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Books on Antiques PDF – Books on Collectibles Free

Books on Antiques PDF - Books on Collectibles Free

Books on antiques pdf, books on collectibles free. Hundreds of free online books, including catalogs and price guides. Furniture, decorative arts, coins, stamps, toys, glassware.

Antiques & Collectibles

Books on Collectibles and Antiques

Antiques Books Free PDF – Collection – Books on Antiques PDF

About 1,500 antiques books free pdf. Some books: Antiques Encyclopedia, Antiques Roadshow, Antiques Handbook & Price Guide, Antiques & Collectibles, Antiques Flea Market, Discovering Antiques, Do-It-Yourself Guide to Restoring Antiques, Victorian Antiques, Antiques from the Garden, Catalog of American Antiques, Guide to Selling your Antiques and Collectibles, many more.

Collectibles: Antique Furniture Books – Collection – Books on Antiques PDF

About 45 free online books about antique furniture. Some books: Restoring Antiques, Southern Antiques, How to Decorate For and With Antiques, Antiques Directory of Furniture, Fake Your Own Antiques, Antiques at Williamsburg, How to Know French Antiques, Antiques on a Budget, Price Guide to American Country Antiques, Introductory Guide to Midwest Antiques, Common-Sense Guide to Refinishing Antiques, many more.

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Collectibles: Toys & Dolls Books – Collection – Books on Collectibles

About 30 free online books about collectible toys and dolls, in the Internet Archive book collection. Some books: All about Doll Repair and Care, Die-Cast Vehicles, How to Be a Doll Detective, The Story of German Doll Making 1530-2000, American Clockwork Toys 1862-1900, Warman’s Toys Field Guide, Price Guide to Collectible Toys, Price Guide for Barbie and Friends, Toys and Games in American Popular Culture, many more.

Decorative Arts Books – Collection – Book on Collectibles

Most of the 30 antiques books here are about decorative arts. Some books: Collecting American Craft Antiques, Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide, Treasury of American Antiques, A Fortune in the Junk Pile, Book of Canadian Antiques, Silversmiths of Georgia, Glass A to Z, Collector’s Guide to Victoriana, Americana: folk and decorative art, Art Pottery Price Guide, Depression Glass Field Guide, Things Thai, Affordable Art Deco, many more.

Coins and Currency Books – Collection – Book on Collectibles

About 40 free online books about collectible coins or currency. Some books: U.S. Coin Book, Price Guide to World Coins, Handbook of U.S. Coins, Guide to U.S. Paper Money, Standard Catalog of World Paper Money, North American Coins & Prices, Coins & Currency: an historical encyclopedia, many more.

American Coins Books – Collection

About 260 books from the Internet Archive free online on the subject of American Coins. Some books: Four Hundred Years of America – One State Quarter at a Time, Type Two Double Eagles 1866-1876, A Guidebook of U.S. Coins (many annual issues), Official U.S. Mint State Quarters Handbook, Guide Book of U.S. Coins 2017, more.

Collectibles: Postage Stamps Books – Collection

About 220 free online books about postage stamps. Some books: 2003 Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue (several volumes), Stamps & Prices, Errors on U.S. Postage Stamps, All About Stamps, U.S. Stamp Booklets, Postal Service Guide to U.S. Stamps, more.

Glass & Glassware Books – Collection

About 35 free online books about collectible glass and glassware. Some books: Glass A to Z, 19th Century Glass: its genesis & development, Price Guide to Glassware, Depression Glass & more, Murano: the glass-making island, American Pressed Glass & Bottles Price Guide, Character & Promotional Glasses, Collecting Carnival Glass, Essential Louis Comfort Tiffany, Fiesta Ware, many more.

Library Research Guide (LibGuide) – Antiques and Collectibles – Book on Antiques PDF

This research guide from the librarians at Boston Public Library has links to a variety of resources related to Antiques and Collectibles.

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