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Books on Colonial America – Early American History Books

Books on Colonial America - Early American History Books - Free Online - Download

Books on Colonial America, early American history books. Hundreds of books on US History 1607-1775, free online, download.

Books about Life in Colonial America – Collection – Books on Colonial America

U.S. History 1607-1776. About 1,200 books. Some book titles: The history of the United States of America from the discovery of the continent, The original United States of America, Making thirteen colonies, The British colonies in North America, Understanding the Declaration of Independence, The Revolutionary War Era, Women of colonial America, The Colonial era, The colonial wars, prelude to the American Revolution; the struggle between France and Great Britain for supremacy in North America: 1689-1763, Founding the American colonies, Early America, The story of the Thirteen Colonies, Provincial America, 1690-1740, The colonial experience; readings in early American history, The British colonies, The colonial period, 1607-1750, The Explorers and settlers : a sourcebook on colonial America, Colonial times, 1600-1700, Early settlers in America: Jamestown, Plymouth, and Salem, the peoples of early North America, The Atlantic Frontier: colonial American civilization, 1607-1763. Books about life in Colonial America, books on colonization of America, U.S. History 1607-1775.

Books about Colonial America Politics & Government to 1775 – Collection – Books on Colonial America

1607-1776. About 250 books about colonial America politics and government, free online at Internet Archive. Some book titles: Roots of the Republic : American founding documents interpreted, The founding of America, The origins of American politics, Politics and society in colonial America, Foundations of colonial America: a documentary history, The provincial governor in the English colonies of North America, The varieties of political experience in eighteenth-century America, American political writing during the founding era, 1760-1805, A Benjamin Franklin reader. Books on colonization of America, books about Colonial America, U.S. History 1607-1776.

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Books on U.S. Colonial Era Social Life & Customs to 1775 – Collection – Books on Colonial America

Approximately 180 free online books about life in Colonial America – American social history 1607-1776. Some book titles: Colonial living, Colonial crafts, Artisans, Colonial life, The writer’s guide to everyday life in Colonial America, Growing up in colonial America, Life in the American colonies, Colonial America to 1763, Home life in colonial days, Daily life in colonial America, How the colonists lived, Holidays and celebrations in colonial America, Child life in colonial days, The American woman in Colonial and Revolutionary times, 1565-1800, Colonial folkways : a chronicle of American life, Colonial women of affairs : women in business and the professions in America before 1776, Inventors and inventions in colonial America, Sexual revolution in early America, Life in the American colonies : daily lifestyles of the early settlers, Life in a colonial town. U.S. History 1607-1775, books about Colonial America, non-fiction books about Colonial America.

Books about Puritans in America – Collection– Early American History Books

About 220 books about Puritans in America, from the Internet Archive free online. Some book titles: Puritanism : opposing viewpoints, Life among the Puritans, The Puritans in America : a narrative anthology, The Puritan tradition in America, 1620-1730, The worship of the English Puritans, John Winthrop : politician and statesman, The New England Puritans, figures of nonconformity in early modern England, The charter of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, The American Puritans, their prose and poetry, Puritan New England : essays on religion, society, and culture. Books on the U.S. Colonial era, non-fiction books about Colonial America.

Road to the American Revolution – Books Collection– Early American History Books

About 220 free online books on the causes of the American Revolution, at the Internet Archive. Some book titles: The colonial background of the American revolution, colonial radicals and the development of American opposition to Britain, 1765-1776, The causes of the American Revolution, the story of the Boston Tea Party and the beginning of the American Revolution, Smugglers & patriots : Boston merchants and the advent of the American Revolution, The coming of the Revolution, 1763-1775, Great Britain and the American colonies, 1754-1783, The Stamp Act of 1765, Thomas Hutchinson and the origins of the American Revolution, Colonies in revolt, The Revolutionary War home front, Events leading to the American Revolution, The Boston Massacre, The navigation acts and the American Revolution. U.S. history 1607-1775, books on the colonization of America, books about life in Colonial America, non-fiction books about Colonial America.

