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Native American culture books, spirituality, literature, art, mythology, folklore. Hundreds of free online books.

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Native American Social Life and Customs Books Free PDF

Native American Social Life and Customs Books Free PDF – Collection – Books on Native American Culture

About 340 Native American Social Life and Customs books at the Internet Archive. Some book titles: Native American Art & Culture, Native North American Almanac, Native American Shipwrecks, Place and Native American Indian History and Culture, Contemporary Native American Cultural Issues, Word Dance: the language of Native American culture, Native American Art Projects, Native American Spiritual Traditions, Dictionary of Native American Literature, many more books on Native American Culture.

Folklore of Indians of North America Collection – Books on Native American Culture

About 100 free online books at the Internet Archive, resulting from a search for books on “Indians of North America – Folklore”. Some book titles: Pawnee Hero Stories and Folk-tales, Indian Legends, Myths and Legends of the Sioux, American Indian Fairy Tales, Indian Legend from Algic Researches, The Song of Hiawatha, Favorite North American Indian Legends, Bella Bella Tales, Kowa Tales, Traditions of the Skidi Pawnee, many more books about Native American Folklore. Books on Native American mythology.

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Native American Mythology Books – Collection – Native American Folklore Books

About 250 American Indian Mythology books from the Internet Archive. Some books: Native American Religion books, Mesoamerican Mythology, Creation Myths of Primitive America, Mythic Narratives of North American Indians, The Ghosts the Indians Feared, Sagas of the Indian Americans, Warriors Gods & Spirits, Spirits of the Sacred Mountains, Myths of Pre-Columbian America, The Serpent and the Sun: myths of the Mexican world, The American Indian and the Occult, many more books on American Indian Mythology. Native American folklore books.

Native North American Art – Native American Art Book

Berlo, Janet
Oxford University 1998 Dewey Dec. 970.13

“An innovative survey of Native North American art history which fully incorporates substantive new research and scholarship, and examines such issues as gender, representation, the colonial encounter, and contemporary arts. By encompassing both the sacred and secular, political and domestic,the ceremonial and commercial, it shows the importance of the visual arts in maintaining the integrity of spiritual, social , political, and economic systems within Native North American societies. This exciting new investigation explores the indigenous arts of the US and Canada from the early pre-contact period to the present day, stressing the conceptual and iconographic continuities over five centuries and across an immensely diverse range of regions.” -Publisher. History of Native American art, Native American art book.

The Sacred Path: Spells, Prayers and Power Songs of the American Indians – Native American Religious Beliefs

Bierhorst, John, ed.
Quill 1984 Dewey Dec. 970.13

“An anthology of traditional American Indian poetry, ‘The Sacred Path’ emphasizes the relationship between the life of the individual and the power of the spoken word. Arranged as the progression of a human life, beginning with chants to ease the labor of an expectant mother, the selections narrate a journey through birth and infancy, puberty, adulthood, and old age. The underlying belief, shared by native American cultures as different as the Cherokee and the Aztec, is that language, like the forces of nature, can bring about change.” -Back cover.

Contents: Birth and infancy — Growing up — Love songs and love magic — For the traveler — Against sickness and evil — Controlling the weather — Planting and gathering — For the hunter — For the dying and the dead. Native American spirituality books, Native American religious beliefs.

Handbook of American Indian Languages, Part 1 – Native American Culture Books

Part 2 – Native American Culture Books

Part 3 – Native American Culture Books

Boas, Franz
GPO 1911 Dewey Dec. 970.13

Smithsonian Institution Bureau of American Ethnology Bulletin 40. The three volumes together exceed 2,500 pages, with chapters written by a number of different linguists. Part One contains an 85-page introduction to Indian languages, and chapters on Athapascan (Hupa), Tlingit, Haida, Tsmshian, Kwakiutl, Chinook, Maidu, Algonquian (Fox), Siouan (Dakota) and Eskimo.
Part Two contains chapters on the Takelma language of southwestern Oregon, Coos, Siuslawan (Lower Umpqua) and Chukchee.
Part Three contains chapters on Tonkawa, Quileute, Yuchi, Zuni, and Coeur d’Alene. Books on Native American culture.

Native American Medicine – Native American Culture Books

Bonvillain, Nancy
Chelsea House 1997 Dewey Dec. 970.13

Surveys the Native American healing and health care practices from the time of first European contact up to the present. Includes a chapter profiling some Native American healers. Indians of North America–Medicine. Traditional medicine.

Contents: Health and illness — Medicines — Healers — Instruments of healing — Ritual healing — Learning from Native American medicine — Tradition and change. Books on Native American culture.

