online, The Story of Ferrari, A History of Electric and Hybrid Cars free online, Jaguar: tale of the Cat, The Story of Model T Fords, The American Automobile Beadle, Autoworkers and the American Dream, Native Roads: the Complete Motoring Guide to the Navajo and Hopi Nations, read In the Shadow of Detroit, many more. Free books about cars, automotive history ebooks.

Automobile Industry Books – Collection

More than 600 car books free online. Some books: Middle America and the Battle to Save the Car Industry, A Short History of American Motor Car Manufacturing, People and Places in Irish Motoring, Car Wars: the untold story, How the Big Three Lost their Grip on the American Car Market, Auto Industries of Europe, U.S. and Japan, read The Future of the Automobile, The Story of the Automobile in America, many more. Automotive pictorial books free, car books free.

Automobile Driving Books – Collection

About 100 auto driving books free online. Some books: Sportsmanlike Driving, The Bad Driver’s Handbook, Learn to Drive, Happiness is Having Your Own Driver’s License, Sharing the Road with Idiots, How to Drive, Things to Know about Cars and Driving, Being a Teen Driver, Pass Your Driving Test, Safe Driving, Learning to Drive, How to Drive into Accidents and How Not To, License to Drive, Zen Driving, High Performance Driving, many more. Car driving books, auto books for free.

Packard Motor Cars. Operation and Care for 1907, 1908, 1909 and 1910 Cars

Packard 1910 Dewey Dec. 629.2

Vintage car manuals, auto history books.

International Motor Cyclopaedia. Sport, Industry and Trade

Automobiles, motorcycles, motorboats and aeronautics. Year book – March, 1908 to March, 1909

Schwarzkopf 1908 Dewey Dec. 629.2

Automotive history books, auto history eBooks, car books online.

Magazine archive here at Century Past

Abbott’s Automobile Law for Motorists

The law of the road and principles of the law of negligence. With a compilation of the motor vehicle statutes enacted by the various states

Abbott, Twyman Osmand
Pratt 1909 Dewey Dec. 629.2

Automotive history ebooks, auto history books free, car books free.

Ford Methods and the Ford Shops

Arnold, Horace Lucien and Faurote, Fay Leone
Engineering Magazine 1915 Dewey Dec. 629.2

Chapter headings are: 1. The Genius of the Plant, 2. The Ford Stock System and Employment Methods, 3. How the Work is Done, 4. Inspection and Assembly, 5. Motor-Test Blocks and Chassis-Assembling Lines, 6. Machining and Assembling the Front Axle, 7. The Crank Shaft, Piston, and Piston Rings, 8. The Commutator Production and Assembly Job, 9. Sheet-Metal Work, 10. Conveyors, Work-Slides, and Roll-Ways, 11. The Bushings Job, 12. Special Machines and Fixtures, 13. The Foundries, 14. How Ford Bodies are Finished. Painting, Upholstering, Japanning and Baking, 15. The New Factory Conditions, 16. Safeguarding the Workmen. Car history books, the car industry, car books free, Auto history books free.

See also: Page, Victor Wilfred, The Model T Ford Car; Its Construction, Operation and Repair on this page, below.

Audels Answers on Automobiles for Owners, Operators, Repairmen, relating to the parts, operation, care, management, road driving

Audel, Theodore
Audel 1911 Dewey Dec. 629.2

Automotive history books, automotive design books, vintage car manuals.

Power Behind the Wheel: Creativity and the Evolution of the Automobile

Boyne, Walter J.
Stewart, Tabori & Chang 1988 Dewey Dec. 629.2

Surveys the history of automobile design, including engines, bodies, and exteriors, discusses unusual and classic models, and suggests future developments. Power Behind the Wheel Boyne. Automotive design ebooks, automotive history ebooks, automotive tech ebooks.