Manuscript Records of the French and Indian War in the Library of the Society– Early American History Books

American Antiquarian Society, comp.
Worcester, Mass: American Antiquarian Society 1909 Dewey Dec. 973.2

“The first portion of this volume centers about the personality of Sir William Johnson, one of the most notable of American Colonial leaders… In the second division are manuscripts throwing further light upon the war with France and the work of John Bradstreet throughout that war… [The collection] illustrates the difficulties attendant upon the duties of a Colonial quartermaster and the experiences of a leader of frontier expeditions during the war… Following these … is a group of miscellaneous manuscripts throwing additional light upon various phases of the war. In these the conflict in Pennsylvania is touched upon as well as the war in New England and the Northwest… Finally there is the Orderly Book of William Henshaw …, a picture of [military] camp life from May to Nov 1759.” -Preface. French and Indian War causes, French and Indian War effects.

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Colonial Self-Government 1652-1689 (American Nation, Vol. 5) – Books on Colonial America

Author: Andrews, Charles McLean
1904 Dewey Dec. 973.2

“An excellent general account of this period. It emphasizes the variety of conditions and experiments in government in the various colonies. Contains maps and a critical essay on authorities.” – Standard Catalog 1929. First colonies of America, British colonies of America, Dutch colonies in America, Colonization of North America.

Contents: I. Navigation Acts and Colonial Trade (1651-1672) II. English Administration of the Colonies (1660-1689) III. Reorganization of New England (1660-1662) iv. Territorial Adjustment in New England (1662-1668) v. New Amsterdam becomes New York (1652-1672) vi. The Province of New York (1674-1686) vii. Foundation of the Jerseys (1660-1677) viii. Development of the Jerseys (1674-1689) ix. Foundation of the Carolinas (1663-1671) x. Governmental Problems in the Carolinas (1671-1691) xi. Foundation of Pennsylvania (1680-1691) xii. Governmental Problems in Pennsylvania (1681-1696) xiii. Development of Virginia (1652-1675) xiv. Bacon’s Rebellion and its Results (1675-1689) xv. Development of Maryland (1649-1686) xvi. Difficulties in New England (1675-1686) xvii. The Revolution in America (1687-1691) xviii. Social and Religious Life in the Colonies (1652-1689) xix. Commercial and Economic Conditions in the Colonies (1652-1689) xx. Critical Essay on Authorities.

Narratives of the Insurrections, 1675-1690 – Books on Colonial America

Author: Andrews, Charles M., ed.
Scribner’s Sons 1915 Dewey Dec. 973.2

A volume in the series “Original Narratives of Early American History”.

Contents:General introduction.–The beginning, progress, and conclusion of Bacon’s rebellion, 1675-1676. –The history of Bacon’s and Ingram’s rebellion, 1676.–A true narrative of the late rebellion in Virginia, by the Royal Commissioners, 1677.–Narratives of Thomas Miller, Sir Peter Colleton, and the Carolina proprietors, 1680.–Byfield’s account of the late revolution, 1689.–Letter of Samuel Prince, 1689.–A particular account of the late revolution, 1689.–Letter of Captain George to Pepys, 1689.–Andros’s report of his administration, 1690-1691.–Narrative of the proceedings of Andros, 1691.–C.D., New England’s faction discovered, 1690.–Increase Mather’s brief account of the agents, 1691.–Declaration of Protestant subjects in Maryland, 1689.–A modest and impartial narrative, 1690.–A letter from a gentleman of the city of New York, 1698.–Loyalty vindicated, 1698.

Colonials and Patriots: Historic Places Commemorating Our Forebears 1700-1783 – Books on Colonial America

Author: Bloom, John Porter and Utley, Robert M., eds.
U.S. Dept. of Interior, National Park Service 1964 Dewey Dec. 973.91

A volume in the series, “The National Survey of Historic Sites and Buildings”. Part I: Colonials and Patriots: The Historical Background. Part II: National Survey of Historic Sites and Buildings. Approximately 180 sites and buildings are profiled.

The Americans: the Colonial Experience – Books on Colonial America

Author: Boorstin, Daniel J.
Random House 1958 Dewey Dec. 973.2

“This study of colonial America attempts to show that it was not merely an offshoot of the mother country, but a new civilization… The author centers his highly informative work on colonial education, the special qualities of American speech, and the growth of a distinct culture.” Booklist. Books on colonial America.

