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World War One – Non-Military History – 1914-1918 – Free eBooks

Subjects include: comprehensive histories of the WWI era, causes of the war, diplomacy and statecraft, politics, medical services in the war, diseases, bibliography of books about the war, the Salvation Army, much more. See the link just below for a collection of military history books about WWI on this site.

World War I Books Collection

About 1,900 books from the Internet Archive free online on the subject of World War I. Some books: Why did World War I happen?, The United States in the First World War, International Socialism and the War, The King the Kaiser and Irish Freedom, Fighters for Peace, Behind the Scenes in Warring Germany, Italy at War and the Allies in the West, The Times History of the War, Kelly Miller’s Authentic History of the Negro in the World War, Behind the Scenes at German Headquarters, The Cross at the Front: a chaplain’s experiences, History of the European War from Official Sources, The Sky Pilot in No Man’s Land, The War with Germany: a statistical summary, The War of Democracy: the allies’ statement, Historic Documents of World War I, The Glory of the Trenches, Italy France and Britain at War, Lusitania: an epic tragedy, many more books on World War I.

‘Collections’ take longer to appear on your screen than single books.  On a phone, only about 25 books in a collection may appear.

World War One Books Collection


450 books on World War One contributed to the Internet Archive by the New York Public Library. They include a wide variety of topics in fiction and non-fiction. All appear to have been published prior to 1924. Some books: Sea Fighters: Navy yarns of the Great War, Dodging the North Sea Mines, Famous Generals of the Great War, Stories of the American Navy in the Great War, The World War and its Consequences, The American Red Cross in the Great War, Inside the Russian Revolution, Fighting in France, The Diary of Four years of War, Revelations of an International Spy, Pat Crowe: aviator, Modern Germany in Relation to the Great War, Sixteen Months in Four German Prisons, A Secret History of Three Years Within the German Lines, The Story of the American Legion, Government and the War, The Gospel in the Light of the Great War, A Narrative of Air Fighting in France, many more books on World War I.

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Genesis of the War

Asquith, H.H.
1923 Dewey Dec. 940.3

The author was the Prime Minister of England from 1908 to 1916; the period leading up to and including the first two years of the war.

Economic Causes of Modern War

A study of the period 1878-1918

Bakeless, John
1921 Dewey Dec. 940.3

My Three Years in America

Bernstorff, Count
1920 Dewey Dec. 940.3

The author was the German Ambassador in Washington from 1914 to 1917.

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An English Wife in Berlin; A Private Memoir of Events, Politics, and Daily Life in Germany Throughout the War and the Social Revolution of 1918

Blücher von Wahlstatt, Evelyn Mary Stapleton-Bretherton
1920 Dewey Dec. 940.3

The author, Evelyn Stapleton-Bretherton of Lancashire, England married Count (later Prince) Blucher in 1907.

The War Romance of the Salvation Army

Booth, Evangeline and Lutz, Grace L.
1919 Dewey Dec. 940.3

One of the authors, Evangeline Booth, was the commander-in-chief of the Salvation Army in the U.S.

New World; Problems in Political Geography

Bowman, Isaiah
1922 Dewey Dec. 940.3

The author was the leading geographical expert with the peace commission. Describes the factors that influence the political geography that emerged from the war.

Subject Index of the Books Relating to the European War, 1914-1918

acquired by the British Museum, 1914-1920

British Museum
1922 Dewey Dec. 940.3

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Readings in the Economics of War, ed.

Clark, J. Maurice et. al
1918 Dewey Dec. 940.3

“This volume aims to throw light upon the various economic questions which arise in connection with the war. It falls roughly into three divisions, which are concerned with the economic background of war in general, the economic reorganization required in view of the necessities of a world-war, and the economic questions involved in the reorganization of the industrial system at the end of the present conflict.” – from the Preface.

Roots of the War; a Non-technical history of Europe 1870-1914 A.D.

Davis, William Stearns
1918 Dewey Dec. 940.3

Selected Critical Bibliography of Publications in English Relating to the World War

Ducher, George M.
1918 Dewey Dec. 940.3

An extensive annotated bibliography organized into 78 topics related to the war.

History of Modern Europe, 1878-1919

Gooch, G.P.
1923 Dewey Dec. 940.3

Before the War

Haldane, Viscount
1920 Dewey Dec. 940.3

The purpose of this book was to explain Great Britain’s foreign policy toward Germany in the 8 years preceding the beginning of the war in 1914. The author was the Secretary of State for War for most of that period.

Literary Digest History of the World War (10 vols), comp.