A Gathering of Spirit: A Collection by North American Indian Women – Native American Literature Books

Brant, Beth
Firebrand 1988 Dewey Dec. 970.13

An anthology of modern fiction and poetry from many writers. “The single best source for experiencing the vibrancy and breadth of contemporary Indian women’s writing”- Book jacket. Canadian literature — Indian authors — Women authors — 20th century. Native American spirituality books, books on Native American literature.

Mythology of the Americas – Native American Mythology Books

Burland, Cottie et al.
Hamlyn 1970 Dewey Dec. 970.13

The book is in three parts; ‘North American Indian Mythology’ by Cottie Burland; ‘Mexican and Central American Mythology’ by Irene Nicholson, and ‘South American Mythology’ by Harold Osborne. Heavily illustrated. Indian mythology.

North American Indian Mythology: The Eskimo – Fishermen of the northwest coast – Hunters of the northern forests – Farmers of the eastern woodlands – Buffalo hunters of the plains – Hunters of the great desert – Mound builders in the southeast – Dwellers on the mesas – The past and the future
Mexican and Central American Mythology: Time and eternity – Man-beast relationships – Calendar – Legend of the five suns – Twins of the Popol Vuh – Men of gold – Fifth sun – Quetzalcoatl myth – Four aspects of nature – Some female deities – Tloque Nahuaque – The ball game – Maya parallels with the Nahua gods – The Aztec’s journey to Anahuac
South American Mythology: Divine origin of the Inca – Mythology of the Collao – Myths and legends of the coast – Marginal, forest and southern Andean peoples – Some Riddles of South American myth. Native American spirituality books, Native American mythology books.

Prophets of the Great Spirit: Native American Revitalization Movements in Eastern North America – Native American Religious Beliefs

Cave, Alfred A.
University of Nebraska 2005 Dewey Dec. 970.13

“Prophets of the Great Spirit offers an in-depth look at the work of a diverse group of Native American visionaries who forged new, syncretic religious movements that provided their peoples with the ideological means to resist white domination. By blending ideas borrowed from Christianity with traditional beliefs, they transformed “high” gods or a distant and aloof creator into a powerful, activist deity that came to be called the Great Spirit. These revitalization leaders sought to regain the favor of the Great Spirit through reforms within their societies and the inauguration of new ritual practices.” -Publisher. Indians of North America — Religion — East (U.S.) — Rites and ceremonies.

Contents: Introduction — The Delaware prophets — The Shawnee prophet — Tenskwatawa, Tecumseh, and the pan-Indian movement — The red sticks — The Seneca prophet — The Kickapoo prophet — Conclusion. Native American spirituality books, Native American religious beliefs.

Snow Bird and the Water Tiger and Other America Indian Tales – Native American Folklore Books

Compton, Margaret
Dodd, Mead 1895 Dewey Dec. 970.13

“Through the courtesy of the librarian of the Smithsonian Institute, the author has had access to government reports of Indian life. Upon these and the folk-lore contained in the standard works of Schoolcraft, Copway, and Catlin these stories are founded”. -Author’s note

Contents: The story-teller himself – Snowbird and the water-tiger – The coyote or prairie wolf – How Mad Buffalo fought the Thunder-bird – The red swan – The bended rocks – White Hawk, the lazy (plus 10 more stories). Books on Native American culture, Native American folklore books.

American Indian Poetry: An Anthology of Songs and Chants – Native American Literature Books

Cronyn, George W., ed.
Fawcett Columbine 1991 Dewey Dec. 970.13

“First published in 1918, American Indian Poetry is a pioneer work of remarkable authenticity. Filled with pieces collected from Native Americans in their own languages and translated by leading scholars and poets of the day, it was the first book to give their oral verse its place as an essential, vibrant part of North American literature. These songs and chants, ancient and modern, speak to the power and poignancy of ordinary life and to the deeply mystical. These are cries from a people at one with both spirit and earth, for all the world to hear and includes works from the major tribes from the Southeast to the Northwest Coast.”

Contents: Songs from the eastern woodlands — Songs from the southeast — Songs from the great plains — Songs from the southwest — Songs from California — Songs from the northwest coast — Songs from the far north — Interpretations — Songs from the hako — Songs from the north and south. Books on Native American culture, books on Native American Literature.

The Indians’ Book: An Offering by the American Indians of Indian Lore, Musical and Narrative, to Form a Record of the Songs and Legends of their Race – Native American Folklore Books

Curtis, Natalie, ed.
Harper 1907 Dewey Dec. 970.13

A treasury of Indian lore, with interesting drawings and photographs. “The Indians are the authors of this volume. The songs and stories are theirs; the drawings, cover-design, and title pages were made by them.” -A.L.A. Catalog 1926. Books on Native American culture, Native American folklore.

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