Wheels for the World: Henry Ford, His Company, and a Century of Progress 1903-2003

Brinkley, Douglas
Viking 2003 Dewey Dec. 338.7

The saga of how Henry Ford and Ford Motor Co. changed our world. Reveals the details of Ford’s achievements, from the success of the Tin Lizzie to the Model A and V-8, through the Thunderbird, Mustang, and Taurus. Discusses three factories: Highland Park, River Rouge, and Willow Run, where B-24 airplanes were mass-produced during WW2. Tells of Ford’s expansion throughout the world, as well as the acquisitions of Volvo, Land Rover, Jaguar, and Mazda. Explores Ford’s darker aspects, including its founder’s anti-Semitism and wartime pacifism. Introduces us to: James Couzens, Lee Iocacco and William Clay Ford Jr. Photos. Wheels for the World Brinkley. Automobile history ebooks, automobile industry ebooks, classic cars ebooks.

20th Century U.S. History Books

Millions of Cars; from Drawing Board to Highway

Butler, Hal
J. Messner 1972 Dewey Dec. 629.2

Using the Ford Mustang as an example, describes the designing, testing, production, and marketing of a new model car. Automotive design ebooks, car books online, automotive tech ebooks.

How Automobiles are Made

Cooke, David C.
Dodd, Mead 1957 Dewey Dec. 629.2

Follows the manufacture of an automobile from sketchbook stage to the assembly-line production of the car. Automotive design books, classic cars eBooks, auto industry, car history books.

Motor Vehicles and their Engines

A practical handbook on the care, repair and management of motor trucks and automobiles for owners, chauffeurs, garagemen and schools

Fraser, Edward S. and Jones, Ralph B.
Van Nostrand 1921 Dewey Dec. 629.2

278 illustrations. “This book deals with the mechanism and operation of motor vehicles, enters into details and is well illustrated. The authors were formerly instructors in the motor transportation course of the Coast artillery school. ” – A.B.A. Catalog 1926. Automotive history books, automotive books free online.

Cars, Bikes, Trains, and other Land Machines

Graham, Ian
Kingfisher 1993 Dewey Dec. 629.2

Text, illustrations, and diagrams introduce the parts, operation, and uses of cars, motorcycles, trucks, and other land vehicles. Cars, Bikes, Trains, and other Land Machines Graham online free. Auto industry ebooks, free auto books online, automotive tech books free.

The Practical Design of Motor Cars

Gunn, James
Longmans 1910 Dewey Dec. 629.2

Satisfactory work for the student and manufacturer, dealing with the fundamental principles on which good design is based and describing and illustrating in detail the different parts of a car. – A.L.A. Catalog 1904-1911. Automotive history books, automotive design books, free auto books online.

Horseless Vehicles; Automobiles, Motor cycles Operated by Steam, Hydro-carbon, Electric and Pneumatic Motors

Hiscox, Gardner D.
Munn 1900 Dewey Dec. 629.2

Subtitle: “A practical treatise for automobilists, manufacturers, capitalists, investors and everyone interested in the development, use and care of the automobile, including a special chapter on how to build an electric cab, with detail drawings”.
This also contains a list of automobile manufacturers in the U.S. It appears to show over 200 companies. Automotive history ebook, auto industry books online, free automotive books online.

Service Station Management; Its Principles and Practice

Covering service merchandising methods, shop arrangement and management stock room systems and stock record systems

Jones, Charles L.
Van Nostrand 1922 Dewey Dec. 629.2

“The author tells how to lay out and equip service stations and how to manage and build up the business but is not concerned with methods of performing repair jobs. He writes from nine years’ experience with the Ford motor company, service department, and the examples given in the book mainly refer to Ford service stations, although the underlying principles may be used by dealers and service stations handling other makes of cars.” – A.L.A. Catalog (1926). Auto history ebooks, automotive industry ebooks, automotive history books.

Behind the Wheel at Chrysler: the Iacocca legacy

Levin, Doron P.
Harcourt Brace 1995 Dewey Dec. 629.2

A Detroit Free Press reporter demythologizes Lee Iacocca’s leadership of Chrysler, demonstrating how salesmanship and self-promotion invariably trumped innovation and investment. Behind the Wheel at Chrysler Levin online free. Lee Iacocca book online, auto history books free, read books on the auto industry.

