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Some Light Reading at Century Past

Some huge collections of books have been added to the Century Past Library; thousands of books organized by subject, published from about the 1970s to 2010. They are part of a collection of 1.3 million books still in copyright that were put online by the Internet Archive. While the majority of the books I chose for Century Past Library are fairly serious non-fiction, we have some lighter reading too. This post should help you find novels and books on popular culture topics to enjoy.
Music Books

We have Separate Collections for Pop, Rock, Country, Women Singers, Jazz, and Rock Groups; all at Music Books

Movies and TV

Books about Actors & Actresses in Motion Pictures and TV, at Actors & Performers Books

Books about Films, Film History and Film-making at Films, Cinema Books

Books about TV Programs and TV History at Television Books


Sci-Fi etc. at Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror

Mystery and Women Detective collections at Mystery & Crime

Young Adult and Juvenile Wit & Humor collections at Juvenile & Young Adult


Hundreds of books at Crosswords, Sudoku, WordSearch etc.

Kids & Adults can learn a new card game or perfect your skills at Card Games

Feel free to browse through all the subjects at the Century Past Library Subject Directory. Everything on the site is free.

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