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Books about Colonial America – Collection – American Colonies Books

Free pdf books about colonial America. U.S. History 1607-1775. Some book titles: The history of the United States of America from the discovery of the continent, The original United States of America, Making thirteen colonies, The British colonies in North America, Understanding the Declaration of Independence, The Revolutionary War Era, Women of colonial America, The Colonial era, The colonial wars, prelude to the American Revolution; the struggle between France and Great Britain for supremacy in North America: 1689-1763, Founding the American colonies, Early America, The story of the Thirteen Colonies, Provincial America, 1690-1740, The colonial experience; readings in early American history, The British colonies, The colonial period, 1607-1750, The Explorers and settlers : a sourcebook on colonial America, Colonial times, 1600-1700, Early settlers in America: Jamestown, Plymouth, and Salem, the peoples of early North America, The Atlantic Frontier: colonial American civilization, 1607-1763. Books about life in Colonial America, books on colonization of America, American history 1600s, 1700s. American colonies books.

Books about Colonial America Politics & Government to 1775 – Collection – American Colonies Books

Free pdf books about US politics and government to 1775. Some book titles: Roots of the Republic : American founding documents interpreted, The founding of America, The origins of American politics, Politics and society in colonial America, Foundations of colonial America: a documentary history, The provincial governor in the English colonies of North America, The varieties of political experience in eighteenth-century America, American political writing during the founding era, 1760-1805, A Benjamin Franklin reader. Books on colonization of America, American colonies books, U.S. History 1607-1776.

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Books on U.S. Colonial Era Social Life & Customs to 1775 – Collection – American History 1600s, 1700s

Free online books about life in Colonial America; American social history to 1775. Some book titles: Colonial living, Colonial crafts, Artisans, Colonial life, The writer’s guide to everyday life in Colonial America, Growing up in colonial America, Life in the American colonies, Colonial America to 1763, Home life in colonial days, Daily life in colonial America, How the colonists lived, Holidays and celebrations in colonial America, Child life in colonial days, The American woman in Colonial and Revolutionary times, 1565-1800, Colonial folkways : a chronicle of American life, Colonial women of affairs : women in business and the professions in America before 1776, Inventors and inventions in colonial America, Sexual revolution in early America, Life in the American colonies : daily lifestyles of the early settlers, Life in a colonial town. U.S. History 1607-1775, American colonies books, American history 1600s, 1700s.

Images Collection – Vintage Illustrations & Drawings

Books about Puritans in America – Collection – American Colonies Books

Free pdf books about Puritans in American history. Some book titles: Puritanism : opposing viewpoints, Life among the Puritans, The Puritans in America : a narrative anthology, The Puritan tradition in America, 1620-1730, The worship of the English Puritans, John Winthrop : politician and statesman, The New England Puritans, figures of nonconformity in early modern England, The charter of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, The American Puritans, their prose and poetry, Puritan New England : essays on religion, society, and culture. American colonies books, non-fiction books about Colonial America, American history 1600s, 1700s.

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Road to the American Revolution – Books Collection – American Colonies Books

Free online books on the causes of the American Revolution, at the Internet Archive. Some book titles: The colonial background of the American revolution, colonial radicals and the development of American opposition to Britain, 1765-1776, The causes of the American Revolution, the story of the Boston Tea Party and the beginning of the American Revolution, Smugglers & patriots : Boston merchants and the advent of the American Revolution, The coming of the Revolution, 1763-1775, Great Britain and the American colonies, 1754-1783, The Stamp Act of 1765, Thomas Hutchinson and the origins of the American Revolution, Colonies in revolt, The Revolutionary War home front, Events leading to the American Revolution, The Boston Massacre, The navigation acts and the American Revolution. U.S. history 1607-1775, books on the colonization of America, American colonies books, American history 1700s.