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Colonial Fights and Fighters – Books on Colonial America

Author: Brady, Cyrus Townsend
Doubleday, Page 1913 Dewey Dec. 973.2

French and Indian War causes, Who started the French and Indian War? French and Indian War outcome. Stories from the Age of Discovery through the French and Indian War, divided into the following parts:

1. In the Age of Discovery
2. Gentlemen of the Black Flag
3. Various Early Colonial Wars
4. The French and Indian War. Books on colonial America.

Cities in Revolt: Urban Life in America, 1743-1776– Early American History Books

Author: Bridenbaugh, Carl
Oxford University 1971 Dewey Dec. 973.2

“A masterly history of urban life in the Colonies that recreates, by a brilliant synthesis of contemporary documents, the authentic temper and spirit of Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Newport and Charleston during the crucial years preceding the American Revolution. From civic archives, letters, contemporary books, periodicals, speeches and tracts, from every imaginable source of record, Mr. Bridenbaugh has fashioned a vast and amazingly coherent portrait of early metropolitan America.” -Book cover. Books on colonial America.

Narratives of the Witchcraft Cases, 1648-1706 – Early American History Books

Author: Burr, George Lincoln, ed.
Scribner’s Sons 1914 Dewey Dec. 973.2

A volume in the series “Original Narratives of Early American History”.

Contents:From “An essay for the recording of illustrious providences” … by Increase Mather, 1684.–The New York cases of Hall and Harrison, 1665, 1670.–“Lithobolia, or The stone-throwing devil”, by Richard Chamberlain, 1698.–The Pennsylvania cases of Mattson, Hendrickson, and Guard, 1684, 1701.–“Memorable providences, relating to withcrafts and possessions”, by Cotton Mather, 1689.–“A brief and true narrative of withchcraft at Salem village”, by Deodat Lawson, 1692.–Letter of Thomas Brattle, F.R.S., 16902.–Letters of Governor Phips to the home government, 1692, 1693.–From “The wonders of the invisible world”, by Cotton Mather, 1693.–A brand pluck’d out of the burning”, by Cotton Mather, 1693.–From “More wonders of the invisible world”, by Robert Calef.–From “A modest inquiry into the nature of witchcraft”, by John Hale, 1702.–The Virginia case of Grace Sherwood, 1706. Books on colonial America.

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Term Paper Resource Guide to Colonial American History – Books on Colonial America

Carpenter, Roger M., ed.

Students from high school age to undergraduate will use this volume to get a jumpstart on assignments in Colonial American history with the hundreds of term paper suggestions and research information offered here in an easy-to-use format. Users can quickly choose from the 100 important events, ranging from the first attempt at colonization at the Lost Colony of Roanoke, Virginia, in 1585 to the ratification of the Constitution in 1791. Books on colonial America.

Colonial America: An Encyclopedia of Social, Political, Cultural, and Economic History – Books on Colonial America

Author: Ciment, James
Sharpe Reference 2006 Dewey Dec. 973.2

“This encyclopedia captures it all: the people, institutions, ideas, events, and the creation of the first three hundred years of American history. While it focuses on the thirteen British colonies stretching along the Atlantic, Colonial America sets this history in its larger contexts. Entries also cover Canada, the American Southwest and Mexico, and the Caribbean and Atlantic world directly impacting the history of the thirteen colonies. This encyclopedia explores the complete early history of what would become the United States, including portraits of Native American life in the immediate pre-contact period, early Spanish exploration, and the first settlements by Spanish, French, Dutch, Swedish, and English colonists.” Publisher. Books on colonial America.

The Empire of Reason: How Europe Imagined and America Realized the Enlightenment – Early American History Books

Author: Commager, Henry Steele
Anchor/Doubleday 1977 Dewey Dec. 973.2

“The foremost American historian of his generation delves into the nation’s European origins, illuminating how the new country embodied the principles of the Enlightenment–ideals that Europe, trapped by tradition and privilege, could not itself realize. “…crystalline clarity of…writing [causes] explosions in the reader’s mind…history to be pondered and cherished.”–The New York Times. “Learning and reason are at the service of a mind whose understanding of democracy gains brilliance and power from a passion for…freedom.”–Arthur Schlesinger Jr.

