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Victorian England Photos – Historic England Photographs

Victorian England Photos, Historic England Photographs - 19th, Early 20th Centuries

Victorian England photos, historic England photographs. Free online photo collections from the UK; 19th – Early 20th Centuries.

Criminals of 1871-1873

Newcastle City Gaol and House of Correction Collection 1742 – 1878.

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Early Photography in the British Empire

About 2,000 photos. “This group is devoted to antique photographs taken in the British Empire (Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and all other dominions and colonies) from the invention of photography and up to the end of World War I and the transitory years that immediately followed it (1918-20). Photos taken by British photographers elsewhere pertain to this group.” In the “Early Photography in the British Empire” collection in Flikr.

England’s Beautiful Women

A set of 61 portraits of prominent ladies, taken in the late 19th to early 20th C by the Bassano Studio in London.

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Everyday life in Cornwall in the 19th century

About a dozen photos. The Guardian

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Hawthorn Leslie Locomotives

Photos from the early 20th century of locomotives built by Hawthorn Leslie locomotive works at Forth Banks, Newcastle upon Tyne. flickr collection.

Men and Women of the Day by Barraud

A set of 267 photos of prominent people of the 1880s; part of the collection of the National Portrait Gallery, UK.

Vintage Photographs of Great Britain

Old photos from various places in Great Britain, including many from the 19th century. “Photos of the Past” collection in Flikr.

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