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Vintage BOOKS – American Colonies History

Manuscript Records of the French and Indian War in the Library of the Society – American History 1700s

American Antiquarian Society, comp.
Worcester, Mass: American Antiquarian Society 1909

“The first portion of this volume centers about the personality of Sir William Johnson, one of the most notable of American Colonial leaders… In the second division are manuscripts throwing further light upon the war with France and the work of John Bradstreet throughout that war… [The collection] illustrates the difficulties attendant upon the duties of a Colonial quartermaster and the experiences of a leader of frontier expeditions during the war… Following these … is a group of miscellaneous manuscripts throwing additional light upon various phases of the war. In these the conflict in Pennsylvania is touched upon as well as the war in New England and the Northwest… Finally there is the Orderly Book of William Henshaw …, a picture of [military] camp life from May to Nov 1759.” -Preface.

Colonial Self-Government 1652-1689 (American Nation, Vol. 5) – American Colonies History

Author: Andrews, Charles McLean

“An excellent general account of this period. It emphasizes the variety of conditions and experiments in government in the various colonies. Contains maps and a critical essay on authorities.” – Standard Catalog 1929. First colonies of America, British colonies of America, Dutch colonies in America, Colonization of North America.

Narratives of the Insurrections, 1675-1690 – American Colonies History

Author: Andrews, Charles M., ed.
Scribner’s Sons 1915

A volume in the series “Original Narratives of Early American History”.

Contents:General introduction.–The beginning, progress, and conclusion of Bacon’s rebellion, 1675-1676. –The history of Bacon’s and Ingram’s rebellion, 1676.–A true narrative of the late rebellion in Virginia, by the Royal Commissioners, 1677.–Narratives of Thomas Miller, Sir Peter Colleton, and the Carolina proprietors, 1680.–Byfield’s account of the late revolution, 1689.–Letter of Samuel Prince, 1689.–A particular account of the late revolution, 1689.–Letter of Captain George to Pepys, 1689.–Andros’s report of his administration, 1690-1691.–Narrative of the proceedings of Andros, 1691.–C.D., New England’s faction discovered, 1690.–Increase Mather’s brief account of the agents, 1691.–Declaration of Protestant subjects in Maryland, 1689.–A modest and impartial narrative, 1690.–A letter from a gentleman of the city of New York, 1698.–Loyalty vindicated, 1698.

Colonial Fights and Fighters – American History 1700s

Author: Brady, Cyrus Townsend
Doubleday, Page 1913

French and Indian War causes, Who started the French and Indian War? French and Indian War outcome. Stories from the Age of Discovery through the French and Indian War, divided into the following parts:

1. In the Age of Discovery
2. Gentlemen of the Black Flag
3. Various Early Colonial Wars
4. The French and Indian War. Books on colonial America.

Narratives of the Witchcraft Cases, 1648-1706 – American Colonies History

Author: Burr, George Lincoln, ed.
Scribner’s Sons 1914

A volume in the series “Original Narratives of Early American History”.

Contents:From “An essay for the recording of illustrious providences” … by Increase Mather, 1684.–The New York cases of Hall and Harrison, 1665, 1670.–“Lithobolia, or The stone-throwing devil”, by Richard Chamberlain, 1698.–The Pennsylvania cases of Mattson, Hendrickson, and Guard, 1684, 1701.–“Memorable providences, relating to withcrafts and possessions”, by Cotton Mather, 1689.–“A brief and true narrative of withchcraft at Salem village”, by Deodat Lawson, 1692.–Letter of Thomas Brattle, F.R.S., 16902.–Letters of Governor Phips to the home government, 1692, 1693.–From “The wonders of the invisible world”, by Cotton Mather, 1693.–A brand pluck’d out of the burning”, by Cotton Mather, 1693.–From “More wonders of the invisible world”, by Robert Calef.–From “A modest inquiry into the nature of witchcraft”, by John Hale, 1702.–The Virginia case of Grace Sherwood, 1706. Books on colonial America.

Letters from an American Farmer – American Colonies Books

Author: Crevecoeur, J. Hector St. John
Duffield 1904

“Letters from an American Farmer was published in London in 1782, just as the idea of an “American” was becoming a reality. Those epistolary essays introduced the European public to America’s landscape and customs and have since served as the iconic description of a then-new people. Dennis D. Moore’s convenient, up-to-date reader’s edition situates those twelve pieces from the 1782 Letters in the context of thirteen other essays representative of Crèvecoeur’s writings in English.” – Publisher. Books on colonial America.