Uncommon Carriers

McPhee, John A.
Farrar, Straus and Giroux 2006 Dewey Dec. 388

This is a book about people who drive trucks, captain ships, pilot towboats, drive coal trains, and carry lobsters through the air: people who work in freight transportation. John McPhee rides from Atlanta to Tacoma alongside Don Ainsworth, owner and operator of a sixty-five-foot, five-axle, eighteen-wheel chemical tanker carrying hazmats—in Ainsworth’s opinion “the world’s most beautiful truck,” so highly polished you could part your hair while looking at it. He goes “out in the sort” among the machines that process a million packages a day at UPS Air’s distribution hub at Louisville International Airport. And (among other trips) he travels up the “tight-assed” Illinois River on a towboat pushing a triple string of barges, the overall vessel being “a good deal longer than the Titanic,” longer even than the Queen Mary 2.
Uncommon Carriers is classic work by McPhee, in prose distinguished, as always, by its author’s warm humor, keen insight, and rich sense of human character. Auto industry books online.

The Model T Ford Car; Its Construction, Operation and Repair

A complete practical treatise explaining the operating principles of all parts of the Ford automobile, with complete instructions for driving and maintenance; includes the most thorough and easily understood illustrated instructions on Ford repairing ever published; based on five years’ experience of a Ford operator–invaluable to all Ford owners, dealers, salesmen, drivers and repair men–every phase of the subject treated in a non-technical yet comprehensive manner

Page, Victor Wilfred
Henley 1917 Dewey Dec. 629.2

94 illustrations. Automotive history ebooks, auto history books free, automotive tech books, books on the Ford Model T.

Automobile Troubles and how to Remedy Them

A practical book for the automobile owner, operator, dealer, builder, salesman, experimenter and student of mechanical achievements

Root, Charles P.
Thompson 1911 Dewey Dec. 0629.2

Tells the owner, driver or machinist how to locate troubles and gives explicit and easily understood directions for remedying them. – A.L.A. Catalog 1904-1911. auto industry ebook, automotive tech books free, auto history books free.

The Automobile; its Selection, Care and Use

Sloss, Robert T.
Outing 1910 Dewey Dec. 629.2

Up-to-date, practical and very definite advice to the beginner on buying, selection of equipment, and care of an automobile, driving, finding troubles, care of tires, housing, and touring. – A.L.A. Catalog 1904-1911. Auto history ebook, auto industry ebook, auto history books free, automotive history books online.

The Book of the Automobile

A practical volume devoted to the history, construction, use and care of motor cars and to the subject of motoring in America

Sloss, Robert T.
Appleton 1905 Dewey Dec. 629.2

Automotive history books, free automotive books online.

Two Billion Cars: Driving Toward Sustainability

Sperling, Daniel
Oxford Univ. 2009 Dewey Dec. 388.3

Today there are over a billion vehicles in the world, and within twenty years, the number will double, largely a consequence of China’s and India’s explosive growth. Given that greenhouse gases are already creating havoc with our climate and that violent conflict in unstable oil-rich nations is on the rise, will matters only get worse? Or are there hopeful signs that effective, realistic solutions can be found? Blending a concise history of cars and their impact on the world, leading transportation experts Daniel Sperling and Deborah Gordon explain how we arrived at this state, and what we can do about it. Automotive industry books, auto industry books online.

Read historical romance novels online

Henry Ford

Tilton, Rafael
Lucent/Thomson Gale 2003 Dewey Dec. 629.2

Discusses the early life of Henry Ford, including his moving to the big city and his success as an inventor, engineer, and pioneer of the automobile.
Leader in the field — Farm mechanic — Better than steam — Cars from a to t — Millionaire — Conflict and control — New directions — How it all became history. Henry Ford Tilton read online free. Auto industry books, auto history books, Henry Ford biography online.

