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Mathematics Books PDF Download Free - Math Book

Mathematics books pdf download free, Math book pdf. Hundreds of books.

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Mathematics Books PDF Free Download – Math Book PDF

CORE BOOKS – Mathematics

A Mathematical Nature Walk – Math Book PDF

Adam, John A.
Princeton University 2009

How heavy is that cloud? Why can you see farther in rain than in fog? Why are the droplets on that spider web spaced apart so evenly? If you have ever asked questions like these while outdoors, and wondered how you might figure out the answers, this is a book for you. An entertaining and informative collection of fascinating puzzles from the natural world around us, A Mathematical Nature Walk will delight anyone who loves nature or math or both.

100 Essential Things You Didn’t Know You Didn’t Know: Math Explains Your World – Math Book PDF

Barrow, John D.
W. W. Norton 2009

In this hugely informative and entertaining book, John D. Barrow takes the most perplexing of everyday phenomena—from the odds of winning the lottery and the method of determining batting averages to the shapes of roller coasters and the reasoning behind the fairest possible divorce settlements—and explains why things work the way they do. With elementary math and accompanying illustrations, he sheds light on the mysterious corners of the world we encounter every day.

Here’s Looking at Euclid: A Surprising Excursion Through the Astonishing World of Math

Bellos, Alex
Free Press 2010

Too often math gets a bad rap, characterized as dry and difficult. But, Alex Bellos says, “math can be inspiring and brilliantly creative. Bellos has traveled all around the globe and has plunged into history to uncover fascinating stories of mathematical achievement. Whether writing about how algebra solved Swedish traffic problems, visiting the Mental Calculation World Cup to disclose the secrets of lightning calculation, or exploring the links between pineapples and beautiful teeth, Bellos is a wonderfully engaging guide who never fails to delight even as he edifies.

The Numbers Game: The Commonsense Guide to Understanding Numbers in the News, in Politics, and in Life – Mathematics Books PDF Download Free, Math Book PDF

Blastland, Michael and Dilnot, Andrew
Gotham 2009

Journalist Michael Blastland and internationally known economist Andrew Dilnot delight, amuse, and convert American mathphobes by showing how our everyday experiences make sense of numbers. They show how to survive and thrive on the torrent of numbers that pours through everyday life. It’s the essential guide to every cause you love or hate, and every issue you follow, in the language everyone uses.

A History of Mathematics

Boyer, Carl B.
Princeton University 1991

Boyer and Merzbach distill thousands of years of mathematics into this fascinating chronicle. While tracing the development of European mathematics, the authors do not overlook the contributions of Chinese, Indian, and Arabic civilizations. Without doubt, this is–and will long remain–a classic one-volume history of mathematics and mathematicians who create it.

Mathematics Made Simple

Cusick, Thomas W.
Broadway Books 2003

Finally, all the information you need to master the basics, once and for all, is at your fingertips. Featuring several overviews of a multitude of mathematical concepts, as well as detailed learning plans, Mathematics Made Simple presents the information you need in clear, concise lessons that make math fun to study.

The Universal Book of Mathematics; from Abracadabra to Zeno’s Paradoxes – Mathematics Books PDF Download Free, Math Book PDF

Darling, David J.
Arcadia Fund 2004

If you are fascinated by the weird, the odd, the curious, and the just plain puzzling, it’s no wonder that you’re drawn to mathematics. This unique, one-stop, A-to-Z resource is packed with more than 1,800 entries that cover everything from nuts-and-bolts math to the most arcane unsolved theorems, from profiles of notable mathematicians to intriguing puzzles, challenging games, and even math humor.

A Mathematical Mystery Tour – Math Book PDF

Dewdney, A. K.
Wiley 1999

A.K. Dewdney takes readers on a theoretical world tour to answer the question: Did humans make up mathematics, or did mathematics make up everything, including humans? Dewdney’s style is accessible, his knowledge is thorough, and his sense of humor is refreshing, if a bit geeky. A Mathematical Mystery Tour is not a difficult read, although the ideas it attempts to clarify are quite abstract.