Bradford’s History of Plymouth Plantation, 1606-1646 – American Colonies Books

Author: Davis, William T., ed.
Scribner’s Sons 1908 Dewey Dec. 973.2

A volume in the series “Original Narratives of Early American History”.

‘Of Plymouth Plantation’ was written was written between 1630 and 1651 by William Bradford, the leader of the Plymouth Colony in Massachusetts. It is regarded as the most authoritative account of the Pilgrims and the early years of the colony which they founded. The journal tells the story of the Pilgrims from 1608, when they settled in the Dutch Republic on the European mainland, through the 1620 Mayflower voyage to the New World, until the year 1647. -Wikipedia.

A Summary, Historical and Political, of the First Planting, Progressive Improvements, and Present State of the British Settlements in North America – American Colonies History

– Volume 2

Author: Douglass, William
Boston: Rogers & Fowle 1749-1752

The English Colonies in America – – American History 1600s, 1700s

– Volume 2 – American Colonies History

– Volume 3 – American Colonies Books

– Volume 4 – American History 1600s, 1700s

– Volume 5 – American History 1600s, 1700s

Author: Doyle, John Andrew

The goal of the author was to write a “complete history of the English Colonies in North America during their period of dependence on the mother country.”

Home Life in Colonial Days – American Colonies History

Illustrated by Photographs gathered by the Author of ‘Real Things, Works and Happenings of Olden Times’

Author: Earle, Alice Morse
NY: Macmillan 1917

Chapter headings are:
-Homes of the Colonists – The Light of other Days -The Kitchen Fireside -The Serving of Meals -Food from Forest and Sea -Indian Corn -Meat and Drink -Flax Culture and Spinning -Wool Culture and Spinning, with a Postscript on Cotton -Hand-Weaving -Girls’ Occupations -Dress of the Colonists -Jack-knife Industries -Travel, Transportation, and Taverns -Sunday in the Colonies -Colonial Neighborliness -Old-time Flower Gardens. Books on colonial America.

The Dutch and Quaker Colonies in America – American Colonies History

– Volume 2 – American History 1600s, 1700s

Author: Fiske, John

Contents: Volume 1. The Medieval Netherlands -Dutch Influence upon England -Verrazano and Hudson -The West India Company -“Privileges and Exemptions” -King Log and King Stork -A Soldier’s Paternal Rule -Some Affairs of New Amsterdam -Dutch and English
Volume II. The English Autocrats -New York in the Year 1680 -Penn’s Holy Experiment -Downfall of the Stuarts -The Citadel of America -Knickerbocker Society -The Quaker Commonwealth -The Migrations of Sects -Appendices. Books on colonial America.

New France and New England – American Colonies Books

Author: Fiske, John

Contents: From Cartier to Champlain -The Beginnings of Quebec -The Lords of Acadia. Later History of Champain -Wilderness and Empire -Witchcraft in Salem Village -The Great Awakening -Norridgewock and Louisburg -Beginnings of the Great War -Crown Point, Fort William Henry, and Ticonderoga -Louisburg, Fort Duquesne, and the Fall of Quebec. Books on colonial America.

Old Virginia and her Neighbours – American History 1600s, 1700s

– Volume 2 – American History 1600s, 1700s

Author: Fiske, John

Contents: Volume 1 The Sea Kings -A Discourse on Western Planting -The Land of the Powhatans -The Starving Time -Beginnings of a Commonwealth -A Seminary of Sedition -The Kingdom of Virginia -The Maryland Palatinate -Leah and Rachel

Volume 2 The Coming of the Cavaliers -Bacon’s Rebellion -William and Mary -Maryland’s Vicissitudes -Society in the Old Dominion -The Carolina Frontier -The Golden Age of Pirates -From Tidewater to the Mountains. Books on colonial America.

American Archives: Fourth Series. Containing a Documentary History of the English Colonies in North America … – American Colonies History

from the King’s message to Parliament, of March 7, 1774, to the Declaration of Independence by the United State [1774-1776]. 6 volumes

Author: Force, Peter, comp.
Washington: Government Printing Office(?) 1837-1846

“American archives: consisting of a collection of authentick records, state papers, debates, and letters and other notices of publick affairs, the whole forming a documentary history of the origin and progress of the North American colonies; of the causes and accomplishment of the American Revolution; and of the Constitution of government for the United States, to the final ratification thereof”.

