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History Articles from the Early 1900s – History and Military Topics

History Articles from the Early 1900s - History and Military Topics

Articles from a century ago. Historical and military topics. Selected articles from popular magazines published in the early 20th century.

A Woman’s Diary of the Siege of Pekin

Detailed 1st person account by a survivor of the seige of Peking by the ‘Boxer’ rebels.

Mrs. E. K. Lowry, McClure’s magazine. v.16 1900-1901 Nov-Apr., page 65. HathiTrust

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History of the Peshtigo Fire, October 8, 1871

This devastating fire in a logging area of northern Wisconsin occurred the exact same day as the Chicago fire, and was therefore little noticed in the media at that time.

Rev. Kurt R. F. Geyer, The Peshtigo Times, Oct 6, 1921. Wisconsin Historical Society

The Significance of the Frontier in American History

Seminal paper in American history.

The early writings of Frederick Jackson Turner; with a list … , page 185. HathiTrust

The Trial of Aaron Burr

An account of Aaron Burr’s trial for treason before John Marshall, Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Ida M. Tarbell, McClure’s magazine. v.18 (1901-02), page 404. HathiTrust

Cramp’s Shipyard, and the New United States Navy

Profile of a shipyard that had played a key role in building ships for the U.S. Navy since the Civil War, and also produced guns to arm them with.

S. Millington Miller, The American magazine. v.38 1894, page 501. HathiTrust

Germany as a Sea Power; Impressions of a Naval Attache

The author, who had served in European capitals as a Naval Attache, brought to bear his familiarity with the German navy in this account.

Commodore W. H. Beeler U.S.N Retired, The Century Illustrated monthly magazine v.84 1912, page 398. HathiTrust

In Pampanga Province; The Fifth Article on the Series on the Philippines

Describes life and conditions in the Philippines, and the progress of the U.S. war against guerilla fighters.

Phelps Whitmarsh, The Outlook v.64 1900, page 395. HathiTrust

Making a German Soldier

“A picture of the life of the recruit. How the “Freiwillige” and the two-year man are broken in.”

Ray Stannard Baker, McClure’s magazine. v.16 1900-1901 Nov-Apr., page 31. HathiTrust

Reflections on the Strategy of the Allies

Prior to WWI Churchill had served as First Lord of the British Admiralty, and throughout the war he held key positions in guiding military policy. His views on military strategy, such as those he expressed in this article, were therefore closely followed.

Winston Churchill, The Century Illustrated monthly magazine v.94 1917, page 117. HathiTrust

Rewriting the Rules of War: Terror Aboard the Lusitania

This website contains a modern intro to and text of article “The Horror Has No Counterpart in our History”, from the New York Tribune, May, 1915. Written a year after the sinking, the article reviewed the neutral stance of the U.S. in the face of German atrocities and aggression.

Frank H. Simonds, the New York Tribune, May, 1915.

Set the Eagle Free

Article calling for reform in the U.S. system of military spending and military preparation. A timely issue, as the the country was facing the possibility of entering WWI.

Edward Mott Wooley, Everybody’s Magazine, vol 33, no. 5, Nov. 1915, p. 513

The Weak Points in Our National Defenses

The author was the chairman of the Navy Committee and of the National Security League. The article enumerates a specific list of new expenditures that should be undertaken by the army and navy, in view of the threat of war. Photos.

J. Bernard Walker, Review of Reviews and World’s Work. v. 52 1915, page 425. HathiTrust

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What Sea Power Means to England in this War

An overview of Britain’s naval situation early in WWI, for a general audience. Photos.

A. C. Laut, Review of Reviews and World’s Work. v. 52 1915, page 681. HathiTrust

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