Encyclopedia of Mathematics – – Mathematics Books PDF Download Free, Math Book PDF

Downey, Allen B.
Green Tea Press 2017

The Mathematical Universe: An Alphabetical Journey Through the Great Proofs, Problems, and Personalities – Math Book PDF

Dunham, William
Wiley 1994

All along the way, Dunham portrays the great masters of math at their work. In colorful anecdotes, the brilliant – often eccentric – luminaries chart the course of mathematical progress. Accessible to any reader with a basic knowledge of algebra and geometry. You will come away from this exhilarating book with a keen sense of the power and splendor of the magical mathematical world.

The Britannica Guide to Algebra and Trigonometry – Math Books PDF

Encyclopedia Britannica
Robinson 2010

“Calculating and manipulating the unknown has been the enterprise of the field of algebra since its earliest inception in Babylon and ancient Egypt. Trigonometry draws on principles presented in algebra and uses angle measurements to elaborate on geometric calculations. Essential to further mathematical and scientific study, both algebra and trigonometry provide crucial tools in managing variables and understanding the relationships between them. This volume presents the fundamentals of these fascinating areas of mathematics while chronicling their respective histories.” – Publisher. Math books pdf.

The Britannica Guide to the History of Mathematics – Math Books PDF

Encyclopedia Britannica
Encyclopedia Britannica 2011

“The field of mathematics today represents an ongoing global effort, spanning both countries and centuries. While some developments emerged in multiple cultures, independent of each other, others involved an extensive exchange of ideas among individuals around the world. Through this in-depth narrative, students will learn how major mathematical concepts were first derived, as well as how they evolved with the advent of later thinkers shedding new light on various applications. Everything from Euclidean geometry to the philosophy of mathematics is illuminated as readers are transported to the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, and beyond to discover the history of mathematical thought.” – Publisher.

The Britannica Guide to Numbers and Measurement – Mathematics Books PDF Download Free, Math Book PDF

Encyclopedia Britannica
Robinson 2010

“Communication and, indeed, our comprehension of the world in general are largely ordered by the number and measurement systems that have arisen over time. Numbers lend structure to human interaction by standardizing the language we use to interpret quantities and by helping us understand natural relationships between varying concepts. This book delves into the history of mathematical reasoning and the progression of numerical thought around the world. With detailed biographies of seminal thinkers and theorists, readers develop a sophisticated understanding of some of the most fundamental arithmetical concepts as well as the individuals who established them.” – Publisher. Math books pdf.

The Britannica Guide to Statistics and Probability – Math Book PDF

Encyclopedia Britannica
Robinson 2011

“In an effort to better forecast the future for gains, and combat the potential losses of uncertainty, numerous disciplines have come to rely on the power of statistics and probability. By observing patterns and repeated behaviors, mathematicians have devised calculations to significantly reduce human potential for error. This volume introduces the historical and mathematical basis of statistics and probability as well as their application to everyday situations. Readers will also meet the prominent thinkers who advanced the field and established a numerical basis for prediction.” – Publisher.

Teach Yourself Visually Algebra

Herzog, David Alan
Wiley 2008

This visual guide takes advantage of color and illustrations to factor out confusion and helps you easily master the subject. You’ll review the various properties of numbers, as well as how to use powers and exponents, fractions, decimals and percentages, and square and cube roots. Each chapter concludes with exercises to reinforce your skills.

Teach Yourself Visually Calculus – Math Book PDF

Johnson, Dale
Wiley 2008

Calculus can test the limits of even the most advanced math students. This visual, easy-to-follow book deconstructs complex mathematical concepts in a way that’s infinitely easier to grasp. With clear, color-coded methods, you’ll get step-by-step instructions on solving problems using limits, derivatives, differentiation, curve sketching, and integrals.

The Only Math Book You’ll Ever Need – Mathematics Books PDF Download Free, Math Book PDF

Kogelman, Stanley and Heller, Barbara R.
Harper Perennial 1995

A best-selling guide to everyday mathematical tasks leads readers quickly and painlessly through such practical problems as balancing their checkbooks, estimating the paint needed to cover a wall, figuring a tip, and purchasing a PC.

Proofiness – Math Book PDF

Seife, Charles
Viking 2010

Charles Seife shows readers how the power of skewed metrics-or “proofiness”- is being used to alter perception in both amusing and dangerous ways. Proofiness has a dark side: bogus mathematical formulas used to undermine our democracy-subverting our justice system, fixing elections, and swaying public opinion with lies. By doing the real math, Seife elegantly and good-humoredly scrutinizes our growing obsession with metrics while exposing those who misuse them.


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