The Book of the Colonies : Comprising a History of the Colonies Composing the United States … – American Colonies Books

from the Discovery in the Tenth Century until the Commencement of the Revolutionary War. Compiled from the Best Authorities

Author: Frost, John
Hartford: Belknap and Hamersley 1849

The History of the United States of North America, from the Plantation of the British colonies till their Assumption of National Independence – American Colonies Books

– Volume 2 – American Colonies Books

– Volume 3 – American Colonies Books

– Volume 4 – American Colonies Books

Grahame, James
Boston: Little Brown 1845

Provincial America 1690-1740 (American Nation, Vol. 6) – American Colonies Books

Greene, Evarts Boutell

Contents: i. England and the Colonies (1689) ii. Provincial Reorganization (1689-1692) iii. Extension of Imperial Control (1689-1713) iv. Administrative Control of the Provinces (1689-1713) Sr. Constitutional Tendencies in the Colonies (1689-1713) vi. Puritans and Anglicans (1689-1714) vii. French and English Interests in America (1689) viii. King William’s War (1689-1701) ix. Queen Anne’s War (1700-1709) x. Acadia and the Peace of Utrecht (1709-1713) xi. Imperial Policy and Administration (1714-1742) xii.. Provincial Politics (1714-1740) xiii. Provincial Leaders (1714-1740) xiv. Immigration and Expansion (1690-1740) xv. Founding of Georgia (i 732-1754) xvi. Provincial Industry (1690-1740) xvii. Provincial Commerce (1690-1740) xviii. Provincial Culture (1690-1740) xix. Critical Essay on Authorities. American history 1600s, 1700s.

Sir William Johnson and the Six Nations – American Colonies Books

Griffis, William Elliot
NY: Dodd, Mead 1891

Johnson (1715-1774) was the chief Indian agent for the colony of New York, and played a leading role in relations between the northern colonies and the Indians, particularly concerning the Six Nations of the Iroquois.

Narratives of Early Maryland, 1633-1684 – American History 1600s, 1700s

Hall, Clayton Colman, ed.
Scribner’s Sons 1910

A volume in the series “Original Narratives of Early American History”.

The Fall of New France, 1755-1760 – American History 1600s, 1700s

Hart, Gerald E.
Montreal: Drysdale 1888

The French and Indian War, from the perspective of an English Canadian historian of the late 19th century. Early American history books.

Winthrop’s Journal, “History of New England”, 1630-1649, Vol. 1 – American Colonies Books

Volume 2 – American Colonies Books

Hosmer, James Kendall, ed.
Scribner’s Sons 1908

A volume in the series “Original Narratives of Early American History”.

“John Winthrop, the first governor of Massachusetts Bay, kept this journal as a personal record of his life and service, but also as a semiofficial history of the first nineteen years of the Bay Colony. Since the late colonial period, historians have used Winthrop’s journal, first as a manuscript, and since 1790 in a variety of editions, for the study of the founding of Massachusetts…. The value of the journal to historians lies in the wealth of information not found in other surviving contemporary records that it provides concerning political and religious affairs in the first years of the new colony. Winthrop gives firsthand accounts, often extremely biased toward his own point of view, but substantial in detailing a range of events and figures in the early history of New England. William Bradford of Plymouth, John Cotton, Anne Hutchinson, and Roger Williams inhabit the pages of the journal; Antinomianism, Indian wars, witchcraft, and wolves are all described and discussed.” -Massachusetts Historical Society website. American colonies books, American history 1600s, 1700s.

Preliminaries of the Revolution 1763-1775 (American Nation, Vol. 8) – American History 1600s, 1700s

Howard, George Elliott
Harper & Brothers 1905

“An excellent study of this period which aims “to show what the issue really was and why people who had lived under one general government for a century and a half could no longer get on together.” Contains maps and a critical essay on authorities.” – Standard Catalog 1929. American history 1600s, 1700s.

Narratives of New Netherland, 1609-1664 – American History 1600s, 1700s

Jameson, J. Franklin, ed.
Scribner’s Sons 1909

A volume in the series “Original Narratives of Early American History”.