Contents: I The Enlightenment as an Age of Discovery – II The Enlightenment Spreads to America – III The Enlightenment Unveils a New World of Nature and of Man – IV America Under Attack – V The Enlightenment Vindicates America – VI The Enlightenment Celebrates the Spirit of the Laws – VII “The Uncorrupted New States and the Corrupted Old” – VIII Americans Bring Forth a New Nation – IX Americans Realize the Theories of the Wisest Writers – X The Blessings of Liberty – Appendix The Term “Philosophe”. Books on colonial America.

Letters from an American Farmer – Early American History Books

Author: Crevecoeur, J. Hector St. John
Duffield 1904 Dewey Dec. 973.2

“Letters from an American Farmer was published in London in 1782, just as the idea of an “American” was becoming a reality. Those epistolary essays introduced the European public to America’s landscape and customs and have since served as the iconic description of a then-new people. Dennis D. Moore’s convenient, up-to-date reader’s edition situates those twelve pieces from the 1782 Letters in the context of thirteen other essays representative of Crèvecoeur’s writings in English.” – Publisher. Books on colonial America.

Bradford’s History of Plymouth Plantation, 1606-1646 – Early American History Books

Author: Davis, William T., ed.
Scribner’s Sons 1908 Dewey Dec. 973.2

A volume in the series “Original Narratives of Early American History”.

‘Of Plymouth Plantation’ was written was written between 1630 and 1651 by William Bradford, the leader of the Plymouth Colony in Massachusetts. It is regarded as the most authoritative account of the Pilgrims and the early years of the colony which they founded. The journal tells the story of the Pilgrims from 1608, when they settled in the Dutch Republic on the European mainland, through the 1620 Mayflower voyage to the New World, until the year 1647. -Wikipedia. Books on colonial America.

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A Summary, Historical and Political, of the First Planting, Progressive Improvements, and Present State of the British Settlements in North America – Early American History Books

– Volume 2

Author: Douglass, William
Boston: Rogers & Fowle 1749-1752 Dewey Dec. 973.2

The English Colonies in America – Books on Colonial America

– Volume 2 – Books on Colonial America

– Volume 3 – Books on Colonial America

– Volume 4 – Books on Colonial America

– Volume 5 – Books on Colonial America

Author: Doyle, John Andrew
1882-1907 Dewey Dec. 973.2

The goal of the author was to write a “complete history of the English Colonies in North America during their period of dependence on the mother country.” British colonies in America, First colonies of America. Chapter headings are:
Volume 1: Virginia, Maryland, and the Carolinas
Introduction -The United States Territory -The Natives -American Discovery during the Sixteenth Century -Spanish and French Settlements in America during the Sixteenth Century -The Virginia Company -Virginia under Royal Government -Virginia under the Commonwealth -Virginia after the Restoration -The Foundation of Maryland -The Revolution in Maryland -The Two Carolinas -The Social and Economical Life of the Southern Colonies

Volume 2: The Puritan Colonies, Part 1
Introduction -The Plymouth Pilgrims -The Settlement of Massachusetts -Roger Williams and the Antinomians -The Settlement of Connecticut and the Pequod War -The Settlements South of Cape Cod -The Settlements North of Massachusetts -The New England Confederation -New England under the Commonwealth

Volume 3: The Puritan Colonies, Part 2
New England in 1650 -The Restoration in New England -The War with Philip -The Charter of Massachusetts Annulled -The Revolution in New England -New England under Sir William Phipps -Lord Bellomont and the Pirates -The Governorship of Joseph Dudley -New England in 1700

Volume 4: The Middle Colonies
Foundation of New Netherlands -The English Conquest -The Dutch Reconquest -New York under Andros and Dongan -The Revolution in New York -New York after the Revolution -Settlement of New Jersey -New Jersey a Crown Colony -The Foundation of Pennsylvania

Volume 5: The Colonies under the House of Hanover
The General Conditions of the Colonies at the Accession of the House of Hanover -Administrative Development -Religion in the Colonies -Literary and Intellectual Development of the Colonies -The Colonists and the Inferior Races -The Ethnology of the Colonies -The Colonization of Georgia -The Conquest of Canada. Books on colonial America.

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