Halsey, Francis Whiting
1919-20 Dewey Dec. 940.3

Compiled from original and contemporary sources: American, British, French, German and others. Illustrated.

Uncle Sam’s Fact Book of the World War

Containing a thousand and one facts worth knowing concerning the struggle for democracy, including army and navy organization, insignia of rank, pay rolls, branches of the service, regulating laws, classification under and official record of drafts, etc.

1918 Dewey Dec. 940.3

First World War, 1914-1918

Hardach, Gerd
1981 Dewey Dec. 940.3

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Brief History of the Great War

Hayes, Carlton J.H
1920 Dewey Dec. 940.3

Reflections on the World War

Hollweg, Th. von Bethmann
1919 Dewey Dec. 940.3

Intimate Papers Of Colonel House (vol 1)

Vol 2

Vol 3

Vol 4

House, Edward M.
1926 Dewey Dec. 940.3

Colonel House was a close aide to President Wilson during the years covered in these 4 volumes. They were compiled by an editor from his diary and correspondence, and the set is one of the most valuable accounts of a leading participant in international affairs during WWI.

Long Fuse

Lafore, Laurence
1971 Dewey Dec. 940.3

An interpretation of the origins of World War I.

Collected Diplomatic Documents Relating to the Outbreak of the European War

Legislative Assembly, New South Wales
1915 Dewey Dec. 940.3

Official Diplomatic Documents Relating to the Outbreak of the European War, ed.

with photographic reproductions of official editions of the documents …

Mach, Edmund von
1916 Dewey Dec. 940.3

Documents published by the governments of Austria-Hungary, Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain, Russia and Serbia.

Medical Services; Diseases of the War (vol 1)

Vol 2

Macpherson, MG W.G. et al
Dewey Dec. 940.3

One of seven titles in the series “History of the Great War, based on Official Documents”, by direction of the Committee of Imperial Defense.

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Medical Services; General History (vol 1)

Vol 2

Vol 3

Vol 4

Macpherson, MG W.G.
1921 Dewey Dec. 940.3

One of seven titles in the series “History of the Great War, based on Official Documents”, by direction of the Committee of Imperial Defense.
Vol 1: Medical services in the U.K.; in British garrisons overseas; and during operations against Tsingtau, in Togoland, the Cameroons, and South-West Africa.
Vol 2: The medical services on the western front, and during the operations in France and Belgium in 1914 and 1915.
Vol 3: Medical services during the operations on the Western Front in 1916, 1917 and 1918; in Italy; and in Egypt and Palestine.
Vol 4: Medical services during the operations of the Gallipoli Peninsula; in Macedonia; in Mesopotamia and North-West Persia; in East Africa; in the Aden Protectorate; and in North Russia. Ambulance transport during the war.

New York Times Current History of the European War (20 vols), New York Times

New York Times
1917-1920 Dewey Dec. 940.3

Produced throughout the time of U.S. participation in World War I. Vol 20 contains an index and material on post-war treaty negotiations. Illustrated.

England and Germany, 1740-1914

Schmitt, Bernadotte Everly
1916 Dewey Dec. 940.3

Diplomatic Background of the War, 1870-1914

Seymour, Charles
1916 Dewey Dec. 940.3

Militarism and Statecraft

Smith, Munroe
1918 Dewey Dec. 940.3

Through Thirty Years 1892-1922; A Personal Narrative (vol 1)

Vol 2

Steed, Henry Wickham
1924 Dewey Dec. 940.3

Times History of the War (vols 1-22)

The Times [of London]
1914-1921 Dewey Dec. 940.3

The London Times used its reporting staff to create these volumes throughout World War I. They are heavily illustrated and contain many maps.

Guns of August

Tuchman, Barbara W.
1962 Dewey Dec. 940.3

Awarded the Pulitzer Prize, 1963. “A history of the negotiations that preceded WWI and the course of the war’s first month, up through the Battle of the Marne. Begins with an intimate … view of the leaders in power as war came and of the actual making of war and continues with a critique of generals, equipment and tactics and a survey of the first confused and hideous battles.” -Publ Wkly

Great War and the British People

Winter, J.M.
1986 Dewey Dec. 940.3

Nearly all the books on this page were recommended by the American Historical Association, in the: Guide to Historical Literature (1st edition), edited by George M. Dutcher et al. (1936),
or in the:
Guide to Historical Literature (3rd edition) 2 vols. edited by Mary Beth Norton and Pamela Gerardi (1995) Volume 1 Volume 2

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