Original Narratives of Early American History (18 Vols) – American History 1600s, 1700s

Jameson, J. Franklin, ed.

“An extensive, authoritative series of source material for the 17th century. Volumes cover early Spanish exploration, history of various colonies, Indian wars, Spanish exploration in the Southwest, narratives of the Northwest, etc.” – Standard Catalog 1929. American colonies books.

Privateering and Piracy in the Colonial Period: Illustrative Documents – American History 1600s, 1700s

Jameson, John Franklin, ed.

“A well edited collection of documents covering the years 1638-1763 and illustrating all aspects of these two employments.” – Standard Catalog 1929. American history 1600s, 1700s.

Narratives of the Indian Wars, 1675-1699 – American History 1600s, 1700s

Lincoln, Charles H.
Scribner’s Sons 1913

A volume in the series “Original Narratives of Early American History”. These took place in New England. American colonies books.

Contents: A relacion of the Indyan warre, by John Easton, 1675.–The present state of New-England with respect to the Indian war, by N.S., 1675.–A continuation of the state of New-England, by N.S., 1676.–A new and further narrative of the state of New-England, by N.S., 1676.–The war in New-England visibly ended, by R.H., 1677.–Narrative of the captivity of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson, 1682.–Decennium luctuosum, by Cotton Mather, 1699. American history 1600s, 1700s.

A Short History of the English Colonies in America – American Colonies Books

Lodge, Henry Cabot
NY: Harper 1900

Contents: Virginia 1606-1765 – Virginia 1765 – Maryland 1632-1765 – Maryland 1765 – North Carolina 1663-1765 – North Carolina 1765 – South Carolina 1663-1765 – South Carolina 1765 – Georgia 1732-1765 – Georgia 1765 – Delaware 1609-1682 – Pennsylvania 1681-1765 – Pennsylvania and Delaware 1765 – New Jersey 1664-1765 – New Jersey 1765 – New York 1609-1765 – New York 1765 – Massachusetts 1620-1765 – Connecticut 1635-1765 – Rhode Island 1636-1765 – New Hampshire 1623-1765 – New England 1765 – Preparing for Revolution: 1765-1776 – War for Independence: 1776-1782 – Peace: 1782. American colonies books.

Select Charters and other Documents Illustrative of American History, 1606-1775 – – American Colonies Books

Macdonald, William, ed.
Macmillan 1904

Contains the text of 80 documents.

A History of the Colonies Planted by the English on the Continent of North America … – American Colonies Books

from their Settlement to the Commencement of that War which Terminated in their Independence

Marshall, John
Philadelphia: Small 1824

The author was Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court from 1801 to 1835, and is still considered one of the most influential Supreme Court justices in U.S. history. He was a veteran of the Revolutionary war, and prior to his appointment to the Supreme Court was a Federalist leader in the House of Representatives. As the Supreme Court met for only three months per year, Marshall apparently found ample time for researching and writing history. American colonies books.

Travels in the American Colonies – American Colonies Books

Mereness, Newton D.
Macmillan Company 1916

Numerous travel accounts collected here.

La Salle and the Discovery of the Great West – American Colonies Books

Parkman, Francis

Francis Parkman was possibly America’s most influential and widely read historian in the late 19th century. His reputation for research and interpretation has suffered in the 20th century, but his ability to tell a story has aged well. “In his inimitable style Parkman describes the exploration of the Mississippi and the Great Lakes, and the adventures of Joliet, Marquette and Father Hennepin, grouping all these events about La Salle.”
(La Salle. Robert Cavelier, sieur de, 1643-1687) – A.L.A. Catalog 1926. American colonies books, American history 1600s, 1700s.

Montcalm and Wolfe – Early American History Books

– Volume 2 – American Colonies Books

Parkman, Francis

The story of the downfall of France in America, culminating in the battle on the Heights of Abraham.

Memoir upon the Late War in North America between the French and English, 1755-60 … – American Colonies Books

followed by observations upon the theatre of actual war, and by new details concerning the manners and customs of the Indians; with topographical maps

– Volume 2 – American Colonies Books

Pouchot, Pierre
Roxbury, Mass:1866

Pierre Pouchot (1712-1769) was an officer and engineer in the French army. During the French and Indian War he was in charge of construction and defense of Forts Niagara and Levis, among other assignments. This memoir, written in 1768, draws upon his wartime experience in Canada as well as his knowledge of French military strategy and operations. It is the only history of that war on this webpage written by a French military participant. American colonies books.

