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Directory of Century Past Blog Posts

Most of the blog posts at this site are shorter, and have a more specific focus, than our 400+ other pages. Please enjoy our blog posts below.

African-American History Articles – African-American Issues of the Early 20th Century

What Are They Reading in College? English Literature 19th & Early 20th Centuries

What Are They Reading in College? College Basic Skills Course Books

Aviation History – Digital Collections & Articles on Aviation, Free Online

Think Like a Historian – Characteristics of Historical Thinking

African-American Issues of 100 Years Ago

Indiana Genealogy & Local History Resources

Genealogy & Local History Research

Michigan Explorers & Pioneers Tell Their Own Stories

Historical Fiction about the Southern U.S.

House Plans and Architecture in the 19th Century

The Black Hawk War of 1832

Vacationing Up-North before Autos

Anti-Slavery before the Civil War

Farmers’ Magazines 1850 – 1900s

The Exploits of George Rogers Clark

Books about 19th Century American Women Authors

Making Cloth and Clothing on the Frontier

Life on the River in Frontier Days

Edwin J. Hulbert

Selected Books about Pioneer Life in Early Illinois

The War of 1812

La Salle the Explorer

The Frontier along the Ohio River

American Revolution: Correspondence of British Commanders in the West

Revolutionary War in the Northwest: American Commanders’ Correspondence

Experimental Communities in 19th Century America

Memoirs and Diaries from the Indiana Frontier

Thinking of Visiting Northern Michigan?

Major Online Document Collections

Pioneers in Illinois Tell Their Stories

Foreign Visitors Interpret America 1800-1867

Pontiac’s War: Northern Forts Under Attack

Books by 19th Century American Indian Authors

Books on 19th Century Crime

Home page of the Century Past Free Online Library

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