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World War 1 Military Books PDF Free – WW1 Military Nonfiction

World War 1 Military Books PDF - Free WW1 Military Nonfiction

Dozens of World War 1 military books pdf free on the history of WW1. Collections, suggested books, and many valuable vintage books.

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Book Collections on WW1 Military History

World War I Military History Books – Collection

About 60 books and other documents concerning World War I at Hathitrust, most of which seem military in nature.

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Suggested Books on WW1 Military History

CORE BOOKS – World War 1 Military History Free Online

Yanks: The Epic Story of the American Army in World War I

Eisenhower, John S. D.
Free Press 2001

“An important book that should alter the historical picture of the American role in the conflict.” -Booklist.

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The Last Days of Innocence: America at War, 1917-1918

Harries, Meirion
Vintage 1998

“An excellent study of U.S. participation in WWI. The research is in far greater depth than the usual ‘popular history’, the analysis is sharp and informative, and the writing is clear and a pleasure to read.” -Choice.

The Somme: The Darkest Hour on the Western Front

Hart, Peter
Pegasus 2008

“Evokes the horrors of combat on the western front … Military history at its best.” -Library Journal.

The Marne, 1914: The Opening of World War I and the Battle that Changed the World

Herwig, Holger H.
Random House 2009

“As fine an addition to scholarly World War I literature as has been seen in some time”. -Booklist.

The Unsubstantial Air: American Fliers in the First World War

Hynes, Samuel
Farrar, Straus and Giroux 2014

“Much more than a traditional military history, it is an account of the excitement of becoming a pilot and flying in combat over the Western Front, told through the words and voices of the pilots themselves.” -Publisher.

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Fighting the Great War: A Global History

Neiberg, Michael S.
Harvard University 2005

Readers interested in a general overview of WWI can do no better than Neiberg’s excellent account.” – Choice.

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A Higher Form of Killing: Six Weeks in the First World War that Forever Changed the Nature of Warfare

Preston, Diana
Bloomsbury 2016

“Places the creation of poison gas, the torpedo, and the zeppelin into the context of warfare and the human toll exacted … She explains the scorched-earth policy of Germany under Kaiser Wilhelm II … during the infamous six-week period in 1915 where this trio of deadly weapons was introduced…” – Publisher’s Weekly.

The White War: Life and Death on the Italian Front, 1915-1919

Thompson, Mark
Basic Books 2009

Penetrating study of one of the forgotten fronts of the Great War.

Killing Ground: the British Army, the Western Front, and the Emergence of Modern Warfare 1900-1918

Travers, Tim

“An explanation of why the British army fought the way it did in World War I. It integrates social and military history and the impact of ideas to tell the story of how the British army, especially senior officers, adapted to the new technological warfare of the early 20th century.” – Publisher.

A Mad Catastrophe: The Outbreak of World War I and the Collapse of the Habsburg Empire

Wawro, Geoffrey
Basic Books 2014

“Wawro’s authoritative account is a damning analysis of an empire and a people unready for war.” Publishers Weekly.

Vintage Books – WW1 History Free Online

VINTAGE BOOKS – History of World War I

The books below were written during or immediately after the war by participants or journalist observers. Included are memoirs by military and government leaders.

An Explorer in the Air Service

Bingham, Hiram

Our Army at the Front

Broun, Heywood

British Campaigns in Africa and the Pacific, 1914-1918

Dane, Edmund

British Campaigns in the Nearer East 1914-1918 (vol 1); The Days of Adversity

Vol 2; The Tide of Victory

from the outbreak of war with Turkey to the Armistice, with 30 maps & plans

Dane, Edmund

World War 1 read online.

Military operations, France and Belgium, 1914 (vol 1), comp.

Vol 2

Edmonds, BG James E.

One of seven titles in the series “History of the Great War, based on Official Documents”, by direction of the Committee of Imperial Defense.
Vol 1: Mons, the Retreat to the Seine, the Marne and the Aisne, August-October 1914.
Vol 2: Antwerp, La Bassee, Armentieres, Messines, and Ypres, October-November 1914.

A.E.F. in Battle

Every, Dale Van

The American Expeditionary Forces was a formation of the United States Army on the Western Front of World War I.

German General Staff and its Decisions, 1914-1916

Falkenhayn, General von

East African Force 1915-1919

an unofficial record of its creation and fighting career; together with some account of the civil and military admin. conditions in East Africa …

Fendall, BG C.P.

World War 1 read online.

Guide to the Military History of the World War, 1914-1918

Frothingham, Thomas G.

Naval History of the World War (vol 1); Offensive Operations 1914-1915

Vol 2: The Stress of Sea Power 1915-1916

Vol 3: The United States in the War

Frothingham, Thomas G.

True Account of the Battle of Jutland, May 31, 1916

Frothingham, Thomas G.

World War 1 read online.

Tanks in the Great War, 1914-1918

Fuller, J.F.C.

War And Revolution In Russia 1914-17

Gourko, General Basil

The author was the chief of the Russian Imperial General Staff, Nov 1916-Mar 1917; Commander-in-Chief of Western Armies Mar 1917-Jun 1917.

Statistics of the Military Effort of the British Empire During the Great War 1914-1920

Govt of GB

Topography and Strategy in the War

Johnson, Douglas Wilson

With the Russian Army, 1914-1917 (vol 1)

Vol 2

being chiefly extracts from the diary of a military attache

Knox, MG Alfred

Ludendorff’s Own Story, August 1914 – November 1918 (vol 1)

Vol 2

Ludendorff, Erich von

The Great War from the Siege of Liege to the Signing of the Armistice as viewed from the Grand Headquarters of the German Army.


Masefield, John

United States in the World War (vol 1)

Vol 2

McMaster, John Bach

Campaign In Mesopotamia 1914-1918 (vol 1)

Vol 2

Vol 3

Vol 4

Moberly, BG F.J.

One of seven titles in the series “History of the Great War, based on Official Documents”, by direction of the Committee of Imperial Defense.

America in Battle, with Guide to the American Battlefields in France and Belgium

Moss, Col. James A. and Howland, Col. Harry S.

History of the War

O’Neill, H.C.

My Year of the Great War

Palmer, Frederick

Observations of an American correspondent at the British front.

With the New Army on the Somme; My Second Year of the War

Palmer, Frederick

Second volume by an American correspondent at the British front.

America in France

Palmer, Frederick

The third volume by this American correspondent, who joined the American Expeditionary Force for the last part of the war.

Germany’s High Sea Fleet in the World War

Scheer, Admiral

History of the World War (vol 1)

Vol 2

Vol 3

Vol 4

Vol 5

Simonds, Frank H.

Victory at Sea

Sims, Rear-Admiral William Sowden

The author commanded American naval forces operating in European waters.

Yankee Ingenuity in the War

Stockbridge, Frank P.

History of the A. E. F.

Thomas, Shipley

The A.E.F. was the American Expeditionary Force, the portion of the U.S. Army sent to Europe to participate in the war.

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