Colonial America to 1763 – American Colonies Books

Purvis, Thomas L.
Facts on File 1999

A volume in the series ‘Almanacs of American Life’. “Each volume is an almanac-format compilation of information in statistical and tabular form, with connective text describing the detail of life during the period. Each book is enhanced by about 100 illustrations… and contains an extensive bibliography.” They provide info on climate, natural history, geography, dates of events, the economy, the population, diet and health, religion, politics & government, cities, education, arts & letters, science and technology, popular culture, crime etc.” -Book cover. American colonies books, American history 1600s, 1700s.

A General History of the United States of America from the discovery in 1492: (vol 1) – American Colonies Books

or, sketches of the divine agency, in their settlement, growth, and protection; and especially in the late memorable Revolution, exhibiting a general view of the principal events, from the discovery of North America to the year 1765

Trumbull, Benjamin
NY: Williams & Whiting 1810

This history should be in 3 volumes, but only the first volume was found online.

The author, Benjamin Trumbull (1735-1820), was a Connecticut minister educated in divinity at Yale. He wrote in the Preface that, “after the revolutionary war, it was the desire of many pious men , that the remarkable deliverances, which the United States of America had experienced, might be fully exhibited to the public, as a tribute of praise to their great Deliverer, and for the instruction of posterity.” He wrote that he agreed to a request from the General Association of the State of Connecticut to write such a history, but decided to expand the theme to start with the discovery of America and take the story through to the establishment of the U.S. Trumbull believed that this was the first published history of the United States. American colonies books, American history 1600s, 1700s.

Narratives of Early Virginia, 1606-1625 – American Colonies Books

Tyler, Lyon Gardiner, ed.
Scribner’s Sons 1907

A volume in the series “Original Narratives of Early American History”.

Contents: Observations by Master George Percy, 1607.–A true relation, by Captain John Smith, 1608.–Description of Virginia and proceedings of the colonie.–The relation of the Lord De-La-Ware, 1611.–Letter of Don Diego de Molina, 1613.–Letter of Father Pierre Biard, 1614.–Letter of John Rolfe, 1614.–Proceedings of the Virginia Assembly, 1619.–Letter of John Pory, 1619.–Generall historie of Virginia by Captain John Smith, 1624; the fourth booke.–The Virginia planters’ answer to Captain Butler, 1623.–The tragical relation of the Virginia Assembly, 1624.–The discourse of the old company 1625, American history 1600s.

French Policy Defeated, being an account of all the hostile proceedings of the French, against the inhabitants of the British Colonies in North America, for the last seven years – American Colonies Books

London: 1755

[Continued from the title page] “Also, the vigorous measures pursued both in England and America, to vindicate the rights of the British subjects, and the honour of the Crown, from the insults and invasions of the perfidious enemies. With an authentic account of the naval engagement off Newfoundland, and the taking of the forts in the Bay of Fundy. Embellished with two curious maps, describing all the coasts, bays, lakes, rivers, soundings, principal towns and forts, confining on the British plantations in America.” American colonies books, American history 1600s, 1700s.

The Mississippi Basin: The Struggle in America between England and France 1697-1763, with full cartographical illustrations from contemporary sources – American Colonies Books

Winsor, Justin
Boston: Houghton, Mifflin 1895

A General History of the British Empire in America Containing an Historical, Political, and Commercial View of the English Settlements; … – American Colonies Books

Including all the Countries in North-America, and the West-Indies, Ceded by the Peace of Paris

– Volume 2 – American Colonies Books

Wynne, John Huddlestone
London: Richardson and Urquhart 1770

John Huddlestone Wynne (1743-1788) lived in Southampton, England and wrote on a variety of topics, including essays, poetry, an annotated edition of the New Testament, and history. His works of history don’t appear to have gained much respect within the profession. In this work, the second volume is almost entirely about the war of 1754-1760 between Britain and France. American colonies books, American history 1600s, 1700s.

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