List of Books on Automobiles and Motorcycles

Blessing, Arthur R.
Wilson 1918 Dewey Dec. 016.6

Practical Bibliographies series, arranged by sub-topics. Of special interest is the large section on “Road Guides”. Automotive industry ebooks, automotive history ebooks, auto history books.

Motorcycle History eBooks

Motorcycle History eBooks – Collection

About 500 free books about motorcycles (many duplicates). Some titles: Motorcycle Engineering, Illustrated Encyclopedia of American Motorcycles, the First Century of the Motorcycle, Choppers, Superbikes, Classic British Bikes, Sportbike Performance Handbook, Custom Harley, Classic American Motorcycles, Workshop Practice Manual, Motor Cycle Road Racing, many more.

Motorcycle History eBooks – Collection

About 35 free online books on the Internet Archive, resulting from a search for books on “Motorcycle History”. Some books: Japan’s Motorcycle Wars, Supercross, Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, Triumph Motorcycles, The Story of Harley-Davidson, All about Motorcycles, Dream Bikes, Modern Motorcycle Superstars, The Ultimate Motorcycle Book, Fixing Up Motorcycles, Street Bike Extreme, Complete Beginner’s Guide to Motorcycling, Indian Chief Motorcycles 1922-1953, The Great Motorcycles: Histories of 22 Famous Makes, The Cyclist’s Sourcebook, many more. Motorcycle illustrations book, motorcycle history books online, motorcycle history ebooks.

A-Z of Motorcycles: Illustrated Encyclopedia

Brown, Roland
Lorenz 1999 Dewey Dec. 629.2

The A – Z of Motorcycles provides an invaluable reference and sourcebook for the new enthusiast and the most experienced and knowledgeable of motorcycle riders, historians and collectors. It consists of a marque-by-marque encyclopedia of models and manufacturers, both existing and defunct. Every major marque is illustrated with photographs, showing the beauty and originality of each machine. This unique collection of photographs is augmented by a comprehensive text which details the technical specifications of the machines, describes the key elements of their design, their performance features and engineering standards, and comments on their special qualifies and attributes. A-Z of Motorcycles read online. Motorcycle history Books online, motorcycle history ebooks, motorcycle illustrations book.

Motor Bicycle Building

Hasluck, Paul N. ed.
McKay 1907 Dewey Dec. 629.2

Vintage motorcycle eBook, from the earliest era of motorcycle history. Motorcycle history ebook, motorcycle history books pdf.

The Motor Cycle Handbook

The construction, operation, care and repair of modern types of motor cycles, their accessories and equipment

Manley, Harold P.
Drake 1920 Dewey Dec. 629.2

Vintage Motorcycle history book. Motorcycle history books pdf, motorcycle history ebooks.

Ancient history books here at Century Past

The Story of Harley-Davidson

Passaro, John
Smart Apple Media 1999 Dewey Dec. 629.2

Describes the origins and growth of the well-known motorcycle manufacturer, Harley-Davidson, chronicling the company’s successes and failures over the past ninety years. Motorcycle industry Books online, motorcycle history ebooks, history of Harley-Davidson company.

The Illustrated History of Motorcycles

Tragatsch, Erwin
Quarto 1979 Dewey Dec. 629.2

A visual record that traces the evolution and innovations in the motorcycle also recreates the past and explores the present models. The Illustrated History of Motorcycles online free. Motorcycle illustrations, motorcycle history books, free automotive books online.

Motor Cycles and How to Manage Them

Wilson, A. J.
Iliffe 1903 Dewey Dec. 629.2

Vintage book on Motorcycles, motorcycle history books online, motorcycle history ebooks.

Motorcycles: How They Work

Yerkow, Charles
Putnam 1971 Dewey Dec. 629.2

Describes the mechanics, maintenance, handling, and selection of a motorcycle. Motorcycles: How They Work. Motorcycles history books online, automotive tech books, automotive industry books.

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